Bewafa Episode 3 | 23rd Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

What is the use of shedding tears now? If you had thought before sending message
then would not have not been crying now! Her application was received! it’s written that she is not well when she will be back is not mentioned Listen! her scene is already made and that too infront of everyone in the office Ahaan! I have been thinking to say something to you since many days Today! When I came to present you the gift I wanted to say it at that moment
But…. I cannot get courage infront of you.. I stopped myself A lot!! tried to make myself understand! But this is not in my hand.. Ahaan! I feel like.. I am in love with you… Ahaan! I know Ahaan that you are already married you have a happy life! in which there is no place for me.. nor I want to take any place in it Neither I will ever want to disturb your family because of me If this love is one sided, then also I do not have any objection Its just that!… Just that! … I could not keep these feelings to my heart That is why I have done all this
I hope we can still be friends I’m sorry Ahaan.. Shireen… Yes! You have not gone to office today as well? No! Till when you have planned for staying home? I don’t know mom…..
I will go in one or two days… Go! check on the door, somebody is there
the door bell is ringing.. Ask your daughter.. she is not at home
nor your father Since you are already at home, so just go and see Promotion is done! Promotion is done! till yesterday he was at the doorstep, today he directly entered home, what a fast pace What are you saying? …. huh!! It’s better to hold the collar of the person in the car, rather than holding his collar your sister has taken him inside, and has also asked to bring along a box of biscuit hospitality is on full swing, Go! Go!… look at them Go Now!! Huh! Now he will take care of his sister What has happened Sharmeen?
be quick! its taking so much time
you cannot even fry four kebabs? oh God! Mom I don’t understand why are you doing so much arrangement? till yesterday, you use to be very against of all this yes! I was against it but if fortune knocks at your door itself, then its not good to reject it Mom!! Mom!
What happened? throw this man out of the house either he will stay in this house or me! So go and take a walk outside.. Mom! I will break his head with this bat and I will beat you with my slippers You get it? how many times I have told you that we are still alive.. Go! Go away from here Go….Now be quick I am doing.. till when he will wait? let it cook mom! This all was such a big misunderstanding I’m really sorry! but from my side there was no misunderstanding. Shireen… This is not possible so, when did I say that this can be possible? and whatever I have said…
was it that bad? that you insulted me infront of all the office? Huh! did you even think for a second, that what will happen to my reputation? No… It was not that bad.. to be honest! I just only heard what Kinza made me listen Actually so much mess was created at home
so I just took out my anger on you the next day I have been thinking since yesterday, that I should not have done this I could have talked politely about this after then I listened to your full message
I could have talked politely about this after then I listened to your full message Urgh!… I really feel guilty I feeling much guilty I’m really sorry! I hope you will forgive me and..
will join the office from tomorrow.. *Greetings* son
*Greetings* Aunty Sharmeen! where are you going? sit… I have other chores you sit please son
take something no aunty, Thankyou! I will take leave now no no! how can you leave like this? you cannot leave without eating anything.. Actually aunty! I had to reach somewhere for an important work but I will come again for sure Alright! Its ok as you wish say hi to your family from my side, Ok! Sure…. Go daughter… see off him till the door. Bye son…
Bye! Bye! Ok then … Bye! Bye! Grandma… I had missed you a lot !!!
Grandma… I had missed you a lot !!! I had also missed you a lot… my son! we all had missed you a lot … Mom! Hmm….. *car horn*
oh! what happened ! what emergency has arise?
that you had to look at the message during driving Sorry.. Sorry.. Sorry…
It was from office
what emergency has arise?
that you had to look at the message during driving Sorry.. Sorry.. Sorry…
It was from office your office is more important than our life? understand like this mom.. nowadays Ahaan’s life is captured in this mobile the same way
as of djinn’s life captured in a parrot you can check.. its infront of you
whose message came last what do I have to do with your phone? no no! nowadays you have doubt on me get your relief then you do not do such actions, due to which I doubt you what are you trying to say? Oho! what has happened to both of you? you are fighting like kids.. Grandma! Mom, and dad always keep fighting
I feel very bad Son Ahaan… what is happening? why there is a fight going on in between you two? ask her… I did ask her… she has told me everything you guys were not even tolerating each other at the dinner table what is the issue? Mom, the issue is in our society… if any woman’s character gets the mark of disgrace, it can never be erased then also if there is no mark of any disgrace on a man’s Character, then also a woman finds one but son, since I came, I can see the change in you… when have you ever said she is mistaken?
also not this time as well she was also never wrong for you… then what has happened now?
that at every point you find her wrong… nothing has happened mom!…
at least, not what Kinza has told you it was just a misunderstanding only, which is not there anymore did I ask you? you are right,
you have not asked me but still, you know
then what is the point of me telling you? See!! son Ahaan… Kinza loves you a lot… she has been with you in all ups and downs now, if she thinks that due to any reason you are being distant with her then! it is your responsibility to clear her doubts even though, I have not done anything? Yes!
