Bhool Episode 13 | 24th July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

As you all know Media doesn’t have it’s own eyes and ears, infact it…. Is your eyes and ears That’s why it’s very important that it should be objective and unbiased It’s a habit of truth that ……nobody can conceal it Right……So… Whatever we have discussed today I would like you all….you know, to prepare those points And prepare a complete analysis on it And submit it to me tomorrow Excuse me Sir Can we discuss all these things after the picnic Yes Sir, after picnic…… Hmmm!…..Okay It’s alright Mehek
yes I wanted to give contribution to Imran Are you going? You give it to me. Imran hasn’t turned up today anyway I and Moeed are collecting it from all I’ll give this good news to everyone…..alright Guys….breaking news Ayesha is also going with us Call Imran and tell him. He was angry at all of us Ayesha Come outside. I want to talk to you I’ll not go anywhere Say here, whatever you have to say Why are you going on picnic To have a date with Imran Don’t talk rubbish, what are you saying
You shut your crap Show these dramas of your innocence to somebody else I like Imran That’s why you are trying to entice him Because you have to take the revenge of your mother I have told you to shut your crap If you keep on talking like that Then by God …….I will complain against you Tell me one thing Where did you get the money to go to picnic Did you steal it Yes I have stolen it From my uncle’s wallet This matter is between me and my daughter Which daughter Whom you never considered as your daughter You started this spectacle You’ll have to see all of this For twenty years you didn’t care to see Now that I don’t need you Why have you come back The Lawyer has come Okay Call him She has refused earlier to go Why she has suddenly said yes Like mother like daughter. She would do this Mother do something I’ll not spare her Ayesha it seems that we’ll have to leave this house Why This house also belongs to us The problem is not of house but of university This matter doesn’t relates to you. You shouldn’t be concerned with it She is causing bad name for me anyway I don’t know what magic she has done He was fine Don’t know why he has changed Her mother also did some magic to trap a rich boy Now the daughter is also doing that Don’t pay any attention to her No need to worry about her I also gave her a dose of her own medicine Anyway he also doesn’t pays any attention to her Ayesha my daughter Just don’t pay any attention to these matters Just focus on your studies Stand on your feet I’ll really see Aymen That not only she…but the whole world will remember Okay, do one thing Just pretend as if you don’t care for anything How She’ll even try more to entice him during picnic O God, the you don’t let her go near Imran She has threatened me That she’ll complaint to Vice Chancellor against me Sidra! then apologise to her What did you say. I apologise to her….Hunhh Look daughter she is your cousin If you befriend her, the she’ll not get the opportunity to do such thing I….I don’t even want to talk to her Sidra, when you are unable to get your objective easily
you have to adapt unfair means You’ll have to handle these mother and daughter like this I’ll talk to Imran myself Do one thing Tell Imran, the reality about her mother Tell him that her mother ran away from home If I tell Imran this. I don’t know what he’ll think about me Even if we tell lie about these mother and daughter
it will turn out to be true What shall I do Imran Imran….I am calling you, friend Sidra, I am too busy today…I don’t have time Listen Sidra I have told you before also I am forbidding you today verbally But if you do it again I’ll gather all the university Did you hear that You should also listen carefully I love you I really love you The thing I like …. I get it at any cost If it’s like that. Let it be like that You really like to tell it to whole university Then go and tell it to everyone Haai!…….getting ready for your lover By the way….how will you charm your lover Can you…..can you think any good any time I…. I am thinking good Okay tell me what am I thinking Do you need some tips….like…to trap him Why don’t you do one thing The same tips…. Why don’t ou try it out yourself That…magic which you are doing It seems it’s not really working Why are you bothering me You are coming between me and Imran….. I …..
So innocent. Don’t you know Aww! my innocent girl
Stay in limits Now I’ll show you how the limits are crossed Just keep watching Please go away from here I too have not much time to talk to you. I just came to say that… We …. me and Imran are going to picnic You just say no to it Okay
Hunhh Why I’m saying it for your betterment Because after that, ahh…. The insult which you’ll have to see
you’ll not be able to tolerate it Okay… ahmm!…. I will go…. Do whatever you want to do You don’t understand…hunh, what I’m saying You won’t understand it…. Give me the shirt, what is this rubbish Leave it ….I’m telling, yo will not go….leave it Where is she Oh God…. What have you done to her I have not done anything to her. I just snatched the shirt from her
she has fallen down herself and got hurt Tell me the truth I’m telling you the truth, I haven’t done anything What are you looking at mother. Take her to hospital How can I take her. It’ll be a big problem calling your father
Hurry up. She may die Ayesha…Ayesha Oh God…. Ayesha Hurry up Ayesha… Brother, I am really worried Would she be alright Don’t worry Aymen. Just pray to God, He will do better… I am getting calls for the picnic All you care now is about picnic. Shut up What have I done. Why should I stay back for her Let her regain consciousness. Atleast we should know what has happened You have put us in trouble Now…even you are also accusing me Don’t know what her mother would say, when she regains consciousness There is already suspicion that you are the culprit Mother I told you that it was an accident, I didn’t do it intentionally Doctor, is my daughter alright Somebody has hit her Look this is your personal issue What can I say about it Doctor….how is she now We did whatever we could Now you should pray She …would she be alright We have given her sedative injection Right now she is drowsy… Brother…..Aymen
this was an assassination attempt on my daughter Allah would do better Ibrahim, put less spices in vegetables. You put too much spices Mother I’m going
O stupid Take this What’s this
This is a card of “I love you” Just put it in her purse discretely What are you saying, mother What am I saying! I thought that you wouldn’t do anything, it’s better that I help you It has a love letter also What….what do you want Ayesha, my life I know that you will never say anything Love is like that It makes a person quiet But I can’t keep quiet If I don’t say it to you then, love will be angry with me I love you. Yours only Imran What is this, mother What do you mean, what is it! Your father used to write like this Mother, you better keep it with you The time has not come for this now. Okay
this is the time for it now And I have told it to your father also
What! Why!
