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You hold out your hand you guys can come closer come closer hold it flat watch it here, don’t move Hey Wow It’s in trade, but you look over here This is for you guys Wow, thank you I think he made the right choice by maybe coming out front. Your sleight of hand is really beautiful and poetic Nice job, man. Thank you so much Thank you That was impressive, thank you so much Jay Can I ask you what was the reason that you were behind the scenes and haven’t been the frontman thus far? There’s this thing called fission basically the Olympics for magic and it happens every three years in different countries I attended and I was very fortunate to when close up. I guess that gave me the courage to be a performer now Wow Let’s vote Joe. Yeah. All right Anglin, it’s a yes. Thank you It’s a yes for me And a third yes Thank you so long Oh my goodness you blew everyone away Yeah, there’s someone under the table good work Eric, honestly I was blown already come out He’s promised all denied All right raids are pretty I have a whip a real laser blade. Please. Be careful. Don’t touch him, please Cut the paper out with this it’s a shop, right? Yeah. Yeah. Thank you ice. Whoa Yummy, all right. I have a morbid azar, please You jerk something greenzo the Hopi need I hate There is just wow Last one is she Why did you eat until your levering Center after this Wow, that is good Thank you, I Was born under stew I grew up on a Plate alone Your left hand – the – bitch wad Or Finnish border that you were just Oh I’m 16 years old and I love magic I’m a little bit of a loner and it’s always been really difficult for me to connect with people my own age That’s all my friends around. I like partying or whatever they were doing I was sitting in my room reading all the books and learning as much as I possibly could And then I’ll go out and try it out on people Did you feel that yeah Check it out Let’s go anywhere people are like, oh my gosh, you’re a magician. That’s so awesome That’s what really I was like, oh, there might be there might be something to this Hello God, I’ve got some snack a lack edge right there and not to do this. I need to borrow a dollar bill So someone have I didn’t I didn’t say was created to history. Oh how we going? Okay, awesome. Great. Thank you Everyone here has a unique fingerprint which basically means that out of all the seven billion people in the world You are the only person with that fingerprint same thing with a bill only the serial number acts as a Bill’s fingerprint So to do this actually how I would love for you to help me out with this What I want you to do. I hate helping you hate. Yeah, but I’ll do I’ll make this easy for you I want you to just read off that serial number for us. All right, here we go L 0 8 7 3 0 4 3 2 M as in Mary. All right. Awesome. Here we go. Great. Thank you And now I know Mel B. Just take that back for me. Yeah, and just uh just grabbed by the bottom Hold it above your head now what I’m about to do most people say this is absolutely impossible I’m gonna get this bill to actually teleport from my hand to that bag Now to do this actually need to use the power buyer I Thought you take the sealed back popcorn just turn it open Now open it up you see something inside the bag yeah. Yeah show to Howard show to Howard you see something inside Hello, and actually yeah Heidi what I’ve left you to do is just please read off the serial number on that bill assume that just Howie’s Ll0 eight eight seven seven three three zero four three two two That was gonna go How do you do that? How do you do that? All right, you know when I when I judge an act I to put a lot of credibility into what this crowd Feels and how they react and that reaction was genuine. You had people up on their feet Your trick was flawless You getting emotional aren’t you? Yeah, this is really that means so much to me You weren’t you weren’t expecting that At all, have you suffered a lot of rejection with your actions? Yeah a lot. Yeah Today you proved something. You got the goods. You’ve got charisma you now to handle yourself for 16 years old It’s quite remarkable good for you. I loved it. Thank you so much Howard I liked it. I want to see more. I love that you bring snacks. I Like you thank you so much Mel. I don’t know how you did it And I want to see you do more stuff you my friend are great. Thank you Here’s what’s Amazing to me. I believe that 16 years old. You have just stepped sir into your future. Thank you So here we go, yes for me, it’s a yes, we are gonna see you To state three of you come to the stage If here Put your hands on the table Jpop Sit there That’s what we doing