Bewafa Episode 9 | 4th November 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

these rich folks have strange tastes what woman she is?
calling the second wife at home? it’s alright if she is calling her
but she is also getting the sheets ready getting the rooms cleaned … getting the cupboards cleaned what is this woman doing? looks like … sir has given her a good beating that’s why she has softened the is one thing … a person who welcomes problems, how can it survive? Huh … what do we need to do… oh yes ….. I have not think of this as soon as possible
I need to become special (servant) of the new wife huh … it is my own benefit Let’s see
what happens … I shall get my work complete now, have to get on new work… Let’s go … it’s done
That’s it what have you done? what could I have done? huh… where is the wisdom, in asking her to come home? you are taking Ahaan’s mistake revenge, by hurting yourself mother, I have been hurt so much that
I have become immune to pain *Sigh*
even now, nothing has gone wrong I was talking to Ahaan.. he could have left her would not have left… that girl is very clever she is so clever that, she made me a fool in front of myself
on her name she is pretending to be be helpless in front of him and me? and I am the one, who insulted her at her place
in front of her family we have saved her I have just made her ended up to the brink of death that’s all ok, but ….
what will you get in return for calling her in the house? if they would have live somewhere else then Ahaan would have distributed into two houses instead of one presently she has just snatched my husband from me if some days have passed too, she would have snatched
Hashir’s father from Hashir I will not let this happen she will stay here …
in front of my eyes … probably, by this excuse only … I … I may be able to remove the blindfold from Ahaan’s eyes its my prayer … that, you can remove the blindfold from Ahaan’s eyes but … the path you have chosen… have darkness only I will pray, from a mother’s status that, may at god’s will
your home(marriage) remain safe I had told you, that his brother came at our house I thought, he has come to take Kinza you have told me the same yes … But … I got surprised, when Kinza called me in her room…
And … and asked me to bring you home I am also quite surprised … why are you surprised? you should be happy … I had never thought, that all 3 of us can live together in the house by the way … Kinza has given a very big sacrifice I really appreciate this … there is something, that is not making any sense what does it mean? that she is very nice … she has given a very big sacrifice do you have any problem? are you happy? very much then ok … my all problem’s solution is your happiness as far as you are happy, I don’t have any problem Shireen! I want to tell you one more thing yes … be ready to face all sort of circumstances in the house what does it mean? Means … may be you will not get a good welcome and … may be people will not talk to you for some days may be I will not be able to help you also but you need to have patience for some days I know … you dont worry … I will not give chance to anyone for any complain
not even to you Thank you! *door bang noise* Mother…Umm … She …
no need for introduction, I know who she is I do not want to keep any relation with her
not even of Hi or Hello I’m sorry I had told you, that you will not get any warm welcome here it’s ok Let’s go! *Greetings*
younger madam *greetings* madam, I am a little maid here I do all house chores Umm… such poor person like me, does not have any relevance with rich people’s matter but if you have any problem, do let me know
I am always there she is Zareena
maid here Zareena! take out her stuff from the car, and keep in the room yes … yes … Sir!
