Bepanah Pyaar – 15th January 2020 – बेपनाह प्यार – Full Episode

Nice to meet you all. ‘In a short while from now’ ‘Pragati will be losing
all her respect.’ ‘After that, everyone is
going to yell at Pragati.’ Lunch is ready.
– Shall we go? Actually, I can’t wait anymore. All these dishes have been
specially made for you. Thank you.
– So, let’s eat. What is all this, Mr. Devraj? What happened? We are vegetarians. And you people are serving
us non-vegetarian food. ‘Oh, okay! They eat
seafood, is it? No problem.’ ‘Our chef prepares
very nice seafood.’ ‘Good that you told me.’ God! Raghbir, see,
servants have served non-vegetarian
food on the table. I had prepared vegetarian food. Perhaps,
they would’ve got confused. You guys please wait.
I’ll change it right away. The servants these
days are impossible. They were supposed to
prepare non-vegetarian for us and vegetarian food
for you people. They seem to have
got confused. Let’s sit over
there till then. Please come.
In the meanwhile, vegetarian
food will be served for you. Let’s have a chat until then.
Please come. So many utensils. Of all the days, the servants
had to take leave today! If I start doing
these dishes I won’t be able to do
the rest of the work. What do I do? Today, our MD is
in serious trouble! The investors will be
annoyed because of Pragati. And because of that, Raghbir
and dad will become upset. It is going to be fun. The real fun is then
when Raghbir will lose control over himself
like he always does. Harshit, come on,
leave from here. Go and sit with the investors. So that they get an impression
that even you are equally involved
in the business. Pragati, work fast. If it gets late, the investors
will become upset. Isn’t it? What happened?
Are you upset? It can’t be helped. You yourself have got
into this situation. You know everything about me. In spite of that you believed whatever
I said on the phone. No matter how
fast you work now you won’t be able
to beat the clock. Because, time is not
in your favour now. You will lose the trust Raghbir,
Devraj, Aditi have in you when you will get a bad name. Actually,
I am not able to decide whether I should celebrate
my victory or your defeat. Until the property
is in my name neither am I going to lose
and nor are you going to win. Yes, the day the property is
transferred to your name.. Well, that day is
never going to come. Excuse me. Even though,
I had started this business but it is Raghbir who
has made it successful. We are really proud of him.
– Thank you, Dad. Excuse me. What happened?
Why have you come here? Have the investors left?
– They were about to leave. Why did you do this? How can you prepare the dishes
of your choice for the guests? ‘I can’t tell you that
your aunt has again’ ‘played a game
against me.’ ‘But it is my fault.’ ‘I shouldn’t have trusted her.’ If you had taken the
entire responsibility then you should
fulfil it properly. You can question me later.
For now, please lend me a hand. Wait. This.. Put this on. – Me?
– Lend me a hand. First of all, I..
What do I need? Tooth picks.
They might be over there. Give them something
to eat first. What will they do
with the tooth picks? Raghbir, get them here. I will handle the rest. Done. But are you sure that they
are going to like this? It is delicious. Thank you. Actually,
in our culture there is a belief that guests
tantamount to god. That we should treat
our guests like god. We can’t upset god, right? You guys, please enjoy this.
I’ll bring the lunch shortly. ‘Shefali, come to the kitchen
quickly with Priya and Nakul.’ Wow, Sister-in-law,
you’re amazing. You prepared the starter
so quickly. Yes, Sister-in-law. I won’t even be able to
boil water this quickly. They were just starters. Hence,
she could prepared them quickly. The main course is
yet to be prepared. It’s not going to be
easy to serve it soon. It’s impossible. Nakul, the meaning of the word
‘Impossible’ for me is ‘I’m possible’. But, you just have to keep the
investors busy for 40 minutes. Don’t worry.
The food will be served. Please have a seat.
We’ll tell you everything. But, why did you bring us here? You please have a seat.