here you guys that’s my answer as well Okay, okay hope we don’t disappear What’s gonna happen, oh my gosh In the mid 19th century Fear and grief make people try to contact the death the only way To reach them is through a medium Think of your biggest fear keep it in your mind Don’t take your hands off the tableau I Call you I Call you Come back from the shadows Yes, syrota God when hand or dog C is here C is here Stop move the tank Where we going Oh Tell me your biggest fear jay park I Said unhappiness What Oh Good way to say we honor some over keeping the fiance Gary. Yeah That is the heavy table, okay. All right Jay Jay are you how you doing? Yeah So what is going on here? I don’t know man. What are you thinking? I? Mean I don’t know I mean, you know, I that’s what I thought in my head and then you know The table was moving out. Okay, this is kind of fun tables And then you know, she lifted up the board and said unhappiness, which is what I thought in my mind Did someone come into my brain, I don’t know it’s it’s it’s I feel weird I feel weird Yeah, I’ve no answers for you Jay, uh on goon What you think about your friends? Say Catriona? Well, first of all Rihanna, you’re my girl Thank you so much for not targeting me this time That was a load of now, you know how I felt. Yeah. Yeah. I peed my pants a little no That was another spectacular performance again again and again And I know Rihanna you have millions of followers you are you have millions of five All right, David talk to us man well, I expected unique I expected strange I expected magic we got all of those I would just recommend that maybe She work on her social skills just a little bit Okay, there’s just a suggestion cuz I don’t want to make her mad a good suggestion the sacred Rihanna After that performance, which the judges have all agreed was amazing. How do you feel? Asia make some noise for the secret I Would say add more sunscreen oil company I loved about it. Now. I have a gift here This is a gift which is going to be for one of you judges in just a few moments But I leave it there for now. I also have two notebooks on each of these notebooks I have different things written one is for you Amanda as I flick through Would you mind reading some of these out for me Jennifer Aniston Madonna Brad Pitt Taylor Swift Vin Diesel Halle Berry, Emma Stone They’re all celebrity 60 celebrities to be precise If you could hold your hand flat for me place your other hand directly on top and just hold it there I also have one for you David. This one here is a drinks menu on every page is a different drink There you can hold your hand flat now place your other hand on top Now just with your fun lift that make sure no one sees and just take a peek or whatever you choose an is slamming close For me and please could you stand up and just throw them onto the stage? Because we no longer need those unleash the anger Perfect Okay, Amanda, we’re gonna start with yourself you all think of a celebrity, is that correct Yes, thinking of assertive just stand up for me What I need to do is send two thoughts straight directly into my mind I need you just with your finger look me directly in your eye. Just touch me just on the forehead there You felt that right, thank you so much Now what you’ve just done is just directly Sent your thoughts into my mind And I’m the how can a very creatively find out who you were thinking of now believe a lot before I became a magician I spent six years in an origami intensive training center in the heart of Japan Just thought I could be here with you guys doing this right now Now am I right in saying she’s someone who’s very particular about their hair yeah, and I think it’s probably a man don’t give anything away, but I’m going to just That’s perfect. Okay Amanda, please tell us this wonderful audience, who are you thinking of David Beckham David Beckham If I open this up I’ve made something very very special for you to keep we have We’re looking for the tariqas a correct, correct, would you mind now revealing to us the drink that you have 50 Knopf? It’s the drink I’m drinking right now, which is a cup of tea. That’s a cup of tea Now this has been here the whole time it’s been in front of yourself Simon, yeah inside here, ladies and gentlemen Just as you asked for Orange soda It’s a little bit awkward, but we can still fix this don’t panic. Could you just reach out your hand just here for me? Send me that positive energy Believe a month now just filled me with all of your kinetic energy Which allows me to act almost like a microwave so the can starts to heat up? How can they get hotter and hotter? Please? Feel it what? Feel the can it’s getting hotter and