Bharaate | Theatrical Trailer | Sriimurali | Sree Leela | Chethan Kumar | Arjun Janya | Suprith

Ayurveda is for the
emancipation of everyone. God will provide enough
strength to protect oneself. He might give some more strength
to protect their families. But he blesses only few with powers to protect
the whole society. Check out for mass. Check out for class. He is a powerful weapon. You killed one monster. But you saved a bigger one. Who are you? A Radha will enter your life. If I don’t see you everyday my blood depletes completely. These plants have more medicinal
value than man made ones. Our nature itself is
a great pharmacy. You have studied our knowledge
to benefit our people! They conduct Swayamvara for me.
– Swayamvara! He came like a charming prince to free me from my fears. I thought you were a Buddha. But you are Krishna. Harbinger
of Kurukshetra war. Only now have I realised that
this house considers me a joker. Bharabarabara Bharate. Babababab Bharate. Bharabarabara Bharate. Show me your Bharate (clout). He should be tortured to death. His blood stains should not
be wiped off for centuries. If we hit one pawn all
heads should roll. What you witnessed till
now was wrestling. Now there will be a bloody war. Raise. I have fallen a lot and
have risen each time. Festivals and battles are my charatcer traits. Forget me saluting you darling. I tap my lap and I challenge you. This is an invincible force of love and revenge.


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