Come on, this is where it’s happening! Great! Ladies first! Thank you! Hi everyone!
I hope you are having a wonderful day! Right now, I am heading into Paris, to Le Guichet Montparnasse, which is located in the 14th arrondissement, and I am going there specifically because my friend, Frédéric Schmitt, who is an actor, is going to be starring in a play. The title of the play is : “Harry Haller’s Records”, which is based on Herman Hesse’s “Steppenwolf”. And I am really hoping that my friend Fred will be giving us a tour behind the scenes so that we can get a glimpse of what
an independant actor does here in Paris. I am really crossing my fingers! We are better get going because it is still early and I don’t want to be late,
you know me and time I am always late to everything but for a theater they usually close the doors right on time and I don’t want to miss my friend up on stage. Alright, so let’s get going! As you can see, I am on the RER We are almost arriving to Denfert-Rochereau and from there we’re going to go ahead
and take metro line 6 Since I have to get to Edgar Quinet, I have to take line 6 which is right here Always have your transportation card available And I always double-check to see
if I am going the right direction We are going to go to Edgar Quinet So before exiting,
you have this map that is very practical and we are going to Théâtre Le Guichet, which is Le Guichet Montparnasse, it is the same thing and it is not far, so it’s on rue du Maine okay, so that is where we are going to go So I am not far away from the theater, I’m going to go ahead and call Fred
to see if he is available “Hi Fred, how are you?” -” I am good, thank you, what about you?” “Good, thank you!” “Listen, I am not far from the theater, would it be possible to see behind the scenes?” “- Yes of course!” “Really?” “- As soon as you arrive… – …ask the person at the ticket booth… – …to come get me.” “- I am going to make you visit the theater, okay?” “Thank you very much, see you in a sec!” I am going to go ahead and ask, let’s see Hello! – Hello! Sorry to bother you,
but my friend Frédéric Schmitt is here, would it be possible to tell him I am here, please? – Yes, of course! Thank you, you are so kind! – You are welcome! – He will be there in about 5 minutes. Okay, thank you! – You are welcome! While I am waiting for Fred to come, I am going to go ahead and show you
the poster oustide the theater, It is really cool! We can also get a little flyer Awesome! Here is Fred! Hi! How are you? Good thank you, and yourself? Come on, this is where it’s happening! Ha! Awesome! Ladies first! Thank you! And now, we are going backstage. Okay, great!
– Come one, let’s go! So… …this is where backstage begins! This is where we store the set decorations Okay.
– Voilà! Due to the uneasy weather, there are some leaks… Come on, let’s go! Be very careful going down, you could… you should firmly grab on to the rail Voilà ! The dressing room! There is even a stairway that allows
you to access the stage. And here, this is…
– To access the stage! …this is where I get ready. We are not going to take too long, since the show starts in 15 minutes. I still need to… … to prepare myself, to clear my mind
and to exercise my voice. What do you do when you do
this kind of singing, or what is it called? I warm up my voice! Alright! So that I can recite the play! How long does it take you to get ready? Here I always come an hour before. To clear up my mind, to prepare myself,
to put make-up on, to put on my stage outfit, do some small concentration exercises,
so that I can feel ready to go out on stage. After you.
– And now, we are going upstairs? Yes, we are going upstairs… Okay.
