Bhool Episode 15 | 31st July 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Aymen You didn’t get checked What will happen to me, I’m Ok Why…the camps are free and so good Everybody is healthy but all of us got tested You should also get tested What is the need for these check ups If I do the check up. Some disorder will definitely come out Leave this Come with me Asalam o alikum
walaikum assalam, have a seat What is the problem Since when you have this fever About three to four months It comes and goes Have you done some tests for it The life itself is such a big test that After that I don’t think there is need for any test Look, this is not right for a teacher When you ignore yourself, you can ignore others also You better come to my hospital so that I can get you checked in detail I’m in school the whole day No problem, I’ll talk to your principal
you can teach only when you are well Take my visiting card Do one thing, you come to my clinic so that I can do some test on you Please message me before coming So that I can get you some discount Thank you Aymen Please go to the hospital tomorrow directly I have spoken to the doctor
She’ll attend you herself Yes Please …don’t miss this You only have to do this tomorrow I’ll inform you as soon as your report comes I request you that whatever the result is…. You just keep it to yourself
you’ll not tell to anyone Yes. This is a part of our professional ethics
don’t worry Thanks Good bye
Good bye Mother
Hoonh Do you know where Ayesha has shifted They are so deep that they will not let anyone know about it You bet, she must have gone back to the same place
that’s why she didn’t let her brother know about it Hunhh I was also thinking that There wasn’t any need of such secrecy Is Ayesha coming to university Yes, she comes daily
but doesn’t talk to anybody Good for us, we got rid of them Does she follows that boy Doesn’t meet him in front of everyone But I’m sure she meets Imran secretly I don’t know what these mother and daughter do secretly It’s in their nature to keep things secret Did you talk to that boy Yes….very little, close to nothing Then she is definitely meeting him secretly Let her meet, how much she wants Only what I want, will happen
hmmm I have watered here, take out these leaf
I’m going to kitchen to check the cooking food Mother…. Hello
Ayesha, Hi Yes
Ahh…I just called to say one thing Yes, speak I want to meet you, for a while only I just wanted to talk Why don’t you meet me in university No…not in university I don’t want that people look at you quizzically What do you want to talk, speak out Ayesha I can’t talk on phone I’m so sorry, I don’t go out of house Ahh!….you are talking to Ayesha
yes mother Let me speak to her
give the phone to me Mother….
hello Yes Ayesha, this is Imran’s mother Seema Assalam o alaikum aunty Walaiklum assalam, how are you daughter I’m fine, thanks God Don’t meet this loafer if you don’t want,…. atleast come and meet me He talks so much about you Yes aunty….yes This formality won’t work. Meet me in a day or two Otherwise if you say so, I’ll come down to university to meet you No, no aunty…no need for that, I…. I’ll meet you definitely in sha Allah By the way do you know, three people live in this house Imran, myself and you Its necessary to meet someone, who lives in the house all the time Yes aunty Okay then, it’s a promise that you’ll meet the aunty soon How can I make a false promise I don’t go out of the house Now my desire to meet you has increased further People don’t speak truth nowadays Everybody makes a false promise to others But let me tell you one thing My son is a truthful person like you And whatever he says to you… Consider it true Do you understand me daughter Ok carry on, speak to him Ahh! I’m sorry… My mother is bit informal No…no problem Your house must be full of life Ayesha I want to…. Give me some time
Ok….but Ayesha do meet me Is everything alright, doctor No…..It was good that we conducted some tests on you What’s wrong with me Breast cancer I’m sorry But I can’t hide this thing How much time I have Why do you think like that It’s just first stage It can be cured if you take proper treatment It’s treatment must be very expensive But, no treatment is costlier than life There are few tests. As soon as they are completed
I can start the proper treatment If I’m not cured after the treatment How much time I’ll live Why don’t you think positive A person is cured by his will not medicines You just have to think that you’ll definitely get better I have a request from you You’ll not tell the principal about my sickness But you’ll also have to make a promise to me That you’ll take proper treatment I have to live for my daughter If the death had come to me itself I would have asked time from it, for my daughter This is a good sign I’m prescribing some medicines
you’ll have to take them, and yes… There is no need to take stress of any kind In sha Allah everything will be alright Sister your bill is Rs, 9,300/- So costly.. There are two medicines in it whose rates have increased
but I have applied the old rate Anyway this medicine is for one month You keep it with you. I don’t need it Sister, take the prescription Mother Where shall I look for you Please come from somewhere Please pray to God that HE give me some time
so that I can establish Ayesha I have become very lonely mother Please pray to God that He give me enough time, otherwise This world will eat away my Ayesha Assalam o alaikum
assalam o alaikum, aunty How are you son
I’m fine. How are you I’m fine Where is brother He didn’t come today, because he was not well Everything alright, what happened to him He is running a fever since last night Do you have any work with him No…no Take care of yourself
Yes Yes show him…. Yes, what is it Aunty came at the shop What was she saying She was asking about father. What else…. What did you say You must have told that he is ill
what else could I say Now she ‘ll come here directly That’s why I’m telling you
