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‘You aren’t coming to the party tomorrow?’
– Don’t you know, tomorrow is our anniversary. I’m going to be meeting Chaitu’s dad tomorrow.
Big day tomorrow, so I might aswell hit the bed now. ‘What? You’re going to bed this early?’ Bharat, pass on your files to Jaythri.
She’ll give the presentation tomorrow. Jaythri! Planning for your anniversary tomorrow?
– H-How do you know, sir? Come on, Jaythri, I know everything.
You aren’t taking a leave tomorrow? W-Well, I wanted to talk to you about that.
– Sure, take an off. – Thank you, sir. But only if you give this presentation
tomorrow at 10:30AM. But, sir..
– You don’t have any other option, do you? Jaythri, I booked tickets for the noon show.
– ‘But I’ve a meeting.’ – What? ‘Don’t worry. I’ll do something about it.’
– Are you sure you’ll come? – ‘Yeah, sure.’ Chaitu, take me to some coffee shop.
I badly need a coffee right now. Beautiful! But our anniversary is tomorrow.
– I want us to get married by our next anniversary. So, I told my dad about us.
– What! – He’s leaving for the US. If I don’t tell him now, it might be late.
He says he wants to meet you tomorrow. Let’s meet at our favorite coffee shop tomorrow.
Please, wear this dress and come. Does that mean your dad
will like any girl who’ll wear this dress? Please, do it for me.
– Alright. Do get it altered if you want but please wear it.
– Yeah, fine. You want a coffee now?
– Yeah. I need this dress altered by tomorrow afternoon.
– It’ll be done by tomorrow morning. Please, do. This dress is very important.
– Sure, don’t worry, ma’am. To do all these, I need to get up by 6AM.
So, I need to set my alarm for 5AM. It is 11PM already? Shit! It is 10:30 already!
Shit! There is no power? I don’t find ironed clothes
when I need them. Phone isn’t charged enough. There is no reception too. 10 minutes away?
I’ll book another one. ‘Where are you, Jaythri?’
– I’m on my way. – ‘Quick! Clients are here.’ Yes, Chaitu? – You’re at work?
– Yeah. – You should’ve taken a full day off. I wanted to but there is this important meeting.
– Alright. Did you collect the dress? I will after the meeting is done. Okay, the cab is here!
– Cab? – I mean the clients have arrived in a cab. Where is this woman?
– It is late already. – She’ll be here in 5 minutes. The meeting is at 10:30AM and you arrive at 11:30AM?
Also, is this how you dress for a meeting? This shows how dedicated you are.
– I can explain, but now isn’t the time. Let’s begin now. Please, be seated.
– It is alright, I’ll take the other chair. Please, take this seat.
– You’re their boss, so you should sit here. This seat will give you the best view of the presentation.
– Someone, take that seat. With that, I conclude the presentation.
– She is the most dedicated and efficient coder we have. ‘He is at the theatre already?
I’m coming, Chaitu. Give me some time.’ Is there any problem?
– Actually, I wanted to.. Pardon me, I’ve to take this call.
– No! – What? Please, take the call.
Jaythri, what is your problem? Sir, I told you, I’ve to go to a movie.
– What movie? He is going to take all day. Give me your bike keys.
– I’m out of fuel. But you can drive it till the gas station.
– Jaythri, wait! Where are you going? Susheela, I was at a meeting.
Why do you suspect me so much? Believe me, I’m at a meeting.
I should take a photo of the meeting as proof? What a stupid bike.
– Self start won’t work. Kick start it. You should’ve told me before hand you weren’t coming.
– No, Chaitu, the clients arrived so late. You should’ve informed me. Where are you now?
– I’m starting now. – To watch the movie’s climax? Forget it, we’ll meet dad in the evening.
– Alright. – Did you collect your dress? I’m heading there now.
– Alright. Get some rest before coming to meet to dad. Chaitu, I’m really sorry.
– Oh, forget it! But be on time to meet dad. I’ll call the tailor.
Switched off? Please, no!
Don’t run out of fuel already! No! That idiot said there is enough fuel
to reach the gas station. You said I could drive it till the gas station.
– You couldn’t? – I couldn’t even drive it past the street. Hell with you and your bike..
– Instead of kicking it, take it to the closest bunk. It is hardly a kilometer away.
– You know what, I’m ditching your bike right here. I’m leaving the keys to it. Come and collect it
before it gets stolen. I’ll book a ride. 10 minutes away?
What is wrong with today? Could you drive a little faster?
– I shouldn’t according to the rules, ma’am. Speed thrills, but it kills.
– If you don’t drive fast, I will kill you anyway. Could you please pull over for a minute?
– But you wanted me to drive fast? – Please.. Yes, Chaitu?
– Where are you? Dad and I will be there in 15 minutes. I’m at the tailor. I just tried that dress.
It fits so well! – Really? I’ll be there in 20 minutes.
– Sure, but hurry up. Dad can spend only 30 minutes with us. Drive on. Get me some water. Where is your master?
– He took an off. – What! Why? He is down with fever.
– What the hell! Is my dress ready? That blue dress?
– Yeah! – I don’t know. Ma’am, are you alright?
– No, I’m not. Ma’am, the traffic today is horrible.
– My life seems even more horrible. Shit!
The water heater! ‘How did your date go?
What’s the matter?’ Today was the worst day of my life.
My time is so bad. What do you mean? Who are you?
– I’m time. – You are time? Listen to my heart beat if you want.
I’m not as bad as you say. Yes you are bad.
I could do none of what I wanted to do. Blame yourself for that, not me.
Remember this. I’m the same for you and for everyone,
including that women in that wallpaper. It isn’t like luck is with you
or luck isn’t with you. Stop crying. I’m giving you another chance.
Wake up when the alarm rings. It is the alarm, get up now!
You won’t? It is only 7AM. Thank God it was only a dream.
But sometimes, this bad dream would be reality. So comment and share if you ever felt your time is bad.
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