let me bring it now! madam, you go and rest well, let me bring your stuff to you in the room alright … how do you find it? very … very nice the house … as well as people people? …
you like the people of my house yes … people of the house are very nice their reaction is just temporary only as the time will pass, everything will become normal
as per God’s will your biggest quality it is … you find happiness in worse times ever the day you have entered in my life
I don’t see anything bad thank you ! why? I had never hoped that you will let Shireen come to home you shall not hope because when a hope is broken, a person gets shattered by the way, you must have felt happy on breaking of this hope *sigh* Kinza, my circumstances does not allow me to be happy I feel shame… and I am also feeling guilty furthermore, I think whatever I have done
it is not that bad if I would not have married to Shireen
she would have not been alive today whatever I felt is right in those circumstances, I did you men just have this threat only? for doing second marriage second, third, fourth but you know Ahaan … the god has not allowed man
to get married for the fifth time because men are like that
you know that you will not be able to do justice and do not blame the circumstances you are looking bad and
will also look weak to me look at me! many years I had loved you I keep on trying, so that you stay mine if ever a girl would have stared you, i use to leave her, and
get angry with you because, there was not my right on someone else you were the only one now, not anymore I am still yours you ‘WERE” mine not anymore you have hurt me a lot Ahaan I am surprised on myself I am bearing it
but will never forget it Mother…Umm … She …
no need for introduction, I know who she is I do not want to keep any relation with her
not even of Hi or Hello where are you going? yes ? I have asked… where are you going? Office … i guess you are forgetting, that you are married now this house is your office you are Ahaan’s wife the office in which he goes, you cannot go there fulfill responsibilities as his wife in this office you need to work for 24 hours I believe, you are very late now here work does not wait for anyone
it increases it is better to start from kitchen how do you find your new office? yes … I have not come here on my will I know that, you have not come to this house by your own will nor even in this kitchen you have come by your own will and it is very important for you to know that
whatever will happen in future that too will not happen by your own will what do you mean by this? it means that, you have entered in our lives with your own will
and planning but now, nothing as such will happen
as you have planned I only want good for all of you you have already think much good… (Sarcastic) now there should be good for you too what were you thinking? you will become Ahaan’s wife every morning you will go with him to office
while sitting on the front seat … and when you will return…
all chores would have been done already No … I have not think like that … I am very much aware of your thinking you have become Ahaan’s wife … then
act like his wife do his work take care of his house and I know that,girls like you when take care of the house for two days
all their dreams go in vain you have become wife from girlfriend really fast … welcome to reality! look, the data is running ahead but the is problem in batch running I think! these coding of algorithms have problem what do you think? hm … coding is right …. so what shall be done of this coding? Ahaan! what is the problem? to whom? to you? whom else… I have been asking six times, what to do with this coding? and you are doing hmm … Umhmm… Buddy… Shireen is already home you have taken her home? I have taken her, but she was called in by Kinza Kinza has called her? why would Kinza call Shireen home? that’s what I’m not getting who does this? and if one does this… what does she wants? there remains irritated with me she has called Shireen in the house
but my brain is spinning it’s the beginning my brother
see what will happen ahead you are kidding… yes, It will be a joke for me you cannot understand that why Kinza has called Shireen in the house? anyways… the day since Shireen has entered your life
you do not understand Kinza’s words whenever I have told you anything, you have always
increased my problems anyways… staff outside were saying that sir has newly got married so arrange a dinner … and Shireen is not here … so they were asking me to ask you no dinner at all .. here my breath is stuck, and you guys are after dinner who makes such idiotic plan? Uhmm …. *greetings* SHE is in her room can she come outside to have food? she does not have to eat with my mouth so no need to ask me as well she cannot eat here
make her plate and give inside why mother? why she cannot come outside? I cannot accept her staying here because of her my hunger has gone … and due to whom my hunger has gone, cannot sit and eat here
do you understand? she had called, she is not well.. that’s why I came
Oh ,,, ok so in a day she got unwell too she has made you eat Owl’s meat, to you and to Kinza that’s why she is here today that’s good that you have informed that you are here to
have with her her, rather than us no, I came to eat with you guys but, since I am here.. so I thought to meet her mother is no more hungry, and I have already eaten food also… don’t tell a lie
you get caught easily so tell me…what you did all day?
