Best Classic Movie “Anubhav” 1971 [HD & Eng Subs] – Sanjeev Kumar – Tanuja – Popular Hindi Film

Khanna here. I’m Kapoor speaking. When did you come?
– Just now and.. ..I called you immediately.
– How are you? Fine. Come here,
maybe something will happen here.. Not today. I’ve to go to Mr. Sen’s party. You come along too.
– Sen? Who Sen? He’s the editor of such a big newspaper,
don’t you know him? You mean Aman Sen! Okay.
– His marriage anniversary party. Marriage anniversary party? Since how long is he married?
– This is the 6th marriage anniversary. 6th marriage anniversary? Hello.
– Meena here. I’m Paresh.
– Where were you yesterday? Leave it.
Tell me what is your plan today? My parents are going for the marriage
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Sen. Okay.
– Call me after 10 minutes.. ..I’ll tell you everything.
– Okay. Do call!
– Okay. Okay. Bye. Hello, Mr. Sinha.
– Hello. Congratulation.
– Thank you. My wife is there. Please come.
– Thank you. Hello.
– Hello. Congrats. Sorry for delay. Son was alone as nanny didn’t come. Whatever you say, your son is very cute.
– That is there. But he’s become very naughty. He is always with the nanny. I never take him with me.
– I see. I’m very busy in parties.
That’s why I have to go. What to do? He’s not keeping well. What to do, he’s very naughty. I never take him anywhere. But as nanny’s not there, I got him. Same routine job. Please line to Mr. Saxena. Come. The dinner is ready. Have something. You are not having anything at all. Please have it. That’s okay. No, Mr. Saxena.
But it is demarcation not discrimination. Yes, that’s right. Yes. Yes, And check it clearly. It’s very important. Hello.
– Hello. I’m Mrs. Sinha speaking. Actually, my son.. Yes. he’s here. He’s sleeping now. I’ll send him to you tomorrow morning. My son’s nanny is here. And she cannot sleep without him. So, I’ll come to take him. Okay.
– Thank a lot. Okay, Hari. Go and sleep. It’s too late. It’s just 2’O clock. What should I do?
There is so much work to do. Sir, I think, your world moves
in a different manner. Why? Now see, God has made days
to work and nights to rest. But you don’t seem to notice
if it’s day or night. Only work. Why does a person work? So that he gets some rest. But if there is no rest
then why should he work? Hari, work never seems to happen. Everything gets done in life,
except work! Whatever you say, rule is a rule. And when you work for the whole day
you should sleep for at least 8 hours. Hari, according to you,
a person should sleep for 7 to 8 hours! Yes. So it’s necessary to sleep
for 1 and 1/3rd of the day. Yes. Okay, Okay. Come on. Let’s calculate. Now think of a person
whose age is 60 years. Ok.
– Yes. Your accordingly, he’ll be sleeping
for 20 years of his life. He’ll keep bathing for 2-3 years. He’ll eat for 3 to 4 years. 2 years for life style. And if he doesn’t have a car, then.. ..he will spend 5 years
just waiting for the bus. So after calculations you’ll see
he gets 5 to 6 years for himself. So if you wanted to do everything
for yourself why did you marry? I’ll lock this room tomorrow. I’ve never seen this. You work here day and night
and madam is.. That’s why I am working here. Think if I work in that room
for the whole night.. ..then won’t your madam
get angry on me? But what is the need to work
for that long? Every work should happen in its own time.
– Okay. Go and sleep. It’s too late. Close the door. Atul, go keep it on the trolley. How many times
I’ve told you not to do this. Give me that. Go. Listen, I won’t come for the lunch today. Bye Meeta. Sir is not coming for the lunch.
What should I prepare for you? You all can cook for yourselves.
I won’t have anything. Are you alright? Yes. Anything else. Listen, everyone should be
here till 4 O’ clock. Don’t go anywhere.
– Okay. I forgot,
they have written a letter that.. Thank you very much.
But I don’t know about his schedule. He’ll come, if he’s free. Thank you for remembering us. Bye. What are you reading? Come. All day he is busy in book.
– Oh man, I couldn’t shave. Atul, come. Let’s play. I won’t play.
– Forget him, weird man. What are you saying?
– Nothing special. I don’t feel good in this house. Who likes it? I too left that hotel job
and came to this house. I’ll work as a family member
of the house. But even this house is like a hotel. There is no relationship. I’m here since last 4 years but.. ..sir doesn’t know my name till today.. ..nor did I come to know
anything about sir or madam. All I’ve heard is the bell. If it rings this way sir wants tea. If this way, then madam wants tea. If it rings this way
then sir wants breakfast.. If this way then
we should call the driver. Leave it, man. Let’s play cards. What happened? Listen, I’ve been blessed with a baby boy.
– Good. Please pray for me too. Congratulations. That’s a good news.
Hurry up and go get some sweets. First we’ll offer a feast
and then pray for you as well. Okay. Bye. Thank you. Residence. 7:30 pm. Hello, Meeta. Do you remember,
we met a painter in Paris! Moshe Aundre.. We visited his house. The one you said makes
good landscapes.. ..but looks like a businessman. Not looks like the artist. Do you remember? He has come here yesterday. And I’ve invited him for dinner
day after tomorrow. Okay? Excuse me.
