Berkeley’s Historic Bowles Hall Reopens

(cheerful music) – I’m looking forward to
calling this place home. This is a place where
I can feel comfortable. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors will all be living in the same building, and they’ll give experience and guidance to one another, and they’ll live together and we’ll build a community. – So this is where I lived as a senior, um, it’s considerably different now. The room actually was much smaller. This was my bedroom. On the other side of the wall
was where my roommates were. I had a tremendous view of the campus. They’re gonna get a much
more comfortable bed, I had a bed that was not very comfortable. They’re getting a wardrobe, I had kind of a dingy little closet. And they’re getting a bathroom, that they don’t have to leave the room to go out in the hallway. If I could be a student again I’d be back. (cheerful music) – I think the project is important enough so that those of us who
are involved in this, who are basically doing
this as volunteers, are, you know, feels like we’re
doing something worthwhile. – I have no idea what it would be like living with the students,
but it’s a beautiful space, and the students so far that
I’ve met have been lovely. So we have high hopes. – After seeing the hall
in its restored condition, I’m more than excited
to see what we’ll have in store for the coming years. (cheerful music)


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