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We can go to Mr. Ram Murthy’s
house later on. – Ok. Brother, there marriage
ceremony in.. …Sir Bhupatayya’s house.
All of your must be there. Here’s the wedding card.
The marriage ceremony.. Is between 6 and 7 in the morning. All of you must come and
bless the newlyweds. Let’s go. There are a lot of
wedding cards to distribute. What’s the matter, brother!
They are saying that.. …the marriage will take
place tomorrow morning.. …and they are distributing
the wedding cards now? The bridegroom is coming out
of the jail today itself. That’s why they arranged
the marriage so fast. He’s coming out of the jail?
– ‘Yes, he is coming out of jail.’ ‘But no one treats him
like a murderer.’ ‘They are treating him
like a bridegroom.’ ‘They say you have got
rage if you eat salt.” ‘And he’s the one who was born
on the soil of Bheemili..’ ‘..that produces salt, and made
rage his middle name..’ ‘..lived up to the name
of Shimhadri Appanna..’ ‘..and got stuck in the war
between two dynasties.” ‘..and tried to revive the ties
between the two families..’ ‘Today his family, his villagers
and all his friends..’ ‘..are waiting for his return.
But who is Bharani?’ Bharani! Bharani! Come back. Come
back. – Bharani! Come back! Brother, they are here. Hey, Bharani’s here. What’s the matter, guard!
What’s going on over here! A fight between some goons. That’s why I say the brakes
of a train should.. …be under one person’s control. You start the train.
– ok. How dare you to raise your voice
against my uncle! You.. You carry on with your work! Why did you beat him?
Why did you get angry? One acquires rage
when one eats salt. But those who are into
salt-business.. …shouldn’t take decisions
in the fit of rage. At what price do you sell
a truck full of sand? For 4,000 rupees, brother.
– And a truck full of salt? Brother, it’s like..
– Tell me the price. It’s between 2,500 to 3,000 rupees. We are selling salt
cheaper than sand. We are into such a small business. We can’t afford to get angry. Control
your emotions. Alright, brother. How long will you take to load it?
Do it fast! Basavayya. – Sir. I asked you to shift that load
to another field. Haven’t you done it yet? I am reading
the degree. It isn’t ripe yet. You are reading it with
the degree machine? Can’t you read it with
the heat of the sun? If we don’t shift it now the
water will evaporate.. …and the salt will
become rock-hard.. …and we will have to
break it with hammers. Srinivas Bhupati.
– Yes, uncle. Your nephew is bashing
up the Errababu gang.. …near the railway track. Are you a human being? You get involved in any and
every fight in the village.. …and bash up everyone and bring
those fights to home.. …and then you eat so shamelessly.. …In the middle of the house. Granny, shift all the
items to the terrace. I will have my lunch there.
– It’s too hot there. Yes, I’ll eat there. Mother can’t
see me having lunch here. Don’t mind her.
– And then he shows attitude. All the times he goes
to Vishakhapatnam.. …or Vijayanagaram and fights
with people there.. …and waits for people outside
college-gates and roams with.. …those useless fellows.
That’s all he does. Mother! What will you do
if someone talks badly.. …about your brother? I will bash him up with
a grinding log. I too bashed him up
with a grinding log. If someone raises his
voice against uncle.. …I will bash him up and if
required I’ll kill him. Do you know what he said that day?
– What did he say! And when did he say? Uncle, he raised his
voice against you.. …In Krishnapuram Panchayat. I planned to bash him
up that day itself. He escaped to Behrampur
and hid there. He returned today itself. That’s
why I taught him a lesson today. When someone gets angry,
he is in that state.. …for half an hour or an hour,
but how can you.. …beat him after two months. I
told him a number of times.. …to control his anger, but
why would he listen to me! I wonder when he will mend his ways.
He was born in Bharani-star. He will rule this world. You are right. He was born under
the reign Bharani-star.. …and that’s why we named
him Bharani Prasad. But do you know what the people
of this town call him? Chaddodu(Bad man)! And I heard that he feels proud
to be called like that. When he wants money he steals
it from the cash-box. And when he has got too much money.. …he goes to the pure-water
island to get drunk. He doesn’t go there to get drunk,
but I’m the one.. …who send him there to
get me some pure water. Are you kidding me! Mother,
ask him to join me.. …and to help me out
in my salt business. Mahatma Gandhi said that
preparing salt is wrong. He just said that paying tax for
the salt is not permissible. Granny, call Bad man. Dear! The dust-bin is calling you.
– Coming! What! Dust-bin! What’s that, mother? You heard it right. They have
given each other names like.. …Bad man, Dust-bin, Fatso,
Sissy, Scarecrow, Maddy.. They call each other with
these names with fondness. They have given you a name
as well. Do you know that? Yes, I know that. Salt Srinivas. SS! Happy? Go. Good morning Where is he?
– He’s playing cards in PPMP godown. Let’s go! “I belong to a town with
self-esteem and my name is Bad man.” “I don’t care whoever
I am pitted against.” “I am born in Bharani-star. I am a
warrior. I fight for others’ welfare.” “Fighter is my middle name. Pride
is a part of my life.” “I belong to a town with self-esteem
and my name is Bad man.” “I don’t care whoever
I am pitted against.” “I stay awake at night and
I go to bed at morning.” “I join hands with justice
and I fight the evil.” “I bring the sky down to earth.” “No one when stop me when
there is a fight.” “No one is coward in this town.
We are not afraid of anyone.” “I belong to a town with self-esteem
and my name is Bad man.” “I don’t care whoever
I am pitted against.” “if the gates are closed
we jump the walls.” “When we see a locker
we treat as an ATM.” “We sign the checks and
withdraw the cash..” “..and when someone catches
us we act innocent.” “I never have dearth of money.” “I have some sort of magnetism.” “I belong to a town with self-esteem
and my name is Bad man.” “I don’t care whoever
I am pitted against.” “Fighter is my middle name.
Pride is a part of my life.” My sweetheart! He can’t
stay hungry for too long. Muthu! Muthu! Come here. Come and have meals! Granny loves me so much.
She’s wants to feed me.. …with her own hands. Yes,
granny. I am ready. Muthu!
– Granny, I am here. My Muthu is here. Come here,
darling. Come here. I didn’t call you. I
was calling my Muthu. Have it, dear. Have it. You named that dog after
me only to insult me. You scold me when you
should scold him. And you praise him when
you should praise me. Wait a minute! You insulted me. I will contest in the elections
from Bheemli constituency.. …and become an MLA.
– What! You’ll become an MLA? You heard it right.
I will become MLA. Have you ever seen your
face in the mirror! After I become an MLA and
after I become a minister.. Don’t shout like that. My
sweetheart is having lunch. You dog!
– What a pity! They are treating humans like
dogs and dogs like humans. Now I can’t stay here anymore. Granny, I am leaving. Granny, leave me. You shower
love only once in a while.. …like BSNL signal. Leave
me. Let me go, granny. It’s a nail? Granny doesn’t love me as
much as this nail does. You dog, to be honest I should
first bash you up.. …and then drop you in
Vizag mental asylum.. …but the Blue Cross people
scare the hell out of me. Who’s that? Who laid the fence
in the middle of the path? The PVS company has done this. They did it intentionally
to put you in trouble. Veernaidu’s men came here
and laid the fence. When we asked them why they
are laying the fence.. …they said that they are doing
it to protect their place. All the lorries are
filled with the load. We need to get them into the
ships by tomorrow night. What shall we do now?
– Our fellow businessmen.. …came here and saw this and
said that we must solve.. …this matter tomorrow
in the meeting. Brother, the PVS Group is coming. Sorry, ma’am.
– Be careful! That’s Shakuntala Devi’s style.
Slapping the servant in public. What’s the matter! He’s
bringing his sister.. …to the meeting? Look, your land is just four acres.. …but there is 450 acres that
belongs to others. – Right. If you lay the fence in the middle.. …how can others take their
trucks out of this place? Ask them to shift their
trucks in flight. Or ask the ships at the harbor
to come to your place.. …to get loaded. Is that your final decision?
– When Appala Naidu.. …or his children take a decision
no one can change it. Did you get me! – I don’t want
to hear it from a nobody. Lay the fence. Brother-in-law, what’s going on! We are laying the fence
for our safety? But that’s Sundaram Murthy’s place. Sir bought those three acres
from me last evening itself. Now only with my permission
can the three of you.. …leave this place from that path. Then how can we get out of here?
– You can hire a flight. That’s called tit for tat. Srinivasa Bhupati, do
you know whom you are.. …messing with? – Do you know
whom you are messing with? Don’t forget that you
came to this town.. …In search of a living
20 years ago. But 70 years ago people used
to take salt on donkeys.. …to sell it in market. There was
no concrete road at that time. Then my father got 24 feet
road for transportation. At that time people used
to trust each other. That’s why it wasn’t
written on any paper. We don’t need that hear that
lecture. – If you keep on.. …talking like that none of will
you leave this place alive. Do you think we don’t know
how to kill people! Take out the swords.
– Stop it! Only if you get that fence removed.. …Srinivasa Bhupati will
get this fence removed. That’s our final decision.
– Not just that, but all of you.. …will have to sign papers in
order to get rid of that fence. What are you silent! Let’s
kill them. – What rubbish! How long will we have to wait
to see them start fighting! Whatever you might say
we won’t accept that. Mrs. Shakuntala Devi has escaped. Nonsense! Start the car. Brother, greetings. It’s me. Srinivasa Bhupati’s nephew. If you keep on fighting with my
uncle.. – What will you do? I will sharpen the knife
and stab you in stomach.. …and kill you and then
I will go to jail. Then my uncle will get me on bail
and then I will come home. But the problem is that you won’t
be alive to see all that. Goodbye. – Brother-in-law,
no! Control yourself! He’s a scoundrel. That day
his uncle messed with me. And today he’s saying
that he will kill me. I won’t leave him. I won’t
leave him alive. Scoundrels, all of them
have joined hands. All of them are Bhupati’s pets.
– Who joined hands! Kamesham, why didn’t you
bash up one of them.. …and intensified the issue?
We could’ve seen.. …what happened later. I have
always been victorious. How dare is he to say that I
came to Bheemili for alms! I am from Bobbili. Did you forget
that I am a devotee of.. …lord Venu Gopala
and to Mother Kali. Shakuntala, you have
such legal acumen. Why did you leave him!
– No, father. He has registered that land
on his name legally. That’s why I couldn’t say anything. How dare is he to mess with me! How dare is he to mess
with Appala Naidu! I will show him what I can do. Muthu, what will you do
after you become an MLA? That’s a good question, Bharani. First of all I will arrange for a
beach in the middle of our town. How will you bring a
beach to our town! First of all I will bring
the sand on lorries.. …and put it in the middle of the
town and then I’ll pour water in it. And then I will arrange
some benches over there.. …and invite some couples
over there.. …and it will become
a beach. – And then? I will remove the nearby tea shop
and turn it into a star hotel. What!