Even though, you have not done anything and I do not need to tell you all this because you use to be like this son!… the changes that have occurred in you change them… I will try not with such averseness
try will all your heart I have also made Kinza understand this and if you both don’t understand, then think about Hashir See, how much disturbed he is *message beeps* Good!
*message beeps* *message beeps* you are not angry with me? No…
there is no reason for me being angry I should not have left the office like this… If I would have said such things to Kinza
God knows! what would have happened then it’s OK!
let’s talk in the office tomorrow OK
Take care! .. Bye! he is saying that… we will talk tomorrow.. OK
Take care! .. Bye! he is saying that… we will talk tomorrow why? he fears his wife? he does not fear
but takes care the way a gentleman takes care
he takes care of me too have you not seen it?
how he came along with flowers for an apology… when I opened the gate, I could not believe it
I froze he was looking so cute! he is just OK!
just like a normal man what happened? have you minded it? I have not minded it…
I am just worried about you why worried? see! how much he takes care of his wife
that he insulted you in front of everyone… Now See… even if you get him… you will still not get that reputation,
now think! even if you win this game and comes first still, you will get the second prize, which means that your reputation will always be as a second wife, YES! Umm… I am not understanding anything… that day you were saying, he insulted me because he was angry, and I am special for him he thinks I am something special for him now you are saying something else… I am a human, and a mistake can happen from a human only and I was mistaken… now do one thing
just forget Ahaan now… this will be good for you… I am telling you I need to wake up for office in the morning
I am sleeping now… Ahaan… what is wrong with this shirt? it is quite an old shirt, I have told you many times, I don’t know what do you want to prove, by giving it to me time and again Huh!… Actually, this shirt has not got old
But I have got old for you… since I have taken it out for you, that’s why you do not like it What? Hats off to your thinking
only you can think like this… if you had not wished to wear it, you should have informed me at night… it needs to be pressed you should have given it to Zareena, she would have done… why just for ironing? why don’t you keep someone else for all other work too, since you find me wrong always to welcome problems, someone shall seek your advice… I cannot reach to your level what do you mean? Nothing!… I don’t like to waste my time yes! you are going to the office…
talk all important things with her why are you laughing? haha… Sorry .. Sorry! Ok! then tell me, whose choice shirt you are wearing? my own choice.. *giggles* you know that after marriage, the problem is not
that I have a problem with my wife’s choice.. the problem is, my choice is not her choice… if she likes red, then I do not have any issue with her choice… but if I like white… then disaster… why! there is a limit of imposing the choice
your white is also red forcefully you stop laughing now.. you asked me that’s why I told you, else I was not in a mood to tell you what love is this?
that makes your white, Red!! in Love, we shall make ourselves white like a plain paper… so that you can adapt to someone else’s color when you will get married! then you will understand
everything becomes red, white, yellow, blue Ummm… I had sent you a sorry message last night your sorry is so weird… I do not understand… I was so rude to you, I hurt you…
and still, you are saying sorry to me I feel guilty, I hope you have not kept this in your heart… No! I got hurt a little bit, but I do not want this pain to end… I want to keep this pain with me Ah!!!… You Ahh…
have you checked the lawn website? it contains many mistakes it had many glitches, I have seen it, also reviewed
I will send you the updated version, you go through it yes, please. are you watching, how much they are smiling while talking?