– Hold on. Yes. The people you’d called
for interview have come. Okay. I’ll come. Listen I called some people
for the interview. I’ll have to go. Fine? Okay. I’ve settled all your dues. Take this salary for 2 months. I hope you’ll get some job soon. Madam.
– Do you want more money? What are you doing? You won’t find sincere servants
like them in these days. I don’t need your advice.
– But Madam.. Hari, you’ve started to speak
too much these days. Yes. I’ll speak. Hari! Sir was very young when I came here. And you said to take the salary
for 2 months and leave. Have you seen a dream? Have you seen it grow in your hands? You’re the boss,
you may tell me to leave. But how will I leave? How should I tell you this? You have never been a horse for someone. I’m the old horse of sir. Hari.
– No, no. You can’t ask me to leave. Even sir can’t ask me to leave. I’ll leave this house only
when I’ll die. This is my home!
– Home? Is this a home? You may never have seen a hotel. Had you seen one, you would know
that this house is a very good hotel. Where you get everything. But still there is something missing. Affection. That’s why you..
– Yes Hari. I’m bored of this life in this hotel. Now I want a home. I want my own family. If this is the case,
then even I’ll leave. Don’t. If you were only a servant then..’d have gone along
with the rest of them. I made a mistake.
Forgive me please. What are you saying?
You are the boss. We are leaving.
Please come here. They are leaving.
May I go to see them, daughter in law. Daughter in law. What are you doing?
– Hari. Yes, daughter in law. Daughter-in-law?
Since when are you his daughter in law? I’d given you the list. Where is it? Go and get it. And tell them to give
the bill of last month. Okay. So you were saying? Where have all the people gone? Why are you missing them? This is not the answer. I don’t know about the questions
and the answers. But still I’ll ask you one question. Ask me. When all of them are here
and I’m not there. Do you miss me? May be not! As I’m just a decoration peace
of this house. Not a necessity. Aman, I’ve removed
all the servants except for Hari.. ..without your permission. What? But how will this big family
run without the servants? So big is the family. One is you and the other one is me. 1 and 1 should’ve been 1
but it’s better as 2. You’ve kept this in such
a way that it looks as 11. You won’t find these nice
and efficient servants again. I know.
That’s the reason I removed them. As you please. It’s your family. My family? I took 6 years to understand
the same thing. But Aman, do you call this a family? Why is this not a family? If the family
I’ve come from is a family. Then this isn’t a family. What is it,
that you don’t have in this house? Only love and affection. There were many things missing
in that family. But not affection. When I was 12, my mother died. Try to imagine my condition. But when I saw my father,
I forgot all about losing her. And in that young age,
I had to take my mother’s place. I tried to do a lot for my father. But how measurably I feeled. Aman, you couldn’t prepare lentils like
my mother or make the bed. I couldn’t do anything
the way my mother used to do. She used to do the things easily
which were hard for me. Still my father said.. can’t do the things
the way she did them. Aman, think!
If I die tomorrow.. ..then will you feel the same way.. father used to feel for my mother. Aman.
– Oh, Meeta. Hari, what is this? When I rang the bell,
sir opened the door for me. This must be the thing everyone must be
asking madam.. ..because when sir ringed the door bell,
she opened the door for him. Did the sun rise in the west today? No, in the east. I’ve seen with my own eyes. But even I’ve seen sir opening the door. Still you didn’t get it. No.
– Stupid! When you go home.
Who opens the door for you? My wife! And now if I come to your house,
and you’re home.. ..then who’ll open the door for me?
– I will. Similarly when sir rang the bell
she opened the door.. ..and when you rang the bell,
sir opened the door. I see. Where are the servants? They’ve left.
– Left? And now if you don’t give me the cigarette
you’ll also have to leave. Take this. What are you doing? Leave it. Can’t you see. I don’t like this habit. Leave it. Even I don’t like this. Stand up. I’ll have to stand up. Because I’ve some other plans. What plans? I want to sit on your head. But if I sit suddenly then won’t you
be in trouble? So I’ve decided to be modest. Why not go step by step? So did you like this idea? Are you still sitting here? I was searching for you.. Hari.
– Yes. How much milk in tea? Enough. Put more sugar in it.
– I know that. Good morning sir. Good morning sir. Bed-tea is ready. Will this stain go merely by washing? Hari, Hari. I’m coming, daughter-in-law. Give me one glass water. One glass water. Daughter in law, you take care
of the kitchen for some time. Where are you going? It’s time for sir to leave for the office. Listen, you make some tea, please. One should do his own job,
others look stupid doing it. What’s the meaning?
– Don’t ask sir. Drink this. No thanks. Then why did you ask for it? Because I wanted to change the clothes. To change clothes? Oh great! After eating hundred mice, the cat repents
by going to the Haj [pilgrimage]. Wear this. Hurry. What has happened to your cheeks? Editor sir, this is my cheek,
not a snack. That’s fine, but still. Stop being childish! Come for the breakfast. What are you doing here? You called. Did you come before
I called you or after that? Between that. If the driver is here, give him the keys. Okay.
