Bewafa Episode 5 | 7th October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

I’m sorry Shireen, I can’t continue all this
it’s all wrong I feel good, I feel happy being with you it feels as if all the problems have vanished but my family, my son
my all problems they standstill on the same place, from where I had turned my face I hope, you will be able to finish this here and you’ll come back to a normal life again what happened? you came early….
he didn’t bought you doughnut today? he has left me… Oh! by the way, these married man they have this problem they are already getting, what you can give them then, what’s the need of another person? now look even though, if you go to him of becoming of gold but his bronze wife, that is in his house he will only like her but you have tried your best you did sympathy with his wife, so that Ahaan will do sympathy with you the dart was thrown, but it didn’t hit on the goal you are being so happy you were upset, by seeing me happy? now you celebrate, because I will sit in this house, for lifetime… like you do cuckoo’s all beauty is just in it’s voice but a person gets annoyed of its voice one day and when we get the sight of cuckoo, then a person thinks…. that a thing with such a beautiful voice, is so bad looking same way, he liked you for some days then he realized that, this sort of cuckoo he already have at home so what the benefit of taking another home? it’s just, that he liked you till your voice so bad… would you like to have tea?
hmm? *TV noise* who are you?
why are you coming inside? my name is Zeeshan are you a relative of Zareena? I’m not anyone’s relative… is this Mr. Ahaan’s house? yes… I want to meet his wife…
you please go & call her why do you want to meet his wife? do you know Shireen? I’m Shireen’s brother and if you are Ahaan’s wife, then what is your husband doing with my sister? previously, he use to come outside the house now he comes inside the house, do you know… what does it mean? neighborhood has started talking about us… we are losing respect I’ve made my sister understand… now it’s time, that you make your husband understand this are you listening to me? our reputation is on stake can you take me to you house? why? don’t you trust on what I’m saying? then come with me, right now… I’ll make you listen from my mom… come come… is she Shireen? No… are you here to meet Sir Ahaan? yes… he has just gone now for lunch for lunch? with whom? with Madam Shireen what is this?
who are you? how dare you to enter in my house, and slapping my daughter? your daughter has forgotten her name but after this slap, she will remember her past and her future too along with her worth hey Girl! you will get to know, once I will call the police now you will also never forget your worth ever…
understand! stop this spectacle…
who are you? why don’t you ask your daughter? she is still standing here quietly, even after my slap or maybe, her tongue is just used for trapping other men enough! if this “enough” you have said to you daughter instead of me.. then you all must not be getting insulted here by me but you, yourself do arrangements for hosting Ahaan you… you are Ahaan’s wife you son is right all are involved in this you must be giving tricks & methods to your daughter look girl… we
we we are very innocent people… understand..
and…. it’s better if you talk to your husband there is no such matter whatever I need to talk to my husband, that I’ll do but right now, I have to make her realize, and it’s very important what is all this? listen.. listen my father is her now, please go from here you should have thought about your dad, before starting an affair what have you brought? I’ve brought fruits but who are you? these must be from Ahaan’s money…
right? I can’t understand, what do you mean don’t pretend I know this very well, what drama is going on here by using your daughter, your planning to make money from Ahaan leave this thinking, else next time I’ll bring the police along… understand! your daughter has forgotten her name… but after this slap, she will remember her past and her future too, along with her worth listen.. my father is her now, please go from here you should have thought about your dad, before starting an affair by using your daughter, your planning to make money from Ahaan.. leave this thinking, else next time I’ll bring the police along… understand! whatever I need to talk to my husband, that I’ll do are you here to meet Sir Ahaan? .. Yes! he has just gone now for lunch for lunch? with whom?
with Madam Shireen yes, Shireen Hello! Shireen… Ahaan… yes Shireen Ahaan… Shireen, why are you crying? Shireen.. at least rely me Hello! Kinza… Kinza what happened to Kinza? Kinza came to my house, Ahaan what!