– And I will give food for free. Not only that, but I will
also make arrangements.. …to supply tea, coffee, brandy,
whiskey from a common tap. We can drink anything
anytime we want. How will you get all these
things from a common tap! You fool, aren’t you getting 64
channels from a common wire! Similarly you will get all these
things from a common tap. I will also sanction funds
to R&D to transform. …water into cold-drinks,
cold-drinks into alcohol.. And then I will get the water
of the rivers exchanged. And I will bring lots of water
to Bheemili as well. – You! Give me the keys. Bhanu. Stop! Stop! Oh God! The bike’s gone! What are you staring at! Jump! Jump! Come, let’s go.
– Hey, stop! You destroyed my bike
and you want to flee. Are you blind or what!
– She doesn’t know riding bikes. What! She doesn’t know
how to ride bikes. You mean she doesn’t have a license? Hey, call the police.
– Police? Sorry! Sorry? Your apologies
won’t get me my bike. Hey, see what the extent
of the damage is! The salt water entered the engine. Now this bike is good for nothing. What are you saying!
– The engine ceases.. …If you throw a few sugar
grains in the tank. And now you sank the engine
in the salt water. It’s completely destroyed.
– You are saying that.. …the salt water destroyed
your bike? Your friends jumped
into that salt water. The ship is also there
in the salt water. Why didn’t the water destroy it? Hey, what rubbish are
you talking! I will.. I never saw you in this town
before. Where are you from? My name is Valli. I
am from Simhachalam. I came to my friend’s place.
– So you came here.. …from Simhachalam
to destroy my bike. Muthu! – Yes, Bharani.
– You didn’t tell me.. …how much it will cost
me to repair the bike. It might cost at least 10.
– Here is your ten rupees. You are charging a bit too much. Hey, he said 10 thousand and
you are giving me 10 rupees? Hey, keep her bike aside. That’s her bike. I will give you
that money in a couple of days. And you want me to believe that.
Give me your address. No. No. My mom will kill me
if you come to my home. I am studying in Aditya
college in Simhachalam. You can ask for Valli
to anyone over there. If I don’t get my money
back in two days.. …I will come to your college
and create a scene over there. Did you get me?
– Alright. I shall go now. And by the way, what is your name?
– Bad man. So you too fell in water. Ok, dude. Goodbye.
– ok, bye. Dear, your brother taking
good care of you. But why don’t you visit your
in-laws’ place once in a while! Father-in-law, don’t take his name. I feel so angry even
if I think of him. Don’t blame him. I’m the one
who wrote his horoscope. He’s one in million.
– Really! You wrote that he will kill others
or someone will kill him. That’s what you wrote, didn’t you? Who can kill Bharani, grandpa!
He’s a dangerous fellow. He can kill anyone.
– Bharani, your shirt is shining. Is it a new one?
– This one, uncle? I bought it in Poti’s.
– Ask him where is that shop. In Madras’ Poti’s, grandpa.
– For a 1,000 rupees’ shirt.. …we went there on flight
spending 10,000 rupees. For fish 1,000 rupees we go on a
ship worth one lakh, don’t we? This is also same.
– You are also right. You can spend your father’s
money in any way you want. Here’s the harvest’s money,
dear. Goodbye. – Mummy! Mummy, it’s my father’s money.
Give it to me, mother. Give it to me.
– Aunty, give that money to me. I will keep that money in locker
and Muthu and I will guard it. What?
– Oh God! Like you stole 2,000 coconuts
and earned 8,000 rupees. What, uncle! I stole the coconuts? Bharani, I can’t bear such
accusations. – Shut up! It will destroy my political
ambitions. – No! Lord Vinayaka, sir always
doubts me. – No. I swear on this silver Vinayaka.. Oh God!
– Mother, how can this happen! The silver statue has broken. But how can a silver statue
break, brother! How? What happened? Tell me! No, uncle.
– Don’t tell anything. Six months ago I needed
the silver Vinayaka.. …and I feared that
you might get upset.. …If find out that we sold
it, so Bharani and I.. …give silver coating to the
Vinayaka made of clay. Mother, both of them are rascals. They can’t stay here.
Ask them to leave. Where will we go, granny!
– Go anywhere you wish. If you wish you can
go to our farmhouse” …and relax on the bed. You can
go to the Lakshmi talkies.. …and watch all the three shows
and return home for dinner. This is your punishment for
stealing silver Vinayaka. Escape fast.
– Did you saw her! She doesn’t want me to scold him. And that’s why she is punishing him? That’s why he is getting spoilt. Why are you laughing! Muthu, how did you steal
2,000 coconuts.. …without my knowledge, and
I couldn’t even find it then. You are really a very
talented fellow. Bharani gave me that idea. He said that if we remove
two coconuts per tree.. …uncle can’t find it out
and I climbed the tree.. …and plucked those coconuts. I’ll kill you, rascal! Bharani said that we will get
profit if we pluck coconuts.. …but he slapped me for that. What happened! That girl from
Simhachalam said that.. …she will pay the money
within two days. Why didn’t she come here yet? We washed the bike and it’s
perfectly fine now. How can you charge her with
10,000 rupees! – Is that so! Buddy, it seems that the PVS
group’s car is coming this way. What does she want? How dare you to snap at me! What’s the route to house
where there is a marriage! It’s.. – Give the instructions
to the driver. So she won’t even hear the address. LOOK.
– YES. Go straight, turn left, and then
turn right and then turn right. You will find a temple over there.
In the fourth house.. …from the temple there’s
a marriage today. It’s a grand wedding. You will
find a lot of people there. Get down and go inside.
– ok, I’ll take care of that. Madam, it seems that everyone
is waiting for you. Sister, Mrs. Shakuntala
Devi’s car is here. O madam! O madam!
– Leave me. O madam!
– Leave our ma’am. Kalyanam, Mrs. Shakuntala
Devi is here. Open your eyes.
– Madam is trapped. Madam is here. Play the drums. Leave our madam. You too start dancing. Oh! Madam’s trapped there. I will not leave that
person who trapped me. You trusted me and got betrayed! You went to a funeral assuming
it to be a wedding. Hey, you!
– Tara. – Sitara. Pyara.
– Hira. – Anara. Wasn’t that sufficient? – Do you
know whom you are talking to! Yes, I know. You are the
famous businessman.. …Appala Naidu’s daughter
and Veera Naidu’s sister. Miss. Or Mrs. Shakuntala Devi. You are messing with me in
spite of knowing who I am? Yes, I am messing with
you because I know you. You snap at people and
when they come to you.. …your PA asks the route and your
driver notes the address. You are very arrogant.
– We asked the address of the.. …Kalyanam(wedding) house.
– And we too gave you.. …Kalyanam’s address.
– But we reached a funeral. The name of that person who
passed away is Kalyanam. Correct. – You heard it? Your
driver also agreed with me. Madam, they are creating a scene
intentionally. Let’s go. You are messing with me. I won’t
let you live in peace. Even I don’t let you live in peace.. …because I am bad man.
– I can see that. I will definitely
teach you a lesson. Madam, to take revenge you
will tell your brother.. …and send some goons to me, but
do you know what I will do! When you will be in public
to damage your reputation.. …I will say ‘Sakku, I like you’. And I will also say ‘I love you’. How would you feel then?
Won’t it ruin your life? What are you saying!
– Why? Should I say something.. …to you as well? Madam, let’s go.
– Please carry on. Why did you talk to her like that! We get into physical fights
only with men.. …and with such arrogant aunties
we’ve to talk like that. You have seen how she
fled from here.. …after hearing my warnings. From next time onwards whenever
she will see me.. …she will maintain
a large distance. Give me half kg sweets. Bharani, let’s have half kg sweets. Ok, now stop crying.
– Cover your faces with veils. But why?
– Bad man’s group might see us. Let them see.
– Listen to me. Cover your face. Hey, give us 6 teas and
then give me 300 rupees. What for? So that you
could have a drink? No, buddy. We need to
go to Simhachalam. We don’t have money for petrol.
That’s the reason. Are you going to the temple
in Simhachalam? – Not really. A girl said that she needs
money for her college fees. I too gave her 10,000 rupees
instantly as it was for her studies. She said that will return
that money in 4 days.. …but she didn’t come
to me since then. That’s why I am going to
her place for that money. We are born in a family that
is into salt business. Bharani loves studies. He loves
educated girls even more. Hello! Stop! Please come here. You left the change. Won’t you turn around?
– What are you saying! Muslim girls don’t show their
faces to outsiders, Bharani. Brother Muthu, thanks for that. You are most welcome.
I am at your service. Muthu, how did she know your name? You doubt everything.
I am the future MLA. How can the girls not know me! Run! Run away!
– What happened? This college’s principal’s
name is also Valli. They are chasing us to beat us. That girl fooled you. She must
be living a nearby village. Where will we search her
among so many villages? “Minapavaram. Musalnagar.
Nidurapam. Malkipuram. Alki beach. Gajuwaka. Siripuram.” “Maluguda. Asilmetta.
Bheemalipatnam. Jagadamba. Poorna Market. Sagarnagar.
Dhaba Garden. Sitamdara.” “Let’s lay the web for the bird and
catch that girl with green scarf.” “Let’s hunt her down.” “O Simhadri Appanna!
O Simhadri Appanna! What have got ourselves into!” “We can see the Goddess,
but we can’t see the path.” “What kind of a problem is this,
O Simhadri Appanna!” “We searched her in every lane,
in every nook and corner..” “..but we couldn’t find her.” “Is he chirpy? Does she
have dimples? Is she stout? Is she a movie-junkie?” “Is she slim? Does she
wear too much make-up?” “Does she have beautiful
eyes? Or is a tough cookie?” “She can’t be local. She can’t be
an outer. Is she a mix of both?” “Is he chirpy? Does
she have dimples? Is she stout?
Is she a movie-junkie?” “Is she slim? Does she wear
too much make-up? Does she have beautiful eyes?
Or is a tough cookie?” “O Simhadri Appanna!” “We saw each type of
girl from top to toe.” “We searched the entire Howrah
Mail that arrives in the morning.” “We laid a fence around the temple.” “She’s a laddoo, and I
am a shop in Poora market.” “if you don’t get change,
then break the jaws.” “I will teach her a
lesson if I get hold of her.” “Is she thin? Or is she fat?
Is she dumb? Or is she smart?” “Is she short? Is she bad? Does
she look like a torn shirt? Or does she look
like a rotten egg?” “O Simhadri Appanna!
O Simhadri Appanna! What have got ourselves into!” “We can see the Goddess,
but we can’t see the path.” “Hail lord Ganapati!
Hail lord Ganapati! Take lord Ganapati’s blessings.” “He will solve all your problems.” “Hail lord Ganapati!
