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‘Kadapa under the tyranny
of brother Malli.’ ‘I will see his end: government
official’s pledge.’ ‘Number of buses on
the same number.’ ‘Guna travels’ scam is
exposed by the RTO.’ ‘The building erected without
the required permissions.’ ‘RDO takes strict action.’ ‘A new twist in the suicide
case of a local businessman.’ ‘Goons’ threats are supposed
be the reason behind it.’ ‘RDO intervenes.’ ‘Guna’s hand in a college
student’s molestation.’ ‘..and murder.’ My husband died while fighting
for the welfare of people. But not even a single person
from those people.. …or the police is coming
forward to give witness. But I won’t leave them. I will
take this case to the CBl.. …to get justice.
– Do you think you will get justice? We will get justice.
– How will you get justice.. …when there is no witness?
– I will definitely get justice. No one is coming forward
to give witness” …and you are saying that
you will get justice. What makes you think so?
– God is there. He will definitely
understand my pain. Even the government is being
insensitive to your troubles.. Who do you think will
get you justice? Even if the government snubbed me.. …there will definitely be a
brother who would fight them. “O lord Ganesha, son
of lord Shiva..” “..fulfill a small wish of mine.” “I want to get married
to a beautiful bride.” “Get me a lovely girl.” “After I get a beautiful damsel
I will come to your temple.” “We will also bring
nice gifts for you.” “Only you can help us now, O lord.” “if you help us we will give you
dakshina offerings, 3 lord.” “O lord Ganesha, son
of lord Shiva..” “..fulfill a small wish of mine.” “I want to get married
to a beautiful bride.” “Get me a lovely girl.” “We heard father’s scolding,
we got zeroes in exams.” “We studied throughout the year,
but it’s of no use.” “When we travel on the buses
we travel on the top.” “When we ride the bikes
we go through the gaps.” “When the girl of our choice
comes, we go by foot.” “The hearts of girls
are very smart.” “But unfortunately they
are not stable.” “They throw the nets on you.” “if you are trapped in it, only
God can help you then.” “We can control the earthquake..” “..but not a girl’s heart.” “Only you can help us now, O lord.” “if you help us we will give you
dakshina offerings, 3 lord.” “O lord Ganesha, son
of lord Shiva..” “..fulfill a small wish of mine.” “I want to get married
to a beautiful bride.” “Get me a lovely girl.” “We are always in the forefront
on a new movie release.” “We are always behind our friends.” “When there is a fight,
we break enemy’s bones.” “We call for the meetings
near the tea shop.” “When the girls pass by,
we try to impress them.” “When the girl smiles,
we throw parties.” “Never get on the wrong
side of the brother.” “if you say yes, we take
on the challenge.” “Getting a girl say yes is
our ultimate ambition.” “Only you can help us now, O lord.” “if you help us we will give you
dakshina offerings, 3 lord.” “Only you can help us now, O lord.” “if you help us we will give you
dakshina offerings, 3 lord.” Hey, come outside. What’s the matter, brother?
– We are buying this market.. …In auction. You too
sign these papers.. …In agreement to sell your shop. How can we evacuate the
shop just like that! Everyone signed here.
Who are you to say no! Where will we go if you ask
us to vacate the shop.. …all of a sudden! – Hey, didn’t
you get some other place.. …to buy a shop?
– So what! Hey, don’t mess with me.
– You’re the one.. – Keep quiet. Brother, you are the chairman
of the shopkeepers’ union. How can you let them do it
in your presence, brother! What’s the big deal! Vacate
the shop as they are asking.. …you to vacate. I will get you
a better site for your shop. We don’t want any other
site, brother. You’re lucky that I came here,
if it was my brother-in-law.. The chairman in my place
he would’ve killed you. Will you sign these papers or
do you want me to call my.. …brother-in-law, the chairman?
– I won’t sign the papers. Hello!
– Uncle, I am Ramesh speaking. Have lunch before you leave. Jagan, there’s a call for you.
It’s Ramesh’s call. Yes, buddy.
– Buddy.. What happened?
– The chairman’s brother-in-law.. …slapped my father. Mr. Chairman, everyone
signed the papers.. …as soon as we took your name. Hey, he looks like my brother-in-law,
doesn’t he? – Yes, sir. He’s my brother-in-law. Stop the jeep. Don’t come here. I said don’t come here. He will bash you up
if you come forward. Hey, untie those chains.
– No. He’ll bash you up if you unite
the chains, brother-in-law. Hey, who’s that? His name is Jagan. He is
Chandrashekharam’s son. This is not your business.
– Why is it not my business! You come here one fine
day and ask everyone.. …to evacuate their shops. Where
will the shopkeepers go.. …who have been running their
shops here since 10-15 years? This is a political issue.
Don’t interfere in it. I will do what I wish.
What will you do? Brother, no. You don’t know
anything about politics. Ok, I will know about it.
What’s the name of.. …Andhra Pradesh’s governor? Oh God!
– Hello! Tell me. I don’t know and you too don’t
know. Shall I find it out? Untie those chains. Is it party convener Gopalam?
– Yes, it’s me. It’s me, Meesala Raju, brother.
– Greetings, brother. Who is Andhra Pradesh’s governor? Andhra Pradesh’s governor? Hello!
– Yes, tell me what his name is. Hello!
– Yes, I can hear you. Hello! I am not getting the signal.
I’ll call you back. Why don’t you say that you
don’t know who it is! Welcome, commissioner!
Please sit down. Have a peg. Sir, I am already pretty tensed. What are you tensed about? Have
a peg. You will be fine. The collector’s family is
forcing the government. …to call for a CBI enquiry on you.
– Call for an enquiry. You must live in some other
place for a few days. So you are saying that brother
should get scared and flee? No, listen to me..
– I won’t listen to you. No one came to forward
to give witness. Why does your department
still doubt us? No one is coming forward
to give witness. That’s why the department
doubts you. Not just that, but you garlanded
the collector’s body.. …on the spot after killing him. It’s the collector was died.
I just paid reverence. Is it wrong?
– Sir, if the matters intensifies.. …and if we get orders to
kill you in an encounter. …then I will have to wear my
uniform and shoot you, sir. I am saying this because
I am your man. Now it’s up to you. You applied for a conditional
bail in this case. Yes, your honor.
– Is the police enquiry over? Yes, your honor.
– And if we give him a bail among.. …so many problems, will his
opposition stay quiet. He won’t create a few
more troubles, will we? No such thing will happen,
your honor. He is not such sort of a person. He belongs to a well-reputed
family. This is his first of fence. Whenever the court will
send him a summon.. …he will be present in the court
no matter wherever he will be.. …at that particular moment.
That’s all, your honor. Till the near hearing of this
case he will have to.. …sign the register every
morning at 10 am.. …In the Palakonda police
station in Kadapa. Only on that condition the
court is giving his bail. O dear, what happened to you? What had they done to you?
– Nothing, granny. They want me to go to Kadapa
and sign the register. Why don’t you sign
that register here. Hey, you! You are chickening out?
– You scoundrel! We are treating you like a
kid and you are trying to.. …mess with us? You can
go anywhere for signing. You will have to come here at last.
– I will come here. Be ready. Then I will
show you what I am. You scoundrel, come here. What’s wrong with you!
– I will bury him right here. Get lost.
– Jagan, I am talking to you. Jagan, why are you leaving
without burying them here! Old lady, you are about
to die in a day or two. Why are you getting into this?
– Hey, stop talking like that. I will die, and you
will live forever. Don’t get into an argument
with that old lady. I have seen a number of people
like you. – Get lost. It would’ve been great if
you had also come with us. If both of us leave, then will
think that we got scared.. …and fled from the city. I
should stay here, or else.. …by the time we return no one
will be afraid of us anymore. I will suppress everyone
we need to suppress. You need not worry about me. By the time you return
I will make sure.. …that your name is cleared
from all the cases. You go ahead. I’ll take care
of everything, brother. Eat without fighting. Don’t you have anything else
to do after waking up.. …In the morning? You are ruining this place in
the name of feeding the crows. We shouldn’t have given
you the house on rent. We shouldn’t talk like that, granny. They are not crows, but
they are our forefathers. Forefathers?
– Our ancestors. It can be my grandfather,
or my grandmother”. …It can even be your
deceased husband. Today I am telling you all this. From today onwards you
will also have to.. …feed the crows every day, ok? I will feed them, but I can’t
call them the way you do. Take it, sir. Take it, madam.
