BEES! A Musical | WillFredd Theatre & The Ark

[Funky music playing throughout] Mel: Ta-dah! [Children laugh] Marsha: Have you never seen a bee before? [Child in the audience: Yes!] [Funky music continues] Mel: A trick flower – well mark it down as number one… a bees favourite food! Luke: Wings… Mel: Wings? Luke: Oh yes – it’s how a bee sings! Mel: Do you know the buzz-buzz song? [audience joining in] Zzzzz Zzzzz buzz buzz Zzzzz Zzzzz buzz buzz! Mel: I notice you love to rhyme Lukey Luke: Ah – It comes natural most of the time. Spooky! Mel: Wooooooo! [Voice from the audience] I know all about bees! [Audience laugh]

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