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(acoustic guitar music) – [Mick Thinking] My dad, he was always writing little stories about the places we would see and the things we would do next
time we were together again. (acoustic guitar music) That never happened. We didn’t even get to
his funereal in time. My mother, she seemed mad all the time, but I think she was mostly sad. (acoustic guitar music) – You are so much stronger
than I am, from your dad. – [Mick Thinking]
Something happened to her, I don’t know what, but
something in her changed. My little sister, she’s a strong kid, her imagination’s pretty wild. She thinks Dad’s going
to some place temporarily and will be back soon. She doesn’t get it, it’s best that way. (acoustic guitar music) I didn’t speak to him for years, but I read all of his little stories. Out of nowhere one day my mom called him to tell him we were going to visit him. He was so happy, so
gracious to hear from us. We planned our stay
out there on the phone. I wanted so badly to be with him again, but we came late, I’m sorry dad. (acoustic guitar music) I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m just mad. – Mick I know this isn’t
easy but it’s only temporary. – And how long’s
temporary going to be Mom? – Listen I don’t think right now is the time to have
this conversation again. – Then when would be a good time Betty? – I am so sick and tired of your attitude, you are being so completely
selfish right now. – Mom! (tires screeching) – [Betty] I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. – What’s wrong with Mom? – [Mick thinking] Here we go. (rock music) ♫ Sometimes feelings make no sense ♫ They confuse you, they betray ♫ They make you go insane ♫ Words only fail the test ♫ You might as well stay behind
and hide what’s left inside ♫ Run away, run away ♫ The sky is up in flames ♫ And hide your plane ♫ Run away, run away,
heal the wounds of sorrow ♫ The waters will make it all okay – [Mick Thinking] I know
you think this place is some kind of a paradise, but to me, it’s a transition. – [Charlie] Well what
is it, it’s, (singing)? – [Juano] No it’s, (singing) – Got it. – You?
– Yeah yeah. – On three.
– Okay. – One, two, three. (singing)
(shakers shaking) (laughing) – Jingle Balls Granny! – Go to hell you scoundrels (laughing) – [Juano] Guys please, wait up. – Third time in a row we pranked Migue’s old lady this week, she must not be too smart huh? (laughing) – Ew man why are you
touching me with them hands, you were just grabbing your
little balls with them. (laughing) – And why are you laughing Migue? – Dude because you can’t sing worth shit, you must’ve been grabbing
your balls too hard. – Shut up! – Guys we should get out of here before that lady calls
the feds or something. – The feds?
– Yeah the pigs. The coppers. – Dude you’ve been watching
way too many gangster movies. (mimicking gun shots) – Oh now fun, look who it
is, little orphan Annie with his little ratty gang. Yo fatty did you babies
forget your diapers when you left the house? (laughing) – Whatever dweebs, we just
got screwing your grandma, and her ass was like your face bitch. (yelling)
(rock music) (whistle blowing)
(rock music) (shouting) (mimicking a chicken) (rock music) (laughing) – Something stinks. (talking over each other)
(laughing) – Dude what the hell? – We’ve got, oh shit.
(laughing) – You guys are idiots,
in your undies really? – [Charlie] Oh it’s so
embarrassing. (laughing) I’m little orphan Annie. (laughing) – Yoink.
– Ow that hurt you idiot. Can I look now? – No. – [Juano] Sofia get us some sodas please. – Go get them yourself. (knocking) Open the door moron. – Dude, little sisters suck. – [Sofia] Come on guys open the door. – Don’t be so harsh on her. – Are you kidding me man? She even annoys my mom. – Fatso’s right, little sisters suck. – You don’t even have a sister so shut up. – Yeah but you do and I
know they suck, and good. – Ah Charlie you’re such a stupid guy. – You shut you mouth before
I punch you you idiot. – Whatever Juano, when are
you gonna change the color of this sissy vagina pink room anyway? – I think it suits him. – Hey watch it. – Alright, alright so
where’s today’s nudie mag or are we gonna get this party going yeah. – [Sofia] Open the door. – Here it is man, hot off
the presses you sissies. Thank you dad. I think you’re owed a
first go at this baby. – I don’t know looking
at porn in this pink room kind of makes me feel
like a perv or something. – Hey, it’s my aunt that sleeps here okay, and I think it’s soothing, I
like the color of all of these. (laughing) – Man just give me that.
