Bhool Episode 21 | 28th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

*Greetings* *Greetings* Mother this is…
you better keep quiet I am Seema… Imran’s mother How are you? I haven’t met you but
I have met with your voice Please come inside Come I found you as I had thought May God will that, you had thought good about us Obviously! Do you know, why I was so keen to meet you? I just wanted to see How would she be
who gave birth to daughter like Ayesha You are embarrassing me We people….are losers Losers are good people They always have a chance to win But a winner….just tests itself Ayesha!! Ayesha my daughter Yes mother.. Ask aunty what does she want Nothing…absolutely nothing I’ll not even drink water of your home I’m very angry with you
and very angry with you also Sister Seema If you’ll look the picture from our angle… Then you’ll not be angry anymore Aymen why look from this side or that side Leave this Love is a circle
it will look the same no matter what side you look from Okay first tell me that Why did you refuse? Look… Imran keeps on telling me And ….. I know a little bit also Let me tell you the truth After seeing you, it doesn’t look that you can even lie I refused because of fear After I had refused The fear increased even more See Aymen… These kind of problems are with every family Just look at me.. When I was getting married Then my family was against it I have two brothers Both of them did not come to my marriage
but I stood firm I went ahead with marriage.
Everything was alright after that There is a story in every house But ….
Leave ifs and buts Look Aymen Imran is my only son I have brought him up with lots of love He only knows to love, nothing else Now… I really get frightened, even by the name of love Perhaps you don’t know my past I don’t even want to know I am just looking at the future of my son and your daughter My son, loves your daughter truly Look, the gold can be impure but not my son Yes, I have met Imran He is a very good boy Look …..if somebody has ???? deceived you
then why should we punish love This is the same thing as giving your punishment to somebody else Ayesha….Ayesha Come here… Yes aunty Sit Take this You!!! I’m not asking her to wear it I’m leaving it as an amanat (custody) with her Aunty…
You keep absolutely quiet I’ll talk to you later I’m very angry with you
Aunty this is too big an amanat (custody) to keep This ring is not amanat (custody), it’s you who is amanat (custody) And daughter Love makes even a most coward person into a brave person This is the blessing of God You can’t stop it from getting near to you Give us some time to think That’s why I am not asking her to wear it You….come to our house Meet Imran Know him well If you find fault in him, you can immediately refuse And don’t cry. We’ll cry together I am leaving my amanat (custody) with you Okay daughter Return the ring Why are you smiling Pick up the phone and say no to her After a long time, smile has come on your mother’s face
and you are questioning it? There is no reason to smile What is this way Making somebody amanat (custody to be returned)
and leaving behind the ring. What’s this way Yes This is not the way! But it should be done this way I don’t know in what mood you are, mother If at that time… Had this thing happened at your father’s time Then we would have been one today You know about Sidra Ayesha your love has come itself from the front door It hasn’t come from some side door This seems to be the nature’s decision Otherwise Nobody comes back after refusal Didn’t I tell you That I have seen Imran’s love in your eyes Mother…mother what are you doing. No… Congratulations on “love” If you refuse this love… Then this would be ungratefulness You don’t know how worried I was for you I…what shall I say I don’t know what ….what did I say to Imran God please make me successful Sidra has said very strange things to me You don’t have to listen to anybody Don’t know, how many more strange things they would say You… just look at your love Even if the eyes are closed You can’t block the hearing Your mother is standing with you Like a shield I dare them to say anything to my Ayesha They will have to pass through me It looks good on you Mother where were you? I have been calling you since long I went to do some work Which work!! You…why were you not attending my phone calls I…I was in a meeting What kind of meeting mother. What riddles are these These are not riddles Really I was in a meeting I went to see a proposal for you My….my proposal!! Obviously! Ayesha’s family has declined your proposal I have to engage you somewhere Mother you know that I love Ayesha And I don’t think about anybody else nor I’ll ever think Please don’t do this
Why shouldn’t I do this You are my only son I have seen her myself now She is so beautiful. Her family is also very good Stop it! for God sake How can you even think like that
Why can’t I think? I keep seeing you like a lover? I’m your mother, I’ll do whatever I can for you What has happened to you? You have always supported me It was you who convinced me for that love
So what? Shall I believe in this girl This girl’s name is also Ayesha and she is so beautiful Mother I’ll not do this marriage If you don’t marry this Ayesha then
you can’t marry any Ayesha I don’t care. I will only marry Ayesha…
I mean that Ayesha. That’s it! But I have finalized the proposal
Mother you say no Think over it Mother what’s there in thinking? after loving somebody Alright! I’ll say no. Rather you say no yourself
Mother.. What kind of tests you are putting me through. What have I done? You refuse
Mother…mother please listen to me Why should I talk to strangers Oh!… Well I’ll say no Hello! Daughter, please talk to my son Imran
Aunty Take it… Talk now Hello! Hello! Ayesha you… Yes, what happened? Mother….
