Bharat Bhushan – Biography

Totally different actor from
the golden era of Indian cinema. Bharat Bhushan. Born on 14th June,
1920 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. His father Rai Bahadur was
a staunch Arya Samaj follower. When he was just two years old,
his mother passed away. Bharat Bhushan’s father
didn’t like to watch movies. He had also put restrictions
on the kids for that. One day, his father went to Ambala. Behind his back,
he and his brother Ramesh went to.. Debki Bose’s film,
Raja Rani Meera. “Hey cowgirl,
why did you take away my heart?” By the time they returned
from watching the film.. ..they came to know
about their father’s return. The voice of youth doesn’t
have any effect on old ears. But I can explain him at least. But he’ll not be
willing to understand. And he got good beatings
for watching the film. At that time Bharat Bhushan
had decided to leave the house.. ..and create a new
identity for himself. I am fed up of this world.
This world is ruthless. And the people here are heartless. He spent some time with his elders,
away from his father. This was also the time when
he finished his studies and.. ..also tried to become
a classical singer. He went to Kolkata
to become a part of films. This was the time when more
films were being made in Kolkata. He began with a meager salary of Rs.
60/- per month. Come on. Go. Hey, why are you scared? Be brave. Go. This happened in the year 1942. Film Bhakt Kabir was being made. Producer and singer,
Omkar Nath Thakur.. ..who was playing the role of Kabir,
left this film. After that, Bharat Bhushan was told
to portray the character of Kabir. This is the first journey towards
my goal and you’re making me.. ..nervous in spite of being a friend. I am not making you nervous.
In fact, I am cheering you. After this,
he got a Shalimar Pictures film. He had to play the role
of Lord Krishna in this. The producer was cash strapped,
hence this film was shelved. In the year 1948 there
was a film named Suhaag Raat.. which well known director
Kedar Sharma signed Bharat Bhushan.. ..along with Geeta Bali. This film worked and then
there was no looking back for him. Personality, perfect.
Make up, marvelous. Success guaranteed. Don’t worry. But the image of an ascetic
and a poet stuck to him. Along with acting,
he also produced films. Like Meenar, Basant Bahaar,
Barsaat Ki Raat and Dooj Ka Chaand. These films had great music. He created history
in the film Baiju Bawra. But people from the film industry
who were close to him, cheated him. He suffered huge financial losses. After 1964, he couldn’t recover
from that shock for almost 4 years. At that time, producer director,
Naseer Hussain gave him.. ..a character role in
the film Pyaar Ka Mausam. This was also the time when he
had not just one, but two bungalows. One in Mumbai and the other in Pune. Along with the bungalows,
his imported cars also got sold. Bharat Bhushan, who had decided.. ..not to become a lawyer
unlike his father.. ..will continue his love for music
and make his career in films. He took a huge leap,
tasted new heights of success.. ..but the ups and downs
of this journey had.. ..given Bharat Bhushan a strong shock. Beautiful names of beautiful things. New heroes started coming up.
Competition had increasing. Then he decided to make a film
with Manoj Kumar and Vaijayantimala. But that too didn’t happen. After that, Bharat Bhushan.. ..started working in the films
as a character artist. Where will I take my kids if the
roof over my head is snatched away? Father…
– Keep quiet. If we look at Bharat Bhushan’s
personal life, we come to know.. ..that he got married twice. He had two daughters
from his first wife. His wife died while giving
birth to his second daughter. After that, he got married
to his actress from the film.. ..Barsaat Ki Raat, Ratna. Bharat Bhushan breathed his
last on 27th January, 1992 in Mumbai. Bharat Bhushan worked
with the best of actresses. Be it Meena Kumari or Madhubala. Geeta Bali or Beena Rai. It’s a long list. Whenever the golden era
of Indian cinema is discussed. That time is discussed when
the actors were trying to create.. ..a place for themselves,
stardom was on a gradual rise.. ..Bharat Bhushan’s name
will be first in the list. “The bulbul sings in that garden.” “Cuckoo sings on the tree.” Bharat Bhushan’s name will
always be taken with pride.. the history of Indian cinema. To know about the unusual stories
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