(laughing) (muffled rock music) (coughing) (rock music) (muffled talking) (muffled rock music) – [Mick Thinking] Are you kidding me? Who is this girl? Stella. I should write a song with a
happy ending about you tonight. (electronic dance music) (knocking)
– Open the door moron. – Hold on, told you little
sisters were annoying. – What’re you doing in there? – [Juano] What do you want? – [Sofia] My slice of pizza. – [Juano] Hey what are you doing? – Alright later dudes. – Hey Mick where is the–
– You’re leaving? – [Charlie] Where is there magazine? – I didn’t take it.
– Oh okay. – Dude we were just getting started. (distant Spanish music) – [Miguel] A night with Stella, new year’s eve at the Adrian
hotel in San Juan Puerto Rico. (door opening)
(gasping) (sighing) (Spanish music) (rooster crowing) (singing) – Got you. I’m gonna get you suckers. (splashing) I’ll get you my pretty feet. – The food is ready – [Abuelo] Eat, eat son. (laughing) – Sunny eat. Miguel. – You’re asking for trouble Abuela. – None of this writing here, okay? – Maybe I will. – Sunny eat. – I will not. (gasping) – Hey deep breaths, deep breaths. (gasping) Hey, Sunny hey. – What’s wrong with her? – It’s okay. Hey hey hey. Good job. – Sunny are you okay? – She’s fine okay? Just eat your food. (Spanish music) Gonna go harpoon some fish Abuelo? (laughing) Good luck with that. (harrumphing) (Spanish pop music) – [Juano] Dude what are you doing? – What is my face pale? I think that brownie
I ate was very strong. Do you have water? – [Juano] Water? – Dude we’re surrounded by water. – My ass itches, I think I
got an allergic reaction. (laughing) – Your ass? Dude you’re tripping out. – My ass is on fire. (laughing) – Oh shit, something bit me, I think it was a jellyfish, or worse a rainbow
fish, Mick come with me, you gotta piss on me. (laughing) – Go piss with him.
(laughing) Oh shit, shit Mick look. – Should’ve stayed in
the kiddie pool losers. – Let’s get out of the way, let’s go. – Paddle faster up to
all these, paddle faster. (rock music) – These waves are crazy! – Let’s go, hurry. (rock music) (goofily singing) (rock music) (door knocking)
(rock music) One sec. (cow mooing) (rock music) (chattering) (laughing) – I’m not going to do it
dude, I’m not going to do it. – Come on man.
– I’m not doing it. – [Juano] You loved the idea. – I don’t know dude. (laughing) (chattering)
(distant music) – [Miguel] Hey guy what’s up? – Dare. – Juano do you want to get
kicked out of this place? Like do you remember Paul’s incident? – Hey the whole point of a
dare is to have an audience, Charlie, Charlie, Migue, Migue? – Yeah yeah. – [Juano] See he agrees. – Okay alright, what are
we going to do this time? – [Sofia] Yeah what’s it going
to be this time big brother. – Go bug somebody else. – But you’re such an easy target. – Hey Mick we got a dare to do. Migue? Charlie? Charlie? Screw it whatever. – You’re new. – Been here for four straight months. (distant music) (sighing) – A first season’s what we
call you in here, get it? – Like the surf season? – Very good stranger. – I’m Miguel, but my
friends call my Migue. – Nice to meet you, my
friends call me Cookie. – Like Cookie Monster? – That is not original. – [Migue] I like it. – [Cookie] Thank you. – And I like your hair. – [Cookie] Thanks. – And– – You’re just going to keep naming all the things you like about me Migue? – I could stop if you want me too? – No, keep going, I like it. – [Cacique] Yeah keep going. – You want to hear more Cacique ’cause I definitely want to hear more. What else you like, orphan Annie? – Ah don’t be shy, do
you like my hair too? How about my eyes? – Whoa, whoa whoa, come on Anita. (thudding) (laughing) – Nice one. (laughing) – [Gato] Look who’s getting up. – [Cacique] Whatchya gonna do? (distant music) (dramatic music) (engine revving) – One big happy family, won’t last, nothing does. (dramatic music) Did she call? Did my mother call? Whatever. – Miguel. – [Mick Thinking] I’m trying Dad, but this trip is hitting me
hard and I’m just stuck here, toughening it out like you taught me, but sometimes it’s just too much Papa, too much for me. (crying) I love you Papa. (groaning)
(“Rubber Band” by Peter Goetz) ♫ I woke up this morning (shouting) ♫ Wishing you were here. ♫ One morning loving as the sun drops in ♫ I’m never empty when life’s so full ♫ Oh love, you’re better full ♫ You got me pulled like a rubber band ♫ Never really know where I stand so ♫ Hold me down, stand right back ♫ Listen to you lie, not your past ♫ So wrong me ♫ And tell me ♫ Where you want to be loved ♫ So hold me, feel me ♫ I say that you’re pretty ♫ So wrong me ♫ And tell me ♫ Where you want to be loved ♫ So hold me, feel me ♫ I say to feel ♫ Yeah (rock music) ♫ Something never found it’s way to me – Oh shit this is way too girly. (rock music) (car honking) Shit. – Sofia? – I hate you, you stupid. (shouting) – I wonder if you’re happy now Pop. You know I have good memories with you. It was Mom, I didn’t,
still don’t understand her, aren’t we enough? I’ve always thought I am
more like you anyways. (bell chiming) Sunny, deep breaths hold, hold on.
