Behind-the-Scenes of RUTHERFORD AND SON

Plain and simple, Githa Sowerby is one of the best playwrights that I’ve ever encountered. Every day I fall in love with this piece more and more and what I love about it, she allows you to have compassion for people that you wouldn’t normally have compassion for. She doesn’t shut voices out. It’s really amazing to see such 3-dimensional women. They are so strong. They are so independently minded but they’re so distinctly strong in their own ways. But the men are equally dynamic and interesting and they’re not accessories and that’s what I love about plays like this written by a woman is all of the characters are so fascinating and complex. I think there’s a difficulty sometimes to portray someone where you can’t understand where they’re coming from but actually what she’s done is created these situations that everyone’s very motivated by their truth, desiring to be heard and seen and isn’t that what we’re all doing? We all just want to be heard and we want to be seen and we want to be seen and heard for our truth. It’s very human.

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