– What? My name is Jagan. I came
from Pulivendula. Show me the document.
Is it conditional bail? Yes, madam.
– Ravi. – Did you bring the note? Yes, I did.
– Ok, sign it and wait outside. Meet our sir when he comes.
– Ok, sir. I will wait outside, sir. Catch. Why are you feeding my
Tiff in to the crows? They are our forefathers.
– What? They are not crows, but
they are our ancestors. It can be your deceased grandfather. It can be your grandmother. It can be your uncle. Or it can
also be the priest of your area. 201. – Yes, madam. – Bring
that double-barrel gun. Ok, madam. Sir. No.
– Your Tiffin. Get down. Is it him?
– Sir. Get in. Get in. Did you sign the register?
– Yes, sir. Go and sit in the jeep. Go. Brother. Brother.
– Kalyan. Hey, who’s your brother!
He’s an accused. Go to your school now. Just because your uncle
is the inspector.. …If you do what you wish here
as well I am going to kill you. When did you come?
– Come, Jagan. We came here just now.
– It’s great. You sent him in on the first
bus and you came here.. …on the next bus. He
turned out like that.. …just because of your pampering. What have we done?
– Who else has done it! Brother, how can an inspector
keep a person.. …who got a conditional
bail at his home? I had to request the commissioner.. …and take special permission. If we let him do whatever he does.. …then he will spend all
his life in the jail. None of you can come here
for one more month. I will bash him up and bring
him to the right path.. …and only then will
I send him back home. Ask them to have lunch and leave. Brother-in-law, he said all
that in the fit of rage. It’s alright, dear. I know him well. Hey. – Father. – Even I
am scared of your uncle. You too know him. Do
whatever he says.. …as long as you stay here.
– Alright, father. I shall go now.
– Ok, brother-in-law. Bye, sister-in-law.
– Bye. Goodbye, uncle.
– Jaya. – Coming. Jagan, do you want send
some message to mother? And also if you want to
send some message.. …to your friends.. Uncle, ask everyone back
home to feed the crows. Feed the crows? Dolly hasn’t come to
our home as well. Where must’ve she gone?
– Dolly is not in the school.. …and she hasn’t even gone
to her friend’s place. Where has she gone?
– I know his murderers.. …must have kidnapped her as well.
– That’s not true. Do not worry. She must be
on her way back home. No, I know that. They are
doing this to threaten us.. …so that we would take back
the case and leave this city. I fear what they will
do to my Dolly. Do something. I want
my daughter back. Dolly. Mummy. – You shouldn’t leave
such a little girl.. …on the road alone. What if
something happens to her! You are lucky that we got
her and brought her here. What if some scoundrel
would’ve seen her! What would’ve happened to her then? Do you want to go to your
mother? Go. – Mummy. Mummy. I brought her back this time.
Don’t assume that.. …I will bring her back
each and every time. Tell me where it is.
– There’s a bridge. There’s a building near that bridge. There are a number of crows. I saw my figure near those crows.
– Stop the cycle. Why? – Who many bridges
and crows are there.. …In this city? Give me
the location correctly. Hey, megastars movie was
running on the nearby hall. That’s a better landmark.
– Go straight and turn right. That right?
– Yes, right. Do you go to that theatre
all the times? Hey, don’t get smart
with me. Let’s go. I saw that girl on this building.
– Just because she was here then.. …doesn’t mean that she will
be here all the times. She will definitely
come here for me. Is she you were talking about? She’s here. Scoundrel, you came so far for her? Why? O lord!
– How come you liked her? I liked her. She would suit our grandpa. I don’t care if she would
suit grandpa or Seetayya.. She suits me. That’s
sufficient for me. No, listen to me.
– Get lost. I took the decision that even I
have to die I will die with her. She’s going to die pretty soon. You are jealous of me.
– Die as and when you want. “O beloved one, I forgot myself..” “..the moment I saw you.” “Every cell in my body is tingled..” “..every time you see me.” “The fire in your eyes..” “..had burnt me like camphor,
O my dear.” “The fire in your eyes..” “..had burnt me like camphor,
O my dear.” “I didn’t know that you are
the voice of my conscience.” “I didn’t know that your smile
is the ever blossoming flower.” “I am the cold breeze for you.” “I will sing this song
for you forever.” “O beloved one, I forgot myself..” “..the moment I saw you.” “I shall write with my lips
on the slate of your cheeks.” “I shall be the moonlight
on your forehead..” “..and lighten up the planet.” “I wonder when I would get
a place in your heart.” “I wonder when I could touch
your tender waist.” “Are you Menaka fairy in heaven
or God’s gift to me?” “You entered my life and
changed it forever.” “I didn’t know that you are
the voice of my conscience.” “I didn’t know that your smile
is the ever blossoming flower.” “I am the cold breeze for you.” “I will sing this song
for you forever.” “O beloved one, I forgot myself..” “..the moment I saw you.” “Your kisses are welcome.
They are always welcome.” “Your hugs are welcome.
They are always welcome.” “Your sweet whispers in my
ears are always welcome.” “if your sari gets drenched in
the rain it’s most welcome.” “Now my life is all about
dreaming about you.” we’ are my life.” “I didn’t know that you are
the voice of my conscience.” “I didn’t know that your smile
is the ever blossoming flower.” “I am the cold breeze for you.” “I will sing this song
for you forever.” Ravi. – Yes, madam. – Minister
went out. Morning. You must reach there by the
time he reaches there. Ok, madam. Madam, phone.
– See who it is. Hello. – Sir, I am talking from
Port ride Engineering college. Some goons came to our college.. …and creating a scene over here,
sir. – Just a minute. Madam, there’s some in Portride
Engineering college. They are calling us right away.
– It’s nothing new. Tell them that we will come there. Madam said that she will come.
– Please, sir. Please come here fast.
There’s a big fight.. …going on over here, sir.
– Just a minute. Madam, there’s some big fight.
She’s asking you.. …to be there immediately.
– You told them that.. …we will be there. We can’t
go there flying, can we? Hang up the phone and mind your
business. Unnecessarily.. Sir, please come here fast. It’s
getting out of control here. We are coming. – Please come
and save our lives, sir. We are coming.
– Please come fast, sir. ‘Sir, please come here fast. It’s
getting out of control here.’ Police’s here! What happened? What’s the problem? You called us and said that
there is some problem.. …In the college. – Sir, some
guys from the nearby locality.. …came and troubled us.
And when they realized.. …that the powerful police
came here, they ran away. What! I am police?
– Thank you very much.. …for coming here on just
one phone call, sir. Every policeman should
be like you, sir. I am not a policeman,
but I am a goon. The policemen should also
look like goons at times. Right, sir? – It seems that
they have already decided.. …that I am a policeman.
– What’s the matter, sir? Why are you silent?
– It’s nothing. Ok. You won’t have any
sort of problem.. …from these rowdies anymore.
I shall go now. Sir. Sir.
– What, girl? Just a minute, sir. It’s my
friend who had a problem. She wants to thank you.
– Ask her to come forward. You don’t know these rowdies well. What are you saying, sir?
– The rowdies who left today.. …might come tomorrow,
like a storm. – I see! What you see!
– What shall we do then? I have already taken the decision. What decision have you taken, sir?
– From today onwards.. …my full concentration will
be on this college itself. Oh no! If the goons come here
again we will inform you. I already confirmed that
they will come again.. …and you are saying that you
would inform me if they come? I have already made up my mind. Every policeman should
be like you, sir. I am saying it again, I am not
a policeman, I am a goon. That’s correct, sir. – Ok, then.
Let’s meet tomorrow. See you. Sir, this is.. What’s this?
– Lunch.. What? It’s Lancham bribe? Sorry, sir. Give it to me..
– No. It’s not that much. It’s ok. I will take care of that. Well, I came to your college
for the first time. If you give me some gift
or token in your memory.. …It would remind me
of you in future. I have got just these things, sir. Will you give me this rubber? What will you do with
this rubber, sir? I will wipe out the goons in
the city with this rubber. How can you wipe them
off with it, sir? First I will wipe their
names off from the list.. …and then I will slay them in
real. – Say it clearly, sir. How will you wipe out the
goons with this rubber? I will kill you in an encounter
and get rid of all the troubles. Sorry, sir. We will go our classes. Oh no! Aggi Pidigu is chasing
us. Run away. Run away. Run away. Run away. Girls, stop there, or else I will
throw this acid egg on you. Oh God! Aggi Pidigu is chasing us.