(gasping) Breathe. Good, breathe, why
wouldn’t you tell me huh? – Where’d you pick this kid up Migue? – The circus. Let’s go. – Yep, and one day I’m going back. – You’re a piece of work kid. So what’s the skinny on San Juan? – [Sunny] What’s in San Juan? – Nothing, don’t worry about it okay? – Are you gonna leave me,
are you going to run away? – Never, I’m not going anywhere. – Trust me kid, you couldn’t pay this
guy to leave your side. – Look, if I go to San Juan I’ll be
back the very next day okay? – Okay. (Spanish music) – Hi, I was just wondering
about availability for the new year’s eve Stella performance? Okay, awesome thank you. – What’s up? – Nothing Abuelo. (dramatic music) Stella. (dramatic music) Rock and roll baby. (piano music) Hey, let’s go on a test drive. – Yay! Okay let me get my boots on, don’t go without me okay? – I’m not going anywhere. (piano plunking) – Okay I’m ready. – Come here. (dramatic music) – [Sofia] Hold on, hold on. (dramatic music) – [Mick Thinking] My
sister’s all I have left. (dramatic music) My Sunny of love. – Hey Migue, you know
if you fix that bike up you can make it to San Juan. I mean it still runs doesn’t it? Just give it a little
TLC and you got it made. – Whatever hula hoop boy. Your motorcycle, that thing
barely makes it across town. – Leave him alone Juano. – Shut up Sofia I don’t need your help. Why is she even here Juano, she’s been following us around
like a frickin mosquito. – Tell me about it man, I would ditch her but
she’s my little sister and my mom would kill me. – Sofia, you’re a girl, we’re guys, or did you not notice? – No I didn’t notice Charlie. Common mistake I hear, people
not knowing you’re a guy. (laughing) – Shut up. – Fine, you guys are idiots. Maybe I will find other
people to hang out with. – Yeah like anybody would
like to hang out with you. – I’ll even go hang out with surfer guys. – You don’t have the guts. – I don’t? Watch me. – Wait, won’t your mom be super pissed
if you come home without her? – Dude she’s gonna come back, she doesn’t even dare go out there. Sofia? (distant music) – [Cookie] What the
hell are you doing here? – Hi. (laughing) – [Cacique] Come with us, let’s have fun. – Okay. – [Gato] Hello, hello, hello, woo. – Hello to you again. (laughing) – Hey Gato, get some drinks
for the pretty little girl. Nice spot. (talking drown out by music) We own this beach. – Really? – Of course. – I like it. – Shit, shit shit shit shit, come on guys. – [Charlie] This is dumb we
gotta do this, this is stupid. – [Juano] Dude my mom is gonna kill me. – Stupid. – [Cacique] This is our place. – You should see us surf some time. – Oh yeah that’ll be badass.
– Really. – [Cacique] You know I beat you though? – Are you guys gonna teach me? – Yeah if you stick around, you’ll learn things you
never imagined. (laughing) – Mosquito sharks aren’t the only thing that are gonna bite you. (laughing) I’m serious. (laughing) – [Sofia] Nice. – [Cacique] You gotta do
what you gotta do dude. – No problem.
– Go with us Sofia and forget all about your
bratty fucking brother. – [Cacique] Yeah just sit with us. – [Sofia] I’d like that.
