BEN IS BACK Official Trailer (2018) Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges Drama Movie HD

Oh my God, I can’t believe it! Hi, Mom. I see you, is it you? Is that Ben? Did you see? He’s gained some weight and… …he’s got the sparkle back in his eyes. He’s clearly doing better. Yeah, then why are you hiding everything? We said we weren’t going
to do this again, remember? I agree… …but if it weren’t Christmas. You get a day. This time tomorrow you
are back in sober living. Yeah, okay. You do not leave my sight ever… …because for the next 24
hours you are mine, all mine. Got it? I got it. Hey, Burns! I thought you were dead. [bang] Holy! [crack] Oh my God! I put my family in danger. This is on you. If I don’t deal with this… …then it could be worse, next time. Okay… …you go in, pay the man
and get right back out. Lock the door. Just be calm. I can’t be calm. You need to go home. If you really knew me, you’d be done with me. – I know you. I know you.
– No. You don’t Mom. You don’t know me. Unlock the door, Ben, right now. I told you not to believe me and you didn’t listen. Ben! [scream] All I need is for you to do me just… …one more little favor. I’m looking for my son. I can tell there’s something wrong. You need to come home! Not without Ben. I just need you to please find my son! The things that I’ve done to myself and others. [grunt] We can’t save them… …but you’ll hate yourself if you don’t try. Just tell me, son… …where you want me to bury you. I’m not going to die. Anyways, here I am…still here. So thank you, thank you for…everything.


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