– Follow me. What happened?
– Oh God! Policeman! Hey, what’s going on over here? I want to become the goon of
this area. – And for that? To become a goon I have
to scare the public. For that you should
scare the public.. But not these old women who
don’t even have teeth in tact. Only this age-group is scared of me. What’s your name?
– Girls. Aggi Pidigu. Aggi Pidigu.
Aggi Pidigu. What does Aggi Pidigu mean?
– I burn like Aggi fire.. …and zoom like Pidigu lightening. And why are you carrying that
acid egg in your hands? Ask me slowly, sir.
– Ok, tell me. It’s not an acid egg,
but it’s a boiled egg. I am scaring this old
gang with this egg. You want to become a goon, right?
– Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I will tell you something. Will
you do that? – How can I.. …not do something that a
policeman asks me to do! What’s the matter! He too
calls me a police officer. You must break a windowpane
of this college. – Why, sir? My girl is studying here. With
that excuse I can come here.. …again tomorrow morning.
– I will throw a stone from here.. …and it’d break the window
and it’d travel a bit.. …and break principal’s glasses
and one of her eyeballs.. …will fall on the table. And
by the time she returns.. …from the hospital you
can finish your job. Do you want me to believe that?
– Trust me, sir. Sir, you don’t know me. I kill
a person and then I commit.. …two molestations on my way
back just to kill boredom. Sir, you be here exactly at
9 to 9-30 tomorrow morning. Sir, I am on the spot. Over. Over. Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that? Whom are you talking about? Who broke the college’s windowpane?
– Windowpane? No one broke it.
– It should’ve been broken. It’s already 9:30.
– What if it’s 9:30? That’s the timing.
– What timing? We got the report from
the intelligence.. …that the incident would
take place at this time. Did anyone of you see the person.. …who broke a windowpane
in this college? Tell me how he looks. Fair
or dark? Short or tall? Whoever he is I will catch him.
I will definitely Why is no one here? And in the rush I forgot to pack
chatni in ldlis this morning. Hey, you! I’m coming. I am talking about a
deadly problem here.. …and both of you are talking
about the idli problem? Who broke the windowpane
in the college? Why are you hiding it? Tell me. Where is your principal?
Where is the principal? Yes, what’s the problem? Scoundrel, he didn’t even
break a small windowpane. Are you a policeman?
– I am not a policeman. I’m a goon. Keep that aside. That’s
your punch dialogue. The windowpane didn’t break.
And I didn’t call you. Then why are you here?
– We are alert all the times. A shoe needs polish and
the society needs police. Hey! You go to the convent
and learn English.. …and at home you take Horlicks.
We too know that. We asked you why you came here.. …and you are telling
us your stupid poetry? Hey, you pumpkin! On the next
lunar day I will put camphor.. …on your head and break
you into pieces. Hello!
– Malati. I know very well why
you are coming here. But what you want will never happen. Hey, Aggi Pidigu, where are you? Give me the stone.
– Oh God! He’s completely drunk. I wonder what he will do now. Oh God!
– You broke her head. Aggi Pidigu, we can’t
take it anymore. We woke up at 5:30
and came with you.. But you didn’t even
give us a single tea. When will you bra and
jacket be completed? Kantamma, it’s not bra and
jacket. It’s project. It’s a big mistake. We too know your college concept. Shall we break the windowpanes?
– Ok, girls. I am relieved.
– Kantamma. – Give me that stone. We broke his jeep’s front-glass.
Run. Run. Let’s run. I’m coming. I am going to kill you.. I am sorry for my mistake. Tomorrow early morning one-man show. You can kill me if I made a mistake. Scoundrel, I am wondering
what excuse I should give.. …my uncle for breaking this
jeep’s glass and you are.. …promising me to break
the college’s windowpane? Then think some other plan, brother. Ok, do one thing. Hold a girl hand. What! – Sir, this will
come under rowdyism.. “But not terrorism, right?
– No. Ok, then, not just the hand, but
I will hand her feet as well. But you won’t do what
I will ask you to do. Sir, tomorrow morning you
will see the real me. How does that look?
– It looks like.. Tell me that before leaving.
– Even I don’t know. When will the jeep come?
– Come outside. When is she coming out
of the auto-rickshaw? Just smile. Fatso! The station must shake with Aggi
Pidigu’s arrival. – Shut up! Inspector. – I’m the inspector.
What’s the problem? We are not in a mood for fun,
constable. Call the inspector. What rubbish are you talking!
I’m the inspector. How can an inspector do
something like this! You sent this scoundrel and
told him to hold my hand? Tell him what you did.
Tell him what you did. Sir, tell her not to
put her hand on me. Did you see him, sir? Constable, the inspector is here. It’s him, sir.
– It’s him? – Yes. He’s the inspector?
– Yes. He’s an accused.
– He’s an accused? Then give me my rubber back.
– Rubber? He said that he will wipe out
the goons from this city.. …with that particular rubber, sir. Not just that, sir. He
also threatened her.. …to killed her in an encounter,
sir. – Uncle. Confusion. – Sir, I know why
he used to come to college.. …everyday in the disguise
of a policeman. – Why? He came there to love me, sir. But I am not that sort
of a girl, sir. Ask him, sir. Ask him, sir.
– Shut up! I didn’t come for you.
I came for that girl. Oh no! – Did you see how he is
talking in front of you, sir! You may go, girls. I will
make sure that he doesn’t. …put you in any trouble again.
Please. Take my word. Please. Other than cheating and
bashing up people you are also in.. …love with someone, and you say
that right in front of me? Uncle. Oh! What a family, sir! – Rascal, all
my life I didn’t even have.. …a single scar on my reputation. One mistake. Show me just
one mistake of mine. No.
– You call yourself a policeman? Don’t say one more thing. Good evening, madam.
– Good evening. Hey..
– What is he doing inside? Madam, he used the
department’s name.. …and created a scene in the
Portride Engineering college. And it turned out to be
a big issue, madam. That’s why sir punished
him and asked us.. …to keep him inside.
– What punishment! Open it. Ok. madam.
– No, madam. Uncle will scold me if he
comes to know about it. You stay quiet. And
you open the gate. What happened?
– Actually.. Tell me what happened. So your love is the reason
behind everything. Sit down. Your moron uncle is
bound to get upset. Madam, you are not giving
any respect to my uncle. I always call him Venkat Swamy.
– Venkat Swamy? His name is Venkat Swamy, isn’t it? It’s alright. Sit down. Sit down. Madam, take his name
with some respect. Ever since I remember the
people in my hometown.. …call my uncle a lion.
Do you know that? Is that so, dear? Does anyone
in your family know.. …why that lion shaved off
his moustache, dear? You have got a point. Why? To be honest with you I
should’ve been your aunt. Really?
– Yes. I didn’t get you.
– To understand it clearly.. …you have to understand a
flashback. Will you hear it? Flashback?
– Yes. 1985. Kurnool Police Training
college. Venkat Swamy and I.. “These are the hot-blooded guys.” “They don’t have any fear.
They are the heroes.” “They are prayers.
They are singers.” “They are beautiful hunters.” “They don’t have any boundaries.” “They are aggressive.” Hey, be careful. Hey, did we reach the right place? Police training college.
It’s right place. Who’s that?
– God! Let’s go. Stop. Why did you stop me?
– My uncle is looking a bit old.. …In the flashback.
– If you put a wig on your uncle.. …he will look just like that.
Follow the flashback only. Hi.
– Who’s that? Who’s he? Why did you come here?
– You asked me to follow.. …the flashback, didn’t you?
– I asked you to sit there.. …follow the flashback.
– Ok. Superb movie.
– Hi, buddy. – Hi. What’s the matter? Where
did you go last night? I went to watch a movie.
– Is that so? Which movie? A new movie called ‘Vikram’. How is it?
– It’s superb. Who’s the hero?
– A new hero called Nagarjuna. He’s ANR’s son. He
acted really well. Take my word. He will become a
big hero in future. – Really! We will definitely watch it. Buddy, your girl’s coming.
– Tomorrow.. Now watch out. Buddy.
– Your hero’s there.. Today I am going to watch
the movie ‘Vikram’. I am asking you. Will
you come with me? He is crossing all the lines.
– He’s a good boy. Leave him. He’s not a good boy.
– I said leave him. That’s all. Tell me, buddy. Will you come
to the movie with me? What’s this, mister!