Hail lord Ganapati!” “We troubled all the girls here.
We are putting ourselves in trouble.” “Our condition is like
the rice in the grinder..” “..we will become
noodles in no time.” “I wonder why God has made
girls so headstrong.” “The more we pamper them,
the more they trouble us.” “They are giving us a hard time.” “Is she hot-tempered?
Does she have cheek-bones? Is she worldly-wise?
Or is she without grace?” “Is she beautiful?
Is she like a flower? Does she have a tail?
Does she run like a horse?” “O Simhadri Appanna!
O Simhadri Appanna! What have got ourselves into!” “We can see the Goddess,
but we can’t see the path.” “We searched her in every lane,
in every nook and corner.. …but we couldn’t find her.” “Is he chirpy?
Does she have dimples? Is she stout?
Is she a movie-junkie?” “Is she slim? Does she
wear too much make-up? Does she have beautiful eyes?
Or is a tough cookie?” But there is no such
girl in this village. Don’t break the line.
Don’t break the line. Everyone will get it.
Don’t break the line. Madam, the bad man is here.
– What! Yes, madam. Bad man is here.
– What are you saying? The person who messed
with you that day. He’s looking at you.
– So you are doing charity? Wait a minute! I’ll tell you. Madam, he is also standing in
the line for holy offering. So what!
– Have you seen the movie ‘Guna’? Yes, so what? Madam, we should leave this place. Why are you so scared!
– In a scene in the movie ‘Guna’.. …a girl called Abhirami donates
the holy offering.. …and Kamal Hassan holds
her hand and kisses her. I fear he might kiss your
hands in the same way. He challenged her.
Did you forget it? You watch what I will do if
he does something like that. Alright. I am leaving. You
donate the rest. – Me? Madam has escaped. How can
I donate the offerings! What if he kisses my hands!
– Abhirami! Bharani, this is the
time for inunctions. If you stand in line for
the holy offerings.. …you will miss the real picture. They will offer prayers
in the temple at night. Girls from Bheemili are
about to come here. We can catch them then.
Come, let’s go. “Hail Rama! Recite his prayers.” “Hail Rama! Recite his prayers.” “Turn your heart into a temple
and see lord Rama in it.” “Turn your heart into a temple
and see lord Rama in it.” “Hail Krishna! Recite his prayers.” “Hail Krishna! Recite his prayers.” She’s there. She’s going.
Ask her for money. Bharani, go! Ask her for money. Oh God!
– I’ll kill you. The bike-party is here.
– Where is my money? How can I give you the money here? Come outside.
– You go there. I will come. Come here. So you
tried to betray us. Tell me what your name is.
– My name is Bhanu. Then why did you lie to me
that your name is Valli. Didn’t you tell the lyenger
Bakery’s owner.. …that you lent me money
for my studies? How did you know that!
– Brother Muthu, thanks for that. Rascal, I told you that we
should check who she is.. …but you said that she is a
Muslim girl. Give that to me. That’s belongs to our house.
– Did I say that it belongs to me? You can deduct 2,000 from
the money you owe me. It costs 8,000 rupees now.
– That’s the current price.. …but when you bought it you must
had cost just 2,000 rupees. When you buy something
you must see how much.. …you can sell it for and
when you sell something.. …you must see how much
you bought it for. But what will I tell my
parents if they ask me? Here’s a silver replica.
– How is this.. We even created a replica
of lord Vinayaka. It’s not a big issue for
us. Take the paint. When we saw you with that
stand we bought a brush.. …and 50g silver point. Tell me honestly where you study.
– In Arts college. In Arts college? But I
never saw you there. I joined the college in second year. I see. So you are our junior. You must respect your senior.
Shake hands! That’s my ring. – Deduct another
2,000 rupees for this. Now you owe me only 6,000
rupees. You may go now. Go! Muthu! It doesn’t matter even if
you sell the silver stand.. …but please don’t sell that ring. Why?
– That’s my lucky ring. – Alright. Tomorrow I will pay you money
and take my ring back. Alright.
– Please. Who are you! Call Muthu. Call Muthu. Have patience for a while.
We will call him. Call Muthu. Call him immediately. Why did everyone come to see me? Greetings. Greetings. Greetings. I am very happy that
you came to see me. You didn’t come to see me.
You came to see her? Yes, she is about to act in movies.
– In movies? Yes. My name is Periyu Devaru. I am a famous production
manager in Tamil. The dog that was supposed
to act in Vizag.. …got fell ill due to mutton
flu. So in his place.. …we selected your Muthu.
In our movie she’s acting.. …as Asin’s cousin.
– As Asin’s cousin? – Yes. But you didn’t tell
me who the hero is. The hero will arrive in the flight
and the wig will arrive in train. After they place that wig on
his head I can recognize.. …who the hero is. – Our dog is living peacefully here.. …and he’s guarding the house well.
Now don’t ruin his life.. …In the name of movies. Get lost.
Get lost, you scoundrels. Muthu, I have been tolerating
you all these days.. …but you are developing
faster than me. I won’t live in peace
till I kill you. What happened then?
– Then we woke up the landlord.. …and mortgaged the silver stand. Greetings. – Excuse me! Which
department are you.. …studying in? – I used to
study here three years ago. But we couldn’t leave our college. So we still come here.
– I am very proud of you. I am really very proud of you. Do you think we don’t
understand Telugu? You are repeating it in English.
Did you bring the money? I got it ready yesterday itself. I never delay anybody’s payment. Ok, now give me my ring back.
– We sold it yesterday. You may go now. – I told you
that it’s my lucky ring. Hey, why are you screaming!
Do you know who I am? Your name is Bharani Prasad. You
were born in Bharani-star. You belong to Chintalawalasa.
Your mother’s name is.. …Manga Tayaru, and your
granny is Naidamma. You have two Muthus at home. The first one has two legs and
another one has four legs. You go to Aruku valley
for fun and you to go.. …pure water island to have drink. You spend 10,000 rupees
and travel on flight.. …to buy a shirt worth 1,000 rupees. Is that sufficient or do you want
me to say something else? You may go now. I did it intentionally.
– Who is she who knows” …so many details about you! I found it out.
– What? Her father is from Coimbatore
and her mother.. …Is from Stuartpuram. It seems
that they have a press.. …and a Xerox at home.
– What rubbish is he saying! She used one 100 rupees note
and got color Xeroxes.. …and that too on just one side. She fooled us. We can’t
leave her just like that. Forget the money. We’ll have
to find out who that girl is. Do you find it funny! Their
batch is a dangerous batch. Why are you messing with them! You know that he’s a bad man.
– He’s a bad man.. …but he’s not that bad at all. You don’t even know what the
problem with the vehicle is.. …and you call yourself a driver. Madam, this car is like
Telugu TV serial. I don’t understand anything. Only
a mechanic can repair it. Meena, stop a vehicle if you
see one. We can go on it. Alright, ma’am. Stop! Stop!
– Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Oh no!
– Why did you stop his jeep? I didn’t know that it was him.
We are in deep trouble. What’s the matter, madam,
is your car in trouble? You are in the middle
of a deep forest. You’re the one who stopped my jeep. Why aren’t you saying anything? The mechanic will find
what the problem is. Ok, take my jeep and bring the
mechanic. I’ll be with them. Alright.
– Stop. You need not bring anyone. You just stay here. – Alright.
Then all of you get in my jeep. We don’t take lift from arrogant
people. – Arrogant person? Me? You called me arrogant? You
still didn’t forget anything. You are like my mother. Why
would I fight with you! That day you called me
in an offensive way. That’s why I behaved like that. But I would never fight with you. Look, there’s light here right now. It will become dark in a while. Then you can’t see
the bear near you.. …and you can’t even see the
elephant far away from you. Madam, we should go now.
– What do you want now! Do you want me to apologize to you? Alright. Sorry. Forgive
me. Please come. Now get in my jeep. Please. I am really a good boy, but if
someone gets on my bad side.. …I became bad instantly.
– Correct. You are also a nice lady, but
I think you get angry easily. Correct. Everyone in Bheemili is scared
of the name Shakuntala Devi. You are right.
– Take 200 rupees. Thanks, sir. But why are
you giving me this money? You stopped the car right in
the middle of the forest.. …as I told you. That’s why
I am giving you that money. So you did it.
– Ma’am, he’s lying. Why are you lying! Anyway, thanks.
– Madam, just a second. You were stuck in the middle of
the forest, so I gave you lift.. …and dropped you at home
because of some affection.. …you can say, it’s for friendship. But I must give you a final touch. Do you know who I am? Do you
know where I belong to? I am your arch rival Srinivasa
Bhupati’s sister’s son. This is his jeep. The seat that you sat on.. It’s his permanent seat.
He sits here everyday. Goodbye, ma’am. They say it’s good for our
health if we donate blood.. …once in 6 months.
– Get lost. They said they will give us
a glass of juice and apple. That’s why I came here.
– Superb, dude. Sister! – Bhanu, look Bad man
and his group is coming. I heard that the blood increases
if we donate it. But where is the blood in your
body! It’s full of brandy. How does it matter to us if
it’s Bad man and his group! We are just bothered about
their blood groups. Whoever comes here prick
them with a needle! Hey, what are you doing here!
Are you a doctor? We are all NSE students.
We are doing service. What’s your blood group?
– It’s B. Com group. – I see. Why did you prick me!
– Only after we know what your.. …blood group is that
we can take your blood. Please sit here. Do
you drink alcohol? I see. So you give alcohol
if we donate blood. Then you can take as much
alcohol you want. Those who drink can’t donate blood.. …within 48 hours of drinking.
That’s why I asked you. Then only 294 people
in Andhra Pradesh.. …can donate blood.
– 294? Only one person per constituency
is sober.. …and that too a child
born on that day. Bhanu, Bad man’s mood group
is A1B+. – A1B+’? We have got the same blood group. So what! Why are you blushing? What you are doing is wrong! Even if you touch him
unintentionally you’ll get burnt. You are a teenager. You
will be in trouble. What! You talk negatively
all the times. What’s the matter? You
fell in love with him? Then you are in trouble. Bhanu, your mother
is here. Come fast. Her mother? Who’s she? Come. Come inside. What’s the matter? What
are you looking at? What I feared has come true! She must have come here
with some plan. Our enemy’s lamb is trying
to graze in our field. We must be ready to
cut her into pieces. Hey, Shankar! – Greetings, brother.
What’s the matter? There’s a dog in our house.
It is giving me a hard time. You must kill it.
– What has it done? In some movie it is about
to act as Asin’s cousin. If we leave it just like that it
will become a hero pretty soon. And it can make me zero. Here’s
the advance. Kill it. You don’t worry, brother. My life
is dedicated to your service. Hey! – Yes, brother. – Go to
Srinivasa Bhupati’s house. Call Muthu. He will come
out. Bring him here. Call him softly or else
he will bite you. Call him softly or else
it will bite us. Is it an animal or is it a human? Shankar is always right. Muthu! Muthu. Muthu. Welcome. Did you come from
some youth federation? I am Muthu.
