Bhool Episode 17 | 7th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Mother please don’t disturb them with your speed People take these decision after lot of thinking Okay…now the pseudo intellectual will teach us So what else. You want to do everything immediately like bullet train People get frightened, that there is something wrong Tell me one thing
yes Do you discretely arrange marriages for helpless girls Why
this kind of experience doesn’t comes easily By the way, what was aunty saying Nothing much. She seemed to be frightened I said everything
what everything! Mother this everything may not finish, everything Imran….Do you think your mother is a fool No mother, I was just asking that what conversation took place Nothing. I just told her that she may come here You called them!! It’s boys’ family that goes Nowadays everybody goes I asked her about her address, but she was a bit reluctant Then I said that she can come Don’t know why their whole family is afraid of love It happens The world test the human beings in different ways Perhaps they are afraid of their poverty There is nothing as poverty. We all are poor The most important thing for a human being is to be noble and respectable Oho!….how happy you are. Your mother in law is coming
mother Yes doctor Yes, I took all the medicines I couldn’t come for the test because I got busy with some matters of school and house No, I’ll not miss that Yes I will definitely
Assalam o alaikum mother I’ll talk to you later Good bye Walaikum as salam How are you I am tired There were presentations today Just go and rest Will do Today…. Sir did a strange thing What did he do He made groups For assignments and research So He included me and Imran in one group That is what….which happened So what does your Sir knows about this thing I think all of this is deliberate Why would he do that Imran is his favorite Really Yes
Ayesha Your teacher seems to be a sensible person I don’t think that he will do such thing deliberately The more I run away from Imran The more close he gets to me Ayesha There are certain conspiracies ……which the time is doing Imran’s mother called What was she saying She wanted to talk about your proposal And what did you say I didn’t say anything She wanted to come to house and meet us There is no need for you to get involved in these matters You know that …Sidra is interested in Imran If she comes to know about it Then she’ll make me notorious in whole university Why, Ayesha my life What bad name will she cause to you Don’t you know She considers Imran as her property If they come to know that Imran’s family is coming to our house Then aunty …and Sidra Will tell everyone about my past Have you thought about it that what will happen You just directly say no And just say that we don’t have any plan for marriage. That’s it Ayesha Mother
hoonh Is father’s mood still off? It’s obvious… His sister didn’t come back You just see, I’ll never talk to him Leave it Sidra It doesn’t make any difference to him whether we talk to him or not
And he doesn’t even need it He’ll know himself that…… what aunty used to do I’m telling you This was the reason that they went from here What’s the reason For marriage with Imran, what else What do you mean Why!!….can’t you see that If aunty had lived here Then how would they have called Imran’s mother here. Hoonh And even if they had called her. They would have been exposed You are right Actually, they both have become… thief And now they have collaborated with Sir also
she is so deep Mother the Interesting thing is that Sir has put them in one group Laila and Majnoon What do you mean You are always watching news She will take him away Sidra….don’t get worried I’ll not let this happen at any cost You just keep on thinking Everything has already been done there Who has come at this time Assalam o alaikum bhabi He is there Assalam o alaikum brother Oh!….Aymen Walaikum assalam Are you alone Didn’t Ayesha come with you Brother I wanted to talk something important with you Well…come Sit…sit Come…we’ll sit there If our parents had been alive……I have spoken to them After them….it’s you only I don’t want to take any decision without you Aymen….. This is a matter of happiness Have you spoken to boy’s family No brother How can I meet them without speaking to you first I have declined meeting them alone What will they say Despite the presence of close relatives She is making such big decision alone See, I told you
keep quiet That was the reason I didn’t respond What Ayesha …..was telling me Sidra likes that boy What Sid….Sidra… Nobody told me ever Girls don’t tell these things in their home, brother Look Aymen Firstly I have no knowledge in this matter
and even if it is so Then it doesn’t make any difference Because this proposal… Has come for Ayesha But the bitterness which will result after this…. You are not looking at that I don’t need to look at that aspect Because this decision is neither yours or mine
this decision is of boy’s family You are right But it will be said that…. Ayesha robbed her sister of her love
Love is not the right, Aymen And neither can you snatch the love from anybody If you think that boys family is good then don’t think much about it… Just make your decision with the blessings of Allah No brother I am frightened On one side Ayesha is worried about “breaking” the house On the other hand This thought that I…. You should immediately come back to your home I can’t understand that why you are not coming back
