Bhakti (2017) – 5 minute Malayalam Short film | Darshana Sivadas | Neena Kurup

God, watch over me Here. Come for the evening Pooja Oh, look who it is. It’s been a while, Amritha I’m not here anymore. I’m studying in Kozhikode Ah, your mother has told me Her exams are coming up. Can you please bless this pen? Yes, of course Pray well Hey Indu Oh, hi Amritha. Are your studies over? No it hasn’t. Her final year exams are going on So it’s time to register in all of the matrimonial websites. Yeah, let’s see She’s not serious, Aunty I came to make him do the Shayanapradarshanam. I’ll see you later. What is up with everyone and marriage? Just because you and your father aren’t interested doesn’t mean everyone else won’t as well. I don’t want to get married any time soon. You better not have any Christian boys in mind. Ow, that hurt. It was meant to hurt. I’ll just go to that shop and be right back. Give me those car keys then. Hey, do you have Agarbathi? Agarbathi? Here you go. Not this one. Don’t you have the Jasmine scented ones that come in a green box? Hey, what is it that you want? Those Jasmine scented agarbathis that come in a green box. That was right here. Wait just a moment, I’ll go get it Okay Dude, check her out Come on! Let’s go. Just a minute, I’m coming. Aren’t these the ones you want? Ah yeah. Just pack this up for her. Are you just eating now? I just got back home. Oh really? What took you so long? Mom had to finish all the prayers and rituals, right? Just blame it all on me now. Eating by yourself now, aren’t you? Here, have a bite. Thank you! Sit down here and eat some more No, I don’t want anything right now. You don’t ever eat anything anyway. Amritha, take this pen as well. Do you want coffee or something? I don’t want anything. I have a lot to study. Just please don’t disturb me. Okay. Ajith, did they bring over the gas? No they haven’t come.


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