hotter Just make sure that it is a sealed can miles do you think of one drink you said breakfast teams arrive, correct? If I open this up, ladies and gentlemen, just what you ordered In a cat Please taste it Please taste it makes me really is be a delicious Here’s a couple that first appeared on a GT back in 2016 Every single time they take the stage Everybody’s just like mind’s blown Give it up for the clairvoyance Everyone in the audience received an envelope on their way into the theater. Please hold them up. Let’s see them Perfect, and now ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the clairvoyance randomizer It’s loaded with hundreds of soft foam balls and we also have for special balls Yes, Terry, would you please join us on stage with those balls? We have a how a ball Malby heidi and assign a ball perfect Terry come over here add them into the randomizer and gift them all a mix And now you have the honors sending balls over the heads of our audience and everyone in the audience Look if you got a special Chuck ball Terry already. I will turn the machine on The power to power If you caught a ball that has the name of a church Stand up now. Oh, there’s number one, two three Before and please bring your envelope to the church whose name is on your ball do it now Thank you. Someone’s our move. Thank you. Thank you honor keep the balls and head up to the touch. Thank you so much You can go back to your seats. Let’s add another layer of chance Terry I want you to close your eyes Imagine a spinning wheel as a wheel soles down it Stops, the spinning wheel has to name of the churches on it. But on which church does it stop? Howie Howie, okay, how we take your envelope stand up and join us on stage. We’ll need you in a second. Give him some encouragement Thank You Howie just stay right here Okay and hold onto the envelope. I know everyone is wondering what’s inside your envelopes So, please everyone in the audience open your envelope and show us what’s inside Pictures a Thousand possibilities but now churches it’s about you Simon hide email be open your envelope and show us your picture Because out of thousand people you found the only pictures matching yourself Random How he that leaves you just do a peek inside yes or no did we get four out of four is your picture in there? Yes, or no, yes, no, no Okay, let’s find three out of four. Yes. That’s not bad. Okay. Well, we’ll fix them. Show us your picture it is it’s like a balloon a balloon Balloon but Howie we were so sure we’re chance will lead us tonight I have something special for you. Come over here. You see you’re standing next to our games of chance Simon Yeah, no one has been near it but there is a hole inside the wood. Please step onto the platform yeah, put your head inside the hole for my hair hole and Just hang on Terry come over here. I need your help Do it It is Sharp-dressed, man My name is ava thang I am a performing magician and Mentalist. I am 27. I’m from Macau China I’m dedicating this performance to my mother I’m excited. I love Mentalists, so let’s okay great and amazing take it away. All right, let’s hope so So Jay I have a little envelope for you and your job is to Hold on to it and make sure I don’t touch it and I’ll be the very end of the f5. Okay. Thank you, sir. And I’m good. Yeah, I have this picture for you and it’s gonna make sense in just one second And David, I have a box of crayons, but don’t touch it. Don’t do anything until I tell you in a second It’s gonna make sense I Do have one more thing a wife Oh Jay. Would you mind just making sure it’s a regular blindfold I use that to sleep So it should be good It’s good You want to put it on for me or you do you want me to put it on? Yes, I can’t do any tricks with it. All right, that makes sense All right, perfect David I want you to take out any one of the crayons that you like Give it to Angoon. Okay. I’m going can you call it the socks of the little girl with that color? And while I’m goona suing it David, can you take out another color to that one? Mm-hmm? Got it. Once I arguing it’s done with that coloring give it to Angoon and her fur to color the lips lips How are we doing so far? Oh good, David. You mind taking one more color. Yep You have rear view mirrors on that master no Jay factored so Can you give it to Angoon? Yeah, I did and then color the bottom part of the dress if that’s okay I’m good is really into it staying in between the lines And save it while goons doing it. Check out one more color. Mm-hmm I’m green. Are you done with coloring? No, wait, we’ll wait sorry fancy, so Okay, she’s done. Okay, so I’m green Can you color use that color to color the hair the old color or