– He’s that person. Get started. Make it fast! What’s the matter, I
can’t see the tail! What’s the matter he’s
asking for tail? He must have gone mad. Bash him up! Bash him up.
– Don’t leave him. Kick him.
– Don’t leave him. Wait a minute. Brother’s call
is ringing inside the sack. Bring down that sack. Bring it down. Untie the sack. Brother, I really don’t
know how this happened. Forgive me, brother.
– Shankar, you’re not the reason.. …behind all this. – Brother.
– It’s power star Pawan Kalyan. Pawan Kalyan? Pawan Kalyan acted in
the movie ‘Bangaram’.. …and I got the reaction. Even though you bashed
me up completely.. …my cell and my bell
after completely safe. Bell?
– I was talking about this. What’s the matter he’s
walking like a villain! Dude, you’re kissing your hand!
Are you rehearsing.. …to kiss some girl?
– No. I couldn’t sleep all night.
All the cells have died. The small brain has eaten
up by big brain. What happened to him! He’s
talking like a scientist! PVS group is trying to trap me
into something with her help.. …so that they could tarnish
my uncle’s reputation. In turn I will slander
his reputation. We can take ships into the sea,
but you are thinking of.. …taking car into the sea. You wanted to talk to me? Bhanu, you know my friend ‘jerk’. His sister eloped with
someone to Madras. You sit down.
– They couldn’t bear the insult.. …and all of them in their family
decided to commit suicide. That girl won’t come back if
we go there and call her. Only a girl can understand
another girl’s pain. If you come with us and call
her she will definitely come. Will you come with me, Bhanu! We can go by morning flight
and return by evening flight. I brought the flight
tickets as well. We will return by night, won’t we?
– Yes, we will. Ok, I’ll come. She’s a girl and she’s agreed
to go to such a faraway land.. …with a boy. You will pay for this. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. How are you? Sit down. So what’s the matter?
– You must know Pullayya.. …of Krishnapuram. We got orders
from seniors to kill him. He belongs to your caste.
The SP asked us.. …to take your permission
before doing it. Why do you want to kill him? He took two persons into the
sea and killed them, sir. He threatened the real estate
people of Madhurawada.. …and taking extortion from them. In spite of our repeated warnings.. …he didn’t mend his ways.
– Don’t leave a person.. …who crossed all the limits. Kill
him. I’ll see what happens. Veera Naidu.
– Yes, father. – Call our people. Alright.
– Goodbye, sir. – Goodbye. Goodbye, madam.
– Goodbye. Father. We got an e-mail.
– What’s the matter? An old ship has departed from
Saudi Arabia for sale. It will arrive on our
port tomorrow morning. There will be an auction at mid-day. Veera Naidu.
– Yes, father. – Shall we buy it? It would be great if we can buy it. The ship that we are breaking
right now is in last stages. If we get it our ship-break unit
will run without any interruption. Srinivasa Bhupati might also come
to the auction to buy it. Suryam. – Yes, father. – If that
ship’s owner is in Saudi.. …then fix the deal on computer. And if he coming on the boat
then Veera Naidu and Kamesu.. …both of you go on
our shipping boat.. …and fix a deal before
they reach the port. When that ship reaches
the Bheemili shore.. …It should reach here as PVS ship. No Srinivasa Bhupati
can come between us. Look into the matter. Why hasn’t she come yet?
– Wait a minute. She’ll come. She’s there. Bhanu, why are you so late!
We are getting late. – Sorry. What’s the matter? Are
you shocked to see.. …that my hand is so black! Mine is lord Krishna’s color.
It looks like that. “When the dark
Krishna held my hand..” Come, let’s go. Take care, dude. “..Flowers blossomed in my heart.” “When the dark Krishna
held my hand..” “ blossomed in my heart.” “I caught fever in my heart.
I went mad for a moment.” “His sharp eyes pierced my heart.” “My beloved one smiled at me.” “And she stole my heart.” “She gave me a shiver.” “She froze my heart.” “She settled in my heart forever.” “When the dark
Krishna held my hand..” “ blossomed in my heart.” “I set my eyes on you.” “I want you to fulfill my wishes.” “All these days I never
had any trouble in life.” “I never thought a girl
will put me in trouble.” “You and I will make a great couple.
There’s a pearl..” “ the bottom of the ocean.
Bring it for me.” “My beloved one smiled at me.
– You are right.” “My beloved one smiled at me.” “And she stole my heart.” “My lips want kiss from you.” “I know it will give me a shock.” “Your eyes have some spark.” “And my heart got injured by them.” “There are thousands of
flowers in the lake.” “All those flowers
are singing for you.” “When the dark
Krishna held my hand..” “ blossomed in my heart.” “I caught fever in my heart.” “I went mad for a moment.” “Your sharp eyes pierced my heart.” “When the dark Krishna
held my hand..” “ blossomed in my heart.” You said that we will
bring that girl. – Yes. Since morning we are roaming here
and there. It’s 4 pm now. Keep that aside. You came
here with the excuse.. …that you are going to
your friend’s house. What if you get a call?
– I have the phone in my hand. I will tell my mother that I
am studying with my friend. What if she asks you to
return home immediately! I will tell her that there are
some problems in accounts.. …and that I will return in 3
hours. – How can you go there.. …In just 3 hours?
– We are leaving now, aren’t we? We are not leaving now.
– Why? I lied to you that there
is a flight at evening. The next flight to Vizag
is at tomorrow morning. Even if you take the Howrah Mail.. …It will reach there
tomorrow morning. By that time your family will
search you everywhere.. …and the entire town will
come to know about you.. …and your reputation will get
in PVS ship and reach Ceylon. Why is there a difference
in your way of talking! This is my original way of talking. Your plan was to trap
me and to misguide me.. …so that you could tarnish
my uncle’s reputation, right? Why are you crying? For the only reason
that I love you.. …the moment you called me I came
here without doubting you. But you.. – Hey! What’s that
rubbish about love and all! This is too much.
– Why? Don’t you love me? No, I don’t love you.
– Then why did you look at me.. …secretively in Mother’s
temple that day? When did I see you secretively! I saw you only when
you were singing. Before that you saw me near
lord Vinayaka’s idol. Everyone looks at a
beautiful a girl.. …but that doesn’t mean
everyone loves you. So you want to say that
I am beautiful.. …and that you liked me. Your
only problem is that.. …our families are rival
families, right? It’s alright. We can elope
and get married. I will slap you and
throw you in the sea. You will reach Bheemili
beach by morning. Alright. You can save
the train ticket. And I will also feel happy that
I died in my husband’s hands. I thought of loving you first
and then marrying you. But it seems that I’ll have
to marry you first.. …and then love you.
– What are you saying! Yes! As you said everyone will
know about this matter.. …and my family will be insulted
and then your uncle will.. …come to know about this matter. He’s a good person. Tomorrow
morning he will receive us.. …at railway station or the
airport and get us married. It’s an easy calculation. Two multiplied by two is you. Where am I stuck! What’s the matter, dude?
– He trapped me. Tell me what the matter is. Dude, I think you will get
married by tomorrow. You! – Dude, there is only one
way you can come out of this. Listen to me carefully. There’s
a flight to Vizayawada at 5:30. If you take that flight
I will be there by 6:30.. …and we can drop her
at her home by night. You call the travels
and block the ticket. Come, let’s go.
– Where are we going? To our town.
– I’m not coming. I’m thinking of getting married.
I will leave tomorrow morning. I will molest you here tonight. Sooner or later it’s going
to happen after marriage. Bhanu, your mother will
be searching you. Your grandfather will
be searching you. All your guests will
be searching you. Come. Let’s go, Bhanu. Oh God!
– Don’t try to fool me. First of all confess
that you love me. Only then will I come to our town.
– Act well, you fool. Sorry. – Bhanu, it’s the
matter of our lives. After reaching our town I
will show our horoscopes.. …to the priest and then
I can say something. What is she thinking about!
– You will confess your love.. …after we go home, won’t you?
– I never lie. Let’s go now.Come.. And when we reached Madras
she said that we should.. …have some breakfast and
she asked me to take her.. …to some restaurant. – I went
there to have some breakfast. And there she ordered 12 ldlis,
5 Masala Dosas, 4 plate puris.. She ate all those things
without a burp. And after I paid the bill and
came out of the restaurant.. …she said that she wanted
to go to shopping.. …and she asked me to take
her to a shopping mall. For 3 hours she made me walk from
one floor to another floor.. …In that 7-storied shopping
mall and finally she bought.. …a handkerchief worth 3 rupees.. …and said that the
shopping was over. Then she made me a damn fool. You said damn fool? If we are fooled once
we are called a fool.. …and if we are fooled again
and again, then we are damn fool. She said that two
multiplied by two is me. How dare is she to offend
me in that way! – Friend! You are Bad man. How did
you bear all this! And finally when she left
she said that I tolerated.. …her torture without complaining. She said that I’m not a bad
man, but I’m a good man. Oh no! What’s this! Did they buy the
ship before reaching the port? The ship reached here with
PVS company’s board. Can we check the ship once?
– Sure. Suryam, how much did
you pay for the ship? For 40 lakhs. It’s a 30 year old ship. Even
the second lever is damaged. It has got an assembled engine.
Even if you sell it.. …In parts you won’t get more
than 20 lakhs for it. Actually brother rushed into things. Cancel the purchase
orders immediately. Give stop payment. Suryam, I heard that you
are getting married. Congratulations. Don’t you have any sense!
So money has become.. …more important for
you than reputation. You ruined our reputation. Did you worry that your
father’s money is wasted? In those days this Appala
Naidu used to.. …burn currency notes instead
of wood to cook meals.. …during celebrations
after being victorious. Not just 50 lakhs, but
I can shell out.. …even 5 crore rupees
for my reputation. It’s true that the eldest
son and the youngest son.. …In a family are always fools.
You let us down. In spite of knowing that
he is our arch rival.. …you went to him and talked to him. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself! Sister, will you stop for a second? Why are you so upset
with him, sister? He said it for our own welfare. You scold him all the times.
Don’t you have any fear.. …that you have a daughter? What’s the need for
these fights, sister! When was the last time when
all of us were happy.. …In this home? We have lots of
money, but do we have peace? And now you are getting
me married to top it all. No, sister. Control your anger. I will kill you if you see my cards. I got a life just now, buddy.
– Hello! Who’s that? I am Bhanu speaking.
– What do you want? I want to see you right now. I am at pure water island.