– Listen, Hari. And you didn’t bring
the grocery from the stores. Go and get it.
– Ok. I’ll find out right away. Lunch at 1:15 pm sharp. Hari.
– Yes, daughter in law. Hari, you didn’t bring
ginger and chillies? They are there. “If my heart was mine..” “I would catch it on the eyelid..” “..carry it on my lips.” “I’d have divinity in my hands.” “If only my heart..” “I’d crush the Sun..” “..and apply it like sandalwood.” “By taking the body of gold..” “..I’d burn like the sandalwood.” “The mirror would have been..” “..flattered by this fair face.” “If only my heart..” “The clouds have poured
into the sea for so long.” “There is a drop like a moon..” “..which didn’t go to the sea.” “If it went to two hands and..” “..what would happen if it fell down?” “Then divinity would be
there in my hands.” “If my heart was mine..” “I would catch it on the eyelids..” “Then divinity would be
there in my hands.” “If only my heart..” Do you want to say that
you won’t come for lunch? I can’t tolerate. Hello. Is it 362595. That’s right. Can I speak to Mrs. Sen please. Speaking. Meeta, I’m Shashi here. Where did you get my number? From the directory. What do you want? I want to meet you. I don’t want to meet you. Why? Are you afraid? You surprised me. But I must meet you. If it’s that important. Come in the evening
when he’s at home. But I wanted to meet you alone. But I don’t want that. I’m coming at 4’o clock. Hello? Hello? Hello.
– Meeta. I am sorry, Meeta. I’ll be late. Till what time? Might be till 2.15 pm. Okay. If feel hungry, eat the food. No. I will eat the food with you. You are not angry, are you?
– No. You are not upset, are you?
– No. I’ll come as soon as the work gets over. Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Should I serve the lunch? Sir will come at 2.30 pm. I’ve got a splendid idea
for today’s dinner. Is it?
– Yes. When we go to foreign countries
like Rome, Italy, France etc. Those people treat us according
to their culture and tradition.. ..but when they come to our nation
we treat them according.. their customs and traditions! This is right. What right?
– Is it not? No, that’s what I’m saying. Then we should do something.
– Exactly. So today’s dinner will be served
in a traditional Indian manner. We’ll sit on the ground. How’s idea? Good. But a little problem is there.
– What? Suppose he’s wearing a tight pant? It’ll be great fun. When he’ll have to do
all the exercise he’ll know.. simple the Indian culture is. Good. Now do one thing.
– What? Wash your hands.
– No. Alu-parathas will get cold. I’ll wash my hands immediately. You start. I’ll take it. Whose idea was this to make parathas? Daughter in law’s. Did she prepare it herself.
– Yes. Wrong number. I’ll check the kitchen. Whose call was that?
– Don’t know. Some stupid man called. From the Ambassador Hotel. Splendid! I’ll take the call. What? Sorry, wrong number. How will these people know that I’m
eating the Alu-parathas made by my wife. You also have some. You eat it. I am eating. After so many years
I’m having these Parathas. You know this Hari, His wife.. I know. Don’t talk while eating. What’s there to laugh so much? I remembered my father. He’d be very angry
when anyone used to speak on table. What are you doing? Now I know that you have made it
and that they are good. But it is my stomach. If I’ll eat 2
then you should have atleast 6. Now-a-days only two
or three are enough. I was talking of the Parathas! Me too! Is this grow more food
but eat as less as a cat. You are spoiling me. If this honour continues for long
then I won’t be of any use. What do you mean? I mean, that by having such
a nice food can anyone work? I feel like I should sleep right now. Take this.
– What’s this? You wanted to sleep, so sleep. Someday you’ll put me out of work. You only said it. I’m sorry. Tell me one thing,
should I call a cook for tonight? For what?
You’ve called only one person. I and Hari will manage. I forgot to tell you.
– What? I’ve called four more people! So what?
– Okay, let’s do one thing. I’ll take leave today. Also, let me tell you that my holiday
today was spent in Meeta’s kitchen. Sleep if you want to. Why are you making excuses? You can’t help me in the kitchen,
but only cause trouble. But..
– No talk now. You leave for the office.. that I can handle
the situation on my own. Okay as you please. I am leaving. I’ll reach home with
the guest exactly at 8.30. Bye. Bye. Hari, you didn’t eat anything? I’ll have it. What’s the hurry? Don’t you want to go to
Shanta’s place in Colaba? It takes two hours to reach there. And today the guest are coming
how are we going to cook the food? Don’t worry, I’ll handle. You eat fast.
And I’ll write the letter for you. And see.. Hurry up. “Somebody quietly reveal to
in her dreams..” “..that I’m coming.” “How do I know who’s coming?” “Somebody quietly..” Yes. Won’t you call me inside?