why Kinza came to your house? she came to insult me, Ahaan Ahaan she said many things to me & my father, whole neighborhood listened and she slapped me, Ahaan and she went and I’m not able to face anyone now my father will suicide now what! yes Ahaan I want to die but.. just listen there is nothing more for me than your happiness you have ended the relation, but still if you want to prove Kinza anything, I’ll support you… I’ll say anything in front of her she think for me so bad, so I don’t want she thinks more bad about me it doesn’t make any difference to me Shireen, listen to me I’m disconnecting the phone, Ahaan if I may be of any help, then do let me know…. why are you standing quietly? swear upon me it means you were betraying me since so long please, it’s office politics why don’t you go to your room and talk there together?, Hashir is here it’s good, he shall also know…. what his father is doing why are quiet now, tell me, since when all this is going on? or your tongue just opens in front of her I don’t have any answer to your craziness craziness! now I look crazy to you? yes crazy, one who likes to doubt and goes to others house to create spectacle I’m fed up of your craziness alright, you can’t tolerate me…. you never found me crazy, when you kept me home uselessly you have ruined my life, at that time… you didn’t find me crazy? just because of one wandering girl you are arguing without any reason I’ve just met her twice or thrice lie… lie…
lie.. you are lying… you are talking non-sense to me you are lying to me you even don’t have any character… like that girl you are crossing your limits
you even don’t have any character… like that girl you are crossing your limits all limits are for me
there isn’t any limit for you? you want to spend a night with her Kinza! her mother must be taking money from you Kinza, now my tolerance level is up! you, want to live with a woman… who takes money I didn’t had any better answer than this to give you she has lowered our faces I am never insulted like this, ever people use to do good, by burying the daughters alive as soon as they were born and what was your concern to go to her house?
say it! mom, I never knew… she will come here as per rule, she should make her husband sit at home furthermore, what about my insult? you went to make her husband sit at home, and whole neighbor is crowded outside enough! enough now! whatever you mother & daughter wanted to do, you are done now from now on, my order will be catered here from today on wards, this girl won’t step out of this house… understand! what are you saying?.. hmm? she does a job she is not doing, she was doing previously the food was cooked in this house twice, now it will be once a day but I won’t let my reputation ruin listen! why are getting in between? I will make her understand at present, you are very angry please, think this house, runs on her salary
how will it run? let me tell you, how it will run I will give poison to you and your daughter, 2 persons will get less… and by this our house will run now you are fine…. satisfied! now sit at home and clap she wanted to get married to Ahaan!… huh… Kinza, what has happened to you?
what do you want? you have made us worried, along with you in the last 1 month, you have called us twice every next day, you have packed your stuff… and you are ready to leave what has happened to me?
I’m going crazy to everything uttered my Ahaan, I have been literally accepting this love, and marriage is not everything it’s all a lie…
a fraud it doesn’t make any difference to a husband, even if we care for him a lot he doesn’t care at all you know… he’s been roaming around like a boy he wants a new wife… love is all over his mind I can’t tolerate all this non-sense I can’t tolerate that a hand who touches me, that gets attracted to somebody else now, I won’t live with him then where you’ll live? where you’ll go? I mean, how many days you’ll stay in someone else’s house? someone else’s house? look, I never meant that I mean, its your own house
you can live in, whenever you want to Faisal was also asking me in the car, to make you understand they are your problems…
solve them yourself you have make everyone worried if you don’t find any solution then it’s yours house as well you can live, whenever you want to Ahaan is having an affair with someone I get suffocated in this room…
how will I live with him? calm down…. don’t worry your room is there… but we had made it servant quarter but it’s alright we’ll shift the servants somewhere else, and you can come and you can live with Hashir as much as you want to don’t worry, OK.. don’t take tension
we are with you everything will be alright show me fingerprints are there her hand was very heavy I will give her all the finger along with the thumb (in revenge) to her, as well as to whom… who has shown her the way of this house but how? Umm…
as far as I know your new office is …
in the kitchen and there is plenty of work… therefore, we there on time please… my foot will go in the kitchen (sarcastic) it’s your work to decay in this house..
your future not mine… I’ll leave from here, soon but tell me one thing….
how will you leave? how will you leave from this house? whatever gains are there in the mind, they should be there in the reality too? they are not there?
