Bhool Episode 22 | 28th August 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Aymen You know what ?
Hoonh My heart wants that This journey never ends We should go on and on and on…..till the earth ends at one point When the earth ends Then, would we stop our journey? Absolutely not What I will do is that I will turn the car from there And we’ll start our journey again to some other corner How’s that? Awais I hope you do not want that I may spend all my life in this car I think so I am planning that we may marry also in the car How exciting is that Marriage in this car Awais tell me Did you have any head injury ever? Have you ever thought of getting check up from doctor Yes…I got myself checked from doctor Everybody was thinking that I… Have gone crazy in your love Okay!! aahmm…. What did the doctor say after that? Doctor!!….. I had to show your picture to the doctor And the doctor said Really…you have gone mad Awais,….. why do you tease me so much? Yo will tease me like this even after marriage
Obviously! It would be more fun teasing you after marriage
and I should do it, so that you don’t runaway Where would I run away? What can I say about you Hello…my dear
*Greetings* *Greetings*, how are you my daughter? I am fine Everything alright, Ayesha my daughter? Yes Thanks God Actually whenever your phone comes My heart beats with such joy, like…. It beats at the time of fear I’m your culprit after all That’s why I wanted to tell you something Yes speak up, my daughter You shall talk to me without any formalities I can’t talk on phone It would be better if you meet me Well Fine then you let me know Where I shall come. I’ll come right away I am at home right now My daughter How would I….at home Can we meet at some coffee house? No my daughter I don’t want to meet my daughter in parks and coffee houses, I… I will not like it and neither The truth is that I will not like you to take rickshaw at this time I’m sorry I… Can’t give you home address So… Tell me the nearest spot I’ll come there Hello! Hello! Look my daughter I will not stand on roads Don’t worry Don’t think too much and tell me the place I…I’ll come there. The truth is that I don’t want that you at this time…. Use buses or rickshaws I have traveled all my life like that I’ll come Daughter I request you……listen to me please Alright I… I will send you the address of some place nearest to the house Thank you daughter, I’m waiting Good bye Mother….I am going to meet father I will come back in a while *Greetings* There is no need to go anywhere We can talk in car. Anyway it will not take much time After you finish, I also have to talk to you Anyway…you’ll come for little time You didn’t give even this much time Actually mother hasn’t come from the school as yet I have come here without telling her Ok fine daughter As you wish One proposal has come for me Well!! Who is it? My class fellow The same boy, whom you gave the envelope Yes I recall. He is a good boy Mother wants to say Yes So… Whose yes is required? They know that You and mother are divorced You meet him and his mother Fine my daughter You give his mother my house’s …..
rather invite them for a dinner to your house Now I am living in your house Mother will say yes……once you meet them Give my thanks to Aymen She has given respect to such a low person like me, after bearing so much How unfortunate am I , Ayesha I lost such a blessing….from my own hands His mother’s name is Seema His father is in Canada I know only this much Mother also knows only this much You may have a look at it I will message Seema aunty’s number to you Okay daughter May you live long May God give you…… my age also Mother
Hunhh Mother
Hunhh Ayesha has sent a message Why are you telling me your private things
Mother it’s for you, infact Well! what has she written? She has written….Imran, my father will call your mother Perhaps he would like to meet her also
Oh my God what will I wear Mother you are a limit She has further written that, do whatever you deem appropriate Well!….It’s good I was also wanting that Why should he be missing from the whole scene Hunhh…quite true We’ll go whenever he calls us Yes…I’ll reply Ok to it You fool…..after OK write, “I love you” also That…I wrote before “I love you” Really….
Oh! I’ll send your number to her also Okayyyy Hello… Well…*Greetings* This is Awais here, Ayesha’s father
Are you Ms. Seema? Yes…yes *Greetings* I was expecting your call
Are you fine? Yes thanks God I came to know that, you have brought happiness to our family Brother I actually went to ask for happiness Believe me, there is no girl like your daughter…..not even in lakhs Well…..If you think it appropriate Have dinner with us We’ll be honored Why not…whenever you say…whatever you say Please tell whenever it’s convenient for you Well….I am at home and mostly free We’ll be there whenever you say By the way Imran’s dad lives outside the country Yes Ayesha told me that Then you and Imran come to our house tomorrow Definitely…sure We’ll come tomorrow Okay I’ll send home’s address at your number Then tomorrow we’ll have the dinner together
In sha Allah (If God’s wills) Good bye
Thank you very much. Good bye Gasps. This is good Hello…*Greetings* Yes Ayesha daughter. I have spoken to Ms. Seema They are coming tomorrow to our home Fine Ayesha my daughter, I’ll not order food from outside What do you mean? Look Ayesha daughter this is your house And they are coming to your house I may not be able to come Anyway, aunty has met us at our house I know that daughter But I’ll keep on requesting you till the time…. they come You meet them yourself I don’t want to lie even if I come there for a little while Why should we show them….which is not the reality? My daughter we can atleast show them, what is possible What has happened? I was talking to father He was saying that he has spoken to aunty He has invited them to his house Then why are you sad? He was saying that, he has not invited them to his house but to my house He wants that…… I am also around He is right You should go there Absolutely not mother I’ll not go anywhere without you How would I look divided in two pieces? She has seen half of me here Would she see the second half there My dear, don’t think like that Why don’t you think that… By going there, your respect will further increase in the eyes of Imran and his mother And you do meet him anyway… What’s wrong in going to the house This picture won’t be complete without you I’m sorry I won”t do that