– Why are you here? We don’t behave in this manner
even with the enemy. Why are you here? Don’t worry by thinking about the past. I’m not worried. I’ve forgotten the past. Meeta, don’t behave this way. I want to respect you. Let’s once again meet like strangers,
and know each other. Like two wise humans. Come let’s go inside. Beautiful. Really beautiful. Excellent. Give me one glass of water. “How do I know who’s coming?” “Somebody quietly..” “My thirsty heart seeks
the fire of love.” “The monsoon is trapped in my eyes,
my lips unable to utter it.” “By the time the words spilled out,
it was night.” “The rain of love left me alone.” “By the time the words spilled out,
it was night.” How do I sing so late in the night? “See, yet somebody sings.” “How do I know who sings?” I’m very pleased to see you happy. When did you see me happy? The time you got angry with me! What do you mean? It’s simple.
If you wouldn’t be happy then.. wouldn’t have got angry
with me this way! Stop the nonsense. Come to the point. Really. We’ve met after so many days.. ..but instead of asking about each other,
we are speaking nonsense. Won’t you sit down?
– Please Shashi, I’m going to have guests. If this is the case then I’ll leave. But why had you come here? I’m feeling hesitated.. You did not hesitate while coming. What are you hesitating about now? You’re right. I was here in Mumbai for last two days. I had come here for an interview. The interview too
was conducted yesterday. Your husband Mr. Sen.. You want him to help you? No. I want you to help me. We can get that place
if you recommend. Everything depends on Mr. Sen! I don’t interfere in his official matters. What’s the meaning? It’s simple.
I won’t do a favour for you. That’s what I feared. The respect is gone,
and my work is also not done. This is the biggest tragedy
of people like me. I’ll leave now. I bothered you unnecessarily. Hey, this marvelous. That is beautiful. You have a very nice place. Thank you. Well, what was your first impression
when you are landed our country? I tell you honestly, Mr. Sen. It is very difficult to say. You know I am artist. I would much rather
paint my impression. Well, something must have stuck you. Which you could not only
just paint but talk about also. Well, you know.
I arrive very early in the morning. It’s strange between darkness in Mumbai. The color of the sky. It was so beautiful. Try this. That’s a beautiful. Come in Sir. How are you Hari?
– what a pleasant surprise. Where were you for so many days? I’d gone to Calcutta. How’s your life?
How are you? Fine. As usual. Getting fat. Let me introduce you to my guests. This is Dr. Collin, Mr. Mukherjee.
– Hello. Mr. Mukherjee.
– Hello. And this is Moshe Aundre. Nice to meet you. How are you?
– Fine, thank you. He is Mr. Subir Sen.
One of our finest singer. I see Indian singer. I see. You see, one of my favorite
songs from Tagore. Do you know any of the day? Yes I know some of them.
– Really. Then please ask him to sing for us. Yes, please start. But without harmonium.
Bring the harmonium for me. One moment. Hari.
– Coming. Go bring the harmonium from
our neighbour Mr. Jarrivala. Go. Oh, okay. Hello, how are you?
– Hello, how are you? When did you come?
– I came just day before yesterday. Should I bring drink for you?
– Oh, please. Well you see this Mr. Mukherjee.. ..he is wonderful.. We cannot called is the musical spot,
we cannot called is the dramatic spot. Well, it’s a spot.. “That day both of us were swinging
in the sky together.” “There were no restrictions
for us that day.” “Why do you come to my mind
every now and then.” “Why don’t you forget me?” “That day both of us were swinging
in the sky together.” “There were no restrictions
for us that day.” “Do you know you were
the wind that day.” “I remember every moment of that day.” “Do you know you were
the wind that day.” “I remember every moment of that day.” “Looking up at the skies..
Doesn’t bring a smile to your face?” “Why don’t you forget me?” “That day both of us were
swinging in the sky together.” “There were no restrictions
for us that day.” “On the way,
the moon had set foot in the sky.” “We both saw each other, and..” Why did you serve it on the table? We were going to serve according
to the Indian tradition. I know. But he’s worn tight trousers. The way he’s drinking,
he’ll out. Let it be this way. Go call him. I insist.
– I insist. Why not you try this?
– Okay. Please. It’s delicious. Really? Take some more.
– No, thanks. How about this?
– No, no. It’s enough for me. Try to this. Okay. You insist.
– I insist. Thank you very much. Good night.
– Good night. Yes? Send him in. May I come in, sir?
– Yes, please come in. Have a sit.
– Thank you sir. Mr. Sharma, you are very lucky man. Let you tell you Mr. Sharma. I’d got 52 applications for this job. There was only one applicant
who didn’t ask for favours. Due to this.. Not due to this. I read your application,
saw the cuttings. Took your interview. And then I got to
know that you don’t need any favour. So I am very happy to give you the job. But even you asked for the favour? Actually.. Don’t worry. You are very lucky. You asked for favour,
and got the job without the favour. After coming to this city, I thought.. That you need favour
with the capabilities. Let you tell you one thing. If I wanted to give this job as
a favour then I wouldn’t be happy. I would try hard to see you happy, Sir. Is it? Can you speak the dialogues too. Oh, sir. Anyway.. come I’ll show you the press. This is one of the most modern
press in the country. Good.
– Thank you sir. Do you like Brecht?
