Beauty and the Beast 2018

It’s, it’s a great show, all the boys
and girls love it. Yes, well we will have to be quick though, because erm we have got
lots to do. [Laughs]. Yes and the tickets are selling fast so tick tock. [laughs] tick
tock [laughs]. My name is Finbar Healy and I’m playing
Lorenzo Lumiere from the sur du france from the little village called biker. As the girl fell upstairs, the one you have just joined back into the prison cell. Well my character is like the most handsome one of the show. Cause now it’s called Beauty
and the Beast, well I’m that beauty in that Beauty and the Beast. I am yeah. Have you, not you you, not you me me. I am looking forward to casting lots and lots
of magical spells in the pantomime this year. Panto has been running here for 8 years and
it gets better every year and bigger every year and more squashed in the dressing rooms.
It’s an absolutely brilliant atmosphere in this theatre and we run the whole of December. I am very very much looking forward to coming back to the Consett Empire. Cause we were
here last year and the audience were fantastic, everyone was amazing and it’s going to be
an amazing panto, script is fantastic. Yes.

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