– Come, let’s go. He is crossing all the lines. Buddy, will you.. Very naughty boy)’- ‘Then our police training started.’ ‘We came close to each other.’ Take it. – Wow! Who told
you that I like buns? Actually I had only 50 paisa. Beautiful. You are eating marvelously. AP policemen will never improve.
– AP policemen.. …are at second place in the
world, do you know that? If you both of you
resign your jobs.. …It would reach the first place.
Do you know that? Alright. You didn’t tell
me how that lion.. …shaved off his moustache.
– That’s the next scene. You are so inquisitive. One day Venkat Swamy.. Today it’s my birthday..
– Oh no! I don’t know.. …what gift I should give you.
– Can you give me a kiss? No, I won’t. I won’t. Can I give you a kiss?
– Finally his light-bulb flashed. Then it’s ok with you. Enjoy. I don’t want you to have moustache. You don’t want me to have moustache? Just a minute. Just a minute. Oh no! What’s this!
– Both our bloods have gelled. “Marigold and jasmine are
kissing each other.” Hey, Stop. You won’t start a song, will you?
– Why? People are leaving the
theaters when we sing.. …and if you sing..
– Anyway, leave it. You don’t have any magnetism. Our songs we superb.
– Really? You can ask your uncle about it.
– I will ask him. Who’s that?
– Sorry. Crow, you shouldn’t get scared.
He’s my uncle. Say hi to him.
– What’s this? What this, Jagan? Crow. Hello. I decided to
make him my pet.. …In the memory of my love, uncle. Crow, shall I tell you a story?
This is not a king’s story, crow. It’s the story of
a king and a queen. You are also interested in it? There was a beautiful constable
called Kamala. And there was an average-looking
inspector”. …called Venkat Swamy.
– What rubbish are you talking! Crow, why did you shave
you moustache? What did Kamala tell you?
– What will she tell me? She told me everything
that is there to tell. Give respect to Kamala.
– That shows your level. Look, dear. The moment I tied the
nuptial tread to your aunt.. …I completely forgot Kamala.
– That’s a lie. Then why did you name
your son Kamala Kalyan? Hey, Kamala Kalyan is a boy’s name. But there’s Kamala in
the front, isn’t there? But there’s Kalyan at
the end, isn’t there? Instead of Kamala Kalyan
if you had named him.. …Pavan Kalyan, he would’ve
become Power Star. You played games with his life. What’s going on over there? Vijaya. – Aunt. – It’s nothing.
You can sleep. Sleep. Are you sleeping, crow? Hey, she is not in my heart anymore. Uncle, don’t tell me the same
thing again and again.. …like a broken record. I have
got evidence to prove.. That Kamala is there
in your mind till 7 pm. What are you saying!
– After your duty is over.. …you buy 5 kamalas(oranges)
in the fruit stall. You finish three over there..
– It’s just.. It doesn’t matter. But you
tortured the shopkeeper.. That why he wasn’t only oranges.. …and why he was also
selling apples. What did you say! You are a lion?
– You rascal! I like you. Crow, who called you black? I will shower you with wine
everyday and turn you fair. Good morning, madam. Madam, good morning. Madam, good morning. Aunt.
– Dear. How are you, dear? Why did you become so dark?
– Isn’t it too much? As if I was in rose-color till
yesterday. – Ok, forget it. Tell me what your uncle said
after hearing the flashback. He didn’t say anything to me,
but I fear that he might.. …scold you because
you told me about it. Venkat Swamy will scold me? He will start crying if I scold
him even a bit. – Really, aunt. He’s coming. You go inside. Go. Good morning, sir.
– What’s the problem? Where are all the policemen!
I can’t see anyone. The naxals escaped from the
two-town police station. There’s disorder in the entire area. All the policemen from
our station went there. To know the matter
clearly watch TV 9. Ok, leave that matter. Did
you have the breakfast? No, I didn’t.
– No, I didn’t, sir. I told you so many times to
have breakfast on time …or else your health
will be deteriorated. I want to see you as the IG. If you are so bothered about me.. …you could’ve brought
the breakfast for me. What do you want, Kammo? Idli. Vada. Pongal. Puri.
Uttappam. Chapati. I don’t want any of these things. Just a milk-tea will
be sufficient for me. Milk.
– Tea. Just a milk-tea will be sufficient? You don’t want me to
bring anything else? That’s enough, Venkat Swamy.
– Ok. What’s this? – I had a small
confusion if it was milk or tea. And along with that since you like
it I brought a bun for you. Oh! Bun?
– Bun. It seems that you forgot our
flashback. – You too forgot it. No, I didn’t forget it. I
am just acting like that. Uncle. Dip it in the tea..
– I’m coming. Please come here, Mr. Jagan.
When did you come? Come here. Come here. It’s alright. Please come.
– ‘Please’ come? Yes, I am calling you. What’s this, uncle? You kept
bun in place of the gun? You were asked to
catch a terrorist. But you are holding a tea-stand. Don’t you feel ashamed of it? That bun is for you.
Have it. Have it. Kamala, he likes bun a
lot since childhood. You are doing a good cover-up job. Inspector. How come you became like this?
– Come on. Leave it. Once you fall in love
it doesn’t matten. …If you are an inspector
or a prime minister. Our heart starts playing music
and we feel like dancing. I didn’t get it.
– You didn’t get it? If you close your eyes your
heart will also play music.. …and you will also
feel like dancing. “Baby, you’re the light of my life.” “Baby, you’re nectar.” “Baby, you’re the beautiful
garden of my life.” “Baby, you’re dipawali festival
of light!’ “Baby, you’re Anarkali.” “Baby, you’re the silver moonlight.” “The place your feet graces
turns into gold.” “You are the oasis in the desert.” “I wonder what will happen
to me if you touch me.” “Baby, you’re the light.” “Baby, you’re the nectar.” “Baby, you’re the beautiful
garden.” “I am chanting your
name like a parrot.” “The fishes in the water
fight to touch her feet.” “The silk saris of Kanchi
compete to drape her body.” “The jasmine flowers crave
for her fragrance.” “if you fly your scarf
like a kite..” the dead men will come alive.” “Worship her day and night..” “..and your goddess will
fulfill your wishes.” “The place your feet graces
turns into gold.” “You are the oasis in the desert.” “I wonder what will happen
to me if you touch me.” “To light up my heart the luster
of her eyes is enough.” “To make me happy she just
needs to look at me once.” “It’s sufficient for
me if you blush..” “..when I would tie you
the nuptial thread.” “It’s sufficient for me if
you don’t show arrogance.” “You looked at me and made
me crazy about you.” “You entered my life and made
my life a beautiful dream.” “The place your feet graces
turns into gold.” “You are the oasis in the desert.” “I wonder what will happen
to me if you touch me.” They are threatening to
harm my granddaughter.. …but that doesn’t we will
flee from this city. The CBI enquiry will be there.
We need not get scared. No, father-in-law. – They didn’t
kill an ordinary person. They killed a well-reputed RDO. I am not going to leave
my son’s killers. I am going to see their end. So you want CBI enquiry? For us the CBI officer who would
come for the enquiry.. …Is not more dreadful
than our watchman. When are you leaving the town?
– God will punish you. God can’t punish us, because
God has become old. Are you leaving the town or not? Tell me. Are you leaving or not? Tell me. Ok. Hey, I will call you back. Excuse me. I came for you.
– What for? There’s a minor disturbance
in our smooth love affair. That’s why I wanted to settle
it with a small chat. Love? Who’?
‘ Me’? Whom?
– Her. If you say ‘yes’ to my love.. …I thought of taking
you to Madanapalli.. …on the next Valentine’s day.
– What for? White crows come there due
to its unique weather. Will you take me there
along with you? Her family is a very strict family. Do you think that my family
has left me on streets.. …to have a couple of
love affairs everyday! Listen.. – What? – There are
so many girls in this town. Why are you torturing me? Hello! Why don’t you love
the girl who loves you? Your plans won’t work out here. What’s the need to waste time
here! Come, let’s go. Malati, one minute. Listen to me. You are the first person I saw
after I came to this town. You were feeding the crows
with so much affection. From that moment onwards you
are filled in my heart. I decided to marry the girl
with such a beautiful heart.. …right there and then.
– Don’t tell me those stories. Never come in front of me again. And he is crowing in front of us.
– Malati.. Buddy, I am Ramesh speaking.