Boss and Shireen. how much she was crying that day? remember! how loud voices were coming from sir’s office? hmmm… how much insult was done…
remember! hmmm… she was saying in the morning… the boss went to her house Really? … Hmmm… I think that there is something fishy you people do not have other work than gossiping? no Sir!.. since it is lunchtime, so we came for doing lunch then go and do lunch… what are you looking there at? Uh… Sir… Sir Ahaan and Shireen are inside the cafeteria, that’s why… so? are you out of your mind? Go… and do lunch what is this happening Ahaan? what is happening? I am sitting on a chair. you know it very well, what I am talking about about what? the whole office is talking about you and Shireen… why?
isn’t there any other work in the office? there is a lot of work, but can only be done
if you stop the entertainment that you are providing Shireen is my friend and colleague
like others if I had coffee with her…
then what problem do you have? Look Ahaan!.. there is a huge difference between Shireen and your grades she is your subordinates, sub-ordinate also, I have advised you before, that I feel her intentions are not good also, you have got responsibilities of Kinza, Hashir and your family what if our own family needs to seek help? while we keep helping in others matters Look! neither I am a fool nor a child… I am well aware of my responsibility and position also, I know how to treat a sub-ordinate accordingly I do not need your suggestion I am happy to know that you are concerned I am sending some files,
have a look at them what is this? my number is saved from another name
and that too with this name!!! why!
what is wrong in Mustansar? I mean.. you could have kept another name as well No ..No! Mustansar is right again you will send a message, and again Kinza will shout so its better like this I have not said that you expose that you are talking to me I understand that problems will be created for you there is nothing between us, due to which problems arise it’s just! that I do not want to give a chance for ruining the environment Hmmm… whatever is between us, only we shall know what it is this does not concern others… tomorrow… Lunch? Sure… Bye! Bye! Elder Sister… did Ahaan drop her? yes… how many times I have told you, that I do not like such drama. what drama? she just gets dropped
what objection do you have? what is it to object about *sarcastic*
my conscience does not tolerate these things now from where does your conscience come from? he is one married man, he has got a kid
whatever you are thinking, it is not like that is he married? yes ! you do not remember…
it was his kid’s birthday Shireen had to go to his birthday, and you had created a scene Did I create a scene? now you have forgotten, that you created a scene anyways! don’t you remember
we got a birthday invitation card from a book shelf which had directions about their house address or anyone else had to go there, I mean that she is your elder sister you should not misbehave with her, it feels bad Alright!… elder sister
Now I will not say anything now only they will speak who have to I am going.. I am wondered, that you are still worried why are you being so insecure Kinza? you know… people take things after giving money I have given my life to get Ahaan… and if somebody sees him, I get goosebumps Kinza… what Faisal had advised you? a person who had not changed in years will never change Ahaan’s time to spoil or to change has gone now Nimra See… Actually, I have a doubt and doubt never ends although it sleeps for a while when it gets awake
it shakes me up then I fight and argue with him like a fool maybe I am wrong…
But Ahaan has also spoiled my habits he has been convincing me many years
how will I get back on track.. Just try It is said that there is no disgrace in lowering your guard to save your distant relations *car horn* *Greetings* sister-in-law
how are you? *Greetings* you seem much tired.. yes, there was much work at the office send in a cup of tea did you understand?
did you understand what I told you… *TV at background* do you know? this much confusion I use to had before our marriage while talking to you I don’t know why I’m hesitating a lot! why are you recalling such a long lost memory now? it is said that if a person forgets its way.. then one should go back for a new start. some wrong turns I have taken
some you have maybe that is the reason behind our fight I just wanted to say Sorry! then say it! what? Sorry… don’t you think you have gone mad? I have made you mad for so many years, so if you make me for 2 minutes, what will go of you? Sorry…….. Hmm… but why? because I wish for it just to make you happy.. what will you think, what rich hearted person you have got… go! be happy for 2 minutes are you a rich person? I’m a rich person’s wife but I am not rich look from my eyes, then you will know what you are.. what am I? whoever you are, you are just mine
Understand? you are drinking by yourself
give it to me… I have never told a lie not done any betrayal doing apology is far, Kinza never put an end to her arrogant nature first time I am telling a lie and what did the outcome came? she came by herself to apologize I am not doing anything wrong If I spend some time with Shireen
then what goes of Kinza’s? *phone ringing* Hello! Mustansar speaking.. yes, Mustansar say.. can we talk? if you have a minute is it important? this we will get to know after talking, that whether it is important or not? yes we can what happened?
is Kinza not around? No, she is but she is inside, and I am sitting outside in the porch your mood is good
maybe you guys did not have a fight today yes…. she has said Sorry today
she has apologized I feel, she has realized her mistakes Hello! I am listening.. did you mind? No! So tell me
how do you find Chinese food? I don’t like it Same then let’s do lunch tomorrow somewhere, where there is no Chinese nearby Done! Ahaan!!! the food is getting cold
it is your favorite… Chinese ok.. coming *giggles*
Chinese go and eat your forceful favorite Chinese food Ok!
