Bean vs the Police | Funny Clips | Mr Bean Official

Hey! Any second now. Think we’re looking for a Brad Pitt look-alike Police! Get on him now! Move it. Take it easy. Cmon. Watch it. Watch it. He going the other way. In precentral 415. Man with a gun heading into zone 10 terminal. Get some people over here now. (Get out of the way. move it, move, move) (Police coming through) (Cmon lady watch it. Move) (There he is, there he is) (Move move move) Police Everyone on the floor! NOW! Not you, sweetie Oh. Right. Carefully take out your weapon holding the butt with two fingers only Slowly place it on the floor and take three steps back What is this? I don’t know. Weird Mr. Bean… are you presently on any kind of medication? Not that I know of Well you can certainly use some Think I’ll watch another one Incredible Why don’t you get another ticket? Okay Brace yourself He’s a genius huh? That’s what they tell me Well it looks like a fruitcake to me You’re willing to take responsibility for his actions Well you’re braver man than me, and I single-handedly take on gangs armed with AK-47s Get him out of here Tell him he’s a butt I would dearly love to kick, and the next time I will Oh! Excellent Oh yummy – ah! CUT! CUT! CUT! What the hell is he doing? Where did he come from? Some of us are trying to make a work of art Everyone back in position Get him in something different and put them in the background You sweetheart. You never stop, okay? Remember you’re crazy for the taste of Fruzzi yogurt (“Fruzziii”) (Well then how long does it take to reset?) (Why is everyone moving in slow motion?) ACTION! CUT! The guy with the video camera is fired YOU’RE FIRED! Action! Cut. CUT! CUT! (My explosion!) Where’s my explosion? All I want is an explosion. A little tiny explosion (Is that too much to ask?) Is it really so hard for you guys? I mean. All you have to do is this.


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