– Yes. Uncle gave me your message. That’s why all our friends
are feeding the crows. First of all start feeding
your parents. Then you can feed the crows.
– He seems to be angry. Listen. Listen.
– What do you want? No, it’s.. – I told you yesterday
itself that I don’t love you. Please don’t be so harsh. Think
about it one more time. There is nothing to think
about. Did you get me! Listen. Listen. Listen. It doesn’t
look good if a person.. …of my height begs
someone in this way. Please think about it again.
– It’s not possible. I need to finish my engineering
and get a job.. …and look after my family. Studies are important for me.
– When was I against them? You can study and have this
relationship simultaneously. What! – You can study better
when you love someone. If you love me your brain
and my brain will unite. The knowledge will develop. And
then you can study better. And who said that?
– I discovered it. No matter whatever you say
I am not going to love you. Why?
– I am telling you that I can’t. Tell me why.
– I love someone else. That’s a good joke.
– I am telling you seriously. I love someone else. Malati. Do you need anything else, girl?
– No, this is sufficient. Listen. Listen. Listen. Malati.
– I told you yesterday itself.. That I love someone else.
– Whom do you love? That’s none of your business.
– No. When we lose to someone
in something. …we don’t feel like coming
across him again.. But when it comes to love
we want to see the person.. …who has defeated us? Yes. When we love a girl and if
she loves someone else.. …we want to know who
that person is.. …how he is better than us. That’s why I am asking you. Tell me. I can’t tell you anything else. Listen. Listen. If you
tell me whom you love.. …I will never follow you again. Tell me. You won’t follow me again after
I tell you who it is, right? There’s the person I love. Goodbye, sir. Sir, congrats. What for?
– Please don’t misunderstand me. I loved a girl, but that girl
said that she loves you. That’s why I came to
congratulate you. Who is that girl?
– What’s this, sir! As if you don’t know anything.
That’s the girl, sir. That’s the girl. Yes, we are in a relationship
since four years. Goodbye, sir. Come. Come. Come. You could’ve told me if you love me. What’s the need to tell
someone else about it! No, I said it just like that.
– What! He was stalking me in
the name of love.. I said so as I thought that
he would be scared of you. Now he has left. You
come here. Come. No, I said it without knowing you. Now say the same after you knew me.
– Please, sir. Come. I will send a car for
you tomorrow morning. You must come.
– No. You will have to come.
– No, sir. You will have to come. Since how many years are
you living in this town? Don’t you know what sort
of a person he is? Ok, I will talk to Guna. It was a mistake on that girl’s
part.. – ls she your sister? No.
– Then why are you sorry for her? Because of a mistake my
nephew did.. – Hey! That girl loves me.
– No, she said that just for fun. I too called her just for fun. Guna, she’s a student. If
she faces some problem.. Police comes only after
there is a problem. But you came here even before
there is a problem. Mind your business.
– Guna, listen.. That poor girl..
– I said mind your business. Brother.
– What? – Father’s there. Please listen to me once.
– I said mind your business. Get lost. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle, what happened?
– Nothing. I just slipped here.
– Leave me, uncle. I am going to.. Hey, your bail-term will
be over by tomorrow. Don’t get into any more fights.
You must go back home. Come.
– Uncle. You are a government servant, uncle. I am a government servant. …but the government
is their servant. Hello.
– Hello. Hello.
– I am Guna speaking. Who’s that?
– A friend of mine, mother. Who was that? Your mother? Do you think I will leave you
if you complain to the police? You must come to me at 9 O’
clock tomorrow morning. Or else.. …I will come to you. From today onwards you need
not sign here anymore. At least now onwards don’t
get into any fights. He won’t get into any fights.
Jagan, come with me. Come. Sir. – Come. – Why did you
bring me here, uncle? You are going home. – What’s this
all of a sudden! Tell me. One month is over.
– But still I didn’t say bye.. …to anyone at home.
– How can I leave all of a sudden? I will tell them that you
had left. Now leave. Where’s the phone ringing? Madam, I am Malati’s
friend speaking. There are some fights going
on in our college. Hold on. Hold on. Do not panic. Send some policemen immediately,
madam. You may go now. Hello.
– I am Kamala. ls Jagan there? There’s nothing. He forgot
his cell-phone here. It’s alright. I will
take it from there. Bring Jagan on line once.
– Why? Tell me what the matter is. Nothing. If he doesn’t need it
I will use this cell-phone. Why do you..
– Bring him on line. Take it. Talk to him. He
has become such a pain.. Hello. – Just listen to me.
Don’t say anything. I got a call from the college.
Malati seems to be.. …In some trouble. Jagan. Jagan, stop there.
Listen to me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Come here. Leave me. Leave me. Listen. Listen. How can you treat
your girlfriend in this way! Listen. Listen. You can’t treat the
girl you love in this way. I don’t love him.
– And you shouldn’t say.. That you don’t love him
even if there’s a fight. Sir, I am talking to her. Just
a minute. What’s this, Malati? Since you were stalking
me I thought that.. …If I take his name you
would be scared off. Sir, I am talking to her.
Wait a minute. I am asking you seriously.
– I am also saying it seriously. I don’t love him. Malati, tell me the truth.
– I am saying the truth. Not just him, I don’t love anyone. That one point is enough! Do you know whom you
have just beaten up? He’s brother Malli’s brother. You can’t get out of Kadapa. Tadipatri, Dharmavaram, Penugonda,
Prodaturu.. …Karnoolu, Anantpur, Aalagadda,
Jammalamadugu.. …Nandhyala, Pulivendala.. I have seen the entire Rayalaseema. I will see your Kadapa as well. Hey, tell your brother Malli
that I am his death. How many were they?
– Just one, brother. How many did witness it?
– Everyone in town, brother. Brother, I left you with him so
that you’d take care of him.. …In my absence. But you didn’t. You should’ve taken
care of my brother.. …even by sacrificing
your life, right? You ruined my reputation. Brother, he’s the guy
who has beaten our men. Do you know the guy in
the accuser’s stand? Sir, we never saw him before. Do you know anything
about this fight? I don’t know anything, sir. I want the honorable judge’s
permission to question.. ..The chief witnesses in this case.
– Yes, proceed. On 09/07/2007 at 11:30
in the morning.. …the accused bashed up you and
twenty others mercilessly. Wasn’t it you who
filed a complaint.. …In one-town police
station against him? I never filed a complaint, sir.
– Then how did you get hurt? We went to Tirupati to
worship lord Balaji.. …and while we were returning
our van fell into a valley. It’s written in the police
report that he’s the one.. …who bashed you up. It’s
your sign, isn’t it? It’s true that the police
took our signature.. …but I don’t know what they wrote
in that paper after that. After examining all the witnesses.. …the court comes
to the conclusion.. …that all the accusations made
on the accused are baseless. Jagan is acquitted and
this case is dismissed. Thanks a lot. You made them
change their statement.. …because you knew that it was
your brother’s mistake, right? That’s not the reason
why I made them.. …change their statements.
If you are convicted.. …you’d get jail-term of
six months or a year. And if my brother dies
you would go to jail.. …for five or ten years.
I can’t wait that long. I brought you out so that
I could kill you. Touch one of these fingers. You can’t even dare to touch me.. …and you are dreaming
of killing me? All this happened
only because of me. If something happens to that girl.. Police will take care of everything. The girl’s family will
take care of that. That’s not possible, uncle.
Why should I go back home? Jagan, you don’t know anything
about brother Malli. He’s a scoundrel. Tell him. Why don’t you listen to us?
– No, uncle. Hey, don’t you understand
it if we say it once? Stop arguing with him. Let’s
go back to our home. That’s not possible.
– Hey, listen to them. Hey, you challenged brother Malli. You don’t know him well.
He can go to any extent. Take him home. What’s this,
brother! – Calm down. I told you to take him back home. Why are you getting tensed
if he doesn’t want to go? I will take him home.
I will take him home. Get into the van.
– Get in. Get in. Dear, coffee. Dear, get up. – Wake him up. You
are getting late to school. Let me sleep a bit.
– Wake up and get ready. Hello.
– It’s me, brother. Yes, brother. Did you
reach there safely? Actually we had a short nap
on the way.. – What happened? Nothing. Nothing.
– Brother. The driver took a nap on the way.
– What? And Jagan drove the vehicle
and brought it home.. …and he didn’t wake us up
and left home on his bike. Brother, where did he go? I guess he came back to Kadapa.