and after this you should immediately come back Come back to the house and call boys’ family here I have strange apprehensions in my heart And now even Ayesha has said no But… why What do you mean by….Why!! They study in the same university Ayesha knows it very well that….what is in Sidra’s heart And anyway Ayesha doesn’t want to become a hindrance for Sidra Aymen…. Your circumstances are not such that you think like that And there is nothing as robbing someone Everything is…. fate It is your luck And if that boy is in Ayesha’s fate… Then nobody can snatch him from Ayesha
No matter what they do You saw it. You are satisfied now You just sit and watch TV here Lower your voice. Have I sent the proposal there Listen to me….. no matter what happens It’s upto you, Imran should not belong to Ayesha Ok…Ok…
He is only mine Be quiet Sidra. I have a plan I’ll do it. No need to worry Brother I just came to tell you that you and bhabi talk to boy’s family If it is in Ayesha’s fate She may get some good boy Anyway, I’m not in favour of a love marriage Aymen you
brother please Please don’t insist on this matter I don’t want that I give hatred and ill wishes to my daughter, as a dowry I don’t have worldly wealth with me And anyway…….they are rich people And if this marriage takes place
then my story will be repeated again with Ayesha Bhabi doesn’t talk to me Otherwise I would have discussed these things with her Brother….Sidra likes him Then Sidra should get him Are you going Ayesha is alone in the house Aymen Please Aymen come back to your house I can’t understand that … Why you are being stubborn. Why don’t you come back Where else I can go…. I have to come back in this house I just want to resolve these issues as soon as possible I’ll come back Aymen I….. just wanted to say that Since you have left the house Rashid is very upset and he is sick most of the times Look if you left the house because of us Then it’s your misunderstanding I never had any objection of you living in this house You come back No bhabi nothing of that sort Aymen….your room….is waiting for you as you left it You can come back….. whenever you want Yes What happened to you
your sister has given you some new worry I can’t understand. Why you are always thinking bad about her I don’t think bad, she thinks bad
that’s why she has gone from here Okay tell me Does Sidra like some boy…… university Did your sister come here to tell this What do you want to argue… at this time of the night When you know everything then why are you asking me If I knew it, then why would I ask you Sidra hasn’t discussed this thing with me
If she had told you then tell me Perhaps you don’t remember. I once gave you hint
that she has told me about this If you care about your children then you would know
what she wants and what she doesn’t The same boy’s proposal has come for Ayesha That had to come Both mother and daughter worked hard on it But listen to me carefully I will not allow the engagement of Ayesha with that boy Shabana don’t be so distrustful You don’t have to do any such thing
because Aymen herself has refused that proposal I’m asking you about that boy… His name is Imran He is a class fellow of Sidra Earlier on he used to be with Sidra always Sidra was telling that Ayesha came in between and separated him
now Ayesha is always glued to him What are you talking If somebody doesn’t want himself How one can separate a person from another Don’t talk like that You also have a young daughter You will not like it. It’s obvious You should also support your daughter sometime
think about her also I am supporting her. What else shall I do I’m talking…. I’m asking you Do one thing You take the phone number of his parents from Sidra And talk to his mother My poor daughter has gone quiet because of Ayesha Mothers can do these things better If there is such thing then
you should further this matter and call them That’s fine Rashid. But you better be careful
that your sister’s mood might not be spoilt afterwards Shabana There is no need to distort the matter Just tell me why doesn’t Aymen come here
I told her also The reason of not coming Rather, one reason Is Awais
He doesn’t come inside You think it yourself, Rashid
He is Ayesha’s father after all. Let him meet her Awais has named all his property in Ayesha’s name Haan!! Hunnh. But Aymen did not allow Ayesha to take anything Perhaps she tore all the papers Is Aymen out of her mind That property must be in crores
that was Aymen’s decision We have nothing to do with it Just think about your own problems Aymen… look in the camera now Here ??? Enough…Awais You know I don’t like my pictures to be taken alone like this Then what shall I do I can see you alone only I can’t see anyone except you Okay If you can’t see anyone except me, then… Why don’t you ask your parents to come to my home with marriage proposal Why do you spoil my mood Fine…now your mood is spoiled on the topic of marriage Very good Find some other girl Take her pictures only Do you know… Sometimes I want to rotate you hard on a swing
