Best Kannada Movies Of 2019 | Kairam Vaashi | Subtitled

Approximately 300 films
released in Kannada this year. 1/6th of which I have
watched and reviewed. 1/10th of those films, I have picked as top-5 for this
video. Also, there are a few special mentions too. Like my reviews, this list is
also based only on my opinion. In case you have other films in your
list, drop a note in Comments. Hello, I’m Kairam Vaashi and this
is the Best of 2019 in Kannada. Going by the order of release,
first, Jayatheertha’s Bell Bottom. Dayanand’s story, Rishab’s potrayal
of Defective..err..Detective Diwakar, Sagni Pinto, Ajaneesh Loknath, Arvind Kashyap mikkavarella
seri kotta varshada best entertaining filmu Bell Bottom. That burglary scene is still very fresh in my mind. Second, Hemanth Rao’s Kavaludaari. This neo noir had an in-service cop, a retired cop, a
journalist and a perpetrator as the central characters. Charan Raj and Advaitha Gurumurthy
ensured this film was technically solid. Knowing well that this may
not be everyone’s cup of tea, PRK productions supported such a project
and deserves appreciation for that. Third, Roopa Rao’s Gantumoote. No other Kannada film this year
impacted me as much as this film. How realism was maintained in this film
is aspirational for budding filmmakers. The intensity of the scene where the boy blames the
girl for his failure still gives me the chills. Teju Belawadi’s performance is something
that one would cherish for a long time. Fourth, with four directors, Katha Sangama. This film reintroduced
anthology to Kannada audience. Out of the 7 short films, 4 were very good but most importantly this
film was a great platform for many artists and new technicians. Fifth, Sachin’s Avane Srimannarayana. I do have some issues with the second half, but that doesn’t
discount the fact that this is a grand and gusty attempt. When a hero who delivered a
blockbuster can give this film 3 years and can envision a grand/risky idea,
then I guess he deserves our encouragement. Darshan and Sudeep both had three releases this year and like always Shivarajumar and
Ganesh had their quota of releases. Haripriya had a memorable year. She worked in
female-lead-centric films and commercially successful ones too. Rachita Ram and Aditi Prabhudeva also had a release-busy year. Before we close, let’s have a
look at a few special mentions. Pawan Trivikram’s Striker. This crime investigation thriller based on
nightmare/dream disorder is an underated film. If accessible, do give it a watch. Jacob Varghese’s based on a true
story Chambal was very gripping. GVR Vasu’s Kavacha. This remake of Oppam saw
Shivarajkumar the performer after quite some time. Naganna’s Kurukshetra for being a mythological
film after a long time in Kannada. Adarsh Eshwarappa’s Bhinna. This was a direct OTT release and the leady lady,
Payal Radhakrishna’s performance was excellent. This attempt to recreate
Sharapanjara is praiseworthy. Ravi Basrur’s Girmit This experiment of doing a regular
mass masala film with kids was fun. Vinay Bharadwaj’s Mundina Nildana for its aesthetic
sensibilities and stance on modern relationships. Here’s hoping for a year with not just “good
attempts” but some complete and solid films.

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