Bhool Episode 1 | 12th June 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Come, come…….bring it…come Be careful, don’t spill it Put it there Put coals on it also The food is here….I think we should start with the rituals Talk to ladies, it’s their job Father, they will follow only what you say Ok, go and speak to Shabana Go Ok, I’ll say to her Put coals on it What! What did you say You are hell bent on insulting us in front of the whole world Go..get ready This was the only time you got to talk I was frightened of father So the fear is out of your heart now Do you know what he’ll do if he gets to know about it Please do something Shut up This is normal for all the boys We sent you to university for education, not for having affairs When will you do the rituals Your sister is not ready yet, Rashid Who dresses up for Mayun (ritual) Your sister gets ready
look at us We just joined in ordinary clothes Go, check her…she is ready or not The food will get cold…go Get ready and come out Mother…..I really love Awais Shut up, you shameless
I’ll bury you right here Now…. love your husband, if you can’t have patience Mother Your loved one is not ready yet Everybody is waiting outside I called the make up lady, she didn’t turn up That’s why her mood is off What’s the use, she will look the same even after the make up Bring her down immediately, father and Rashid are really angry
get ready quickly Stop this spectacle…go Hello Hello Awais
yes What happened Awais, what will my family say Look Aymen I have told you so many times that We don’t have any option with us Awais what do you want, that my family kills me Everybody is waiting for the ritual of Mayun I’m not to be blamed for this, you delayed it…not me I can’t understand anything, my mind has gone numb What is it that you don’t understand Tell me, would you spend your whole life with that useless person Aymen this is the time of decision, do you get it Decision Look! both of us have to spend our life together Look I’m also rebelling against my mother You don’t get love served in a plate like this, my dear You have to work hard for it Oh God… My family will die Nothing will happen…nobody will die Everything will be alright later, don’t take it seriously We will appease them later Awais why don’t you come to my house I don’t know what sort of trail I am facing Well Now you go in this function We’ll plan it later But remember one thing You cannot belong to anyone else Aymen
and neither will I let it happen Go inside now we’ll talk later I have a plan….I’ll share it with you tomorrow We’ll see what we have to do And I love you my dear And you… Are Mrs. Awais Bye What are you talking about How can you say that polish work is not finished yet I have to send the furniture to boy’s place I’m coming Make it ready…, no I’m coming Good bye Rashid I have to talk to you Did you observe Aymen’s mood last night… was really bad Why, what happened What do you mean that what happened It appeared as if she is attending somebody’s funeral She would be leaving her home That’s why she is upset Did you forget your time How much did you cry That was a different sort of crying It seems that you did not look at her face closely Shabana, do one thing Do her a favor….stop it For six days just remain quiet…absolutely quiet Why should I bother…it’s not that I’m saying all this Everybody was talking about this Madam would have wanted some son of a rich man Highly educated….because she has become so educated now Shabana…
why you are always calling Shabana… Shabana What have I done,….. all of you can go to hell
do whatever you want to I shouldn’t have participated in the marriage
I am attending it only because of you Since you people have refused my brother’s marriage proposal
I should have gone back to my home Even then I am doing all the work here You want to go , you really want to go Then go…go immediately right now
don’t irritate me No need to shout on me, talk to me gently
keep quiet I have told you to bear it for few days
what shall I do, go and kill Aymen that why your mood is off Just leave it,….you think you can kill I give a damn to you and…. Alright then..alright Rashid, see what happens now I’ll tell you now… tell the world that where is your wife in the marriage
see what can I do I’ll make a spectacle in the whole world
Go to hell Will make a spectacle…hunhh What happened to you people, why you are shouting early in the morning What has to happen, mother You know her very well What is she saying Marriage is going on at our home
why you want the people in neighborhood to listen all this I can’t listen to her rubbish talk I’ll talk to her
where are you going She has got the dose of her share Let’s go
Shabana…Shabana, for God’s sake where are you going Where can I go, I’m going to my parent’s house
