Because of You 2020 Drama Taiwan Episode 8 – INDOSUB/ENGSUB

There’s a mood I can’t describe♫ ♫I can’t face it or avoid it♫ ♫I can only stand there and watch him leave♫ ♫I can hear the sound of my heart breaking♫ ♫Because he made us both fall in love♫ ♫I’m willing to give up for the sake of our friendship♫ ♫I don’t want to see him hurt or suffer any more♫ ♫His tears make my heart ache♫ ♫Love makes us all fearless♫ ♫Being able to protect him is my happiness♫ ♫The realm of love only allows for two people♫ ♫Please love him well for me♫ Alright. There’s a really good food truck near my place. I love it so much.
Do you want to go tomorrow? -Food Truck?
-Yep. Do you dare to go to eat food truck with me, Mr.Yuan? Okay.Please share and subcribeExcuse me, this is the wine you ordered. Sit. It’s alright. Excuse me, can we have the menu? What can I get for you? Let me see. Take all. All? All? Can you finish them all? You are too skinny. Huh. So you are feeding your prey before you eat it, right? No. You can be too fat. You are such a control freak. Maybe we should invite your brothers over. Brothers? You have two brothers. Get any one of them to eat with us. Okay. It’s really my brother. Do you know what it is? Chicken neck. A young master like you would eat at a food truck? Brother. Huh. Sit. Sorry. Your brother ordered too much.I don’t wanna waste any food. So I called you for help. It’s alright. But can he eat these? He promised me that he will eat everything I tell him to eat. Here, have a chicken butt. Hey. You said you will eat what I eat. Hey! Okay, okay. Let me… How was it? Good. Here, let’s have a drink. Wait. Our family doesn’t drink. No way. You promised to eat with me. It’s just a drink. Alright. Just one. Bro. Your brother drank with me. You have no excuse to say no now. Here, you too. Come on. What are you afraid of? Come on. How old are you? Dink it up! Wait… No way. They can’t hold their liquor at all. It’s in their genes. The three brothers are famous for poor capacity. Why didn’t they say so? Why did they still drink? That’s why they only drink with people they trust. People they trust. Yep. Alright. You will take care of big brother. I can’t do it. Let’s go. Get up. Nah. Nah. – Actually I…
– Where’s your key? I don’t want to treat you as my brother. Why do you keep touching me? I… Don’t move! I am trying to find the key! Lin Xun, thank god you are not my brother. You… You What are you doing, Yuan Juncheng? That was my first kiss! It’s so soft. It feels so good. Psycho. So good. Wow. Knock it off.Please share and subcribePlease share and subcribeWhat did I do to deserve you? Nothing good happens after I met you. My mom passed away on the day I met you. I didn’t get to see her before she died. I didn’t get to see my mom too. I will make up to you. How? Are you gonna be my mom? How can I be your mom? But I can take care of you. ♫ I am not sure I am the one who is being taken care of. I think I am taking care of you. Ah… ♫ Hey. ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Ah! What… Why are you in my bed! You forgot? You got drunk lat night. You pushed me on your bed. That’s impossible. I tried. But I can’t beat you off. This is not possible. Wait. Why aren’t you wearing clothes? I am curious too. Why did you take off my clothes when you felt hot in the middle of the night. Don’t lie to me! It’s impossible. I need to take a shower to calm down. How could I let him be in my bed? I don’t think you should drink any more. You are awful when you are drunk. Did you poison me? Why my head is burning? You drank beer. Of course, you will have a headache. You can’t drink. Nothing happened between us, night? I can’t beat you any way. Only I can be the victim.Timing and subtitles brought to you by The Because of You 2020 Team @ VikiDid anything happen last night? Who made the first move? No. Yuan Juncheng. Don’t do this. I treat you as a big brother. What are you thinking about? I have something to ask you. You can just ask. Why do you need to block me in the corner? This is confidential. No one can know. Not even Junping? Absolutely no. What’s the secret? How to find out if two guys did it or not? They would know! No. No. I have a friend. He got drunk and forgot what happened. Stop lying. Brother Juncheng. Just admit your friend is you. What did you say? Nothing. I am just thinking. Does your friend’s butthole hurt? No. That means nothing happened, right? It only means your friend didn’t get penetrated. But it’s still not clear that whether the other.. guy In that case, How to verify it? Well… Go ask Yang Xiangshi. Yang Xiangshi? Why him? He said he goes both way. He can do both boys and girls. What did you say? Yang Xiangshi has been living with my Jundao for so long, now you are telling me he does both? You really care about your brother’s safety. Where’s Yang Xiangshi? School. You are having a fever. Let me cool it down for you. I have to go the hard way if you don’t help me to get Yuan Junping. Am I that easy to you? Auntie! I will take good care of Lin Xun for you! ♫In those times, be still♫ ♫My dreams are songs♫ ♫At this point, I cannot give up♫ ♫It’s not the end♫ ♫We can start again♫ ♫Let’s not give up♫ ♫If I put my all on the line♫ ♫I’ll have no regrets♫ ♫I will tell my story again♫ ♫I will run on this path

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