how stupid are you You would have said the father is out of city Now she’ll come here and I will have to see her jinxed face Mother, it is possible that she may not come She will not let this opportunity go away. She’ll definitely come Ok, do your work Who has come Have patience Assalam o alaikum bhabi Walikum aassalam I wanted to meet brother. I he at home He is sleeping He’s not well That’s the reason, I came to meet him I’ll tell him And it’s obvious that you must have some other work also Work!!… how are you We are celebrating the gratitude (says sarcastically) By the way tell me Aymen While going, where have you hidden the amulets Since you have gone, we people are falling ill one by one Amulets!! Do one thing Start working in TV dramas. You act very well. Go away…what are you looking at You have come to spoil my day Ayesha What are you doing here I have to talk to you Ayes, please. Just for a moment Outside my house like this If we had to be in front of people eyes; was university bad?… Can….. we (meet) in some coffee house
No I will not go anywhere from here. You go away
Ayesha Okay. Whatever you have to say, hurry up Ayesha I… I really love you, Ayesha Why don’t you understand This word has no meaning
Why not, there is meaning This is a trick. Just a trap, nothing else Ayesha, it’s not like this. And you…. You don’t consider me like those people, who do these things I have told you before also I have no faith in love And I have always been made to fear love I’m telling you because you may know the reason for that Well, I have some idea I do have an idea, but All five fingers are not equal
why don’t you love Sidra She’ll give you love in return Wherever you would like to meet, whether outside or any place….. she’ll meet you Ayesha Atleast know the difference between love and shop keeping Love is definitely costly….. But it can be purchased with money Hmm!…..Hi Where were you. I saw you and then you disappeared Why? Why!!….But let me tell you this Sidra I’m going home
Drop me also Sidra please get down. I am in a hurry All the points have gone and
you don’t have any option but to drop me I
yes Don’t I deserve a favour from you Sidra Tell me where I have to go I want that when I’m with you The journey doesn’t end, ever Sidra please You hate me because I told you first that I love you Sidra to hate someone you have to love first And what is required to fall in love Sidra please, tell me the way where I have to go
and that’s it I don’t know That, where I have to go I have no way left with me, Imran Sidra I don’t want to be harsh with you Absolutely not You are a good girl….and sensible Try to understand this That these relationships cannot be made forcibly Then you would be knowing very well that
no relation can’t be stopped forcibly Shall I say something Imran You’ll not get anything from Ayesha I am not bad mouthing her If you know the truth about her life…. You’ll leave her like this Any respectable person… After knowing the truth Wouldn’t like to live with her I’m sure It would be better Sidra From here you take the rickshaw No matter, how much you hurt me Imran I can’t hate you This is not in my power Please…. get down Ok Take care of yourself And…..before I leave, I would like to suggest Don’t refuse me so much that That you become a challenge fro me It would be better for you It was good anyway that you didn’t drop me at home Because Ayesha is not around, they have shifted to another place??? Bye… Ohh! I forgot to say something…… I love you Imran Hello Assalm o alaikum brother. How are you How are you Aymen I am fine Are you sick? How are you Oh yes…just a little fever But Aymen But how do you know that I’m not well I came to the house Bhabi told me Okay When did you come But…nobody told me You were sleeping….that’s why You mean that…you did not come inside Since you were sleeping, I thought that I should not bother you Aymen You did not come inside or you…. You were not allowed to come in Leave this matter brother You….you should take care of yourself Aymen you immediately tell me your address
I’m coming to meet you right now I’ll come to meet you brother Aymen why are you hiding your address from me
Why are you afraid of me Nothing of that sort Infact I wanted to meet you and talk about some thing I’ll come to meet you Ok fine… come tomorrow to meet me Okay brother Assalam o aliakum mother Brother, Ayesha has come from the university I will talk to you when we meet Aymen Is everything alright? Yes brother everything is fine. Why are you worried We’ll talk when we meet Okay Good bye Good bye brother Ok….what was the test result What could have been the result It was a waste of time. Nothing came out Not a waste of time. It’s a good news I think this is the first time, these tests were done
these test should have been done regularly Tell me how was the day for you Nothing new. Same as everyday Ayesha
hoonh Come, sit near me Everything alright You know that We are absolutely lonely……in this world We don’t have anyone…… except each other’s support Or….there is God only I know this from the childhood Why are you saying it today Everything alright…..are you alright I was thinking that I get you married Why are you talking like this today What’s the matter tell me. I am afraid Nothing I went to hospital today I have seen life and death from a close range I just got worried, that… If some thing happens to me then what will you do Why are you talking like this today
you are trying to hide something from me Show me your reports. I’ll not be satisfied like that Where are your reports. Haan! Nothing of that sort. I’m not hiding anything Death doesn’t tell before it comes Why are you talking like this What….what’s the matter. Haanh I am not hiding anything I….was just thinking What will happen to you if I am not around This world is ruthless I get frightened by this talk Why are you talking like that I am frightened, tell me what tdid the doctor say I’ll not tell you anything. Whatever I tell you
you get worried and start crying at small things Don’t do like that Stop crying It was my mistake that I told you It was just that my head was feeling heavy
so, I thought that I’ll talk to you Go…go and eat your meal. Don’t bother mother I’ll not eat First tell me, why you are talking like that There is nothing I just got worried Since I went to the hospital, I got disturbed. There is nothing Mother….sobs Do whatever you want to do Whatever you say I’ll do it
whatever you want I’ll do You….sobs Sobs….when I see you sad, it seems that
the ‘cover’ has been lifted from my head No…no my life Never talk like that Even if I die Your father is there He’s not that cruel,…. he’ll take care of you Don’t think like that
don’t talk like that Aren’t you…..hiding something? I’ll beat you up I’m not hiding How much will you bother me
you don’t obey me….isn’t it Go…eat your meal I’ll bring some for you Go….


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