Behind the scenes: The Tale of Despereaux meet and greet

So there are seven of us, and we all went to school at Carnegie Mellon University. We were all studying acting. We were acting students and we started writing together for a school festival our freshman year. It’s just been a really, a kind of a surreal adventure. This is going to be our 12th year together. We’ve written several shows. The show that a lot of people kind of heard about us with the first time was The Old Man and The Old Moon. And Chris [Herzberger] had this idea, “You know there’s a book, there’s a movie that we have over at Universal called The Tale of Despereaux we think would be really good for you guys.” At that time we had just started thinking about adapting other people’s stories because the seven of us wrote everything from scratch. And Chris was really passionate about this idea, so we all kind of sat down and read it and we were like, “Oh, this is perfect for what we do.”

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