(laughing) – [Gato] I know you will. (laughing) – Sofia. Leave her alone. – They’re not bothering me Juano, you are. – I can’t believe you Sofia, you’re seriously hanging out with them, after everything they’ve done to us? – Hey she can hang out with
whoever she wants bratty. – Sofia let’s go. – You’re the one that has to go, Annie. – This is our beach punk. Go find someone else’s party to crash. – [Migue] Sofia come hang
with me and the guys okay? – Why? These guys here are actually nice to me. They actually want me around. All you guys ever do
is tell me to shut up. – You heard her, she
likes it here with us. – And we definitely like her. – You got that right. – Sofia you’re in so
much trouble right now. Leave before I tell Mom. – These guys are assholes. – Watch your mouth Annie. – [Gato] And get the hell
out of our beach already. – This isn’t your island, we’re allowed to be here if we want to. – Oh yeah?
– Oh yeah, says who? – Says my foot up your ass. – Oh yeah, take him away, little cry baby. – [Migue] Let’s go Sofia. – [Cacique] Oh I’m gonna
have to take her home. – Mama! (laughing) (laughing) – You got that right man. – It is always going to be this way with those surfer dicks picking
on us for no good reason? – I hear you and it sucks but, there are going to be dicks
no matter where you go. This place is not special. (sighing) – I know. – See ya then. – Until tomorrow. (singing) – You speak Spanish too fast Abuela. – Yeah? – What about Mom? – Christmas is over for me. – What did she say about Mom? – Nothing, don’t worry about it, don’t listen to these crazy people. – You actually look like
a girl in this dress. – Do not. – Hey take it as a compliment little sis’ you look beautiful. Hey, go to church okay? – You’re not coming? Okay. Goodbye then. (car honking) Merry Christmas. (sighing) (rock music) (phone ringing) – Hola? Hola? Hola? – Hola? Betty? – Hello? – [Betty] Miguel is that my Miguel? – Who else would it be?
(dramatic music) Are you coming home to get us. – Baby boy I’m just not sure– – When are you coming home to get us Mom? It’s been four months
since you dumped us here at Dad’s place in case you forgot. – Your grandparents are
far better caretakers than I ever could be right now. – [Migue] You’re coming home aren’t you? – Stop. – You’re so selfish you know that? – You don’t think I know that? You think I’m just having the
time of my life right now? I will, I will come back. – What about your promises Mom? – I love you Miguel. Tell Sunny, please take
care of her for me. – I always do. (thudding)
(dramatic rock music) (thudding) (dramatic rock music) (phone ringing) – [Abuela] Miguel? (phone ringing) (dramatic rock music) (crying) (dramatic rock music) (shouting) (dramatic rock music) – We’re almost there. – And how long’s
temporary going to be Mom? We’re waiting. (dramatic rock music) (crying) (thudding) – Fuck. (heavily breathing) Fuck. (heavily breathing) God dammit. – Hey sexy legs ready for
the last dare of the year? – Holy shit man what
happened to this thing? It looks like you got in a
fight with a truck and lost. – I’ve got a fix it if
I’m gonna go see Stella. – Stella, you’re still
on that mission man? Reality check, you’re never gonna make it. Just stop working with that piece of shit and come hang out with us. – Hey aren’t you guys sick
of these stupid dares yet? – [Juano] Aren’t you sick
of being annoying yet? – You know I, I am kinda
sick of these, kinda sick. – You’re not sick of anything man. He loves this, he’s just in a
fuzz or something, come on– – I said no Juano, what the hell, can’t you take a hint and go play your stupid
game somewhere else? (clanging) – Whatever man. – Migue, are you okay? You know if you’re not, maybe you should do something about it. (thunder cracking) – [Migue] Nightmare? – Yes. – I’ll protect you. – You’re a better mom anyway. – Go to sleep Sunny. – What’s wrong? – Just got a lot on my mind. Girls are weird. – Damn straight. (laughing) What’s in San Juan? – A concert, for new year’s eve. – But that’s tomorrow. – Remember what I said? I’ll never leave you. – Can I help? – You trying to get rid of me now? – You help me all the time, it’s my turn to help you. Just tell me what I need to do. – If I think of something
I’ll let you know, otherwise I want you
