Behind the scenes with Ember Films and the Canon Cinema EOS C700 FF

Einstein had a theory that if bees
became extinct, the world as we know it would cease to exist in four years. Going into this project I think creatively, the opportunity to
try and portray this world, was exciting There’s something about this girl. At Ember, we’re always on the forefront of technology. We are looking for new techniques that will aid our cinematic approach to our projects. The C700 FF can capture 5.9K raw up to 60 frames per second, making the most of its 15 stops the
dynamic range. Millions of acres of fertile land reduced to dust. Being able to use one camera body with multiple functions, including RAW, ProRes and XF-AVC. The camera has a full-frame 38.1 by 20.1mm CMOS sensor. It gives you massive scope of use, a really wide range of lenses. For anamorphic, we use the 35 to 140 Cooke zoom and a range of primes. For the aspherical lenses, we
use the CN-E primes and a mixture of zooms. For certain scenes within the film,
we made the most of the dual pixel autofocus function of the camera. We also
use the auto assist function. We were all quite surprised than how well those
functions work. In one of the scenes, a motorbike ride straight towards camera.
We made the most of the full barrel turn of the lens while using the selectable
focus tracking, and that’s an incredibly hard focus board to nail. Every shot within the film was monitored and lined up with the Canon OLED viewfinder. We ignored the signs and now We’re trapped. One of the things we really wanted to
showcase is how we could test the camera with HDR. We made the most of using Canon’s HDR
screens for all the monitoring on set. You people really think you can change the world. For what? We wrote our future long before that. It was very important for us that the film felt fluid. We didn’t want any static shots, so whether we’re on a track or a jib or handheld, there was always
movement within every frame we captured. On the shoulder, the camera felt great. It
was good, it had a good weight to it rather than a camera that’s too light. We saw the rushes coming back from the
camera and were like; ‘wow, this thing looks amazing. The skin tones look really
clear. Now that we’ve had the chance to use the C700 FF and see the results
that it can deliver, we were all incredibly surprised at firstly how good the image looked before a grade. The project was a huge amount fun to
make. Everyone worked so hard and tirelessly to make it what it is.
The camera performed brilliantly and has delivered some truly cinematic images,
and I think the mixture between the great camera, the great crew, I hope that
the images speak for themselves.


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