I can meet you now. You said that you’ll say ‘I love
you’ to me after we come back. Hang up the phone. Mrs. Shakuntala Devi’s daughter
is really give me.. …a hard time. She’s asking me
to say ‘I love you’ to her. I fear what I will do
if I bump into her. I need to get rid of her. Hey, look there. Why is she coming here? Why did you come here?
– You said that you will.. …express your love for
me after we reach home. I came here to hear
those words from you. Do you think it’s funny? You
hare out of your mind. I made some excuse
to bring you back.. …and you have taken it seriously. Some people are there on the shore.
Turn the boat around. If you call me again I
will call your mother. Forget everything here and go home. Fast! Fast! – The coast guards
are coming this way. Hide everything. Hide everything. Hide the bottle. Fast. Go there fast. Round them up. Who are you? What are you doing
here? Who is this girl? I came here to..
– What? I am his love. I came
here to talk to him. Hey, who’s your lover! Sir, I don’t know. She alone.
We alone. And there’s Ceylon. Shut up! You’re lying. What were
you talking to him about! Arrest all of them. Hand
over to local police. Listen to me. You are my aunt’s son. Sir, he’s my cousin.
– Sir, she’s not my cousin. She doesn’t listen to me.
She sings the same song.. …all the times.
– Try to understand me. Hey, why are you making
such accusations! If I stay mum you can also
say that I’m your husband. Did you come here to trap me? He’s talking too much, sir.
– Hey, shut up! Don’t talk anymore. Arrest
all of them. Arrest them. Come. Come. What were
you doing here! Hello! Local police.
– Yes! Over. Port no. 3. Coast guard.
Walter harbor. We have arrested some guys here.
One girl. Four boys. If we have mercy on her
we will fall in trouble. She’s already started
calling me cousin. If I give her any freedom she
will call me her husband. They informed the police. It might
turn into a big problem. Who else will come here other
than Inspector Rajendra! He will salute us and go back.
Let her cry till then. I think this is prostitution case. Please come with lady police. Over! He said that it’s a
prostitution case. I fear there might be some problem.
Call the press.. …and also ask a photographer
to be there. – ok, sir. A bit more. Isn’t he Mr. Bhupati’s nephew?
– Yes, sir. – Stop it there. She’s Mrs. Shakuntala Devi’s
daughter, isn’t she? – Yes, sir. Take her photographs.
– Call everyone. Hold them. Hey, don’t take photographs. What’s this, son! You got
caught by the coast guards. They don’t know who you are.
You may go, girl. Don’t take their photographs. You didn’t take photos, did you? You may go, son. You may go. Go. He belongs to a big family.
They arrested him.. …without knowing who he is.
Don’t take his photographs. What shall I do with the
photos that I took? That day she insulted me
in front of everyone. Today I will teach her a lesson. Isn’t she
Mrs. Shakuntala’s daughter? They arrested them on doubt
and then they left them. Why did you go there!
Why did you go there! What were you doing there!
– Sister-in-law. – Leave me. You let us down in front
of the whole world. Did you go there by yourself
or did he call you there? Kill her! Kill her! Strangle
her to death! Kill her how ruined our reputation. Don’t sit like that, son.
God is watching everything. How can I show my face to uncle now! What will I say to granny!
Mother will treat me.. …as the black sheep of the family. He must know what happens
even if he dares to touch.. …a PVS dog. Tomorrow
in newspapers.. …there should be news that
he died or that she died. Had he died the day he was born
I would’ve cried only once.. …but now he is making
me cry everyday. That girl’s photo with me
appeared in the newspapers. Even if she belongs to our rival
family I will marry that girl. What are you saying! The day he challenged me I
should have killed him.. …that day itself. We would’ve
had to see this day. Sir, Mr. Bharani has switched
off his phone. His friends are also not receiving
call on thief phones. I thought something and
something else happened. She doesn’t deserve this. Brother-in-law, we have
to make big plan. We can’t leave him just like that. Hey, where is Bharani?
– I don’t know. I don’t know. You don’t know? Tell me where he is. How dare you to print a girl’s
photo in the newspaper.. …without thinking about her future! Because of people like you the
entire press gets bad name. Hey, where’s Bharani?
– Why are you asking us! You know where he is.
Tell us where he is. Bharani, Veera Naidu’s men
are looking for you. Why did you take the
press along with you! Sir, a girl was involved
in this problem. That’s why we took the
press along with us. The press is the only witness
police can provide. Alright. You may go now. What rubbish are you talking!
– Yes, sir. I saw them meeting him.
– I doubted it. I doubted that he must
be involved in this. He doesn’t have the
courage to fight us. So he is using his nephew
to get back to us. Brother-in-law, we need to cut
Srinivasa Bhupati into pieces. Brother-in-law, don’t
rush into things. If it was just about
bashing up a person.. …we can shout as much as we wish. But when we plan to kill someone.. …we can’t say even a single word. We might get caught if
people know about it. Did you get me! I will get both
of them killing by tonight. Hey, get into the jeep.
You too come with us. Brother, Bharani is not at home. I will kill him when he arrives. Let’s go. Someone’s coming
this way. Let’s go. Bharani. Bharani.
– Listen. Brother, who did this to uncle?
Isn’t it Veera Naidu? Who told you so! Who told you
that someone attacked him! Look, someone told him that
his uncle was attacked. His car met with an accident
and he got a minor injury. That’s why he was admitted
in the hospital. Brother, don’t lie to me. What are you saying, son!
Would we stay mum.. –If someone dares to mess with sir? We would have killed him by now.
– Mr. Bharani is here? Sir told us not to let Mr. Bharani
know anything about it. Lie down. Lie down!
– When he was returning home.. …on the bus stand route there
was a lorry approaching them. When he realized that it was a
lorry and tried to avoid it.. …our jeep rammed into
an electric poll. That lorry was a PVS lorry,
wasn’t it? Tell me. It was not their lorry. Trust me. They have got nothing
to do with this lorry. Lie down. Listen to me. Sir, your mother and your
granny are waiting for you. Go home immediately. Go home. Listen to me. Stop.
– Mr. Bharani. Sir was attacked by
Veera Naidu’s men. Don’t leave any of them. Kill
them! Kill all of them. What have you done! Bharani! Bharani, no! Bharani! Bharani!
– So you wanted to kill my uncle? Bharani! Bharani, no! Bharani, listen to me! We filed an FIR. I will take
care of the rest. – Alright. Goodbye, sir.
– Doctor. We don’t have a specialist in
Bheemili who can join hand. Then?
– But we need to get the treatment.. …to the patient immediately.
– Doctor. No matter whatever amount
is required.. …tell us where we need
to take him to. I want my son to be well.
– There is only one option left. If you take him to the
KG hospital in Vizag.. …they can join the hand. But
you need to take him back.. …within two hours. I will get
his hand stored in an ice-box. Take him there immediately. Ok?
– Brother-in-law. Since he personally came
to the police station.. …and surrendered himself we
can give get him out on bail. No. Don’t get him out on bail.
Keep him in remand. Don’t keep him in the city jail.
– ok, sir. Ask the PP to keep him in the
Vizag jail. I will talk to him. Ok, sir. Sister, did you misunderstand
me when I told them to keep.. …your son in jail? It’s not safe
for him come out right now. Don’t say such things, brother.
How can I misunderstand you! All the cells in his hand have died. We can’t join his hand back. Sorry. Doctor, really it is
a tragedy you know. Brother-in-law. Yes, brother. What happened, dear? They said that brother
lost his hand forever. Sir, MLA’s brother got your
nephew released on bail. You can meet him. Go home. Your granny and
your mother are crying. No, I won’t go.
– Bharani, your uncle. Come, let’s go home.
– No, I won’t come. I am calling you. Come.
– I have to kill them first. I won’t come home before
killing Veera Naidu.. …and his men who attacked you. Go. Go and kill them. But before killing them
know who they are. Veera Naidu is my brother-in-law. Bhanumati is my daughter. Shakuntala Devi is my wife. Kill all of them and
then kill me as well. Your mother is Manga Tayaru
and your granny is Naidamma. Listen to me first. You
are my aunt’s son. Will you ever mend your ways! There are differences between
both the families since years. And now you slashed
his brother’s hand. Instead of living you must
drink poison and die. Don’t show me your face.
– Granny, I am unable to.. …understand anything.
Are they are relatives? Yes, son. In a way our families
got separated because of you. At that time Appala Naidu
and his family.. …used to do business in their town. Your uncle and Shakuntala
Devi’s elder brother.. …Sitam Naidu studied together. She’s my sister. Will you marry her?
– My sister lost her husband.. …and is going through
a lot of pain. They say an auspicious
occasion nullifies.. …all the in auspiciousness. ‘You sitting on your uncle’s
lap and your uncle taking..’ ‘..your mother and me to
the marriage ceremony..’ ‘..didn’t go down well with
brother Appala Naidu.’ Hey, what’s that toe-ring for? It’s in our tradition to put on
this toe-ring to the husband. Men walk with their heads
up. They can find out.. …If a lady is married or not
by checking if she is wearing.. …a nuptial thread or not.
And woman walk.. …with their heads down. To find out if a man is married.. …she can check if a man is
wearing a toe-ring or not. So that they shouldn’t mistake
his marital status.. …and not to build hopes
on a married man. What I want is that you
should only be mine. You should never remove
that toe-ring. Ok? And your sister attended the
marriage, didn’t she? – Yes. When is she going to her home? She will be here forever. Brother, I came to take
Bharani to my room. Why? He’s sleeping.
– It’s alright, brother. Dear, father said that he is
shifting his business here. Not just that but father also
wants to make you his partner. I see. – That’s why he asked
us to live with them. But how? – Why? – Mother and
sister and habituated.. …to live here. – I am saying that
only you and I will go there. They can stay here.
– What will we do there.. …by leaving mother and
sister here? – Oh God! I think I am destined
to die in this home.. …serving your mother and sister.
– What happened to you! Why are you talking like that?
– What have I said wrong now! First of all lower your voice.
– Why should I lower my voice! I said stop shouting.
– What happened, brother? Why are you talking so loudly?
Talk slowly. Look, my husband is talking to me. Why are you bothered about it? Get lost. Mind your own business. Why are you blaming her!
– When I am talking to you.. …why did she interfere in it!
– But she said that to me. That’s what I am asking. Why would
she say something to you! There is no privacy in this
house for a husband and wife. Why are you shouting! Sister will
get hurt if she hears you. You are only bothered about
your sister and your nephew.. …all the times. First of all
kick them out of this house. Mother, what the matter?
Where are you going? Brother, I am going
to my in-laws’ place. Do you think I can live happily
without you and him! But your life is being
ruined because of me. But I will be happy only
if you stay with me. All these days I have
been suffering.. …thinking about what
fate did to you. Now you will also leave
me? ok, leave me. No, brother. I won’t go. You go and bring sister-in-law. Welcome, father-in-law. Please
come, brother-in-law. You have beaten your wife just
ten days after marriage. Do you call yourself a man?
