Best Documentary Film HS Level: F Hall by Monroe

My name is Benjovar and F is just another
hall. My name is Jonathan and F Hall is just another
building to me. My name is Gabby and F Hall is nothing
name is Edwin and F Hall is for the people I don’t like. My name is Edgar and I think F Hall is just
another building. I’m Celyna and I think nothing of F Hall. My name is Esmeralda and F Hall to me is a
hall full of kids who thinks they’re smarter than regulars. F Hall just means the magnet off, the magnet
department. I’m David Juarez and I’m from the magnet police
academy. I’m, my name is Juan Benito and I’m from the
regular school. When I walk through there I feel like I’m
not wanted there. I’m not supposed to be there. But you know I’m like “Oh that person is not
a magnet, what is he doing in that hall?” That’s just my question. First of all I don’t know why a regular student
would want to walk down there because it’s like the 405 freeway, you know how that is. Alright it’s packed. I don’t like being only in F Hall. I feel like I’m not exposed to the rest of
the school. They’re kind of in their own bubble and that’s
kind of what magnet is. During school we rarely run into each other. I only see him in this class to be completely
honest. Yeah so it’s not like you know I’m hating
on him or anything I just me saying. He is hating on them cuz he’s saying why are
they in F Hall, anybody can walk down any hall. I’m asking why are they in our hall when they’re
usually not in F. It’s just something unusual for us to see. It’s not something we don’t like. There’s probably a little bit of pride involved
in it. Uhm, they’ll feel like oh you know we’re special
cuz we’re in the magnet. I mean the police academy and I have to carry
ourselves a certain way. A magnet student has more pressure on them
to do better in school. Well realize that as regular as seem as the
kids that can’t level up to them. Is this the way you see school? Not really but I mean we’re not as checked
up as they are you know. They wanna label you automatically which is
incorrect but it’s just it is what it is. Other than that like I could say that there
is students from magnet that I hang out with. They’re really cool. There’s students that I get along with you
know. I really don’t care if they’re regular or
not. They’re both uh can succeed very well at Monroe
as well as other schools. It’s uh for most students it’s about what
you make out of the program you’re in. Because we’re all here for the same thing,
to just graduate from high school and start a better life. I think so.

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