– Isn’t it, great? I’ve read all his plays. I watched 2 plays
when I’d been to Europe. Which ones sir? One was Marakerich,
and the other was.. Kokatian.. Yes. Speaking. Today also you’re late. Sorry. I left from the office very soon. I’m coming after dropping Shashi. I was there at his place. When I entered his room I remembered
my bachelor life. Sorry. Did you read the mid dayer that
Shashi had written day before. Everyone was talking about it today. I told you. He got a bright future. I’ve given him an assignment of
the tomorrow’s editorial. And he’s going to make
a great job out of it. Finally who’s.. Did you wake up?
Take this tea. Read this.
Look how good he has written. Read. So challenging. Drink the tea, it will get cold. I’ve never written like this myself. What a pride! Not of pride. After all Shashi is my discovery.. ..and I am proud of him. Drink the tea, it will get cold. I forget him to congratulate. Shashi, one minute. Sir for the third page..
– Yes we’ll have to plan again. You’ll look after it.
I’ve some important meetings. Right, sir. So really it’s sad. Really? But you.. Oh, yes. But there is some limit
to our patience too. It’s getting late. No, it’s nothing like that. You are most welcome.
Certainly. Bye-bye. You’re so late. Who was it? Mrs. Mathur.
– Who? Your news editor.
– Okay. The same old thing? I don’t understand.
Why don’t you remove him? He has ruined her life. That’s their issue. Why should I fall between them? Moreover, who am I to get out of it. But still, he should be punished. Mr. Mathur may not be totally wrong. And even if he is, by talking with us
the issue won’t be resolved. She must be telling me
this due to some purpose. Okay. Do it fast, Shashi’s waiting. That Smita.. I don’t understand, why should he wait? Can’t he go inside? Because our ticket is with him. Why is our ticket with him? You want to fight? No. I want to watch the movie with you. Take your purse. Come here. Fine. Good. Did you like yesterday’s movie? It was very good, Sir. Sorry we left in the middle. Meeta was not well.
– I see. So I’ll leave.
– Listen. We’ll go together today. Complete your work till 6. Right, sir. Shashi, we’ll have to understand
the problem between.. ..Mysore and Maharashtra,
before writing about it. The problem is just as delicate as
the problem.. ..between husband and wife. This is right sir, but we’ll have..
– Leave these problems. Editorials etc. Leave the official matters in the office. We’ve stepped out,
it’s 5.30 already. So no more office or business talks. Alright, sir. What happened?
Why did you stop the car? Why did you stop singing?
– Do you like the song? Isn’t it’s a beautiful song?
– Yes. This is my favorite song. Really? We have the same liking.
– Even I think so. If you say, may I gift you this record? I think, is this sung by Manna De? Yes.
– I must be having it. Yes it is there with me. You know Shashi I have 1000 records. When I have the mood to listen
to a particular song.. ..then I have to first search it
when I find it after a great effort.. ..then I have to put it on
the record player. Switch it on. There is a irritating sound.
And then I can listen to the song. By that time, the mood to listen
to the song is totally lost. Hence when someone hums the tune
I love it. Naturally, sir. Why naturally? Yes. When Mrs. Sen herself sings so well.. Mrs. Sen.. You mean my wife? My wife?
– Yes. Mrs. Sen. My wife. She sings? She sings well! Mrs. Sen. Meeta. My wife. She sings? What? My wife? She is good singer? Meeta is good singer? What the.. What is this nonsense? What?
– What the hell! But..
– But.. what? I am asking you what is going on? Tell me one thing. For how many years are we married now? For 6 years. Why? We’re married for the past 6 years now. Till when are you going to hide
these things from me? What? Why did you hide this from me? What?
– What do you mean? Why did you hide this from me?
That you sing well. I got to know this from Shashi. Look he’s gone. Stupid man. Alright. Now you tell me. What is all this nonsense?
– What? What do you mean? But..
– But what? Since how many years are we married? 6 years. We’re married for the past 6 years now. But still you don’t know how to behave
with your wife in front of strangers? Okay. Is Shashi a stranger? Is Shashi a stranger? I am stupid? Sing a song. Go and wash your hands.
I’ll make tea. First sing then the tea. Wash your face. Okay. One minute. Have this. Okay I am done, now sing. I will. Then what are you waiting for? Sir will have his tea
while I sing for him. The what about mine tea? Oh yes. You also drinking tea. Do it fast. What happened? We both will have tea,
and someone else’ll sing. We also have this song? It’s a beautiful song.
– Of course it’s beautiful. Shashi was going to present me this. And then I came to know
that even you sing well. Where did you listen to this?
– Shashi was singing. The only thing wrong was that
he has a very bad voice like me. Hari. Hari.
– I think fuse is gone. I’ll see sir. Tell me one thing. How did you feel
when Shashi told you I am sings well? Don’t ask me. Had it been anybody else,
who knows what would’ve happened! I didn’t think any further,
because it was Shashi. You didn’t think anything else? What else will I think? I see. I can’t think about Shashi
the way you’re asking me to. By the way Shashi after all our Shashi. The meaning of Shashi is moon, right?
– Yes. It also is blemished right? It is his half name. Those who just know him think that way. But I know Shashibhushan. Do you know the meaning? Lord Shiva. I know.