Why did you marry her! We got my sister married to you.. …not for doing service to
your sister and his son. Mind your language.
– You can bash up my sister.. …but I can’t say a word
about your sister? Shakuntala is my wife.
Don’t forget that. She became your wife
just ten days ago.. …but she is the princess of
our house since childhood. What do you want me to do now? First of all send your sister
and his son to their place. No, that’s not possible.
– So your sister is.. …more important for
you than your wife? The day he married her in
presence of two widows.. …I knew that he won’t
keep her happy. Veera Naidu, if you say one
more word about my mother.. …and sister I will forget that
you are my brother-in-law. If Shakuntala is one eye for me.. …that my sister and my mother
are another eye for me. What’s wrong with you! You’re
giving so much importance.. …to your sister. Can your sister
take your wife’s place on bed? Sir, no!
– Brother. Veera Naidu!
– Sir. Sir. Without knowing what happened
here, due to her.. …anger that her father and
brother were beaten up.. …Shakuntala filed a case
against your uncle.. …that he was torturing
her for dowry. We thought that by passing of
time she will change her mind.. …but she sent a notice for divorce. Srinivasa Bhupati! Srinivasa
Bhupati! Srinivasa Bhupati! The case went on for two years. Then that case was postponed. I won’t give her divorce. I have
faith that sooner or later.. …my wife will return to me. With that faith my son has
been living alone till now. We too waited that they
will invite us.. …when the child was born, and
for the naming ceremony.. …and for the ear-piercing ceremony. They didn’t even call us when
my daughter-in-law matured. The first time I saw my
daughter-in-law face.. …was in newspaper. She’s the Goddess of this house. She must come back to this house. She must come back.
She must come back. Forgive me, uncle. I let you down. I didn’t listen to you and
made a mistake, uncle. Uncle, I didn’t know who Bhanu was. I swear, uncle, I will never
touch the knife again. I will not fight with anyone, uncle. Brother-in-law, the next attempt
should be a better one. It doesn’t matter how many
days we take for it.. …but the next attempt
shouldn’t fail. Brother-in-law, don’t think
that we lost the battle. We lost the battle. We lost it. My brother lost his hand. Hadn’t
we lost the battle then? We have to accept the defeat.
Only then will we.. …burn with revenge. Brother, when
the fruit ripens for days.. …It turns into poison.
Now I am ripening. Some day I will turn into poison. And that day I will behead
those scoundrels. Don’t get too excited,
brother-in-law. The reason behind all this is
the photo that appeared.. …In the newspaper that day.
Without our girl’s consent.. …could he had taken
her to that island? They didn’t lay a web. They
are throwing the net.. …to catch the fish. To rekindle
the old relationship.. …they are trying to fix
a new relationship. First of all we have to disconnect
that old relationship. Tomorrow when I will become an MLA.. …I will have to protect
the law and order here. How dare are these idiots
to underestimate me! Brother, there are only rape
scenes on TV all the times. Yes, sister.
– What’s that! The rape screams! What’s this! The villain
is molesting a girl. I have to make an entry, or else
there will be a disaster. Open the door. Open the door. Who’s the price? Who are you! Who’s he! – Where’s the rape!
Where’s the rape going on! What’s this! Someone
is molesting a girl.. …and you are having meals here? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself!
Where’s it happening! Is it happening on TV? I thought someone was really
molesting a girl. That’s why I broke the
doors and came here. Drive, please forgive me.
– Do I look like a driver! Then why are you wearing
khaki uniforms? Are you working as lineman
in electricity-office? Ok, you can climb
the electric poll.. …but how does that
aunt climb a poll? Do I look like a person who
climbs electric polls? Then are you postmen?
– No. Then are you watchmen?
– No. Then are you Gurkhas?
– No. Then are you conductors?
– No! No! No! Then are you municipality people?
– Stop it! No, I won’t. I want to know
who you are right now. You fool, you remembered
every person.. …who wears a khaki uniform,
but how did you forget.. …that policemen also
wear khaki uniforms? So you are policemen? Do you know who I am?
– Who are you? I am Bheemili’s MLA.
– Greetings, sir. I mean future MLA. In future when I will
become a minister.. …I will give jeans pant and
T-shirt to policemen as uniform. Why don’t you watch TV
with the doors open! All these days I thought
that I am the only problem.. …my uncle has, but I was wrong. He has hidden so much
pain in his heart.. …and working so hard for our sake. You should meet Bhanu once. Her picture is still there
in my mind when she cried.. …and said that I am her aunt’s son. I have to reunite my
uncle and my aunt. I have to bring both these
families together. That’s my only ambition. You have got registrar post. It’s
a court’s notice. Greetings, sir. – I don’t know where it came from. Read out what it is. Mrs. Shakuntala Devi sent
a notice demanding divorce. Bhanu.
– Stop, Bharani! We are not allowing the old
students in college campus. Principal asked me to inform
you to not to stand outside.. …the college gate. Bhanu! Bhanu! Bhanu, stop! Bhanu, I need to talk to you. I didn’t do anything
intentionally. Because of me aunty
has decided to send.. …the divorce notice.
Don’t go, Bhanu. At that time I didn’t
know who you were. You wouldn’t have labeled
me as prostitute.. …had you known who I am, right? If it was some other
girl in my place.. …It wouldn’t had bothered you
whatever happened to her. I really didn’t know that things
would go so far, Bhanu! Even I didn’t know
who my father was.. …who my grandmother was,
who my aunt was. I knew it only when my uncle
told me about it.. …only when I was studying
in Bobbili college.. …that you are my aunt’s son and
that our families will unite.. …If we get married. That’s why
I came to study in this college. Without telling you my real
identity I was chasing you.. …as I thought you would hate
me if you know who I am. I didn’t know if you
were black or white. I didn’t know if you
were tall or short. I didn’t know if you were a
good person or a bad person.. …at that time. Without knowing
anything about you.. …I decided to marry you, but
you made the whole world.. …point at fingers at me.
– No, Bhanu. I don’t have anything
to do with it. – No. Don’t say anything else. The moment you laughed
watching me cry.. …I knew how much you hated me. The moment I realized that
my aunt’s son is a devil.. …my heart broke into pieces.
– Bhanu! Hey, kid! Who are you! Why are
you troubling a lonely girl! No, she’s my uncle’s daughter. I am talking about
some family matter. No, granny. I don’t
even know who he is. He’s troubling me. Ask
him to leave me. “My heart is burning with pain.” “You broke my heart into pieces.” “My heart is burning in pain.” “You broke my heart into pieces.” “it was an unintentional mistake.” “That mistake turned out to be
the biggest mistake of my life.” “Nothing could have
been worse for me.” “Even my shadow doesn’t
want to be with me.” “My heart is burning with pain.” “You broke my heart into pieces.” Aunty, forgive me. Uncle and
you must reunite, aunty. Mother and I will leave the house. So you want to give me
my husband as charity. You’re the one who ruined my life. “What is the meaning of relations?
What do the bonds mean?” “The darkness has hidden the light.” “Mother has tears in her eyes.
Uncle is suffering because of me.” “It’s a case of nectar
turned into poison.” “My anger has ruined many lives.” “I regret my mistake.” “I am suffering because
of my mistake.” “Stop playing ‘hide and seek’
with me.” “My heart is burning..” I came from the bride’s side.
– What’s the matter? Sir, the girl is scared
as sir’s hand is slashed. That’s why they
called off the marriage. “Destiny has done this to us.” “I am suffering because of this.” “What a grave mistake I have done!” “This is a nightmare for me.” “I am waiting for the sunny days.” “My heart has broken into pieces.” “I have burnt someone’s home.” “I can’t see that
anger in your eyes.” “When will I get redeemed?” “My heart is burning in pain.” “You broke my heart into pieces.” “it was an unintentional mistake.” “That mistake turned out to be
the biggest mistake of my life.” “Nothing could have
been worse for me.” “Even my shadow doesn’t
want to be with me.” Madam, please don’t
misunderstand me.. …but I need to talk to my
uncle’s daughter Bhanu.. …for just a couple of minutes. Look, Bhanu, we can wake
up those people.. …who are sleeping, but
we can’t wake them up.. …who are pretending
to be sleeping. You didn’t take after
your father at all. You completely took
after your mother. Even the dreaded killers are
given a chance to speak.. …before punishing them,
but you are killing me.. …without giving me
a chance to talk. They say women don’t get
a chance to speak.. …but now men are not getting
chance to speak. NTR said that there are
different meanings” …to what women say, but you
don’t even say anything. Everyone listen to me carefully. A girl rammed into a boy’s bike. The boy didn’t know who she
was and asked her to pay.. …for the damage. She lied to
him and made him chase her. Then he discovers that she
belongs to his rival family.. …and that she came
to take revenge.. …but then she said
that she loves him. …and said that he
is her aunt’s son. When should she have told him
that he’s her aunt’s son? Shouldn’t she have told that
to me when she met me. The day the coast
guards caught us.. …and our photo came out
in the newspaper.. …I decided to marry you, Bhanu. The day I knew that you were
my uncle’s daughter.. …I built hopes on you, Bhanu. You understand everything
and if you start being.. …so stubborn, then how can
we change your mother.. …who is mother of stubbornness. How can unite our families!
Try to understand me, Bhanu. Please save my son. It’s an accident case. Ask
the doctor to come here. Mr. Veera Naidu hasn’t
arrived yet. He’s on his way here, doctor.
– There’s shortage of blood. He lost a lot of blood. He needs
an operation urgently. It’s a rare blood-group.
We don’t have the stock. That’s why we called KG hospital
in Vishakhapatnam. It will take at least one hour. What’s his blood group, doctor?
– A1 B+. Lakshmi.
– Our son needs an operation. How is he?
– They don’t have blood. Doctor, have you started the
operation? – No, dear. If there’s a blood scarcity
during the operation.. …then things will get
too complicated. We can start the operation only
after the blood arrives. Doctor, there’s a person I
know whose blood group is.. …A1 B+. Shall I give
you his number? Who needs blood?
– Mr. Veera Naidu’s son. Oh God! Where is he going?
– To donate his blood, sir. We were waiting for
you. Please come. How dare you to give
your blood to my son! Uncle! Uncle! Listen to me.
– What will you tell me! Doctor.
– Come out! – Doctor. Doctor. Uncle, listen to me. – How dare
you to give blood to my son! I won’t even let your
shadow fall on my son. Listen to me, uncle.
– Get lost, scoundrel. Aunty, at least you tell him. Is it wrong to donate blood to
a kid, aunty? – Sister-in-law. Grandpa. Grandpa. That kid’s
life is more important. Grandpa, I must’ve
done a mistake.. …but is it right on your part
to punish me in this way! Aunty, at least you tell
him. Tell him, aunt. Listen..