to get some sleep okay? – Okay? I miss Mom. (dramatic acoustic music) (sighing) (gasping) (gasping) – We gotta go to the hospital Abuelo. We’ll take your car come on. – Miguel! (gasping) It’s okay Sunny, okay. There, dear… – Abuelo hurry, come on! (gasping) Thank you so much. I’m sorry Abuelo. – Where did your brother go? – I’m sorry Abuelo. – Sunny, you are okay? – [Sunny] He needed my help. – [Abuelo] Your help? What for? – He needs to go to San Juan. (laughing) – San Juan, that’s 79 miles away, in that car he never makes it. He needs at least three
hours, if he ever gets there. (upbeat music) (whooping) – [Sofia] Stop it. – You gonna wing it huh?! – [Gato] Come on stop for
a sec, come over here. – [Sofia] Stop, leave me alone. – Sofia get in the car. – You again? Man when are you gonna learn to stop messing with what ain’t yours. – Don’t you remember
the other night Annie? Your girl likes it with us. – Yeah what are you gonna do about it huh? Whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoa. No need to get violent man it’s just that, what the? Holy. (shouting) – Oh my god, oh my god man. Oh my. (upbeat music) – [Migue] So I guess I
should take you home huh? – Yeah I guess. What are you doing driving
your grandpa’s car anyways? Are you insane or something? – You could say that. – [Sofia] Must be for
you to stop and help me. – Why would I be insane to do that? – So, what’s the big adventure huh? You must have something big planned if you’re driving this thing. – I’m going to San Juan. – For real? You’re going to go see
that girl aren’t you? The hula hoop freak. – Yes I am and I gotta
get there before midnight. – Okay, well then we should hurry if we’re gonna make it there on time. – You’re not going anywhere. – Yes I am, I’ll come in handy. – You’re a girl. – And you’re a boy so what? Also I happen to know how
to get to San Juan from here and it doesn’t look
like you brought a map. – I’m sure there’ll be signs. – Really, and what do they say? Hula hoops freaks turn this way? – You know what? Forget it, you want to come, fine. (laughing) Unbelievable. – My mom is gonna freak but whatever. Juano gets into enough
trouble for the both of us. (clanging) – This car is a piece of shit. (laughing) I hate this car. (laughing) – Yo kid. Where’s Migue? I think Juano wants to
beat him up for yesterday. – Mick can’t come out, he’s in San Juan. – What? – You gotta be kidding me? – [Sunny] Nope. He went to a rock concert in San Juan. – But his bike is still
here and it’s in pieces. – He stole Abuelo’s car. – What?
– What? – It’s true, and I’m super grounded because of it. – Sunny, did Mick really go to San Juan or are you just kidding with us? – He really did Charlie. – Wow, he made it. – Yeah he made it,
fantastic, without us man. – Whatever Juano, you don’t
even like hula hoop chicks. – Whatever, I’m gonna go
look for Sofia now okay. Do you think she’s with the
surfer dudes or, I don’t know. – I don’t know, you know little
sisters better than I do. – Dude, you’re not coming with me? – Nah I think I’ll stay here. – Want a candy? – We have to stop. – It’s okay, no no no we’re fine. – Pull over. (laughing) It’s so cold. (laughing) I love the rain. – I hate the rain. – You don’t have to be so miserable all the damn time you know? – And what exactly is there
to be happy about right now? – Well we’re on a spontaneous road trip to San Juan for one thing and you’re about to get to
see your hula hoop freak. – She not a freak. – Whatever. – And we’ll probably
never get there on time because of this frickin’ weather. – [Sofia] Give me your hand. – What? – I can read your palm. (laughing) (dramatic music) You’ve got no faith Migeu, and not a lot of confidence, I bet that’s why you’re
so miserable all the time. You don’t believe in
yourself and it’s so strange because everyone else believes in you. I know I do. – Well, we’re never going
to get there on time if this weather doesn’t clear up, that’s not a lack of
confidence that’s a fact. (laughing) – You’re soaking wet. – Yeah I guess I am. – Hey speaking of, what were you doing by my
house a couple nights ago? It was Christmas. – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – Really? I gotta get my eyes checked because I could’ve sworn it was you. – I guess you should. – I, I thought it was you. Don’t you want to call
your mom or something? – I will, when we get there. She can’t forbid me from doing something I’ve already done can she? – That’s pretty smart. – Well I’m not always the
annoying little sister. – I guess not. – Hey I don’t think this rain’s
gonna let up anytime soon. So what the hell? It’s not like we’re made of paper right? Come on let’s go. (laughing) (whooping) (laughing) ♫ I know in my heart