as if you people have given me the freedom to go anywhere Beware…beware of taking a single step forward You keep quiet……keep quiet Rashid Marriage is being held in this house
atleast have some consideration of our honor What shall I do if marriage is being held in this house I don’t have any respect in this house, why should I stay here You are crossing all limits Why you people are shouting early in the morning Father, why don’t you ask your son He is fighting with me without any reason I had just asked that why Aymen’s mood was off yesterday What was the need to fight on this issue Mother, was I fighting?…she is fighting with me Rashid let her speak…what’s the real issue,…tell me The real issue is that we have declined her brother’s marriage proposal That’s it, she is fighting on that issue Don’t talk like that Look Shabana, you are the daughter in law of this house I’ll consider myself as daughter in law if I am treated as such The matter is that now is not the right time to discuss these things Alright, now finish this and go back Go, put back this luggage You also go back ….go You have made a spectacle Did you hear what Shabana was saying No, I didn’t hear anything Bhabi has a habit of gossiping People are not blind, they see everything She is suspicious that there is something Brothers are friend of daughters For God’s sake, save me from this marriage Won’t you mend your ways…. Where does that boy lives…
give me the address of that boy so that I can straighten him up Rashid was right…..he was right that we should not educate you If I hear this thing again from anybody in the house
I’ll cut your throat from my own hands Shameless Pretend to be happy in front of Shabana Nobody should even get an inkling about this Did you get it What’s the matter, why you are so quiet People are right, daughters are a trial Aymen…..People are making them trial????? My heart is sinking, I am frightened All sort of apprehensions are arising Look! if you….are worried due to Shabana
the forget it This is the limit of her mind If you ask me the truth, then Murad it’s you who have put me into trial I always said that don’t educate Aymen this much
what’s the use of this education This thing has become a taunt for us Ask me about her problem My daughter is my pride This attitude of yours has spoiled her Why you are thinking like this at this time Please pray that she weds off peacefully
I’ll pray 10 rakat of nafil namaz of gratitude Hope for the good…God will do good Yes, hope for the good is only from the God Please pray that God do well Son, the daughter of Murad is our daughter All our prayers are for you Tell me, what does the boy do Uncle, he has a cloth shop in the new market Masha Allah, Masha Allah it’s hard to get good proposal By the way, Murad has sacrificed a lot for you Yes uncle, no doubt about it
father has worked very hard for us I advised Murad to open this shop for you Look you are set today, Masha Allah The business has flourished Uncle just pray for us May God save you from the evil eye of enemies The name of this place is Bismillah garments No evil eye can cause harm to this place Insha Allah,….. you just sit here I’ll arrange tea for you Sikander I have only one option left with me I commit suicide What are you talking There is one more option and that is you’ll have to leave the house
and I think this is the last option Awais are you in senses What do you mean that I run away from house It’s not running away from house, my dear It’s called having your way Do you know what will happen after that Yes, I know that After that we will live an ideal life What will happen to my family people Don’t worry about them That’s my responsibility We will appease them But how I am sitting in Mayun And my mother She is constantly threatening me Aymen you are irritating me What do you think, this is very easy for me Look, love is the second name of risk Anyhow I have made all the arrangements now, Aymen But I…. Aymen….my daughter Assalam o alaikum, father How are you. Fine ain’t you…
yes father Your mother is really worried about you, she says that you are unhappy You know it father that mother gets worried for no reason at all Yes, yes…. That’s her habit, she gets worried I have selected Zahid for you after lot of consideration I know that girls are really worried when they move to their in-laws God knows, who will they be and how will they behave But you don’t have to worry, my daughter I know that my daughter… Will captivate the people with her loving heart Yes My daughter, after lot of opposition I got you educated Because I didn’t want that people to say that Murad… Didn’t give anything to her daughter
I didn’t want to hear that taunt Did you get it
