Behind the Scenes with Light Balance at Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

– Hello my friends, Kaitlyn here and I am in Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, with Light Balance. (group cheers) (slow dance music) Summer Nights is back at
Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, and I’m super excited to be here and show you guys a behind
the scenes, sneak peek of Light Balance during
one of their rehearsals. They’re one of the many
acts that are coming this summer during Summer Nights which is going on from June 28th through August 11th. So Light Balance was here
at last year’s Summer Nights but I’m really excited that this year, I got to go behind the scenes and see them do this all new show that’s made specifically
for Busch Gardens, then afterward I got to see
them with the lights on, see what their suits,
their costumes, look like and talk to the Technical Director. He answered our questions
and gave us a look of what all goes in to a performance. – So to dance in the dark, it’s much, much harder
than the usual thing. So the guys prepare
everything in light first, then the programming done and
then we take on our costumes and to try to do this in the dark. This costume is for the winter, you know, but we need to take it
because for the dancer it makes them bigger or something. It’s really hot inside the costumes especially with the masks,
when you’re breathing. I hope that everybody
here, they love our show and we are to be. This is the best for us
if the people will like. – These are really hard working people, talented people and it’s just kind of an amazing thing, we get them here for a
week, week and a half to do a bunch of shows for us in Virginia. It’s a really heart-pumping,
exciting performance. There’s a Backstreet Boys song in there, which is like, I’m a 90’s kid, so yes, I love that. (dance music) ♪ Everybody ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Rock your body ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – It’s also got this nice monster theme which I think is really
cool for Busch Gardens especially with Howl-O-Scream
and the Big Bad Wolf. It just kind of all fit together and made for a really fun performance. Summer Nights is not just
about the music and dancing, it is also about the food. They’ve got two new burger options which we got to try both of them and they were delicious. One is the Impossible Burger which you’ve probably heard of before because it is a vegan staple. Even for a meat-eater like me it was actually quite good. Now for the rest of you animals, there’s the Donut Burger which is pretty much
just about as indulgent as you can get. You’ve got a maple glazed donut with two burger patties and bacon and cheese. So it is a not vegan option at all. As someone who was not
really into the idea of putting a burger on a donut, I actually really liked this. The kind of combination of sugar, sweet and salty, plus that bacon which seems to tie it all together, makes it perfect. Many thanks to Busch Gardens
for having us out today at the Globe Theatre to see Light Balance. It was an amazing experience, you guys can see it too and many other acts throughout the summer. Remember Summer Nights is going on June 28th through August 11th. See ya guys next Thursday. Bye. (upbeat music)


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