went to school? what did you learn? Oh!… you … why did you come from office? you said that you are not well… oh yes… just a little headache … But … so you came from office? furthermore it was a lunch break, and …to be honest
I was bit worried what worry? …
come here… sit *sigh* what happened? umm, actually, Kinza attitude is so weird so I don’t know how she must be treating you while I am not here I know you will not tell me anything then I think that
you are paying a lot because of marrying me you please do not worry from my side I am not worried from your side, but from Kinza’s side relax from Kinza’s side too she is not illhearted she does say somethings in anger…
but she will be alright did she say anything to you? No..Ahaan … presently she is is pain also she has not said anything so big, that I’m unable to handle
give her some time I don’t know what does she want?, if she wanted to behave like this
then why did she asked to bring you here? Ahaan … you had food? no…
nor I have and I am feeling very hungry
will you eat with me? as I am not allowed at the dining table Kinza is out of her mind … that girl’s mother has cast some spell, that is why
she has directly entered the house God knows what kind of magic they have done? mother! have food
Alright… you go .. *door knocks* are you angry? how does it matter to you, from my anger you have asked your husband’s second wife to stay with us
my desire is to throw her out of the house also i can do this, I do not care about Ahaan because of you only, I have stopped mother she not like old times girl … the path she has followed and forced Ahaan to do nikkah (marriage)
we can never understand that and whatever you are doing, that also I am unable to understand
you are also doing nothing than increasing my blood pressure mother, I slapped that girl
I screamed at her, and her parents they got insulted in whole neighborhood, but I am unable to understand that
for that kind of girl, respect is just a word only then my daughter, why did you called her in the house for burning your heart… mother she has not done marriage with Ahaan due to love she had to get this whole house, office, luxuries etc associated to Ahaan if she would not have come here, then the way she has reached Ahaan the same way she must has used Ahaan to reach to her purpose nikkah (marriage) is already done
you and me cannot change anything but to stop her, has become very important how? god only gives prejudice to wife over husband when … a wife becomes husband’s hands, feet and eyes without making him realize do all his work, which he doesn’t like to do himself a wife makes jewel, of each responsibility associated to a husband and this girl, will never do this … she loves her freedom lot, and I am only giving her the burden given in the name of nikkah (marriage) and if you get angry with me?
then how will I do this, mother? daughter, I am with you have food, it is getting cold and yes Madam … she was saying
she loves her freedom … and was also saying that she is a wandering girl
and I will get her in the jail and the cuffs she had got in Ahaan’s nikkah (marriage), that I am making her to wear
and also …. yesI am doing … and also said …
I will Ahaan mine I only need your support … and then ? then … then they said … we will throw her out of the house then they were talking with each other, regarding some acid etc… I could … I could not hear that, and my heart was distressed
so I came to you you know… madam .. I am telling you the truth
your life is in danger Zareena …
Yes …Yes Um … you know… pass me water
… what I do in Ahaan’s office? ye .. Umm…. Yes … there are words written on paper, I take out extra stuff from it & convey the
important matter to Ahaan and other bosses i did not understand madam … the things that you have just told me
and the extra’s that you made up, I have seen them clearly next time, whenever you tell me anything, just stay on point
straight! … alright? ok … its done …
you go Thank you! shall I pick them later?
Hmm … go get off my bed .. get off,I also want to watch cartoon
shut up! no need to watch, get off *maid scolding child* go from here .. what is happening here? Uh .. Uh … madam …
I understood everything next time if you sit on Hashir’s bed, then I won’t spare you … give it to me
go yes
go … go from here come here sit with me …
sit …. take this … put your favorite cartoon wow .. this is my favorite cartoon do you watch cartoon?
yes .. why not? this is very funny, her mom is so funny elders don’t watch cartoon … those adults are boring .. I am a cool one turn up the volume of this no the sound will go in mamma’s room
she will scold me alright .. let’s do one thing then … we will close the door, then the sound will not go Hashir … son Hashir, get ready for tuition … Hashir … *laughs* I cannot … cannot play … Hashir … close the game
it’s time for tuition no mamma, I am enjoying a lot, aunty is playing very well
I have asked you to close the game, right now Now!! let him play,as he is being stubborn pick up the bag,go downstairs … I;m coming he is a kid, he does not understand that what games to you play very well but I am not a kid, I understand everything
stay away from him you are getting me wrong.. I’m just
I am the only one who had understood you correctly but I regret that Ahaan could not understand, but he will by the time I know that you don’t like me … but …
whatever has happened, happened due to unfavorable circumstances don’t like … ?
I cannot even tolerate your face remember that I made you come to this house
and without my permission you cannot do anything so no need to fly so high …. do you understand? Hashir, today onward you will not get free with aunty
do you understand? why mamma? … but she is very nice my dear, when I said no … it means no but why ? my dear, its is not important to tell you everything today onward, you will not go to her
nor you will call her, alright? ok Mamma … look son, some people are there, who looks good at face
but in the long run they can hurt you and mamma doesn’t want that someone could hurt Hashir ever you are mamma’s life … ok mamma ….
good boy!


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