What happened to mother? She just left from our house Ahh!! I…I will speak later Mother….mother You really pulled out my heart… for a minute Liar! She has taken out your heart since long You met them Yes Sir.. How did you reach their house By the way It’s you who should have found the house
but see, your mother found it Well….what was she saying She…she was saying that Imran is highly flirt and a liar She flirts with other girls in class Ayesha can’t say like that Okayyy!!…. You have so much trust on Ayesha? More than myself Rather I have self conviction because of her She is your amanat (safe custody) But you… You have to make yourself worthy of her, through her love What do you mean mother? Have they put some condition? They have not put any condition It’s me who has put the condition What condition did you put? Son…Aymen is frightened of love And she is rightfully afraid Ayesha….has got this fear in inheritance You have to prove this fear wrong You have to convince them that if the love is true… Then it makes a person really brave Mother… I accept this challenge I know you are my son. My son
That I am Oh!!… Hello! Sidra Sidra Why didn’t you go to university? Mother there are no classes, because of exams Class fellows come and go back after chatting Well! Is everybody else is not coming to university or it’s only you? I know only about Imran That he is not coming. I don’t know about others Okay… Mother..
Yes Did you….speak to Imran’s mother? Sidra your father has raised hell since morning It’s very strange His sister really casts spell on him She doesn’t even cares about him
But your father is all praises for her Is it the issue of room? Yes…he has gone to take back her furniture Mother… Father will keep on doing this How long you will not talk to his mother because of him Ok…don’t pester me Whole night your father has been yelling and fighting with me Now you are pestering me, from early morning I’ll find some right time to call her and talk peacefully If I call him and your father comes from behind
yelling at me, what will happen then? Come…be careful. Put it on left side
See Your father has come How can one talk in these conditions? Are you satisfied now Lower your voice Don’t try to start quarrel. Labors are at home Listen to me carefully Rashid Aymen will not come in this house again This is the third time your sister has run away And this time with her daughter Ayesha Congratulations For what Oh yes….mother has just kept the ring with you
She has not made you wear it ??? Look Imran…whatever is happening, I… I want that nobody here should know about it Ayesha I understand. You should not worry Why shouldn’t I worry?….Sidra doesn’t come here to study She comes here to monitor me Ayeshe let Sidra do what she is doing. Let her see You..just look at me Sidra will forget it… People here can even read the gaze And the most pretty eyes are yours Enough… This is university So…shall we go out? No…I have still not said yes Yes. Yes has not been done yet
How will it be done. Shall I dig out canals of milk No. Infact I shall go in a desert, I run and yell No. Rather I sit on a earthen pitcher and cross the sea on it What shall I do? You are very persistent It’s just the beginning See what happens next Do you know what mother said about you? I heard that I could imagine Do you know she said that, she has
confirmed the proposal with some other Ayesha I got mad What do you mean, you got mad? Aren’t you already mad? Whatever I am…it’s you who is responsible for that I……I get very frightened Imran Ayesha This fear means love Look!…it’s not only you who is my amanat (safe custody) My heart is also your amanat (safe custody) And nobody can come between us I have to talk to father also Yes…do it. He is a very nice man, I met him once And if… Father rejects you As much as I know him He loves you a lot He won’t reject your happiness If he really loves me a lot Then he should reject you definitely Anyway I am leaving
Where are you going? To home. I just came to submit the assignment And I came to see only you Okay leave all that. Shall I drop you? No need for that Love is not a spectacle Everybody will see Love is a secret Better keep it in heart *Greetings* mother How are you? How was the day? Fine! Did Imran come today? Yes he did come Did you speak to him nicely? Yes I spoke nicely I was just asking that… I shall tell it to father also I am asking from you. Did you mind that No I’m not angry It has hurt me At this time, your father should have been with you I was also continuously thinking that… What is this? Mother is it prescription, isn’t it You are hiding something from me. Are you alright? Show me, what is it It’s nothing! There was a medical camp in hospital
they sat me forcibly in it Then they prescribed all that. It’s nothing How can they prescribe so much medicines without any reason?