– Get lost. Bhanu. Bhanu, at least you
tell him. Tell him, Bhanu. Tell him that I haven’t
done any mistake, Bhanu. Why are you people so
mad to take revenge! Don’t you people have
any sense of humanity! Is revenge more important for
you than your son’s life? If anything happens to that kid
none of you will be alive. Bhanu, including you.
– I will.. Veera Naidu! Aunty, you are a kid’s
mother, aren’t you! Don’t you understand
a mother’s pain? Doctor, the blood has arrived. Take it to the operation
theatre immediately. Mother. Mother. Bhanu! What’s this! What are you doing! Come. Let’s go. No one will
understand our pain. It’s our foolishness to waste
blood for these people. Come. Listen to me. These
people will never change. Come. Let’s go. What are you doing here? How
did you hurt your hand? What happened? What
have you done now? What’s the matter?
Why are you crying? Mother, no one understands me.
– What happened, dear? Uncle Veera Naidu’s son
met with an accident.. …and he was admitted
his son in a hospital. I went there to give him my blood. Everyone was present there. They didn’t even take
my blood, mother. When my friends used to
call me ‘Bad Man’.. …I used to feel so
proud of that name. But now I am feeling ashamed
of myself to get that name. Don’t cry, dear. I’m telling you. You are a very nice person.
Don’t cry. Sister-in-law, I don’t know if
Srinivasa Bhupati’s family.. …Is a good one or not.. …but I definitely know that
we are not a good family. He warned us that he
will kill everyone.. …If something happens to our
child. He slashed his hand.. …when we rejected to take his
blood. What can we give him! Everyone is living
peacefully here. No, Bhanu. You shouldn’t
do what your mother did. Bharani hasn’t done
anything wrong. Try to understand him, Bhanu. Get inside the car.
– Why? – I said get inside. What’s the matter? Why aren’t
you saying anything? What should I say?
– You are looking at me. Now say something.
– I am not looking at you. I am looking at the road
and driving the car. I see. So you are hesitating
since these kids are here? Ok, stop the car here. Let’s get
down and talk for a while. What’s wrong with you! – I’ll
kill you if you don’t stop the car. Yes.
– Come with me. What’s the matter you
are over-acting? Are you still upset with me?
– No, Bhanu. I can never be upset with you.
– Never? Then why do you scold
me all the times? No, that’s just for fun. And
have you forgiven me now? I haven’t completely
forgiven you yet. They say you get sneezes
when you lie. You are lying. “You are my beloved one.” “There is no need for marriage.
You are my better half.” “You bring a smile on my face.” “You are my uncle’s daughter.” “O dear, I search myself in you.” “I am surviving because of you.” “You gave a new life to me.” “You are my beloved one.” “There is no need for marriage.
You are my better half.” “I have been searching you..” “..ever since I remember you.” “You filled a void in my life.” “You make me blush.” “Take me into your arms.” “You brought happiness into my life.” “You turned my life into heaven.” “We are inseparable.” “You have settled in my heart.” “I am the most fortune girl.” “You are my beloved one.” “There is no need for marriage.
You are my better half.” “No matter wherever we are,
no matter whoever there is..” “..l will fall in your arms
and I will chew you.” “I will imprison you..” “ my arms, my dear.” “You make me blush.” “You make me go wild.” “Take me out of this world.” “O dear, I search myself in you.” “I am surviving because of you.” “You are my beloved one.” “There is no need for marriage.
You are my better half.” Where are you taking me to?
– We are gong somewhere. It seems that you are
deeply in love with me. Do you really think so!
– Stop the bike. You don’t love me? So you won’t marry me? Since you are my uncle’s
daughter I like you.. …I have affection for you,
and I will marry you as well. But I don’t love you at all.
– Don’t lie. I am telling the truth. – You
didn’t sell my ring yet, did you? It’s still with you, isn’t it? – I
told you that I already sold it. I am not going to believe
you. It’s with you. I will marry you when you’ll
say ‘I love you’ to me. Then we won’t get married in
this birth. – Start the bike. Uncle. Father. Father. O dear.
– Aunty! Bhanu! Bhanu!
– O granny. O dear, I wanted to see
you once before my death. You wanted to see us now after
all these days, dear? O lord Vinayaka! O
lord Venkateshwara! O lord Simhadri Appanna! Our
family broke into pieces. Still you didn’t have mercy on us? Send my daughter-in-law as
well to this house, lord. Only then will I live in peace. O dear, how is your mother?
How are you? I’m fine, granny.
– O dear! Have you gone mad! I will
cut you into pieces. Hey! I don’t want your uniform
and I don’t want your job. I took a daughter to
meet his father.. …and this PVS group is
cashing me? Get lost. Lingam, when you’ll come to
my lane I’ll cut your tail. What do you think of yourself! With whose permission
did you go there! With whose permission!
– Stop it, mother. Whose permission should
I take to meet my father? Look, child know their
father’s name.. …only when a mother
tells them who he is. If required I will say that
he’s not your father. A mother knows who her child is
only when a doctor tells her. If required I will ask that
doctor to tell you that I am not.. …your daughter.
– Bhanu, what are you saying! Let me speak out, aunty. That day when my aunt lost
her husband and came here.. …with her child, you didn’t
let her enter the house.. …but you expect this aunt
to let you stay here.. …after left your husband
due to some stupid issue. Mind your language.
– You don’t say a word, uncle. You want to stay together with
your wife and children.. …but you want my mother and
father to be separated. When aunt goes to her
mother’s house.. …you force her to come back. When a wife-beater like you feel
like that for your wife.. …how would my father feel who
has been waiting for his wife.. …since so many years. You are talking about
revenge here. That day I went to the pure
water island to meet Bharani. That reporter printed
that news in paper.. …to take revenge on you. My father called him
and scolded him. And you blamed my father
for everything. You make my father scapegoat
for everything. Why is every one of you
chasing that good fellow! Brother, don’t beat her!
I’ll take care of her. Father. Call the SP. Yes, sir. What’s the matter? Till now you came to us a
number of times for help. We too did whatever
we could’ve done. Who’s there to oppose you!
– There is one. There is a person. I have an enemy. He’s giving me a hard
time since long. Muthu, what was that sound? The clock fell down and
broke into pieces. We have this clock
since a long time. Did you wake up brother?
– Uncle woke up in the morning.. …and went to work. Bharani. Muthu, where has Bharani gone? He woke up in the morning
and when to Srikakulam.. …with his friends.
Didn’t he tell you? He went to Srikakulam? He never leaves without
telling me. I went to that fatso’s house,
but he said he won’t come.. …as he has got fever. Bharani, look there! What’s this! What are you doing! Sir! Hey, what do you want! Veera Naidu, come outside! All these days I was silent
because you are my relatives.. …but today you crossed
all the limits. You laid the fence and tried
to ruin my business.. …but still I haven’t
done anything.. …and today you dared to
take my nephew’s life? You tried to back stab him? Aren’t
you ashamed of yourself! What do you want? My life
and my nephew’s life? Ok, come outside! Let’s settle
the scores right here. Come! Come. Come.
– Brother, no! Brother, stop! Brother.
– Go inside. Go inside. Brother.
– Stop the bike here. – Brother. Uncle, what are you doing! You asked me to drop the sword.. …and today you are going to
slay people! – Move aside. When there is a fight
in a family.. …It’s not important
who won the battle.. …but what is important is
that no one should lose. To save our family’s reputation
in society.. …I have been patient to
all your conspiracies. I had insulted father-in-law
in the past and because of.. …that mistake I didn’t step
into this house till now. Or else I would’ve taken away
my wife and daughter.. …from here a long ago. Just because of my
wife’s happiness.. …I am staying away from my
daughter and suffering. Bhanumati is my daughter. My nephew can take her
anywhere he wishes. No one has the rights to
question him or her.. …other than my wife. Suri, come here. Hold it. Kill him. Just kill him. It’s up to you if you’ll behead
him or if you’ll slash his hand. No one other than you has
the rights to touch him. If anyone dares to
touch him I will.. Brother, if I stay here
you will kill each other. I will leave. I will go to elder
brother’s place in Bobbili. Go away. I will offer
his head at your feet. You can return then. I welcome all the women
who came here.. …to attend this meeting. You are the saving grace
of this country. You are the ray of hope. Only
you can bring a change. This country depends on you. Tell me what your problems are. I came here to solve
your problems. We are unable to bear the
husbands’ torture, sir. They ask us to bring pulses
in the grinder. They ask us to wash the clothes
in the washing machine. Other than that they also ask
us to look after the kids. Whose kids, madam?
– Our kids, sir. We are unable to do
all these things. Sir, I tried four times
to kill my husband. Rascal, he escaped all the times. First I mixed poison in the milk.
– Poison? And our dear cat drank that
milk and passed away. What! Your dear cat?
– The next day I mixed poison.. …In my meals. And my dog
Jimmy eat those meals.. …and died, sir.
– And then? And then I tried to push him into
the well. – Into the well? Then I found out that that
idiot knows swimming, sir. And he ruined the
water in the water. Now I bring water from
the tap on the road. Dial 100 and give this
message to the police. They will look into the matter.
– Thank you, sir. But why do you want
to kill your husband? That’s the hi-tech
fashion these days. Husband is like a rubber-band. We must break him
if he’s too stiff. Since how many years
are you married? Since four days, sir. – You
attempted to kill your husband.. …four times in just four days?
– Yes, sir. This meeting is cancelled. It’s a big mistake to even
hear women’s problems. Give me that mike. I must bash you up. You
are ruining this country. Stop! Stop there! I’ll kill you. Stop there! I’ll kill you. Greetings, sir. Welcome.
Please come, sir. How are you? What I want is that you
should only be mine. You should never remove
this toe-ring. Aunty. Uncle Veera Naidu screamed at
uncle that he should die.. …and that his sister should get
rid of her nuptial thread. That’s why uncle said
that you can give.. …your nuptial thread back to him. Uncle agreed to give you
divorce that you wanted.. …since so many years and
he also signed the papers. Here it is, aunty. You will get
the divorce if you sing here. Grandpa, he said that you
gave him one lakh rupees” …as dowry. He asked me
to give it back to you. He said that he has some
of his belongings here. The first one is the nuptial
thread that he tied you. He asked me to bring it back. Give it to me, aunty.
Give it to me. Give it to me, aunty.
– What is stopping you! Remove your nuptial thread
and give it back to him. Get rid of that misfortune. It’s alright. Today it’s Friday.
It’s not auspicious. You can give it to me tomorrow. Bhanu. Cousin. – He asked me
to bring his daughter. Uncle said that Bhanu and
I will get married soon. Mother, I shall go now. Grandpa,
goodbye. – Bhanu. Don’t think that I am
leaving the house. This is not our house.