will talk then Bye! Bye! why are you awake till now? a mother’s daughter who is awake till now
how can that mother fall asleep? Actually, since childhood I have never seen that someone cares for another in the house
that’s why I was wondering ok…sit I want to talk to you.. it must be an important one, that’s why you want to talk at night.. all alone Hmm… with whom you were talking alone at this hour of the night? Um…. Look Shireen! whatever is going on
I mean what you are doing… That what is going on? you better know what is going on
If I stay quiet, it doesn’t mean that I am unaware then it’s good that you are aware daughter look! we do not have any objection on your’s and Ahaan’s marriage you know the situation of our house… you know it very well that how we survive in your father’s salary Hmm… So? So..I was just saying that
Ahaan seems to be from a rich family background I have heard that second’s wife’s all wishes are fulfilled really! Yes.. Daughter… although you a very obedient child take care of the house
the same way that you are doing presently Hmm… Um… the first thing is that there are no chances of me getting married to Ahaan presently and the second thing is that
I never wanted to become sister Sharmeen. I want to go to my home after marriage… I also know that if father and you get a chance, you will keep the daughters at home and will go yourself with son-in-law what is this rubbish?
don’t you have manners to talk with your mother? I will not change my wishes for you
I want to get settled therefore it is better, to change the direction of your own wishes open your mouth Hashir! That’s good, eat like this always Look, you have become so weak
as you do not eat food properly *keypad typing noise* Kinza.. Hashir was saying that Zareena eats all of his lunch also does not let him watch TV
I had taken a strict class of her today you also take her class Kinza? I am talking to you.. sorry, mom…
what were you saying? I was saying that Hashir was saying that Zareena eats his all lunch also does not let him watch TV
at least scold her Actually mom, Hashir doesn’t like Zareena much that’s why he gives excuses so that we can fire her from the job I do not lie she is bad
whenever you guys fight…. she you stay quiet and do your breakfast what happened Kinza?
why are you scolding him? you keep using your phone what do you mean? with whom you are talking? its been so long.. you must be talking to Mustansar… right? you must be telling him that you do not like Chinese food at all you like traditional food a lot you must have also told, that your mother is back after Umrah (Muslims prayers) what else do you share with him? you have checked my phone once again? Yes…I have read your messages
in fact, I had also called, and Mustansar was a girl. his wife is also a paranoid
she must have received the call let’s go Hashir… we are getting late… Hmm Let’s go! will see you at night Bye! ok son, Bye! also eat your lunch
Bye! Kinza. Do breakfast… I am fed up! I do not understand, where do I bang my head
is this what you call life? at night she apologized
and again in the morning same act I think if she wishes
she will not even let me be alone at the office as well do not worry if you will get worried like this
you will spoil your health Kinza is your wife…
and such things happen in such relationships it is not like this Shireen
there is no such exhaustion in any relationship you are taking on your head for no reason Go Home….
Kinza will say sorry to you in the morning she will definitely realize hmmm…
she will not say she was not ok yesterday, that’s why she said sorry… I feel like, I am dreaming it all happens in relationships
do not get worried you are taking Kinza’s side? yes…. Why? because you cannot be mine and to whom you are associated, you shall be fully hers you will stay happy in this
and when you will be happy, I will get happy what happened daughter?
what is the problem now? mom, have you not seen Ahaan?
how does he speak with me now.. have you seen yourself?
how you were talking.. sorry, mom! I misbehaved in front of you no daughter.. since the day I’m back,
I am much worried about the changed attitudes of both of you I had made Ahaan understand
but I don’t know what has happened? there is no impact of any of my talks or advise on him God knows.. who has cast an evil eye on my house I had told you her name
actions are like evil and name is Shireen! Daughter… you told me yourself, that the matter was from that girl’s side.. and now it’s over do you know?
what is the issue? what is it? you have doubt on Ahaan
and Ahaan is distressed about your doubts this is the change in you both
Your doubt and Ahaan’s distress now you both have to remove these changes but mom, I had called on Mustansar’s phone
and a girl received it also the messages
how come they became so close friends suddenly he was telling you, that it must be his wife.. also men are not bound, they would have become friends Umm… Let’s do one thing… Ahaan has forgotten his laptop bag, go and give him to the office. He will be happy He will not become happy mom
he thinks I am a fool let him think like that.. some time’s wife shall let their husband enjoy the pride of being intelligent. ok Go! Good Go and give him the bag,already it is lunch time
do lunch with him and gave him his laptop Ok!


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