Show me what is it No… Don’t talk rubbish Mother I am not talking rubbish What does it mean. I can bet you are hiding your sickness My dear Why would anybody hide sickness Are you crazy? If it is so.. You swear on me I’ll slap you.. I don’t like swearing at all. Don’t talk such things with me Then you should not hide anything from me I will come to know about it You….you make Imran meet your father as soon as possible Why should I let him meet Imran? Till now I have not arranged your meeting with him Anyhow I have to tell him. I don’t have to ask him Every authority on my life… Only belongs to you My dear It’s not a matter of authority After all he is your father And this relationship…. has certain demands Isn’t it? Tell me one thing Why are you trying to make me closer to him Till the time he wasn’t….he wasn’t there But if he is found by chance, then you should better complete the picture This erased picture can be put in a frame, in order to be completed Only you are important for me And it will be you always And who else is there in my life except you Ayesha you You have been deprived of many relationships from the beginning You have borne the punishment which was mine
You were not to be blamed for that Now that you are receiving all these happiness
through the door, then don’t close your door You don’t know This world swallows a lonely person What hurts me is.. That I am getting all this very late Now I am no longer used to…. of these things I haven’t seen it Now when I look at that. I feel a very strange fear No Ayesha Take out all these fears from your heart These fears make a person weak from inside You arrange a meeting between Imran and Awais quickly This will make you strong in front of Imran and his family The will also feel that though the parents are separated But they can think the same for their daughter And there will be one more benefit from it If Sidra says anything to Imran Then it will all be meaningless Do you get me? How are you? Well… I was planning.. Please don’t say no I was thinking that, why shouldn’t we go to a movie together Yes…we will include some more people
because you won’t go alone with me What do you think? Hunhh!…..please don’t say no Okay…I’m waiting for your message Bye Hello! I was thinking that, why shouldn’t we go to a movie together Yes…we will include some more people Because I know that you won’t go alone with me What do you think. I’m waiting for your message Bye Crazy, foolish girl To whom you are saying this? Crazy, foolish Same torture. Sidra Okay….your class fellow Sidra Sidra
Hunhh I am calling Imran’s mother Hoonh!! Really. Give it to me, I’ll do it for you Have you put the balance in it? Yes Rahim did it Whose phone is this? Hello! Hello, *Greetings* *Greetings*…yes, who I am Shabana, mother of Sidra Sidra’s mother! Who Sidra? Okay….Oh! Yes…yes….Sidra I got confused that which Sidra you are talking about Imran’s class fellow, isn’t it She is discussed everyday in our home Yes Imran and Sidra are class fellows Class fellows…and they are good friends also Yes…it’s difficult to find good friends Yes…Sidra was all praises for you Perhaps she has met you too also Yes…she is a lovely girl I just wanted to say that please come to our house some day Have dinner with us, bring Imran also with you Yes why not. Why wouldn’t we come if you call us We’ll definitely come Why delay then, please come tomorrow Oh…look! You called us… and that too on tomorrow Actually I am very busy in some household work I won’t be able to come tomorrow
we’ll plan it for some other day Okay…take good care of yourself Well….Good bye Mother! What was the need of doing all this? You do your own work. I will handle this That’s fine mother, but please don’t do this Ayesha will feel that we are investigating her Everybody does that That’s nothing Mother…you don’t know about Sidra She is a very irritating girl I’m also doing it intentionally So that I should know what actually happened between them… That they are avoiding each other Couldn’t you have asked this question from aunty If she had to tell it, she would have told me much before I’ll investigate it Okay mother, for God sake….it will be very kind of you Don’t tell them about engagement
Okay, I’m not telling them anything And you….mind your own business Do one thing. Take few days off and spend some time with Ayesha Understand each other. Why you have got involved in these domestic matters Okay don’t spoil your mood I’ll make coffee for you.


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