how will you survive? your plate is empty and even that empty plate… Kinza has kicked on that too what you’ll do now…
yes? what way do you have?
say it! when a bird is confined to its cage it feels that every other bird coming in the lounge is also criminal like it is but when, another bird… flies and went at a distance then the caged bird, get’s to know its worth therefore, very soon you will get to know your value I don’t have any interest in proving anything I shall prove, if there is anything your sister is right
take her along and get her treated with a good neurologist what spectacle you people have started on regular basis? have you people ever thought, what Hashir will be learning from all this? your sister has done the drama, by going to Shireen’s house she has insulted the respectable people I can swear upon, that I don’t have any relation with Shireen now but Kinza’s problem is…
she has to ‘create’ a problem now you can swear upon means, there was something before look! I’m not standing in front of any inspector in any police station I’m standing in my own house, in front of my wife’s brother you don’t need to be so over-smart I don’t have any interest on making decisions on regular basis I even don’t like to come here daily then why do you come?
have I called you? you attitude is showing, that you don’t want to solve this matter there must be any reason behind it one second… one second… your wife has also told about many reasons for yours & your changed attitude you don’t need to become Saint in front of me if she wants to stay.. she can
I won’t apologize that’s it! can I come in? mom, you haven’t slept yet? if one mother’s children are so much worried, how can she sleep? what are you doing?.. why are you doing? what you’ll get? mom, what will I get? she has taken everything from me nobody has taken anything of yours you are being worried, without any reason your brother & sister in law, are here for so long and look at you guys, both of you are standstill till when, this will goes on? mom, I’m not being worried, uselessly that girl…
all her family, are involved in this it was written in my fortune, that Ahaan got caught that girl’s brother came home don’t know, since when he is going there… and whatever has been done already I have decided Now, I won’t live with Ahaan… Hashir? Hashir will not live with whom? by the way, I shouldn’t say this but… whatever I have heard from your brother & sister in law’s discussion after that, my heart doesn’t says that you should go with them mom, you know? every parents shall tel their daughter, before their deaths that after them, every relationship associated to them gets over for the daughter may every girl, never needs to find a shelter I realize this today that I am dead for brother Faisal where shall I go? then I think… that brother Faisal’s servant quarter will give me more peace than this room alright…
listen to me you…
you don’t want to live with Ahaan, right? tell me? alright then then do one thing…
til the time you are angry get shifted in the guest room, with all your belongings these are just rumors now…. that it’s just that
he drops that girl to her house by God’s will all misunderstandings will get over but mom…. no its or buts if you think, that I’m your mom
then do what I say so just take your stuff, and shift to the guest room it’s my responsibility
Ahaan will never annoy you mom, if Ahaan did anything now then, I’ll kill myself now, if Ahaan did anything… I’ll drop you to your brother’s house, myself I.. I won’t keep any relation with him alright.. don’t keep
but come now… come maybe, I have given up so early this slap has come up with an advantage over a disadvantage the relationship, which Ahaan had finished Kinza’s slap has made it alive, again Ahaan will come here for sure he will come here again, to apologize he won’t be able to live and this is my last chance now every step needs to be taken with extra care if you have got any problem ever, do call me
I will come the same time Kinza, presently your brother is alive please don’t get worried you don’t need to be worried it’s the internal matter of our house I apologize, for the inconvenience caused to you please no… we even don’t like to come here, again & again anyways, if you are saying… so let’s see, how much time this matter will take take care of yourself let’s go Faisal alright, we are leaving
bye! come child… come… good *alarm ringing* Kinza, switch off the alarm Kinza! madam… omelet needs to be prepared for sir? how will I know?