the one I just the one that you just picked? Yeah one that I just picked. Yeah for the hair David you have two more color in the box, right? I do. I want you to pass the entire box to Angoon because I want her to make the final decision. Okay, goodness I’m good pick any one of the color that you like doesn’t matter Let me know when you’ve taken out. Yeah, then can you color the shoes? Yes, sir It’s the upper part of the dress, it’s not color yet right, correct. Can you call it that for me? Is it me again? Yeah, yeah, that’s you Okay, I’m done ooh It’s pretty sweaty So we’ve got a picture of the little girl with red hair always lips. Yellow shirt green Yeah, exactly and then blue socks and then black shoes. Do you think there’s any way that I could predict that to happen? Me neither But I’ve told you guys I’ve dedicated this act for my mother correct from the very beginning What I mean by that is she actually is going to help me in this act Jay Would you mind opening up the envelope? Well, I’m not your mother Okay How explains this part to you guys first, so this is a picture of me and my mother and On top of it is actually Chinese. It says David good luck and mother supports you The more interesting part is if you flip over You will see Thank you mom and no idea good job man, good job David David David good name I Think I like your delivery and I like your style. That was very impressive. Thank you To me that was magic, thank you. Thank you Jay Park. Yeah, I mean I really liked the performance it was unique and it was cool. Thank you all Audio Good man, let’s vote chipper Yeah for me it’s yes And you Though you made me work. It’s a yes And it’s a third yes from me Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you for having me well we’re here at the finale you know, there’s so many memories that I’ve had in the past couple of months, but there’s actually a Big difference between a memory and a moment It’s kind of like what we’re living right now in this very second Like we don’t even know who’s gonna be crowned champion until later on much like this card right over here It’s blank and I have no idea what its gonna be until later on. So let’s actually capture this moment Can you hold on to it? Give a phone? Yes We’re gonna take a picture of this, okay so we can kind of remember this moment Hold it up to your face smile Very good. We’ll leave that we don’t need that and actually we don’t really need that card either So just be sure I don’t touch it at all. I’ll leave it right next to your phone. Do you have a favorite card? Queen okay. Do you know which queen? Queen of diamonds. Okay, cool. Let’s look for it. Here we go, Queen again. Okay. There we go Actually to tell you the truth Maybe maybe this deck is stacked in some way. Can you shuffle it? Give it a mix? I don’t touch it in any way something like Very good, okay He’s making the job harder for me All right, cool cut the deck anywhere you want, okay, maybe in half or whatever okay, hold on so whichever package you want All right now Melissa and you do me a favor deal onto my hand and you just stop anytime you want Okay, completely up to you your choice You want to keep going you can stop if you want it’s your choice right there. Okay, cool Now queen of diamonds, right? You shuffled the deck I did Can you stop wherever you wanted I’m gonna run through the deck. It’s not like it’s not like the cars are all the same There’s only one queen of diamonds in the deck. You can uh-huh can be the judge. Yeah. Yeah Okay, cool, but let’s make it even more different. All right, Melissa. Can you actually kiss the face of the Queen right over there? Okay, that’s just gonna make it completely unique Amaze There’s only one queen of diamonds in the world like this Melissa. Can I have your hand out? Mm-hmm like that. Okay, cool We’re gonna also make it special but can you grab them to it? Correct? Yeah. Yeah, and I’ll bite on it the corner. Oh Yeah, make sure I don’t go anywhere near that card. Okay stage this is the hook. It will take the two of hearts I’ll kiss it as well It’s kind of awkward I I forgot to put on my lipstick Here you go So I have actually as a clean hangout And I’m freaking out Remember Melissa, remember we were talking about moments and we can take this moment right here the queen of diamonds Make it vanish Remember that picture we took before can you go to your photo album? I don’t know. I don’t to do anything anymore at this point Take a look at your latest photo What do you see oh Yeah, that looks a lot like queen of diamonds But remember whatever happens in this dimension Sometimes also have been reality


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