– What? That he’s now become Amarbhushan. Come here. Who’s this Amarbhushan? “My beloved, don’t call me as your life.” “My beloved.” “My beloved, don’t call me as your life.” “My beloved.” “Don’t call me your life
even unknowingly as..” “ doesn’t remain forever.” “Don’t call me your life
even unknowingly as..” “ doesn’t remain forever.” “How do the strangers know
why one will go away knowingly.” “My beloved, don’t call me as your life.” “My beloved.” “It has rained so many times
from these eyes.” “It has rained so many times
from these eyes.” “But two drops didn’t fall
from these wet eyelids.” “My beloved, don’t call me as your life.” “My beloved.” “When the lips touch even
our breaths also write words.” “When the lips touch even
our breaths also write words.” “So tell me those words from your eyes.” “My beloved, don’t call me as your life.” “My beloved.” “My beloved, don’t call me as your life.” “My beloved.” Nothing much. But Mr. Sen how did you get wet? It rained at night. Had you gone out? No, doctor. Actually.. Bring tea for the doctor.
– Okay. So then you got wet in this room? You can assume so, doctor. Actually in the rain we both..
You tell him. Stop it.
– Why should I stop? In the rains there was
a filmy scene yesterday! You understand. Doctor.
– Yes. But you can cure him
without knowing the reason! It’s much better to treat him
after knowing the reason. Isn’t it? It’s good. I’ve always come here
for lunch or dinner.. ..for a change it’s good. Cure me fast.
I’ll call you for dinner again. It may be flu. Take the medicine
and get cured in 7 to 8 days. It’s too long. Ok. then don’t take the medicine
and get cured in one week. Go and see who is it.
– Hari is there. No one’s there except for the doctor. Sir, Shashi has come. Come in, Shashi.
Dr. Kohli, this is Shashi. Hello. He works with me. He’s your future patient. But why future, even now.. But, I am not patient now. I feel that you read till late at night. It’s not good for health. Thanks for the suggestion, doctor. Doctor, my work is such that I have to. How will it get over? Where are you going?
– To bring tea. If he asks,
tell that I’m in the bathroom. Daughter in law, Sir! What is this?
Why did you get up from the bed? What are you cooking? Whatever. You’ll get only syrup. Go away. I’ll come. What are you searching? Don’t you feel that there
are very few stars in the sky? Yes. This city looks so marvelous
from the height. But what happens below everyone knows. How are you feeling today?
– Fine. Quite okay. Did you read today’s news paper? I have. Sir the news.. I don’t understand why couldn’t we cover
this important news? This is never done. I don’t know what
has happened to Mr. Mathur? Do you remember last monday.. It’s very sad Sir. You may not be knowing that Mr. Mathur got
from his wife. What?
– May be they’ll get a divorce. Strange. Both are smart. Both are good natured. All speak that. Still don’t get this that
they are so good to their friends. Then why can’t they be good
to each other. Sir, I think while meeting
with friends we make effort. The acquaintance changes
to friendship then it grows.. It strengthens further. So there is a gradual change
in every relation. But the relation of husband
and wife is taken for granted. There is no effort
to develop this relation.. ..which results in a kind of feeling
of anger, anguish and emptiness. And no other option
is left but to get separated. Shashi, the girl you’ll marry.. ..will be a lucky girl. When will you marry?
– I’ll leave now. Don’t. Have your dinner with us.
Meeta, Shashi will eat here. Spare me today, I’ve to go out. Out? Who is she? Nothing like that,
and if so you’ll know it. Drink this.
– No. Drink this darling.
– This is bitter. Drink it. Drink this water. Sit.
– I’ve lots of work to do. Sit.
– Let me go. Okay then let me hear the song,..
– Which one? That.. Now again somewhere,
the flower has bloomed. I’ll sing right away. “Now again somewhere..” “Now again somewhere,
the flower has bloomed.” “Don’t call it love.” “Now again somewhere,
the flower has bloomed.” “Don’t call it love.” “Now again somewhere
a lamp been lighted up.” “Don’t call it the destination.” “Now again somewhere..” “The ocean of love is thirsty again.” “Why does it seek blessings?” “The ocean of love is thirsty again.” “Why does it seek blessings?” “If the waves have come together.” “Don’t call it as a storm.” “Now again somewhere,
the flower has bloomed.” “Don’t call it love.” “Now again somewhere..” “Why do people dream
which we have only created?” “Why do people dream
which we have only created?” “If the mind wanders
then don’t call it love.” “Now again somewhere,
the flower has bloomed.” “Don’t call it love.” “Now again somewhere
a lamp been lighted up.” “Don’t call it the destination.” “Now again somewhere..” This is correct. Give it. And give your article also in this.
– Okay. But that article is on the third page.. Give it to Mr. Mathur,
he’ll handle it. If there’s any problem,
I’ll manage. From tomorrow onwards
I’ll come to the office. You should’ve taken some rest.
Work is going well. No. I’m alright. Actually since last two
days I don’t have fever. I’m just on rest. What’s the time? It’s 8.30 now. I’ll leave.
