Let’s Go Shopping are finish We had the pink one at home If you on elementary school we buy it Hanum on that side If she know that toy corner, it will excited She came.. Hello Kitty, I want it I want buy this You had at home that cool we bought it, at home now same with your’s Barbie house nice toy Cupcake still available here Pikmi Pops what it this? all is nice toy very expensive to much toys at home You had Barbie still unboxing still new school equipment for Barbie what it this? wastafel, nail poolish and Laptop mini laptop padlock I don’t know drawer and chair sofa and furniture set life vest Hi teacher… what are you teach for today this is whiteboard you already have lady bug ready for elementary school? you must have book the desk the Car has coming what are you bought? Don’t going there.. Try lady Bug? you had this you had it, with love eraser the Giant pizza and Giant donnut and Giant french fries say goodbye slide with basket ring move this basket ring than you sliding it just for display I want bycicle you had the pink one if you already in elementary school you want this one is for swimming one billion, Hanum say goodbye goodbye guys don’t forget like, coment and subscribe and share than click bell

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