I’ve been the lucky one ♫ However far apart you’ll be the only one ♫ When the days grow cold
I want you here to hold ♫ Whatever state I’m in
you know I’ve always been ♫ A lucky lucky one ♫ A lucky lucky one ♫ A lucky lucky one – Hey, do you want to hear what my
new year’s resolution is? – [Migue] Um. – [Sofia] Sorry nevermind, it was stupid. – No come on, what’s your
new year’s resolution? – I’m gonna stop
following you guys around. I’m sick of being the annoying mosquito. – You’re not. I was a frickin jerk
that day and I apologize. Just out of curiosity why
do you follow us around? – I don’t know, I guess I just
don’t fit in anywhere else. – You fit with those surfers fine. – To be honest I was just
doing that to piss off Juano. – Yeah I get that. (laughing) There’s a sign right there Sofia. How do you feel about
that Ms. Know it All? – What the hell? They really have a sign. ♫ In the summer sun be the lucky one ♫ From a fire spark
you always had my heart ♫ When the days grow cold
I want you hear to hold ♫ Whatever state I’m in
you know I’ve always been ♫ A lucky lucky one ♫ A lucky lucky one ♫ A lucky lucky one (distant music) So? You going in or what? – The show’s probably sold out. – So? – So this is far as my plan went. – Well you’ll figure something out. – Don’t you mean we’ll
figure something out? (distant music) – I should probably just stay here. – Why? – Because I don’t care about
the stupid show and you do. I just, I don’t want to get in the way. – You won’t get in the way. I promise. I want you to come. – Thanks, but– – But? – I’ll still be right
here when you’re done. (distant music) – Okay. Fine, I’m going. – Go. – Serious, last chance. – Would you just go already
before the show ends? – Goodbye.
– Bye. (distant music) (sighing) (distant music) (electronic dance music) – Oh no not on my watch. (distant music) – Nice, jackpot. Yes. (distant music) (chattering) (sighing) This bites. New year’s eve stuck in
the middle of San Juan completely by myself. Brilliant Sofia. (distant music) Score, the old man’s booze. I didn’t know the old man had it in him. (coughing) I am so sorry. – Have we been drinking
tonight young lady? – No no no, no no, I, I just, I swallowed a fly
and I’m spitting it out. – [Officer] Where are you parents? – Checking in. – Excuse me, sorry excuse me. Officer, officer can you
watch Mary Jane for me? She’s my pet and she gets
nervous and there’s this party. Are you going to the party? That we’re going to go dancing and if you can stay with
her just for a little. (distant cheering) – [Distant Announcer] Only five
minutes until the new year. (distant cheering) (cheering)
(electronic dance music) (slow pop music) ♫ The sky is all in flames – [Migue] Papa can you hear me? (dramatic music) Because of you I’m here. As stupid as this journey seems, in my gut I knew, one step closer to you, I chose right, on my own. I love you. (cheering)
(electronic dance music) – Hey, hey hey hey. Wait, wait. English or Spanish? – English.
– English, now listen just grab the mask and climb up the stairs and
give it to her, thank you, go go go go. Go. (electronic dance music) – There you are. Yes? – You’re beautiful. – [Crowd] 10, nine,
eight, seven, six, five. – It’s showtime.
– Four, three, two, one. (crowd cheering) (“Auld Lang Syne”) – [Sofia] Happy new year Migue. – Happy new year Sofia. (laughing) – Your face is covered
in glitter hula boy. – Oh yeah?
– Yeah. (groaning) – Thank you for that. (distant cheering) (dramatic music) – We should probably get out of here. – Yeah, yeah we should probably go. (distant cheering) – [Migue] Thanks for coming today Sofia. – Sure. – Hey. – Yeah? – Give me a kiss on the cheek. – What? – Come on give me a kiss on the cheek. – Mick you are so weird. – For new year’s luck, come on, just give me a kiss right here. (“Lucky One” by Trimountaine) (slapping) (“Lucky One” by Trimountaine) – You are in so much trouble. Oh you’re in trouble. – Happy new year! (whooping) ♫ When the days grow cold
I want you here to hold ♫ Whatever state I’m in
you know I’ve always been ♫ A lucky lucky one ♫ A lucky lucky one ♫ A lucky lucky one ♫ In the summer sun be the lucky one ♫ From a fire spark
you always had my heart ♫ When the days grow cold
I want you here to hold ♫ Whatever state I’m in
you know I’ve always been ♫ A lucky lucky one ♫ A lucky lucky one ♫ A lucky lucky one (“Happy-Desnudo” by Rabi Rosa)


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