– No sit down. You’re going home only. Do you have a matchstick? Here. This is the last day of the sickness. Office will start again tomorrow. Shashi,
these days went away so fast that.. ..I was not even aware of it. It felt as if.. Do you know
we are married for past 6 years.. ..but I could’ve never known
her as I’ve in these 6 days. Even if the person
grows old or modern.. ..he turns into a child when he’s ill. That time he needs a motherly person. And I knew Meeta as
a mother then a nurse.. ..friend, lover and woman.. I never knew that a
wife can be so much more. I think that a person should fall
sick as soon as he gets married. Am I boring you?
– No sir. Tell me one thing. A man can do all this
if he wants to know about a woman. What does a woman do
if she wants to know about the man? Shashi, you ask this to your wife
when you marry? I’ll leave. Leaving?
– Yes, good night. Listen.. Why do you stay for so long? You are smart. Don’t you know. Remember you said that you are
content when you see me happy? Naturally, sir. Why naturally? Yes. When Mrs. Sen herself
sings so well.. Mrs. Sen.. You mean my wife? My wife? You didn’t think anything else? What else will I think? I see. I can’t think about Shashi
the way you’re asking me to. By the way Shashi after all our Shashi. The meaning of Shashi is moon, right?
– Yes. It also is blemished right? It is his half name. Those who just know him think that way. But I know Shashibhushan. Do you know the meaning? Lord Shiva. I know.
– What? That he’s now become Amarbhushan. Come here. Who’s this Amarbhushan? I won’t have coffee,
I’m not going to the office. Ask Shashi to come here. Didn’t you hear, what I just said to you? I’ve given you the phone
call whomsoever you want. Meeta, I didn’t tell you to bring
the phone but to ring him. Do you think that I haven’t heard? If you have,
then why don’t you do it? Listen,
Shashi is your assistant and I.. If you can’t call him
due to your position.. Then I can’t do it either. I’m sending Hari.
He’ll call for you. Meeta, I want you to call him up. Shashi here. I’m calling from editor
Aman Sen’s house. You come over now itself. Listen..
– Sir is in his room. Are you ill again, sir? No, it’s nothing like that. I had called you because,.. There certain things in life.. Sit down. There’s pain, a lot of pain. It happens after the flu. I don’t know
it never happened like this before. I was saying,.. I’d called you..
What’s the time? It’s 9.15 9.15. Phone ringing. Hello. Wrong number. Now a days there are too
many wrong numbers. Shashi I’d called you.. That.. Listen, come here. I’m busy.
– Leave it and come here. What happened?
– I said I’m busy! To hell with your business. Didn’t you listen, Meeta? Daughter in law, you go. Can’t you hear me? Damn it! Can’t you hear.. Okay, you can go now. Should I leave now? If you say I’ll call you
after reaching office. It’s already 9.30 Okay. Good day, sir. Who closed the door? I asked, who closed the door? Who closed the door? Didn’t you hear it, Meeta?
Who closed the door? Why don’t you answer? What has happened to you? That is what I want to know. This is not the answer to my question! Answer? Answer to which question? Didn’t you listen? Do you want to know
who closed the door? Are you mad? You had asked.
Who closed the door? Why? Don’t you want the answer? How strange! You want the answer
without asking a question. You are also like those men
who want every answer.. ..but don’t want to answer any question. You are a big editor. You teach administration
to the government. Tell the teachers how to teach! Teach the students how to learn. Should they take part in politics or not? You tell everyone what
to do and what not to do! You have an editorial
for every problem in the world. But do you have a editorial
for your own problem? My problem? Our problem? A man chooses his own way.. ..but a woman has to follow the way.. ..which someone else has chosen for her! I’m also one of those thousand girls
who walked the same way. A tradition! Which is made stronger
by every generation. After leaving my mother’s womb
I wanted to walk. But a hand came my way and said.. Come this way not that way. When I sat down to have food
I was told, eat this not that. When I started learning
they told me, learn this not that. I lost my mother when I was just 12. After that 13, 14, 15, and then 16. I didn’t know how this years passed by. And then suddenly
I found my new face. I could feel that I’d grown young. But then no one told me what
I should do and what not to do. A different kind of thirst was born in me. I thought.. In those days.. I met Shashi! We started meeting. Sometimes for a moment or two. And I understood that this thirst
is turning into love. And then.. ..this decent society told me. That we should hide our love. I agreed. If we met in four months
then we used to chat. If you calculate those few
moments it won’t add to 6 hours. But whatever Shashi gave me
in those 6 hours.. He didn’t even touch me. Still, whatever Shashi gave me
in those 6 hours.. You couldn’t give that to me
in the married life of 6 years. I used to get impatient to meet him. I never felt so eager or
that impatience for you in these years. But why? Because you gave me everything! But you calmed my thirst. Aman.. Hello. Speaking. Yes, I am fine. I’ll just come to the office. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9.. Good morning.
– Good morning. Sir has called you. Yes, sir. What’s the time? I said what’s the time? I think, sir. Are you tense? Yes I’m. And do you know why? Do you! If you were an ordinary man
I’d have told you the reason. Everyone, somewhere in life
becomes an ordinary man. This moment I’m an ordinary man
and I’m tense due to you. I may not be a reason
but can be a excuse. Leave the differences between the
reason or an excuse let that be, it’s you. No sir. It’s not me. But..