His phone came last night He’s getting transferred to Canada Mother….you will really put me in trouble I won’t do anything like that Yes Nida What Where is she admitted Okay…I am on my way What happened Mother…Ayesha is in hospital What! It’s some head injury May God have mercy
everybody has canceled the picnic I am going to hospital Listen, I’m also coming with you Please… leave it for the time being Don’t know what the people will think about it Her cousin is also there Which cousin
mother I’ll tell you everything later I’ll leave now May Allah have mercy Till today I haven’t been able to understand your logic…. If we were at home, then does it mean that we assaulted her! Be quiet Shabana It is hospital Why we are to be blamed for everything Sidra How is Ayesha Aah! …she is better How did this accident happen She fell down from the stairs Can we meet Ayesha Ahh!…..ahh! he is my father and she my mother Assalam o alaikum
walaikum aassalam Baba they are my class fellows Uncle can we meet Ayesha and her mother No son, she is not conscious and neither her mother is in her senses. In this condition…..
Sidra Go son Let them meet aunty You may go Come…. Assalam o alaikum aunty
walaikum assalam Aunty….how is Ayesha now She is better Just pray for her Aunty….in sha Allah….Allah will do better Don’t worry Aunty…..if you need anything Any thing Please don’t hesitate. Do let us know Sure Just….. need the prayers of all of you Shabana Shabana What happened why are you shouting Ayesha got hurt in the head Are you behind this accident? What do you mean by that She got hurt in the head She can’t hurt her, herself What is the purpose, are you accusing me Remember Shabana The truth will come out As soon as Ayesha comes back to consciousness Rashid it seems that, you are not in your senses If I had to kill her, would I kill the grown up girl now
I would have strangled her in her childhood Shabana There is something ….fishy I have told you hundred times that, these mother and daughter do drama Whatever they do, I and Sidra are accused Infact everything is fishy about them Look!….by God I would have pulled your tongue I don’t have any proof with me, but I know for sure that
behind this injury, you are involved Think whatever you like Rashid Remember both of you If anything happens to Ayesha
I’ll go straight to police station from here And the truth which you are hiding Police will extract it out of you I think you are totally out of your mind
I have told you hundred times that she slipped and fell down Neither I did anything, nor Sidra If you want to go to police or anywhere else
just go and tell them Assalam o alaikum, son
Assalam o alaikum Son…. Can I meet your father He is not at the shop. He is in hospital Ok Everything OK
Yes, my cousin is not well Which hospital City hospital Alright…. Thank you son Allah has been very kind, Aymen Indeed Do you feel pain? Just rest Brother, my Ayesha… Has not done anything wrong with anybody Aymen We’ll talk this at home Now, you should just thank God That our Ayesha got a new life My daughter doesn’t even talk to anybody Why did Sidra do this Don’t worry Aymen What I’ll do to them Just leave this to me Assalam o alaikum What are you doing here I have come to meet my daughter Do you see this Do you see this What does the world do to daughters who don’t have father Just look at the condition of my daughter Look Aymen, listen to me I have come to meet my daughter and
no power in the world can stop me from meeting my daughter Enough….. Ayesha my daughter Daughter open your eyes Look your father ….. Is here to seek your forgiveness, daughter Just…. Just once, once…. Your home Ayesha….my life My daughter Awais, go away from here I beg you…. Don’t torture my daughter Sidra Sidra Shameless…..father what are you doing
what has happened to you Would you raise hand on grown up daughter. Are you shameless
Didn’t she felt shame When she pushed Ayesha Father I didn’t do anything, she fell down herself
Shut up What did you think
you thought that I’ll not know anything What’s your problem with her
Rashid what has happened to you. Have a heart You have turned one accident into our sin
Enough From today…. I will tell her how will she spend the life
Father Listen carefully, if my daughter step outside the house
I’ll immediately give you talaq Father
and you It’s end of your studies You’ll not go to the university from tomorrow I haven’t done anything, I’m telling you
Shut your crap, I’ll kill you Sobs….
your father has gone crazy Doctor has said that you should be careful about your health and food Pass on the medicines to me Is father sitting outside You don’t have any relationship with that person Fatherless children are called something else That person has gone Assalam o alaikum
walaikum assalam son Ayesha, how are you feeling now You look better than before I am fine Son you have come here alone Yes Look son…..I am not judging your intentions But you shouldn’t come here Aunty… I just came here to inquire about her Son, perhaps you are not aware of our issues Please try that you don’t talk to Ayesha even in university It’s better that we should remain away from these issues Yes I….will take your leave Assalam o alaikum Mother you shouldn’t have said that What else could I have said Mother I know him… He is not a bad boy
Is Sidra after him? What I have done is absolutely correct We are not going to home Meaning?….where are we going You’ll know that


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