– What’s this, brother! I told him everything
about brother Malli. Doesn’t he have any fear? Hey, he came here not due to
his fear for brother Malli. He came here to take his bike. I’m asking you this question
not because you came.. …to my house, but I am asking
this as your well-wisher. In spite of knowing that that
girl doesn’t like you.. …why did you come to Kadapa again? You were sent back only because.. …your uncle didn’t want you to
fall in any sort of trouble. Why did you come here again?
Tell me, Jagan. Jagan, what happened?
Answer my question. Is Malati there at home?
– And you are.. Tell her that Jagan came for her. So you are the reason behind
all this trouble? Do you have any idea what you did! Is this right on your part? Why are you playing with
other people’s lives! They don’t have a man’s security. Do you have any idea what
sort of problems.. …they are facing today
because of you? None of them is here.
You may go now. Tell her that I came here.
She knows me. What do you know? What do you know about my
girl, about our family? These days love has become
a fashion for you guys. You are least bothered about
that girl’s family.. …and how hard it is for her family
to support her studies. All you know is stalking the girls
and ruining their lives. Isn’t that true? Everyone faces one hardship
or the other to support. Their child’s studies,
but I had to mortgage …my nuptial thread to support
my daughter’s studies. For my daughter’s bright future
and for her studies.. …we had to spend the
money that we saved.. …for my husband’s operation,
and eventually.. …I became a widow. He wanted her daughter
to study hard.. …and make him proud. You
shattered his dreams. We are scared what those
goons will do.. …after what you did. I fold my hands in front
of you and beg you.. …please do not come here again. Now I realize how big
a mistake I have done. If you wish I can.. – No. Please
don’t say anything else. You leave this place immediately. Go. She asked me to leave,
but how can I leave. I am the reason behind
all this trouble. I will solve the problem
that I created. That’s why I returned from my home. She will have to complete
her studies.. …and fulfill her parents’
dreams at any cost. Then I will leave this
place on my own, aunt. Good, Jagan. You came
to solve the problem.. …after knowing about it. From now onwards not just you.. …but I am also there
for that family. You can stay here till you
achieve what you want. What’s the matter? Why are
there so many people here? I don’t know, aunt. Look, Malati. Why are you vacating the house?
You can stay here. We are there with you. She works in the police
department with my uncle. You are also a woman. Think
about our problem.. …being a fellow woman. Goons
are threatening us.. “At nighttimes. They call us
on phone and talk rubbish. How can I stay here
without any fear.. …with a young girl at home! We can’t stay in this town anymore. We will leave this place.
– Please listen.. And what about Malati’s studies? If you ask me what
is more important. …my daughter’s studies
or my daughter”. …then I will say that my
daughter is more important. You are leaving this town as
there is a problem here.. “But what if you face same
sort of a problem.. …at the place where
you would go now? It will assume that
it’s our misfortune. If we stay here we will have
to face a number of problems. We can be afraid of good people.. But we shouldn’t be
afraid of bad people. I’ll be there with you no matter
whatever problem you face. As your husband wished
he is promising you.. …to look after your
daughter’s studies. Why are you stopping him? Look, Jagan will not
harm your family. Take my word. Hey!
– What, brother? I thought that he would return
from Kadapa, but he didn’t. Anyway, if we kill him here it
will come into our account. …and if someone kills him there,
it will come under.. …someone else’s account.
– We just want him to be killed. Leave it to me. Your brother-in-law
and I will go to Kadapa.. …and kill him there and return
with the news of his death. We shouldn’t let him
go just because.. …assistant commissioner
said something. You know what happened to our Guna. We must slash that Jagan’s
hands and legs. Brother, what Srinu said
is absolutely correct. We must do what he said.
– What’s correct! Why are we wasting time here
instead of killing him! Brother Kumar, as ACP said
it would be a problem.. …If we kill him in public, right?
– Yes, son. Let bring him here and bury him
in our backyard. – Alright. Let him come. He’s coming. Let him come. We can’t leave him this time. You are a dead man today. Kill him.
– Brother, look there. Brother, it seems that he
knew we were coming.. …and brought his men from his town. Have you seen that! It seems
that he has got a big batch.. …In Kadapa as well. He is thinking of killing you. Brother, our men are asking
what we should do. Let’s run away.
– Let’s go back. Live today, fight tomorrow.
– Let’s go. Let’s go. Why are they running?
– Brother, they are barbaric.. They must be preparing to
throw bombs at us. Run. Let’s run. Brother, why are they running?
– They are locals. They know all the short-cuts. They will kill us wherever
they get us in this town. We are not fools to stay here
even after knowing that. Let’s go back, brother. Give me two teas. Do not worry, Malati. I am there with you. “You are my goddess.
You are my goddess.” “You are the cynosure of my eyes.” “You are my soul-mate.
You are my soul-mate.” “I will always be there with you.” “I am a part of you.” “You are my world.” “Even an era passes by in a second
if you are by my side.” “And our hearts have united.” “You are my goddess.
You are my goddess.” “You are the cynosure of my eyes.” “I will bring down the
drizzle for you.” “I will bring the river for you.” “I will help you realize
all your dreams.” “if you touch me I will
become a statue.” “When you open your eyes
it’s dawn for me.” “The radiance of your face
is moonlight for us.” “I want to revolve around you..” “ the earth revolves
around the sun.” “Shall I live for you and make
you the princess of my heart?” “You are sunshine in
torrential rains.” “You are the rain on
a hot and humid day.” “You are the company that
drives away loneliness.” “When you are with me
I forgot all the pain.” “Can I become the curve
in your smile?” “Can I become a bell
in your anklet?” “You are the goddess in
the temple of my heart.” “You cleanse my heart.” “You are my goddess.
You are my goddess.” “You are the cynosure of my eyes.” “You are my soul-mate.
You are my soul-mate.” “I will always be there with you.” “I am a part of you.” “You are my world.” “Even an era passes by in a second
if you are by my side.” “And our hearts have united.” I am highly disappointed. None of you is co-operating
the CBI enquiry. Mind you that it’s an RDO
who has been killed. If the same had happened in
your police department. …would you have had
remained silent? It’s been written in the report
that that RDO’s father died.. …while shaving. You need to support the
CBI and shut this case.. …as soon as possible. If
that doesn’t happen.. …then I will have to take action
against the officers.. …who are supporting that Malli. You heard everything. I understood
it the moment.. …they said there’s a meeting
regarding the RDO’s case.. …that they will talk about you. That’s why I switched
on the cell phone.. “The moment I came inside. The condition is such that
even if some dog shouts.. …on some street, they
are going to doubt us. No, sir. We don’t need any
sort of problems now. I beg you, brother. Please leave me. Brother. Brother, I don’t know. Scoundrel. You came to my area
and threatened me? You don’t know Kukkala Bhaskar.. Bhaskar. Bhaskar. Brother Kumar. I am Kukkala Bhaskar speaking.
– Yes, Bhaskar. What’s going on in Kadapa! I heard that someone
has bashed up Guna. You said that you will solve the
matter once brother comes. What have you done
after brother came? The RDO’s matter hasn’t died yet. And also his uncle is an inspector. That’s why we thought of
waiting for a while.. Don’t tell me Ramayana. Don’t
give useless stories. Listen to me first and then.. – It
will be an issue if you kill him.. But if I kill him..
– Whoever kills him now.. …we will fall in trouble
now, Bhaskar? – No. What if I make my kids bite him?
– Kids? By kids I meant my dogs, uncle. Are you Jagan? So you are big enough to hit Guna? Do you know who Guna is? He is brother Malli’s
younger brother. Hey, do you know what
brother Malli.. …can do in Kadapa if he wishes? You don’t know that? Oh God! Oh God! He has hit me so hard. I was silent because I didn’t
want to hit you.. …with a dirty hand, but
you didn’t understand it. Hey, Jonny, Jimmy, Raju, Jackie. GO and kill him. Now watch out what
will happen to you. What’s this! I asked them to bite him, but
they changed the party.. …and wagging their tails near him? He’s six feet tall. Didn’t you
get anywhere to bite him? He has got hands. He has got legs. You can bite him anywhere you wish. I have been shouting since
a long time. What happened? Did you shut your ears? Why are you shouting? They won’t bite me,
because dogs know.. …who are the good guys. At least you didn’t let me down. Look at her carefully. You
weren’t even as faithful.. …as a puppy born just
a few days ago. Oh no! Oh no! She has also left. Oh no! Since you are small I
bowed down to feed you milk. Dear. Your name is not Kukkala
Bhaskar anymore. It’s Utta Bhaskar. Goodbye. Hey, stop! Where are you going? You are leaving your father? Why didn’t you enter
into the scene.. …even though such a big incident
took place, brother? That’s my character.
