Beyond My Wildest Dreams – The Little Mermaid

Oh, just look it’s like I’m in a story book Oh, it’s bliss! I dreamed that it would be somewhat But – not – like – this! Look over there! Oh my god! How very odd and what might they be? Something splendid maybe?! OOH! Look over here, could you bust? Isn’t just bedazzling, dazing, utterly amazing?! gazing ’round it’s like to die! Just seeing it feels so good, I’d SCREAM – if I only could.. I hoped and wished and wanted so to be here Wished and prayed and planned it to a ‘T’ prayed and wow just look it’s really me here walking around, strange as it seems Somewhere beyond my wildest dreams! Look at her there, Looking ’round won’t make a sound Just keeps on gawking, weird how she’s not talking Look at her stare, lucky miss chosen like this to stay for dinner What does he see in her? Hush, now girls she’s simply shy Hmph! Just picture the table chat One sided if even that! I hoped and wished and wondered what I’d do here Wished and prayed and pictured what I’d see prayed and wow my prayers are coming true here look at it all look how it GLEAMS lovely beyond my wildest dreams Look, it’s him so handsome and refined and slim sweet, sincere magnificent from head to toe and oh, I hoped and wished my life would feel enchanted wished and prayed the fates would hear my plea prayed and wow, my prayers are more than granted look at it all, hall after hall perfect as you could please here marvels galore and even more Gee, did I mention he’s here!! and if who knows, all of it goes passed even these extremes just look at me and you will see someone beyond her wildest dreams!


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