Behind the scenes at “Clybourne Park”

– Ah, is this place just a catastrophe? – No, this is– – Clybourne Park is a sequel to A Raisin in the Sun. And actually it starts where the one character Karl leaves the home of the Youngers and he heads over to the family where who wants the house and he starts to explain how there is a black family who wants to purchase this house in which is middle class America. – When we think back, oh the 50s, we tend to pigeon hole them too. Like oh, in the 50s a man was a man. In the 50s a woman did the cooking and the cleaning but at that time, that was their reality. And they found their own ways to question the gender roles so it’s kind of putting reality back into those times. – See I know my history and I know how how very conservative it was in the 50s. I actually called up my grandfather and asked him, how were you in the 1950s? He was around the same age, basically the same thing. So he told me how like I said, very conservative. You’re there, you’re present but you hold back, you don’t want to do too much ’cause you never know
how they’ll react to you. – And then it moves into Act II which is in 2009, the
first Act is in 1959. And then we see some of the relatives actually in 2009. The neighborhood now
is predominately black and there’s a white family
who wants to move in. – I heard about the show, and I knew a little bit about it but I was like you know
I’m gonna go audition. I’m gonna audition for both
of ’em and it’s gonna be fun. And I even had a comedic monologue and everything and then
through the audition process I realized oh, maybe this other role would be better for me and
then when I got the call back, I’m like I really need
to research this show. And as soon as I started watching and reading into it and
I saw Karl’s character I was like wow, that would be a very interesting
character to portray. – Casting was interesting. And I would say I think
maybe they can do this part but I’m not sure they could
do that character in Act II. So it was a lot of like this person is a really good, at this specific character, but
can they play the other one? – For myself personally for this show, I would be just ecstatic if the audience finished watching the show and they go hum. What do I do? – It’s not going to solve anything but it’s going to start a conversation that’s very important and is being ignored. And so this play puts it out there and it doesn’t let you ignore it.

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