Behind the Scenes of the New Ford’s Theatre Museum

People go to museums for a number of reasons, but whether it’s a museum or it’s a great
book, whether it’s a television documentary, it
seems to me you’re telling stories. Traditionally, the site has seen its mission as telling the story and it’s needed after before they solves which corner from the park service as
well remarkable things in there and I want
emphasize those things will will be on display again but what was
missing was in effect historical context how those
artifacts fit into a larger story both for the
assassination but then to take up several steps back and say
what about the story before your saturation to came to watch that
it’s four years that are actually bracketed by threats upon weakens like no
president ever confronted for challenges on arriving no president
have arrived in such means for when you walk into the museum will
actually entering through are we creating real I it would affect we came to washington and avoid would-be
assassins involved that’s how the story begins and great
stories are told on multiple levels so you want to engage
people emotionally as well as intellectually in my
experience it’s very difficult to make a document come to life I think
we found a way to do that in what we call the bubble which again
puts you inside the weekend presidency allows you
work over the president shoulder at the documents that are literally
crossing his desk it’s that idea that notion that weekend put your next
Abraham Lincoln that weekend you ask you as you when you go to the
theater to suspend disbelief for half hour an hour I and then move
over this great American Life and this great
American tragedy as they unfold together the rest to the
museum illustrates but growth on Lincoln the man partition the orator the public educator and that of course we we get in the last days of his life you
walk inside missus around morning how should you meet the conspirators and you see gone with which movie transform American
history in ways that Stover reverberate and then
you go up into the theater in the new towards their you will have come face to
face with the link can and you will have lived all over the most important news and Lincoln’s
life before you come to the end that life which I don’t think has a place in DC we come today and immerse yourself in the
four years before April 14

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