yes This is your dowry Understand Now you are going to that house, you have to keep our honor there Yes Be happy I have selected Zahid for you after lot of consideration I know that he’ll take good care of you, he is good and hardworking He will keep you happy, you will be like a queen in that house I am very happy in this regard that God has given me this opportunity that…. I can fulfill this obligation Speak up… I know that my daughter… Will win everybody through her love Hello Aymen! what have you done….you lost a good opportunity, you should have said to your father Awais!!… Yes, what else… He would have died here or would have killed me Look Aymen, listen to me carefully There is no turning back in love Look I am also doing this without telling it to my mother Now you’ll also have to take this step Awais I am really frightened From whom you are frightened What fear has to do in love Love makes you bold, anyway Anyway, tomorrow is your mehndi (a ritual) And you have to get out before that function, I’m telling you And if I am unable to get out, then Awais
Then I’ll come and get you out But now, I can’t see you to belong to anyone But why didn’t you do all of this before I was in the process of doing this… But suddenly your proposal came, what could I do now Anyway, now is not the time to argue on this Day after tomorrow when you will go out for parlour then…. I will pick you up from there This is impossible, I won’t be alone there Bhabi will also be there with me You are not a kid There are thousand ways to do a thing Don’t argue with me on this, I don’t want to talk to you I’m booking the parlour, for day after tomorrow And I’ll send you all the details on sms to you But Awais
Aymen Don’t worry We will get our love, no matter what And day after tomorrow…..insha Allah You will become Mrs. Awais from Aymen Hello Aymen Why are you worried I told you, everything will be fine And as far as your family is concerned I’ll handle them, don’t worry And I shall see you, day after tomorrow Look, I won’t listen anything now….don’t you turn back on your word Alright Goodbye Assalam o Alaikum, mother Walaikum Assalam Where do you spend your whole day, son Why, do you have any errand to do Yes Some people are coming on dinner, day after tomorrow
don’t you disappear Which people…..obviously your acquaintances, but What will I do with them What I’m saying should be sufficient You’ll have to stay at home Yes Day after tomorrow I have movie plan with friends on day after tomorrow
Cancel it Actually I’m arranging your marriage The family which is coming, wants to meet us What….proposal! I….I can’t marry, mother I’m not asking you…I’m telling you I’m not ready for it You have to be That stupid girl… Would have been out of your head, ….I thought Mother You make all the decision of this house Let me make the marriage decision
Awais Awais I can’t let you stand in this mud The place where I am arranging your marriage People dream about that marriage The girl… Is a British citizen And those people…. Are millionaire
I don’t care I mean that, look mother I …. The girl I don’t know, I haven’t met and I have not even spoken to…
you’ll know her Meet her Lisa is coming with her parents day after tomorrow…..yes You can meet her Raja…your girl friend has a parlour, isn’t it Tomorrow there…..not for me, you listen to me Make booking for day after tomorrow in the name of Aymen Yes Confirm me on sms, alright Stop kidding, listen to me seriously That I’ll tell you later, do this…alright Yes for the evening of day after tomorrow, ….. in the name of Aymen Alright What shall I do What sort of trials I am facing in love On one side is love and on the other is my family I.. I can’t marry anyone else than Awais Oh God ???? what shall I do, what kind of trial is this You remain awake the whole night…go and sleep I can’t sleep, mother I know, why you can’t sleep If you keep your face like this even after marriage then
what people will talk…what will happen What will happen now, mother It has already happened Look, I beg you I really beg you that don’t bury me alive I have not let your father or brother get an inkling of it Honorable girls love their husband and in laws I’m having sleepless nights Nobody even asked me, mother I came home from university I came to know that sweets of my engagement
are being distributed in the neighborhood So what should we have done, shall we have asked from you This thing happens only in dramas and films Or there are other homes where this happens
it doesn’t happen in honorable families like us Now, don’t forget This engagement has been finalised by your father You came out of the house because of the same father If I had been in his place, I wouldn’t have let you out Mother how many times will you taunt me for this education What else should I do if I don’t taunt you You have killed us alive Do respectable girls behave like this You came out of the house for education You should have focused on education Thank God, that this thing was not made public Perhaps it was due to some good deed of ours