Ayesha!! Hello
Ayesha daughter, is Aymen at home Yes, why…? Please can I talk to her? I don’t think she would like to talk to you You do one thing Put the phone on speaker and go near her I have to say some thing regarding Ms. Seema and Imran She is not attending my phone Please hold Father wants to talk to you You tell me after hearing He’ll be on speaker and he wants to talk something about aunty and Imran Speak up father Look Aymen Even by holding your feet…
if I say thank you to the respect you have given me, then it would be little They are coming tomorrow for Ayesha And Ayesha is the only person…. For which reason……you and I are alive Because she is our daughter And if daughters are strong in their houses
then their in-laws don’t take them for granted Awais, these type of girls are actually professionals Their parents tell them to go out …….for three to four months Aymen this… Is the day of joy for…our daughter I and you are not…together, but… We can stand together for her sake Even if is not true Ayesha…. Ayesha is not agreeing to come. Please send her Aymen this house… This house now really belongs to my daughter Whatever I had, I have transferred it in her name All that I have… Now belongs to my daughter Ayesha And for God sake, let Ayesha take the ownership of all these things And look… If in all these moments of happiness If we two are also present that what’s wrong Tomorrow night…. They are coming at Ayesha’s house And you know that, outside the house… I have put on the name plate, Ayesha’s… Ayesha’s House. Please this is… This is the last request from you Thank you… I’ll not go anywhere without you What’s all this? This… It’s not all….it’s just little If I can, I… Will pluck this moon and put it on the table for you Not the moon….stars Many people claim to pluck the stars I really want to pluck…..moon for you I am frightened of love Since you have come…. I came to know… that fear was a lie Never leave me The fear of love is finished now But the fear of being left alone is not going away Ayesha It will never happen Never Okay…let’s order something Ayesha get up ..
Why? Where do we have to go? To the hospital Mother are you alright, what happened Nothing, but we have to go. You get ready Mother tell me what happened, are you alright? Nothing but routine check up Come Exactly…actually it seems to me that Job is not in my framework
It’s like losing your identity Yes..I understand Brother…you alive alone in this house or… Some relatives also lives with you Well….I’m alone. You may be knowing about me and Aymen Yes.. It’s not a matter of happiness… And neither we want to look in the past Whatever we had to do with our lives, we have done it But it is a matter of happiness that You and Aymen together…. Are thinking for Ayesha If I’m alive today… That is just for Ayesha Whatever I have, it belongs to Ayesha
I have already transferred this house and everything in Ayesha’s name By God we don’t need even a needle Ayesha hasn’t come? Yes, I think she must have got stuck in traffic somewhere You are right This traffic has disturbed all of us I would like that you meet Imran not only today but often So that you can have confidence in him Bhabi what is the need for that. Aymen has approved him… It’s enough for me
I am taking the “blessing” of your house It’s your right to access thoroughly, that to whom you are handing her over? *Greetings* *Greetings* Come let us be seated. Come daughter Be seated. Aymen.. Now….we came because To show you that what’s our truth… Why are you embarrassing us…? I told you in your house that
now we have to look towards the future of our children You are right, but… I didn’t want that… That you come to know about this truth from somewhere else…. And my daughter suffers because of that Don’t worry ???? It’s the love which is true. Rest is just the “incidences”…. And between the two of you is the bridge of Ayesha… That will keep your relationship alive And that’s the only truth we know Just leave all of this, come and sit… Mother…. Have a seat. We’ll talk seated… Aymen….I told you Stop your tears now. We both will cry together later… After joining our children… The mistakes are like….broken crockery They should be thrown out Come and sit… Please drop Ayesha on your way back Where are you going? Please stay… We’ll meet later…. Take care of yourself Aymen you….please stay for a while Aymen…listen to me Aymen Aymen…. Aymen…..Aymen…. You can stop for two minutes Brother….please call Ayesha Okay Ayesha Daughter, your mother is calling you Ayesha…. Daughter….forgive your father please Forgive me my daughter Forgive me my daughter…. I’ll not get such a joyous moment again That we should complete this joy… This is my engagement ring…. And Ayesha is the joy of my son and myself Ayesha deserves it now. Son please put it on ….. Many congratulations…. And congratulations to you also
Thank you Congratulations….. Ayesha…your father will drop you
No, I’ll go with you mother We’ll drop Aymen and Ayesha. Brother we’ll take your leave… No, how can it be…. Please stay for a while and have dinner first Who’ll be hungry after so much joy? And believe me, if…. Imran’s father had been around, we would have called Qazi
and taken Ayesha to our home after nikah immediately Sorry uncle, mother gets a bit over excited Okay then… I too owe you something I’m just coming… You…have the right on this house daughter Let your father fulfill this obligation Let me tell you one thing We don’t need any dowry. Neither money nor clothes…. We’ll return, even if you give a needle…. And this house will always belong to Ayesha It was expected of you, but… Allow us to celebrate our joy


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