Behind The Scenes on THE LION KING – Voice Cast Songs, Clips & Bloopers

It’s a problem free philiosphy.. Oh how’d you do how many votes did you
get I didn’t get any vultures but look look I’ve got a lion I got a lion man
seems alive it’s breathing I’d remove it under its Liz oh my god it’s alive
boom bang it’s a lion run for your life Pumbaa run for your life hakuna matata hakuna matata hakuna most
people get a bigger reaction when we say in the four okay Matata
it means no worries Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase Hakuna Matata ain’t no
passing craze Simba is that really you yeah there’s me symbols really me what
are you doing what are you doing here look at you to
ah you can’t win skies as my kingdom my destiny let me explain I I was trying to
fool him we will rule together Mufasa and Simba are gone which means I am your
king have mercy I beg you mercy after what
you did it was the hyenas those revolting
scavengers made me do it let them go Shenzi they made a mistake a
horrible mistake but if you do this you will start a war with Mufasa let’s let’s
try and make romance out of this crushing defeat boys Nala just what do
you think you’re doing young lady going out there I am sworn to protect you and
must order you back to bed scar there is fantastic to see you
sorry to drop in an announcement I had a couple of keepo app you die you die with your king Nara
where everything the light touches is yours for the kill the pregnant Tsar not
yours to give the king controls those hunting tell them the truth don’t
believe his lies you told us you didn’t get to the gorge in time yes that’s true
then how did you see the look in Mufasa size Simba stay close to your father
Simba stay close to your father not always scar one day it will be my
son who rules Simba will be your king Simba don’t be afraid come to me son
come to me lion lion coming lion lion lion lion lion the point I’m making is
that a cub fell down there and died we’re not going down there okay no one
could have survived it let’s just go back to the lair we’re gonna give it
like ten minutes then we’ll go back to the lair he’s alive and that would take
you to him follow me if you can would you two cubs like the stay for
dinner we don’t have much to build it up with your appearance the breathing and
stopping why don’t you stay for dinner and then maybe let’s travel you like
like play it a little bit more straight 90 percent give you some different
direction from last time because we’re changing what its gonna look like
visually cuz you’re gonna be at the top of a really high high rock and there’s
gonna be wind blowing and you’re gonna be really kind of scared what are we
doing there’s nothing up here what are we doing there’s nothing up here pinja
you owe me an apology pin yeah you owe me an apology pinja you
owe me an apology keep them off out of the shots but just be aware of that
they’ll and sometimes they’ll be kind of figuring out where you’re gonna be
blocking the eyes and we should be able to pick you up with all the cameras that
we have father greenside I wouldn’t know how all that bravery will taste hyenas
and lions have been at war since the beginning of time so you can’t do
anything to me he’s telling me what to do
his father’s strength flickering inside I wonder how all that bravery will taste
the ocean they made a mistake Jesse’s first line okay okay thank you
yes and we got the all come ons are we taking picking it up from after he says
aw come on or do yes Oh mom oh well you know from my my kid
yeah my Mike I was like I knew that he did it yeah you yeah yeah yeah you were
talk you were that your whole life you were taught taught that and and what’s
kind of cool here not to take you off out of that thing you got on this side
you have the cool kid saying hey do you think you’re here you


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