– I didn’t get it, brother. If I had entered the scene,
then who would’ve had.. …carried him back home?
– And also there was so much.. …space in the jeep, then why
did you come in my auto? Giving you 50 rupees
is far better than …shelling out thousand
rupees to the doctor. Hello.
– Brother. – What happened, Bhaskar? Nothing happened, brother. I lost my kids in this fight.
– I told you right then.. That he crushed Guna and
asked you not to go. But you said that we need not
worry as we have got dogs. What happened now?
– I am unmarried man. I adopted the dogs as my children. I wonder if they had taken milk. The bigger kids stabbed
me on the back.. …but the youngest one stabbed
me in my chest, brother. He’s killing me. Brother, when she was born
she came to bite me. It showed its nature right then,
but you didn’t understand it. You are right, brother. Why
did my life turn this way! The smallest kid doesn’t
love me at all. He is least scared of me. What scared? Shall we
talk openly, Bhaskar? As you wish.
– Whom did you beat us till now? I don’t know. – The priest in
the temple. Telugu-master. And he who gives buckets
for old clothes. You bashed up such type of
soft characters till now.. …and got reputation as a criminal. Someone came from nowhere
and hit you in the centre. They knew that you
are not the hero.. But he’s the hero who
came from nowhere. They have got good timing sense.
– Alright. Just one blow and all
of them took his side. Disloyal dogs! It’s my misfortune. Brother, look there.
– Who’s that? You accused them of
such a big crime. You called them disloyal dogs. Bhaskar, you didn’t learn
your lesson yet. It seems that it knew that
they serve pure milk.. …only in government hospitals. That’s why it must’ve come
for the milk and the bun. You are a big fool. So you came here with
such evil intentions? Your mind is always filled
with only one thing. Oh! The knife.
– Oh God! What shall I do now? Oh no! What have you done! Ok, I will keep it back there. How did this happen?
– He loved a girl.. …and that girl married
someone else. He came to me with her. I asked
him what the matter is.. …and he told me about it, and I
told him to forget everything.. …and study hard.. …and he said yes then. But he couldn’t forget that girl.. …and finally burnt himself
with kerosene. He didn’t shed even a single tear.. …when his mother passed
away, but today.. …he killed himself for someone. More than his death what
hurts me more is that.. …he killed himself for a girl. Hey, give brother Kumar 2
lakh rupees for expenses. What’s the need to pay that much
for last rituals, brother! Brother Kumar didn’t
die for no reason.. But he gave me an
idea with his death. My brother is in the
hospital in coma. After he comes back to
senses your daughter. …will get married to him. It’s the engagement
ceremony right now. Take it. – She made a mistake
without her knowledge. Please forgive her. First of all ask your daughter
to wear this sari. No, first of all she needs
to finish her studies. We don’t have much time in hand. Ask her to wear this sari. The auspicious day
for this wedding.. …Is on he third of next month,
when Mallanna’s brother.. …Gunashekhar and Miss. Malati
will tie the knot.. …of the holy matrimony. Hey.
– Brother. From now onwards this is our house. Make sure that no one
goes out from inside.. …and no one comes in from outside.
– Ok. – Let’s go. His breathing has come
to the normal state.. But there is no moment
in his hands and legs. We are trying our level best.
– My brother wedding.. …Is on the 27th next month,
and he must recover by then. Do you think it’s some sort of
a joke! How is it possible! You can see his condition,
can’t you? He must recover by then.
– Sir. Here’s the wedding card. I am giving you the first card. His wedding must take place
on the day we decided. – Sir. I knew that you would come. Mallanna likes hunting his preys. He doesn’t kill them who
come to him. Come in. The girl for whom you have
beaten my brother.. …and got him admitted
in the hospital.. …will get married to my
brother once he recovers. They throw nets for the fish.. …but now the fish itself
has entered the net. You didn’t get it? The
worst form of death.. …Is committing suicide. When my brother ties her the
nuptial thread, you would.. …commit suicide as you won’t
get the girl you loved. You thought that I love that
girl and got your brother.. …engaged to her. Not just that girl, but whoever
was there in her place.. …I would’ve saved her.
– What are you saying! I am saying that I didn’t
love that girl. If I had loved that girl I
would’ve eloped with her.. …once the engagement with
your brother was done. I am saying it again,
I don’t love that girl. The girl I love is someone else. Hello.
– Hey. – Yes, brother. No one needs to stay
there. Come back. Why, brother?
– The engagement is called off. Oh! The pressure is reduced. “We planned something and
something else happened.” Bhaskar. Bhaskar.
– What? – Look there. Look there. No. Hey, you! Brother believed his words
that he doesn’t love her.. …and called off the engagement. Now see this. He is eloping
with that girl. Is this love or friendship,
friendship or love? Is it lift or drop? I am unable to understand it. Brother, they are giving
me such a headache. Ok, ring the phone. I asked you to ring it, not
bang it. Call brother Kumar. I am Bhaskar speaking.
– Yes, Bhaskar. It’s a very urgent matter.
Bring brother on line. Bhaskar is on line. Yes.
– Hello! Brother, Jagan fooled us. What do you mean? – Brother, he
lied to us that he doesn’t.. …love her, but now they are
going together on his bike. What!
– I am bit confused, brother. Is it love or friendship?
Is it friendship or love? Instead of slaying him into two
pieces you are calling me? I would’ve slain them
had I got hold of them. They just zoomed off. I will
go to her home and kill him. They can’t escape from Bhaskar. Mother.
– Saundarya, what happened? Mother.
– Oh God! Brother, why is there
‘to-let’ board? They had given the contact
number as well. If we call that number and
bash up the house-owner.. …he will tell us their whereabouts. We can bash him up later on. We
will have to use our brain.. …first of all.
– What shall we do then? 94437747.. Hello.
– Hello. Is this 9443774757? Yes.
– We saw your ‘to-let’ board. Sir, we want your house on rent.
– House? See who it is. Sir, will you give the house to
bachelors or only families? Family?
– Mother, my only sister and I.. My sister is 18 years old. What! – Yes. She looks very
beautiful. – Your sister? Yes, she’s a nice figure.
– Who are you? A pimp? Who’s the pimp, you or me? Where are the women in the house? Where have you hidden them? Hey, you don’t know you
whom you are talking to. It’s you who doesn’t know
whom you are talking to. Who are you?
– Where are you? – In Tilaknagar. Tilaknagar? Stay where you
are, I am coming there. Come here.
– I’m coming. Come here, I will see you.
– I’m coming. I am waiting for you. You are
coming to your own peril. Come.
– I will also see you. Come, let’s settle this matter
once and for all. Come. Hello!
– Hello! Hello!
– Hello! Hello!
– Hello! I am talking to someone and
you are saying ‘hello’? You have been talking to
me till now, you fool. Why are you carrying
brother’s phone? It’s brother’s phone and it’s
brother’s number. – Oh no! Leave it. Where will
he go from Kadapa? We can catch him tomorrow morning. Be careful. Don’t open
the front door. Use the back door. Mallanna is our enemy as well. Please take it. From now onwards no matter
whatever problem you face.. …we will be with you. Malati’s exams will be
over in a day or two. These problems will
be there till then. Not just a day or two, but even
if it takes longer than that.. …you need not worry about anything. We are there with you. Yes, Guna came back to senses. Malati, get on the bike. Jagan. Jagan. Stop there, Jagan. Hold me tight. Jagan. Get down. Take her out of here.
– Ok, Jagan. Come. Come fast. Come. Hello!
– Jagan, I am Sukumar speaking. Brother Malli’s men came
here and bashed us up.. …and kidnapped Malati.
What shall we do now? Why aren’t you saying anything? He dared to mess with brother Malli. Start the van. Let’s go
to brother Malli’s house. Leave me. Leave me. Get down.
– Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. My brother will marry you. Till the moment he recovers
you will have to stay here.. …and work as a maid. Surround the hospital. Slay him if he dares to come here.
– Go. Brother. Brother. What happened?
– Brother, someone discharged.. …brother Guna from the hospital
and kidnapped him. Come. Who kidnapped my brother? I don’t know who it is.. A person..