– What? I don’t know what to say?
– Don’t say anything. Sign this. Sit down. Tell me one thing. When did you write this resignation? This morning.
After coming back from your place. Why? Sir I thought. That I must be the reason
for your differences.. How can it be the reason for
the thing which doesn’t exist. I also didn’t understand that.. How can the past interfere
with the present? Go. Do your work. Okay sit down. Today I’ll tell you a dialogue. Past interferes with our present only.. ..when we don’t live
the present to the fullest. Hari!
– Yes. Call sir and ask him
when’ll he come for lunch? Okay. Listen to me, Sir.
Now you should go home. Why? Okay. Shashi you are smart and sensitive. But you’re not yet married. Sir. You are still bachelor. Go. Do your work. Sir, madam is asking
when will you come for lunch? Okay. Hello. Wrong number. Why don’t you call him
at the office and ask him? If some.. Don’t be worried, he’ll come. He must have some work. He’ll come. Good night.
– Good night. It’s quite late, Sir. Come with me to my house. Sir.. Yes, come with me.
We will have dinner together. No. Both of you have together.
Spare me today. Why some other time?
Why not now? Drop me here. Are you going to watch a movie?
– Yes sir. Which movie? Whatever it is.
I just want to watch a movie. Here. Goodnight.
– Goodnight. We’ll meet tomorrow. Hari, come let’s teach your sir a lesson. Has he come.
– Yes he has. You troubled me all day.. Sit outside as if some accident
has taken place. Don’t speak anything.
If he asks you just.. ..look at down, got it?
Hari, go now. Go. What’s this joke? When will you leave this childishness. Let’s go and eat out. I’m hungry. Be serious at least sometimes. After eating the food.
– Then go and eat. Come. You go, you are hungry! Not you?
– No. Oh god! Now a days we both
don’t feel hungry at the same time. Please come.
– I am not hungry. Okay, harass me as much as you want. What did you say? I harass you.
– Yes. Do you remember what
did you say this morning? So you only remember what I said
this morning? Why don’t you understand? You only know how
to complain.. Do you know,
how much responsibility is on me? Do you know what
I’ve to do to be on this position? Do you have any idea what
a creative person has to do to be here? This only a creative person will know!
– Yes. Creativity will be known to
a creative person, no one else. Not even you. Now a days the most important thing
for a creative person is his job.. ..his competition is with
no one else but himself. Today’s work should be better
than yesterday’s and.. ..tomorrow’s work should be
better than today’s. Every day it should be better and better. Only then can he reach
where he aims to reach. Where?
– On your head. Okay, reach wherever you want to reach.. ..but reach the dining table first. Change your clothes wash
the hands and come. Hari, serve the dinner. Yes, I’m doing the same,
daughter in law. Leave this to me and serve the dinner.
Go fast. But, Meeta.. First sit down.
Eat the food and then we’ll talk. Sit down. Whenever I want to speak… Eat first.
We can talk for the whole night. Where is my Roti?
– Hari, bring Rotis for him. It’s been so many years, don’t you
know that bread is served first. Careful. Roti is hot. Wait I will give you. Again you started thinking. At least eat properly. Whenever I want to speak.. First.. Have this water. Drink some more.
– Enough. Please.
– It’s enough. What are you doing? It’s enough. What’s this?
You didn’t eat to your fill. How do you know
if I haven’t had my fill? Okay. Give it to me
I will wash your hand. So much anger.
Yes, see your face in the mirror. You seem pale. If I was the doctor,
I wouldn’t have let you go to the office. You take a rest. Sleep then.
We’ll talk in the morning. No, we’ll talk now. Let it be if I’m sick. I can think
much better than you.. ..and know much better than you can. And I want to let you know the same. Did you get it?
– Okay. I got it. You were trying to tell this
for so long? It’s so simple! I don’t understand why you
don’t want to listen to me? Aman, If I say that I’ve understood
whatever you said.. I see, I’ve not even said it
and you got to know it. Since when you become so smart? It is the miracle. Meeta.
– Yes Sir. Till the time I don’t finish it
you’ll sit mum and listen to me. Why are you spoiling your mood? I’ve understood everything. What?
– Everything. What everything?
– The same thing that you want to tell me. What am I telling you? Don’t you think we’re talking too much? Yes, due to your nonsense. Okay. No more nonsense.
Promise. Go to sleep now. I’ll sleep now. Why did you put off the light? Put on. What is the relation of the light? We can talk in the dark. No. We can’t talk in the dark. Say, what have you understood? Didn’t I say ‘everything’? Is this an answer?
– What? Do you say
this can’t be the answer! I’ve never spoken anything better. And you are saying that…
– Meeta. Okay. Aman, I’ve understood that
you have understood. What? I told you that I understood
that you have understood. Have you understood? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Again arguing. Now tell me, boy or girl. Both. God promise. Only one at a time. It’s 11.30 at night now. This is the end of our last programme. We will be here at your service
again tomorrow morning at 6:55. See you until then,
Jai Hind (Hail India)!


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