– Be careful with… Ha! A mirror! So now, they are starting to clean? Yes! We are setting up the stage! The show starts in 15 minutes… …but there is always a last minute thing to do… …which is, in this case,… …vacuuming the room to make it very nice and clean. So now we going to test the lighting. So you can see the technical side… …the set up of the lighting and the decor. There is always like a litte mirror! All the people behing the scenes… And this is the decor that he has So it is very minimalistic. Harry Haller’s Records, from Herman Hesse. For Madmen Only. You can hear Fred warming up his voice. That is what he told us… … earlier, he is exercising it. Jean-Christophe, can we make some voice exercises? – Yes! And you are going to hear Jean-Christophe which is the stage director. Benoît? – Yes? So this where they control all the lighting and sound Can we start the lighting rehearsal? What is this? This is a front lighting Ha okay, when you are moving… Cool lighting, yes… Warm lighting, okay. Very good. There is about 5 minutes to go. It is about to start, my friend. Fred… Break a leg! I am going to go behind… …behind the curtain here Fred? Can I come in? Good job! It was excellent! We are going to go to the nearby bistro,
and we are going to grab a drink with people who want to join. Okay, see you in a bit! Right now, we are going to go have a drink together Right, Fred ? He understands English but he is a little shy Right? Yes, just a little So where are we going? To grab a drink? We are going to grab a drink in a bistro
nearby the theater to meet up with some spectators of the play since there was a Herman Hesse’s fanclub today, so we are going to talk with them… …about Harry Haller, about the play
and about Herman Hesse. And I got my coffee… …a glass of water and everybody else got their drink So Frédéric is now here, with me I just want to thank him for the time he took out of his day to greet us, and to show us around and give us that exclusive tour behind the scenes If you are interested in coming to see his play I can also leave all the essential information
that you need to know in the description box. So do not forget to look at that. Now, let’s go ahead and talk to Frédéric Hi Fred!
– Hi ! It was a pleasure to see you up on stage I have a lot of questions, but I do not want… …to bother you with all my questions First, how many people fit in the theater room? The capacity of the room is a maximum of 50 people It is a very intimate theater room,
since the play is an intimate one it corresponds to the intimacy of the small theater room …and the proximity with the actor,
and vice versa. Yes, exactly. Why did you choose this play? Why did you choose to… …play in… …Steppenwolf? Simply because it is an encounter with this author I had read Steppenwolf a few years ago after a close friend advised me to do so and well, when I read the book, I was positively shaken. I really liked it and since it was a first-person narrative it made me realize, especially this part
which is the first part from Steppenwolf, which is called Harry Haller’s Records it is a monologue and I told myself that there was a theatrical aspect to it. I told myself: “One day, would like to play this” so a few years later, I talked to my stage director and I told him: this is what I would like to play on stage and this is how our interest in Harry Haller’s Records came about. from Steppenwolf I would like to emphasize the fact that
it is the complete version of Harry Haller’s Records. How long does it take you to prepare for a play like this? There are different levels of preparation,
first you need to familiarize yourself with the text so memorizing the text takes a few weeks or two months,
this is how long it took me to memorize it and after, we work on the stage set-up for this, it depends on the time
you can allocate per week usually, a play can be set up in… …let’s say from start to finish, in two or three months, you can set up a play. Perfect. About working on your voice, for the people that are theater lovers, how can they… Excercize their voice?
– Yes, exercize their voice, like you do Yes, because my stage voice is not
the voice I currently have, it is a higher pitchef voice which is an actor’s voice called “the medium voice”,
so that it does not tire the vocal cords Well, by taking classes,
it is really the best way, I took classes to find my voice and to make it just right,
so it is really the best way once you find you voice,
you have to work on it on your own there are some excercises you have to train it regularly,
you have to play to maintain your actor’s voice so that it does not get tired. Understood. I really appreciated the play I mean, when I saw it up on stage It was really powerful and it was impressive to see someone acting it out so good job! A last question: An excerpt? from the play, that you really enjoy interpreting… No.
– …or is it the entire play? The entire play! There is a real progression,
it is a journey What I really appreciate about this play,
it that we are going to accompany a man who is finally going to get out of his house, or else he stays sheltered in his house, he decides to go out, and as he wanders through the night, we are experiencing an outer journey,
but more importantly, an inner one so there is really both,
that is what I enjoy about it it is a real progression,
in this man’s inner journey that reconnects to life and the meaning of life. And to conclude, could you please tell us the dates that are left of your performance? So the play is until June 9th 2019 on Saturdays and Sundays Saturdays at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. It is only twice a week You are all welcome to come
if this author sparks an interest in you I would like to also mention that
Herman Hesse is a Nobel Prize in Literature author and he is the most widely read German author. Voilà! It would be a pleasure to see you at
the Guichet Montparnasse theater ! See you soon! So I want to thank Fred again for inviting us behind the scenes of what an independant actor does here,
in Paris, France and, guys, this is also a cultural thing, and a lot of people here in France love
to come out to see theater so take this opportunity, and come and support,
independant actors like Fred ! Again, thank you very much, it was a pleasure! Bravo! Come and watch his play guys! Bye!


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