otherwise we would have died alive That’s it This thing will not be discussed in future I better go and meet maulvi sahab Why you want to meet maulvi sb. today He said that you fill up the nikah form
Zahid’s father is also coming Then come early Yes, I’ll come after maghrib prayer and dua Alright Shabana
yes I was just saying that, you take Aymen to parlour What do you mean Who goes to parlour in mehndi Aymen is saying Let her say that
I’m not going to parlour Anyway, Rashid didn’t even ask me for the parlour No…you also get ready for the parlour
I’ll pay No, just leave it
Thank you very much Later on I’ll have to hear that so much money had been spent Just pamper your daughter yourself Shabana this is a dispute between you and Rashid
We are not to be blamed for that This is your own home Now, only you have to do all this I’ll do her make up You don’t know what is my condition
even then I am always busy No, no…. yes I know that Actually Aymen has made an appointment for the parlour She took an appointment, sitting in Mayun Thank God we are not that educated Shabana I’ll go just for the sake of you and father Otherwise what Rashid is doing to me
I wouldn’t have participated in this marriage No, no…just leave him Rashid’s friend will pick up and drop you from the parlour in his car Ok She wants to go to parlour, Miss Pakistan (says sarcastically) Awais why are you calling
I can’t pick up the phone at this time Yes, I have read your message Now close the phone Awais Are we doing the right thing? Aymen Go…the car has come Mother…where is the father Why I wanted to meet him He has gone to see maulvi sb to fill up the form Let’s go Aymen Give this sacrifice for our family Daughter…just be happy I have given money to Shabana Mother It’s so late, let’s go Please take care of Rahim…
let’s go Take care Aymen….come quickly It’s maghrib time….already late, come quickly Come Go Aymen… When will you go and when will you come Come…come Come…sit down..sit Come quickly..come Sit down Come…why don’t you sit down Brother Don’t cry Our brave girl is crying Don’t cry..hmm…go Hurry up…. Quickly Take them quickly and come back quickly Put golden on eyes..Ok Don’t worry Have you applied golden…Aymen Where has Aymen gone
where is the bride Where is the girl, whose make up you were doing I don’t know, I just went to bring the nail polish What Aymen Rashid sb. alright I’ll say to cameraman…pictures will be good O girls finish the work, hurry up Hello Yes…speak up Shabana Rashid…has Aymen come to home She has gone out somewhere, from parlour What Do one thing, come to the parlour immediately I don’t know where has she gone What are you saying, are you in your senses I am saying the right thing…..I am very much in my senses Please come, I have looked for her everywhere….I even went outside
but I don’t know where has she gone Why are you quiet Rashid….Come here quickly Father Father You were doing her makeup, you don’t know where has she gone My husband is coming now, call your owner he will talk to her
I just went to bring nail polish how would I know where has she gone Call her Ok Awais Aymen… life Don’t worry Just don’t worry Look we have just tried to obtain our love
we have not sinned What will happen now What do you mean, what will happen We will have our nikah and we’ll become husband and wife By the way….you are looking beautiful today This is not the time for useless talk Well Now, shall I not talk about love…..with love
then what should I do, tell me Hell will become lose now Awais….Awais please call at my home and tell everything Please tell them that I am with you Thank you so much, Aymen What do you mean Let the nikah take place first I tell it to your family, so that… They inform police and police catch us and we are in news
and we get known in the whole city, that’s what you want Let the nikah take place…..we’ll inform everyone And I’m telling you to….just relax You have left your house, for my sake So for the time being, forget your house You get it Aymen, if you don’t stop crying then I… Promise that I’ll hit the car somewhere
stop it now How could she go like that What you people were doing Look if she has gone from here then what could have we done
she is not a kid I’ll not spare you I’ll call police…I’ll sue you Don’t exceed your limits
you are crossing the limits You have not seen my limits yet
Rashid please…. I’ll talk …. Whatever has happened has happened
why you are angry at them It’s their parlour, it’s their responsibility Ok let’s go from here
how can we go from here like that I’m talking to them
I’ll not spare you, you better know that very well How can she go like that I don’t understand where could she have gone
just leave it on me, I’ll handle it You should also be vigilant that, who is going and who is coming


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