Bhool Episode 20 | 21st August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

My sixth sense told me that Aymen would do such a thing I told you to go alone and speak to Aymen first But you didn’t agree and caused humiliation to me Keep quiet Shabana,. Keep quiet Why should I keep quiet. Now you would know that
why these mother and daughter left our home I’m surprised that suddenly she got father, she got house,
properties got transferred in the name, proposal has been finalised Aymen, I salute your greatness That’s her life It’s upto her that how she lives it Did we stop her from doing anything before By God I am surprised that the brother
who provided shelter to her when nobody cared about her She is hiding everything from that brother I don’t want return from anybody, for what I did Don’t you entertain any wishful thinking She’s not that good that she gives you anything in return No sister can embarrass her brother more than that That’s upto her, let her do what she wants By God it all appears to be a lie to me Aren’t you surprised. Nobody even bothered about these mother and daughter
Now there is a long queue of proposal They refused one and immediately said yes to another Stop it Shabana, now stop it What else shall I do. There is a fire inside me I was not this angry even that day even when
Aymen ran away from the house first time What shall I do…what do you want Shall I go and slap her It won’t be much even if you slap her
You should do more than that It’s only because of you, that she is respectable in the world now Stop it. Stop… it Why should I stop. I can give you in writing That she has been meeting Awais secretly through out And even if Awais has found some proposal, it must be like him You’ll see it. I can give you in writing She’ll regret on finalizing this proposal You shouldn’t have talked about this proposal No matter what happens now, even if she dies as a spinster
aunty will not finalise her proposal here Your father humiliated me I told him, that first talk alone to your sister Now even the namesake credibility has also been finished Just leave it….what credibility She can’t even dare raising her eyes in front of me I won’t leave her worthy of showing her face in front of the world Father must have mended the broken ties
by naming his property in her name That’s it, now she would have joined with her old love through her daughter She was like that always They must have known that why you are going to appease them One thing is now decided. Now your aunty would not come to this house again Do one thing Rahim. Just break her room’s lock and shift your belongings there Father would throw out my things again Now your father won’t do anything
I’ll see what he does Go and break the lock. Just throw out all her luggage outside Mother I could never understand you Rahim there is no need to understand me. Go… Go and break the lock and put your luggage in the room By the way mother
yes Do you think aunty may have lied about refusing to Imran’s proposal I think you are right. It is quite possible If it has happened mother I’ll not listen either to you or father I’ll really teach a lesson to aunty which she ‘ll remember for a long time Okay daughter, do it Ayesha… Would you come outside. I have to talk to you What is it You are concerned about your refusal Why Ayesha I mean, ….if I had been the reason of refusal then maybe… It would have been understandable But here,… the reason of refusal is something else Why do you want to put yourself in trouble Our past is walking with us Rather not with us Ahead of us Wherever we have to go It reaches ahead of us Now till when… We’ll keep on answering your questions I have not come here to ask question Rather I have come here to make you understand That love doesn’t need any kind of approval
There is a need In our society there is a need There is always a questionnaire with love Who is the girl, what is she, who are the people
what is the caste, what is the family, how is the past How are their relations with their neighborhood How are their worldly relations And you are saying that You don’t need permission in love It is needed And it’s not like…… that one has freedom There is no freedom I don’t have answers to these questions All these questions goes against us Why do you want to put yourself… Into a constant torture You deserve a much better girl than me Hello Assalam o alaikum
Aymen No, it’s Ayesha Mother is sleeping Ayesha I have to meet your mother, it’s important Everything alright No it’s an emergency What happened, is everything fine You still don’t know that what has happened Ahh! aunty, when the mother wakes up I’ll give your message to her Ayesha give me your home address now Aunty….