go and ask him, yourself what non-sense question is this do you daily make it, after asking? go & prepare Ahaan’s breakfast alright mom, Ahaan won’t do the breakfast his attitude has got changed he is not that Ahaan, anymore no child you don’t worry…
just see he’ll come… and will make up with you make up? mom you know, how much angry he is with me… that I’ve gone & slapped that girl? I feel … that by not talking himself, he is giving punishment to me I don’t know he doesn’t have nay relation with that girl, but he has got so much sympathy for her by the way, daughter you have done right it was very important to make that girl & his family learn the lesson where are you going, Ahaan? office! at least do the breakfast no I’m not hungry… and I’m getting late to office what is that much hurry!… Hashir has done the breakfast, drop him to school there are other cars, in the house… which others can drive also did yous see
did you see his actions? he has gone crazy! I don’t know, what he thinks of himself madam, sir’s breakfast is ready you eat it… grandma, who will drop me to school now? my dear, don’t get worried
grandma will drop you to school, ok? come… let’s go come…. come… they keep on fighting with each other
kill themselves… huh wow…. so much breakfast I’ll eat myself… egg, butter & bread wow…. parathay (wheat bread) how did you get to know? such matters aren’t kept hidden Nimra told Aimen I was asking you, not to I told you to, hold on now you are bearing it my fortune doesn’t want me to stay an honest husband, and spend my life wow! you do & blame your fortune not at all fortune does this and I bear it means? means, there wasn’t any such thing between me & Shireen… that you guys had made and a bit which was there, I finished it myself but fortune doesn’t liked my morality
it sent Kinza to Shireen’s house and you know about Kinza, when she is angry… she doesn’t listen to anyone she didn’t leave Shireen, neither her mother nor her father now you tell me…
what shall I do? no idea man… what you shall do by the way, Kinza should change her attitude first this cannot work
not at all and Shireen…
what about her? you won’t accept this
but Shireen has suffered a lot because of me what does one girl have? a respect that also, she lost because of me in the office, as well as in the house too I’m not capable to face Shireen now, because of Kinza some people put their most expensive thing for auction, so as to achieve their goal and Shireen did the same have you gone crazy?
No, sorry I’ve gone crazy… I’m being an idiot, and taking a suggestion from an idiot you weren’t an idiot
but you want to become one, intentionally go.. go & do your work
I’ll take out solution of my problem, myself go … have these biscuits your wife, ate our respect aunty, thank you…
I’m alright but we aren’t fine your wife has done very bad with us she has shouted & told everyone in the neighborhood, that you are having an affair with Shireen aunty, please trust me
nothing is like that so this trust you need to build up, with your wife don’t know…. how much non-sense she has uttered Oh God! we have never heard anything as such from any respectable family she has not left her for anywhere… not at all
she has insulted us a lot aunty! I’m very guilty will we get our respect back, if you being guilty? Shireen’s father has restricted her to step out of the house her job is also suffering whatever pain we have, so have
but my daughter my Shireen, don’t ask about her she has attempted suicide right now also, she must be somewhere unconscious Suicide! yes, what else! will someone get married to such type of girl? you have ruined her life now, you can take her along with you or strand her neck by your own hands aunty, can I speak with Shireen? I’m sorry, Shireen Kinza & Hashir are fine? Kinza & Hashir are both of them fine? but you tried to attempt suicide? does any problem, happened in your house because of me? right now, your problems are much more than my problems the problems which means for me, are just yours only is everything alright? what I’m trying to ask you, and what reply you are giving! I’m worried about you the one’s who gets worried they don’t break the relationship Shireen, you know this very well… that there is no result of this it’s not necessary, that every relation does have any result the ways relations are, they look alright but my conscience doesn’t allow me, to take advantage of your love but your conscience allows you to end relationship with me? why tried to attempt suicide? I’ve not attempted any suicide then why did your mother said this? mom was taking an advantage of the situation Kinza has insulted my family along with me… they have listened to a lot of things dad is very angry neighbors have also listened a lot of stuff
and … and I won’t be able to step out of the house now leave all this… if if I have any value in your eyes, then you have to accept one thing Shireen! don’t make me feel guilty, at least whatever is the problem, tell me..
what can i do for you? please don’t be angry with Kinza, because of me what! that’s it!
and you won’t have any quarrel in your house, because of me Shireen! what are you made up of? of the same material, from which you are being made promise me, that you’ll accept what I’ve said to you Shireen, if you have any problem
then do call me, right away I’ll come at the same time I don’t have any problem my problem is the only one, which is your problem therefore, if you need me ever, then call me I can’t step out of the house
but…. I’ll try to help you


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