We came here as guests. The only difference is
that we stayed here.. …for a few days in excess. Bhanu. The moment he came to my house
and took away Bhanu.. …he turned my life into hell. That day she stopped me when
I was about to slap.. …her daughter. Today she was
hesitating when we asked her.. …to remove her nuptial thread. If he gets his daughter
married to his nephew.. …he will shout from rooftops
that he won the battle. What if my sister joins
hands with them.. …succumbing to her love
for her daughter! I can’t even think
about that insult. I am dying I think I will get mad. There is a way to get back
to Srinivasa Bhupati.. …but you won’t accept that plan. Tell me what that plan is!
Tell me what it is! Before Srinivasa Bhupati gets
his daughter married.. …you will have to get his wife
married to someone else. Yes. You will have to get
Shakuntala married again. She must throw his nuptial
thread on his face. He must die with that insult.
– Shakuntala! Your sister is still young.
She’s just 39 years old. These days people are not getting
married till 35 years. What’s wrong if she gets married
again at this age! And he has also signed those
divorce papers to make it easy. Will you marry Shakuntala? Tell me if you’ll marry
her or not. – Shakuntala! Shakuntala will do what
I will ask her to do.. …or I will make her
follow my orders. Will you marry her or not?
– I will see whatever happens. Tell me will you marry her.
– I am even ready to die for you. That’s enough. That’s
sufficient for me. Your approval brought me
to the doors of victory. But no one should know about
this, not even my father. The marriage should be
done tomorrow itself. I will come to the temple along
with Shakuntala at morning. You too come there. See who it is. The priest is here. What’s the
matter? – Greetings, sir. Mr. Veera Naidu came to
my place at mid-night.. …and asked for a nuptial thread. I asked him who is
getting married.. …and he said that
it’s his sister. I couldn’t bear it, sir. I am wondering why I am still
alive in this world. Aunty wouldn’t have accepted it. Uncle Veera Naidu
must’ve planned it. When I asked her to give
back the nuptial thread.. …I could see what she was
going through from inside. We made a mistake by signing
those papers, brother. Mother, all this happened
because I brought Bhanu.. …from their place. I will
leave Bhanu at their place. Whatever is destined to
happen will happen. As I decided Bhanu and
you will get married. Uncle, let’s not be stubborn. The reason why I wanted
to marry Bhanu.. …Is to reunite aunty with you,
but there’s nothing else.. …In my mind, uncle. Bhanu wanted to come here
as she too wanted to.. …reunite both the families.
Other than that she too.. …doesn’t have anything for me. Bowing down heads is
far better than.. …beheading our near ones. You said that there’s inunctions
in the temple.. …but there is no one here.
– Everyone is about to arrive. Shakuntala, I need to tell you
something. – Yes, brother. Why did Kamesham come here? I called him here. Will you do something to save
my reputation? – Aunty! Here’s your daughter.
I took away Bhanu.. …not to insult you or to
offend uncle Veera Naidu. I thought that if
I take away Bhanu.. …you for your daughter, grandpa
for her granddaughter.. …and uncle for his niece
will to come to our home. Uncle signed the divorce papers.. …because I urged him
to sign those papers. I asked you to return
your nuptial thread.. …only to change your mind. But you are getting married
to someone else. Is it right on your part? We can do anything in anger, but
can’t make fool of ourselves. What is he saying, brother!
– It’s.. Brother, is he saying the truth? Why did you bring me here? Yes, sister. I decided to get
you married to Kamesham. Brother!
– Shakuntala. With whose permission did
you take this decision! With whose permission! Scoundrel!
– Aunty. Are you a brother?
Are you my brother? Shakuntala, listen to me. I am Srinivasa Bhupati’s wife.
You are looking for a groom.. …for me?
– It’s for your welfare. Still he has got that toe-ring
that gave him years ago. How did you assume that I will
remove this nuptial thread.. …that he tied me! You’re trying to sell
me someone else.. …because I trusted
you all these years? What rubbish are you talking! You left your husband
20 years ago.. …and now you got feeling
for him again? You forgot that he bashed
up your father. You forgot that he made
your brother bleed. You forgot that he
slashed your brother’s hand. You..
– Leave her, uncle. Leave her. If you date to touch her.. Uncle, we are family. Why
are still holding grudges.. Who is family! Who are
you talking about! Your uncle is my arch rival. You are the sword
hanging on my neck. I will kill both of you some day. Uncle, ours is the same blood.
– Blood! I want that blood.
Give me that blood. What’s this, uncle!
– Hey, stop calling me uncle. I am not your father’s brother.. …or am I your mother’s
second husband? Bharani, leave him.
Bharani, stop! Run away! Run away! Aunty, run away. Listen
to me. Run away. What do you want! Go away. Go! Aunty! – All these years
I was with your brother. I had set my eyes on you,
but I never made a mistake. Your brother said that
he’s no. 1 in Bheemili.. …and that I am no.2.
Now if I marry you.. will become the
undisputed no. 2. Kamesham, do you know
what you are saying! I don’t want your body. I want the post of being Mrs.
Shakuntala Devi’s husband.. …and PVS group’s son-in-law.
That’s all. That’s all! Aunty.
– I will tie you the nuptial thread If you wish you can go
to Srinivasa Bhupati.. or to someone else.
I don’t have a problem. You ugly dog, what rubbish
are you talking. You heard it right.
Do I look like a dog? You hardly stayed with
your husband for ten days.. …and after a year you gave
birth to a child. Do you think.. …we will believe that the
child’s father is Srinivasa Bhupati? Why do you pretend to be the
most faithful wife in this world! If you don’t accept
my proposal right now.. …you will leave this place
alive, but you won’t even have.. …a single thread of
your cloth on your body! Hey, you! Why are you calling
her your aunt! Are you trying to bring your
uncle and aunt together? If she becomes your aunt
just because she lived with.. …your uncle for a week, then
she lived with a lot men.. …In the last 20 years. So
all of them are you uncles? Then I am also your uncle
from today onwards. Call me ‘uncle’. Call me ‘uncle’. Stop the car! Stop the car! Father.
– What happened, dear? What have you done! Please forgive me. Order! Order! Order! ‘After 4 years.’ Bharani. How are you? He’s coming back, father. The person who slashed
my brother’s hand. The person who ruined
your daughter’s life. Your grandfather and
uncle Veera Naidu.. …are still upset with us.
– Did Surya get married? He didn’t get married yet. Your family decided
to get you married.. …after you return from the jail. O dear!
– Mummy. – Bharani. How are you, mother? Welcome, Bharani! Shakuntala.
– Aunty. – Don’t cry, dear! Shoot. Shoot him.
– Go and get fresh. We need to offer prayers. What for? – What for? Tomorrow
it’s your marriage. Won’t you offer prayers today?
– Shoot him! What’s the need to arrange
the marriage so urgently! I am not marrying Bhanu. Dear, what are you saying!
– We should get Surya.. …married to Bhanu.
That’s what is right. Bharani, what are you saying! I was in jail for 4 years. I
was at least living peacefully.. .That uncle and aunt are happy. Four days ago you called
me and gave me the news.. …about my marriage and
it destroyed my peace. Mother, all we wanted was
to reunite this family.. …and to live together happily. Are we happy right now that
you arranged the marriage? When you would return from
the jail, I wanted no one to.. …see you as a prisoner,
but to see you as a groom. Is it wrong? – There’s nothing
wrong about it, uncle.. …but will grandpa bring
the nuptial thread for me? Will uncle come here and
give me his blessings? If the answer is ‘yes’
then I will get married. They are the elders
of the family. If I get married
in their absence.. …then it doesn’t make
any sense, uncle. You always used to say that
when there are differences.. …In a family, then it’s not
important who won the battle.. …but what is more important
is that no one should lose. If I marry Bhanu then both
of them will be defeated. And if they are defeated how
can we live happily, uncle! They are still upset that
I ruined Surya’s life. We have to remove the pain
with another pain, uncle. Surya’s marriage will
heal their wounds. Only then will grandpa’s
anger be reduced by a bit. Other than Bhanu no one
can give Surya a good life. Bharani! He who gets the wound suffers
till the wound is healed. But he who gives wound
suffers forever. I am suffering, uncle. Every time I see Surya
eat with his left hand.. …It hurts me a lot, uncle. Bhanu, at least you tell them.. Bhanu. Bhanu. Bhanu. Bhanu, listen to me. You loved me and you
wanted to marry me.. …only to bring our
families together. But now if we get married our
families will never unite. Surya might get a number
of girls for marriage. But only you can be a
good wife to him, Bhanu. Love is something and justice
is something else, Bhanu. I liked you, I adored you,
and since you were.. …my uncle’s daughter I wanted
to marry you as well. But I never really
loved you, Bhanu. If everyone wants to marry
the person they love.. …then no one in the
world will get married. You really don’t love me? Do you want to hear
a lie or the truth? It’s up to you. I will marry Surya. I know that my love has died,
but I want to know.. …If you ever loved me or not? Uncle, Bhanu is ready
to marry Surya. Now look into the arrangements. Grandpa. What’s this, grandpa!
– How come you got such wisdom.. …that I didn’t
get even at my age! Bharani! I though that
the tree has dried up. So I wanted to cut it down. But
you proved that there is life.. …In the roots. Forgive me, dear. Please don’t use such
big words, uncle. Shakuntala, forgive me. According to the rituals the
bride’s uncle should bring.. …her to the wedding dais.
– No, grandpa. No! It’s alright. What you have
done till now is sufficient! Yes, dear. – How many times
will you bear the punishment.. …for something you
haven’t done. – Aunty! You went to the jail for
a murder that I committed. Do you want to go
to the jail again! Shakuntala, what are you saying! Aunty! Aunty, listen to
me. Give me that sword. Give it to me. I will tell everyone that
I committed this murder. Aunty, a woman from our family
shouldn’t go to the jail. Aunty, listen to me. If a man goes to the jail he
is ridiculed and if a woman.. …goes to jail the entire
family bears the punishment. Aunty, I request you. Aunty, no one should
know what happened here. Aunty, give it to me.
Give it to me! Listen to me. Leave this place. Aunty, I request you. Please go! Don’t tell anyone
what happened here. Please don’t tell anyone.
Aunty, go! Go! Leave this place, aunty. Why did you make
such a big sacrifice! I didn’t want to
get married, Bharani. You marry Bhanu. I will
definitely marry someone else. Bharani, the newspaper in
which your photo appeared.. …with Bhanu in that
controversial matter.. …should print your photo
as a married couple. That’s what is good
for this family. You said that no one
should be defeated.. …and now you want to be
defeated? Hold her hand. “You are my beloved one.” “There is no need for marriage.” “You are my better half.” “You bring a smile on my face.” “You are my uncle’s daughter.” “O dear, I search myself in you.” “I am surviving because of you.” “You gave a new life to me.”


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