and when you step down You are dizzy I don’t know about the dizziness of swing But you will tell me lot of stories in the life Hello..Aymen Mother has left the phone at home Ayesha….my daughter Yes Ayesha My daughter….meet me atleast once Look! no power in the world…. Can finish the relationship between you and me Meet me…..once only
I’m a bad person but I’m your father after all Hello Yes …I’m listening My daughter, give me atleast one chance to compensate for my mistakes Look I stand on streets for hours to see you….to meet you I want to talk to you
meet me once my daughter What will happen after meeting Ayesha My daughter, atleast meet me I can’t talk on phone Why do you want to meet me now I’ll tell you when you meet me, I…. I promise that I will answer every question of yours If I can’t answer you then
I’ll not bother you for the whole life A father is pleading with you, daughter Please… Ayesha….hello Yes….yes I’ll meet you. Okay Really my daughter My daughter tell me where are you right now
I’ll pick you up We have left that house Okay… I’ll pick you up wherever you are
tell me No…I can’t meet today Tomorrow…I’ll meet you at university Ok daughter….I’ll reach your university tomorrow No. There is no need to come there Ayesha my daughter…..I am your father Anywhere else ???………
I’ll message you where to reach Fine my daughter But please don’t cancel this plan Don’t know till tomorrow….I’ll see how many dreams We also have lot of dreams But they are broken My daughter, I…… I am coming with the confession of all my sins I have your number
I’ll message you Good bye Hello Sir is asking about the assignment I have not started work on it We don’t have to do that alone We have to do that as team I am writing an application to Sir To change my group Till when you’ll run….how many application you will give Fate will join our paths Assalam o alaikum
walaikum assalam….Have a seat My daughter…. You are meeting me in such a place Where I…. Can neither cry nor I can embrace you You, please don’t cry Why shouldn’t I cry I had thought that That today I will….. Cry so much that all my tears will dry up I’m your culprit. Yours and…. And of Aymen also Now the time has passed for these matters I remember…. I know that I… I can’t heal those wounds, but I can stop new wounds There is no place for new wounds Where can they be inflicted Don’t say like this daughter It will pain me I am not in a position to say anything to Aymen
you understand that Whatever I had, I have transferred it in your name And I have torn those papers Tear them… It doesn’t makes any difference I have transferred all I have in your name
bring your mother…. Bring your mother there Please come Are you giving us the price of our sorrows No daughter I am just fulfilling my obligations The obligations I failed to meet Neither, mother will come there nor she’ll allow me to come Poverty and helplessness suits us well now Daughter I… I beg you…. For God sake don’t increase my guilt feeling of sins Listen to me
I have already transferred everything in your name If you can’t come in that house then let me know I will sell that property and deposit the cash in your account
You can buy a new house from that money What can it do Can it bring back the tears my mother has shed The pain and humiliation she has gone through Can it finish that What everybody said to me that…….I am a fatherless child Can it bring all of that, back Daughter I… Have nothing to say In my regret…. I can’t say anything but only that please forgive me Forgive me my daughter….forgive me Please don’t cry like that My daughter, these tears are an obligation on me You… don’t cry my daughter Don’t cry Ayesha my daughter Daughter I want that now You and Aymen Should live in peace I will keep my distance from her I will stay away from her But… I want to stay with you as much as possible I don’t know what shall I talk
and how shall I talk As I had to meet you today
Do you know that… I was so excited that I was thinking that
I would say this, I would say that. I would do this I would do that As I faced you (sobs)
I forgot everything. I have huge sins… I want to lessen my sins before I die
Please help me my daughter Please help me I think…. Fate is punishing for…. what sins… That I have to see this day No my daughter You are not to be blamed for this
It’s all my fault I could not value…….. the love of Aymen and her sacrifices It’s my fault I lost everything I have everything with me….. But even then I’m empty handed Ayesha my daughter You come with me I’ll get your account opened I’ll deposit all the money in that
please also send me the details of the account which you already have You are trying to purchase your peace with money We don’t need these things My daughter, where are you going Atleast spend some time with me You can’t imagine……you can’t imagine my thirst….daughter I’m late. Mother will be worried Okay. You wait, I’ll take you with me
I’ll drop you myself You’ll not go in rickshaw or bus One of the reason mother changed the house is you Atleast I can’t deceive her Ayesha, listen to me Daughter I promise you that even if I see the house
I’ll not come even to it’s door I can’t let you go like this
Please listen to me I wish you had done this at that time When this was…..really needed We don’t need it now nor we have time


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