Behind the scenes of JENŮFA – National Theatre Brno

OperaVision is a digital opera house that
brings the best operas from around Europe, and actually around the world,
to your screens at home. We are a partnership of 29 opera companies from around Europe. My name is Hedd Thomas and I’m the
Editorial Coordinator for OperaVision, so it’s my job to bring together these operas and to contextualize them for the audience. I think Janáček is a composer that sounds very fresh. Even after a hundred years, there’s something that is both accessible about his music, it has a sort of lyricism about it,
it has this great balance of tonality, of familiarity, while also really pushing the boundaries, and a hundred years later you can still feel that these boundaries are being pushed. I think it’s a really great composer
and a really great style of opera to bring to people who are maybe a little bit unsure
about whether they like opera. For the audience of Brno, I say: Keep coming to your opera house,
support National Theater Brno. It’s a great place that puts on
some fantastic productions, and we at OperaVision are really proud to have
National Theatre Brno as one of our 29 founders.

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