look Ayesha I have to meet you and your mother I don’t want to meet the table, sofas and walls of your house And I want to tell you one thing very clearly
that even if you say “No” to me hundred times Then I will come hundred and one times I can’t see my son, sad and upset…. Aunty….it could be that we have some problem People who look at problems are handicapped And I know it very well that you and your mother are not like that I just need your address Aunty I…
Ayesha! I am also like your mother I’m asking you something Hello Yes aunty Ayesha give me your address You know it very well that
it won’t take me much time to find your address You would have known me quite well by now Give me your address I’ll send you through SMS Okay I’m waiting for your SMS Good girl Yes aunty Address, SMS? Yes aunty I’m doing it Hello I have to talk to you Has your proposal been actually denied Maybe this is not your problem
why it isn’t my problem I was just asking it because I wanted to help you myself Sidra can I ask you something You want to ask that why I am after you, isn’t it Can I meet your parents
They have been waiting to meet you for so long You must let me meet them
because I want to suggest them that why your treatment is so important Oh! this treatment would have been done long time ago If there had been any cure for a sickness called “Imran” Sidra….I’m very serious, I think you need professional help Okay fine I’ll take the treatment as you say But take some help from us also You wanted to hear the truth, isn’t it The truth is that Ayesha’s mother has declined But the other truth is this…. That I’ll never accept this refusal By the way, I always thought of you as a very truthful person Okay fine. Another thing for your information Ayesha’ mother has confirmed her proposal somewhere else Congratulations to you then
yes of course But I am not accepting this congratulations because she is my cousin But I am accepting it because, you are available now You deserve praise For your shameless persuasion Okay leave all this. Tell me… Can I have your mother’s phone number Why I really like her. I want to talk to her Sidra…are you afraid of speaking the truth or… You are not in a habit What do you mean You want your mother to speak to her Just now you were saying that, you wanted to speak to my parents Then you can also speak to them Nice idea You must do it. I’ll have good excuse then
to tell them why your treatment is so important But you know Here you are. I have sent you the SMS You must talk to my mother Because after that, you happiness would not lessen the whole life Ayesha Where were you You didn’t offer me sweet
For what Your mother was telling that
your proposal has been finalsied with some unknown family I have heard that Sweets are due then Shall I tell it to everyone Then you’ll have to offer sweets to everyone It’s a matter of surprise You never told anyone when… We people belong to journalism Till the time a news and it’s source is confirmed to us
We don’t talk to any one I have an idea It would be difficult for you to offer sweets to everyone
take all of us to a good lunch Now you can afford also
I have heard that you have become a multi-millionaire May God make you a multi-millionaire also So that your deprivations can also finish Aymen Yes Ma’am Shall I say something to you Yes..yes please You concealed such a big thing from me Which matter That you have breast cancer Doctor did not fulfill her promise Neither you went to have your check up Rather doctor and I are of the opinion that you are not taking the medicines Ma’am whatever I earn Is barely enough to meet my household and my daughter’s expense What do you mean by that You are allowing the cancer to spread in your body Just for the reason that, you can’t afford the medicine And you didn’t even mention this thing to me I am already indebted to you so much How could I have asked for another favor I don’t feel happy to hear that Aymen Today your value has decreased in my eyes If you had been sincere to your daughter Then you would have taken care of your health and happiness You are a limit You should immediately come with me to hospital And I’ll tell this thing to your daughter also
No…no Ayesha has started to live life after a long time If she comes to know about this, she’ll get frightened again What do you think That your death will give her happiness Don’t know how much your cancer has spread by now Very sad. Please come with me immediately to hospital Please come
No I’ll go with you. Come Aymen You have abused yourself Aymen. This is suicide Is it in control stage, doctor? It appears that the roots have spread more than before Why are you saying like that Is it curable doctor? It would be curable when she gets the treatment She is causing it to spread That’s horrible Ms. Aymen Now I have these three medicines I am prescribing you some more medicines, please get them from medical store Give it to me please Now come after two weeks for check up After that we will go towards surgery But we’ll decide that after the result of medicines Why you people are helping me We’ll not help you even for a minute You’ll have to help yourself If you ignore it this time it means that you are signing your death warrant Don’t worry doctor It will not happen this time Okay, you people come after one week Then we’ll plan something Please Aymen, you should be very careful about yourself And take medicine on time Yes This time we’ll have to look it ourselves You don’t worry. I’ll make sure that she behaves Thank you I’ll definitely get the treatment But please don’t mention it to my daughter Aymen why do you think that if I don’t tell her
then she’ll not come to know of anything I don’t care if she gets to know from anywhere else But you please promise me You’ll not mention this sickness to her Then you also promise me That you will be regular in treatment, then I’ll not tell anything to her I promise What’s this happening What kind of punishment is this Perhaps I have not be forgiven My Ayesha is still in way… and this sickness of mine This sickness of mine can leave my daughter without support, anytime Please ask Allah Give me enough time to marry off my daughter There is no one except you in this world If not on me then have mercy on my daughter, my God Go and tell that master Do it quickly As he is getting old He’s getting slow Walikum assalam
O’ Aymen You……have a seat Why have you come here Brother….since the time you left the house
and how you left I have a heavy heart and I feel restless Look Aymen This is your life Ayesha is your daughter, you have full authority over her Who am I You did well by not informing me This is market, otherwise I would have fallen
in your feet… seek your forgiveness You can’t imagine my helplessness now How helpless I am Please forgive me. Don’t be angry with me No…no Aymen I am not angry with you Certainly if I had been in your position I would have done the same thing.
You have done the right thing I’m not angry.