We’ll tell you all that. Please take your seats. We, the Malhotra family,
welcome you all. Our logic is very simple.. People who are faithful to us
with respect to our business are not just our
business partners we consider them to be a
part of our family too. So now, I’m going to introduce
you all to my family. Yes. He is the head
of our family. My dad. He has always been unbiased. He has given us more
than what we’d ask for. Thank you, Dad. True. He has given everyone
the right guidance. He says, if you do your best,
you’ll get the best results. I’m not his son but he has always
loved me like one. Thank you, sir. And the next is
my beautiful mom. She is truly unique. Because she has kept everyone
in this family together and united. Yes. And she never
let anyone fall apart. So true. And the next is Ms. Kunti. She is very caring. She is the one who defines
my existence. She has always been there
for me, since my childhood. She has helped me improve. She has helped me
become a better person. Brother Harshit. Harshit has always been
there for the family. And Mr. Sahas.. Hey.. He is no less than a son to me. And the next is my dear
sister-in-law Tina. Sister-in-law, you are the best. She’s like our best friend. Finally,
our elder brother Raghbir. Brother, words are not
enough to appreciate you. Because we are
incomplete without you. And I’m incomplete
without all of you. Yes, but there is one
more person in the family without whom you are incomplete,
Brother Yes, of course. And she is our
sister-in-law Pragati. Sister-in-law Pragati
and Brother Raghbir.. They are like a magnets. Even if they are apart they always find each other. They have taught us how to
fulfil love and relationships. Let’s see the trailer of
their cute love story. Here,
have this coconut drink.. Thank you. Thank you, dear. Mom, do something. If Pragati continues doing this the investors will
get impressed by her. And then, she will start calling
the shots here in the house. Raghbir and her will
be together, again. Oh my God! So much.. How are you going
to prepare all this? Sahas, I’m only short of time,
not energy. If I try,
I will succeed. Wonderful! All right..
I’ll also help you then. Tell me..
What do you want me to do? Yes, Sahas..
You please prepare the salad. All right.. ‘No.. I won’t do that.’ ‘I won’t let
Pragati’s hard work go in vain.’ ‘You guys have already left’ ‘no stone unturned
to humiliate her.’ ‘You’ve already tricked
her into making sea food.’ ‘And now, all this..’ ‘Look, Sahas..’ ‘Dear, think logically
and not emotionally.’ ‘If Pragati makes a mistake’ ‘then she and Raghbir will
drift apart.’ ‘And if they drift apart,
then Pragati will be all yours.’ ‘Right?’ ‘Look, I’m giving you
a chance’ ‘to get closer to Pragati.’ ‘Now,
you decide what you want to do.’ All right then..
I don’t have to worry. Because my objective will
be accomplished by this guy. Pragati,
I’ll chop these vegetables.. Do one thing,
you prepare the salad I’ll look after the ‘Khichdi’. All right..
Four cups of water. Okay. Hey.. Are you deaf? She said four cups of water,
not four jugs. I’m not deaf, but I don’t
think you can see properly. I added just four cups of water. So measure and add.
Otherwise, it’ll become watery. Ask her..
– Raghbir the amount of water
in it seems fine. That’s okay.
You also help me, please.. You peel the onions.. And Sahas, you churn the curds. Yes.. – Okay?
– Sure. You want me to peel the almonds? Please.. Nothing can happen now. The investors will
not wait any longer. Hey.. Are you out of your mind? It would’ve fallen down. I didn’t do it intentionally.
I touched it by mistake. Then tie your hands. Really?
Then how will I work? Don’t work.. Just get out..
– Wait.. You guys, calm down..
– Ask him mind his own business. I’m doing my work, you do yours. Even I’m doing my own work. If you were work properly, then
this wouldn’t have happened. Do one thing.. Both of
you just leave from here. No.. I mean, you go.
I’ll do everything by myself. I just have to make food for
everyone within 40 minutes. It’s no big deal. I’ll do it. Both of you can’t
even work together for just a day, for my sake. So just leave.
I’ll handle everything. There’s so much to do
and you guys are.. All right, sorry..
– There’s so much work left and you guys don’t understand.
– Okay, sorry.. Don’t cry. We’ll do our work..
– Yes, buddy. Come on.. Let’s work..
– Yes.. Have some green peas.
– No.. Sahas only thinks emotionally. He is just brainless. He forgets everything
when he sees Pragati cry. Idiot. Now, I’ll have to do something. You’ll never forget
how tasty this food is. Isn’t the lunch ready yet? It’s absolutely ready. I’m sorry, but you guys
will have to sit down. Please don’t mind, but there is logic behind
this arrangement. According to our Hindu culture it’s good for health if you
cross your legs and sit down. This is called ‘Sukhasana’. It helps in digestion,
metabolism and blood circulation. Please, have a seat. ‘Now wait and watch, Pragati,
as to how I humiliate you.’ Sorry.. You are having to eat
plain and dietary food And that too,
on banana leaves by sitting on the floor. Pragati, what are you doing? Have you forgotten that
they are our investors? You are asking them to
sit on the floor and eat.. How are they even going to
eat from the banana leaves? You should have at least
served the food on plates. Ms. Kunti,
you didn’t understand. This kind of food is
supposed to be very healthy. Because banana leaves
are anti-bacterial so all the germs die. This is actually very hygienic. Ms. Kunti,
this is not called plain food but this called healthy food. There are no harmful
ingredients in this. This food is rich in fibre
and has very less fat content. And the most important thing.. Eating healthy food
keeps your mind at peace. Am I right?
– You’re right, Mrs Malhotra. I’ve heard that even in
the western countries people follow a similar diet. And it’s healthy. Absolutely. It’s said that healthy food keeps your
mind and body healthy.

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