– A person.. I thought that he was your man. You thought he was our relative? He took him out with utmost care. He took him with utmost care.
Jagan must’ve taken him out. Where’s my brother?
– Your brother is with me. Bring my brother.
– You bring that girl. Tell me where I need to come. The timid one tells the place. I am not scared of you. You
tell me where I should come. Son. Where’s the girl?
– Hey, send my brother first. Send that girl first. Bring her here. Leave me. Bring my brother first. Send that girl and
take your brother. Forget about saving the girl
and save yourself first. Send my brother this way. What are you staring him! Kill him. When you can draw a
sketch in my area.. …can’t I draw a sketch
in your area? Send the girl. Hello.
– I’m Malati. – Yes, Malati. Actually.. I love you, Jagan. “I will come ” “I will come with you
as your protector.” “I will come ” “Will you come with me?” “I will come ” “I will come with you
as your protector.” “I sang the same old song.” “I will come ” “I will come with my heart
in my hands for you.” “I sang the same old song.” “O my darling, where are you?” “Wherever you are,
come into my arms.” “I will come ” “I will come with you again.” “I sang the same old song.” “I will wear my carefree watch.” “Come on, baby. Let’s run
away to some place.” “I will wear my carefree watch.” “Come on, baby. Let’s run
away to some place.” “The same old cloud is here,
the sky is smiling..” “ wants to see us together.” “I used perfumes, I had
hidden my beauty..” “..l have been waiting for you.” “The same old cloud is here,
the sky is smiling..” “ wants to see us together.” “I used perfumes, I had
hidden my beauty..” “..l have been waiting for you.” “Shall we tell our tale
on the big screen?” “You are the thief of my heart.” “I have been dying to
get you in my arms.” “Come into my arms and
fulfill my wishes.” “I will come ” “I will come with you
as your protector.” “I sang the same old song.” “I have hidden sighs of
your heart in my love.” “if you have the eyes of a lover
you can see love anywhere.” “I have hidden sighs of
your heart in my love.” “if you have the eyes of a lover
you can see love anywhere.” “I am not going to be scared
of your threats.” “Go and try these tricks
with someone else.” “I lost my heart to you, baby.” “I am head over heels for you.” “I will come ” “I will come with you
as your protector.” “I sang the same old song.” “I will come ” “I will come with my heart
in my hands for you.” “I sang the same old song.” Brother. Brother. Mr. Kumar, please come. How did this happen? Guna. Guna.
– Brother. What happened? What happened? Hey, Guna. Nothing happened to you. There is no need to cry.
Nothing happened to you. Guna. Guna, listen to me.
– Brother, it’s ruined. Hey, you want to garland
him and burnt him? Hey, I will burn my brother’s
body only after killing him. Brother Kumar.
– Sir. He can’t get out of Kadapa.
– Leave his matter to me. If I leave it to you.. – I will
use the department’s power.. …and end his story.
– What will you end? You have seen his power.
– Hey, I wanted to kill him.. …on that day itself, but
you brought RDO’s problem.. …and CBI enquires. I know very
well how to destroy him. You get lost. Get lost.
– Sir, please listen to me. Mind your own business. Get lost. Brother Kumar.
– Yes, son. He shouldn’t escape no
matter wherever he is. The entire Kadapa must be burned. As you- Kamala. Kamala. Where is Jagan?
– Jagan is not here. Where is Jagan?
– How would I know about him? Listen. Where are you taking Jagan?
– Uncle. What are you going to do?
– Listen to me. Stop. The commissioner came to
the spot. Over. Over. Charge everyone who
causes trouble. Over. Keep on giving me information
every second. Hey, stay away. Stay away. Sir. – You brought the root
cause of all the trouble.. …and hidden him inside to
protect him? Send him out. No, sir. That’s not possible. I filed an FIR against him.
– FIR? What for? Sir, we gave him a place at
our home assuming him.. …to be a good guy, but
he stole our ornaments. And also he is not confessing
his crime, sir. That’s why we put him
behind the bars. There should be some fear
towards the police, sir. What! – Am I wrong, sir? Do you people find this
funny? Release him. After filing an FIR we can produce
him only in the court. You too know that, sir, don’t you? What! You are lecturing
me about the FIR? What’s the matter? Are
you scared that.. …your nephew’s life might fall
in danger if he is released? No, sir. I am worried for
brother Malli’s life. If you don’t let him go, he
will come here and kill him. I know brother Malli
since ten years. Sir, you know brother Malli
only since ten years.. But I know Jagan ever
since his birth. No, sir.
– Didn’t you understand what I said! Hey, open the cell. We will go to Kadapa.
We will kill Jagan. We will trap brother
Malli in that case. And then we will come back
without ruffling a feather. Did you get me?
– Yes. I am Jagan speaking.
– Where are you? The fight is between you and me. Why are you destroying the town? I won’t leave you alive.
Where are you? Kadapa is at the centre
of Rayalaseema. Bus-stand is at the
centre of Kadapa. I am at the bus-stand. If
you are a man, come here. Let’s prove our manliness
there. I’m coming. Get his pyre ready. Venkat Swamy, no. Don’t shoot him. What have you done, Venkat Swamy!
– No, sir. I haven’t done it to save my nephew. I killed brother Malli in an
encounter only to save you. Sir, you didn’t listen to
me and released a person.. …on whom the FIR was filed.
And if brother Malli.. …had killed him you would’ve
fallen in deep trouble. You have done a good job. All the best. Keep it up.
– Thank you, sir. You are truly a lion, uncle. ‘Shall we see how the lives
of some of the characters..’ ‘ this story turned to
be after a few months?’ Shekhar. Kadapa is empty now.
– I too heard that. You can become a rowdy now.
– And then? We can keep the entire
Kadapa in our control. Correct. And how long
will I milk this cow? I understood it. That’s why
you should become a rowdy. From now onwards you are
not a simple Shekhar. You are brother Shekhar. ‘Kukkala Bhaskar joined
The Blue Cross..’ ‘ get redemption for his sins.’ ‘Look he’s feeding a carrot
to the rabbit.’ Greetings, boss. – Greetings.
Please come. Please come. What’s the matter?
– An animal came here.. …to live under your shelter.
– Is that so? Bring her here. You are such a good fellow. It’s all God’s blessings.
– Bhaskar. You were talking about her? I would rather look after
ten tigers, but not her. Why?
– It’s disloyal. – Bhaskar. Why did the omelet
break into pieces? It might have broken
when you brought it. Hey!
– What’s going on over here! Don’t get upset. Don’t get upset. I will talk to them. Sit down.
Don’t get upset. ‘Brother Malli’s right-hand
man brother Kumar..’ ‘ taken the path
of non-violence..’ ‘..but these guys are giving
him a hard time.’ ‘Today in AP the no. 1
encounter specialist.’ ‘ our Venkat Swamy.
He got an offer from..’ ‘..the Mumbai Police Department,
but he rejected it.’ ‘But Miss. Kamala doesn’t
know Hindi.’ The accused is running
away. Shoot him. Venkat Swamy, you might miss
the target. Shoot them. Kamala, as long as you
are there with me.. …I will never miss the target. So sweet.
– Hey, two teas. One bun.
– Ok. ‘And they have finally united.’ We used to fight, but
now we got married. Ours is not love-marriage
as you think. I was forced into this marriage.
It was a joke. – Yes. Where shall we go to the honeymoon? First of all you pass
the tenth standard. But I didn’t even cross
the eighth standard! ‘That day they saw Jagan bashing
up brother Palli..’ ‘..and were so scared that
instead of going to..’ ‘..Pulivendela, they came
to Ontimettu by foot.’ ‘They don’t have the money for
the bus-fare to go home..’ ‘..and they are begging
everyone for lift.’ Greetings, brother. Will you
give us lift to Pulivendela? Where’s the place
to give you a lift? Sir, I will adjust somewhere.
– You’ve been saying the same.. …since three months. Didn’t I
tell you not to ask for lift.. …to everyone who crosses
this path? Get lost. Chairman, has it been three
months since we came here? Scoundrel! I have been telling
you since four months.. …to stop a lorry. ‘Jagan’s parents talked
at Malati’s mother..’ ‘..and fixed their wedding date.’ ‘They are getting married
next month.’ ‘Till now they used to feed
the crows separately..’ ‘..but now they might feed
the crows together.’


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