Brother it is a matter of getting angry Especially bhabi who came forward after forgetting the past
and I disappointed her at the very first step I will never be able to appease her Aymen It makes no difference of us getting angry or not You live your life I don’t have much life with me to live I came to you I mention Ayesha’s propsal and I told you
that I am looking for a proposal for Ayesha You kept quiet at that time and did not give any response Look Aymen, everything is fine and alright with me. This is a shop…. Don’t talk like that here How can I face bhabi….and what face I can show to her Aymen I’ll say the same thing… again and again Look The trials which you have in your life You know them very well You….know better That how will you go through those trials How will you have to face them And whatever you are doing I am sure that it will be
absolutely right according to your circumstances Yes, temporarily….I agree that I felt bad, but when I Put myself in your position and thought then I also felt that you have done the right thing Ok my daughter…you may go now Brother Mother and father passed away, not being happy with me Please you should not get angry I won’t be able to tolerate it No…I can’t remain angry with you Daughter, I am disappointed at one thing Yours and Shabana’s distances were lessening
and you people were getting closer But it will not happen now The distances which were shortening Will increase further Good bye Good bye Rahim Hurry up… Bring it. keep it here and finish the job Don’t break the glass Ok Brother, stop it near the car Take the money sister Is this, full ten thousand rupees
Yes sister Give it to that sister
To that sister? The sister who is coming, it’s all her furniture. Give it to her
She will put it to her use This is the money for furniture Brother this is not mine This belongs to her
She told to give it to you Assalam o alaikum You met uncle Yes Bhabi sold all the furniture of our room What How can she do it mother When I went to meet her All the furniture was going in pickup You would have thrown this money on her face She banged the door on my face before that It was not appropriate to settle our issues in front of the labors So from her side, she has expelled us from the house for good That’s what I told you And I say it again that you should ask for your share You also have share in that house Now that she has stooped so low
you should now ask for your share Why are you talking nonsense Now, shall I confront my brother He is my elder brother I am indebted to him What brother and sister do for each other, is not called favor That’s an obligation Aunty is the one who ignited this fire
because she wanted to grab the property Don’t talk rubbish Go and bring water, I have to take medicine Why medicine, are you alright. Did you see the doctor It’s useless to tell you anything Go and bring water. I have headache, I’ll have to take medicine Get up Take it… Mother
Hunhh By the way, I should have got that room No need to start a new problem now, Sidra I gave that room to Rahim. You already have a room Well! did you speak to Imran’s mother I tried but couldn’t connect Didn’t get connected or you did not dial correctly Why!! do I live in jungle Don’t I know to dial a number Network was not working Try it again Such a loud sound, it’s hitting my head directly. What the hell this boy is doing Where is your phone. Give it to me, I’ll dial it for you What happened to you Sidra, no need to get so restless Would I call her at this time of the night They will say that mother and daughter have gone mad Don’t know what is the rush It’s not that late as you are saying I’ll call her in the morning tomorrow Well mother, I asked Imran directly today Aunty had declined the proposal Then definitely this new proposal has been arranged by her ex-husband Must be some rich boy They must have got hold of some big party Aunty doesn’t believe in fishing for smaller things So what it’s none of our business,
whatever bargain, these mother and daughter do We got rid of them today Let’s see what father says, after seeing this May it not happen that the love of sister awakens again Assalam o alaikum father Walaikum asssalam Who is in Aymen’s room It’s Rahim Rahim!! Where are Aymen’s belongings I sold it Sold it!! What do you mean, sold it Sold it. What do you mean by, “what do you mean” She took the money herself from the gate Why didn’t you tell me Why do you ask all these question from us You should ask your sister also, sometimes She has killed you “being alive” Shabana, what have you done Rashid I have done it and I did it in front of Aymen If she was so respectable then she shouldn’t have taken the money She took the money and went away just like that I have given this room to Rahim So much happened and you didn’t bother to even call me What could I have told you Rashid And anyway those mother and daughter don’t need this room They have become multi-millionaire I am just acting on their wish To whom you have sold the furniture? What do you mean that to whom I have sold it. I just sold it Shabana I asked you, to whom you have sold the furniture Rashid you just keep on bothering us always I sold it to Ahmed Go… Ask Ahmed to return our furniture immediately What!! What do uou mean by, “what” Don’t you understand what I am saying Go Assalam o alaikum mother Walikum assalam You are quite late today Mother…are you alright It’s just exhaustion Drink water Put it aside, I’ll drink it later You really frighten me sometimes This life is very untrustworthy Ayesha You should be ready for everything Don’t fear small things Don’t talk to me like that Did you receive any call Was somebody expected to call me Yes…..Imran’s mother I didn’t see the phone since morning Nor did it ring She called when you were sleeping yesterday night Okay….when Around ten or eleven p.m. ……. no about eleven or twelve p.m. Everything fine? She called so late She wants to meet you She was asking for address She was persisting with it. She also said that she called earlier also She was forcing for it, I didn’t give it even then But she called it again and I had to give it So…my dear you should have woken me up It’s very rare that you sleep so deep That’s why I didn’t wake you So…did you give her the address I had to give She was insisting so much that I got embarrassed It seems that…she will definitely come Let her come Everything about us is obvious What do we have to hide. Nothing is hidden Mother… You just say nothing And don’t agree to anything. I know her I have met her She wants to do everything very quickly You tell her. You know it that, I have to complete my studies now You…..are afraid of Sidra and bhabi Some fears are real, mother All are not imaginary I’ll open the door


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