Bhool Episode 23 | 4th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

How have you become so romantic suddenly? Why? I am romancing with my would be wife Not with some stranger I am still a stranger Gasps…you really understand By the way, I have “bounded” my love just because of you Well!….then you are bound? You have become a small child at once
Yes…. If I can have my way, I will climb to the top of a wagon…. Get hold of a big loud speaker and announce loudly That I am mad….hunhh! Who will not become mad after seeing you? Why all the lovers…. talk alike? I don’t know about every one My heart wants that I keep on looking at my love silently Keep on looking
Okay Good bye
What do you mean? You look at “love” silently and…. I’ll go to sleep
Ok…ok listen! I love you I love you too Rashid… I am going somewhere for Sidra’s proposal Where are you going? Who are the people and…. Why are you going?
It’s not the girl’s family but the boy’s family who come Who will come in this house? What do you mean by that? I mean, now the times have changed. You have to go sometimes Who are they? He is Sidra’s class fellow. The same boy….Imran Shabana, are they very rich people? What has happened to you? People pray for marrying (their children) in rich families You are asking me….whether they are not rich Look Shabana, if they are very rich… Then don’t confirm the proposal Why…you don’t stop your niece from anything If you are not forgetting then…..Sidra is our real daughter Shabana you…. Why do you…..inflame every matter? If God is granting a good family
to your daughter then what is your objection? You would like to clear the way for your niece Don’t talk rubbish Why are you telling me to stop the rubbish? This is the first father I have seen
who doesn’t wants her daughter to go in a good family Again…the same low talk Again…the same shallow talk I shouldn’t have told you, it was my mistake Do one thing. Just worry for your sister and niece Just leave Sidra and myself on our own. We’ll take care of ourselves Do whatever you want to do Just remember…. If your daughter…. returns tomorrow Then don’t complain to me Why did you tell him ?
It was my mistake to tell your father Next time, I’ll not tell him anything Now see, he’ll receive even your wedding card like strangers He is a strange person What problems (we have)….? We can’t decide….. even about household matters Pick up the phone… I’m also persistent. I’ll burn the phone by calling again and again Hunhh!! Hello !
Hellooo! I had also decided that, I’ll keep calling till you pick up the phone I was also not picking up to see that what are your limits For you…..for you I can even go to the limit
where even the thought process, gets tired and stops Try out some time We’ll try You’ll say that, where do I keep so much love Just leave it.. Tell me…..are you going to Canada Who told you? See…I live in your heart I know more about you….. than yourselves Sidra I have to go in a meeting, I’m in office. I’ll talk to you later Ahh listen… Ayesha….you are not going to university today? No mother
Why? Nothing….. What has happened? Mother….if I take off this ring then
would it be alright Now you have this tension that
everybody in university will come to know because of this ring Everything happened so suddenly I don’t know how to react? Do one thing. Take off the ring Relationships are not of ring, necklace or paper Instead they are of heart and love Wouldn’t Imran mind? It’s good…let him mind You’ll come to know about him this way If he minds, let him do so Till now he has just expressed his love for you Then you’ll come to know really about his love I am frightened I am about to trust someone for the first time I haven’t got used to of this word even I know Ayesha It’s my fault! I have created so much fear in your heart from this word That now this fear is deeply instilled in you The hindrance is this that this word has literally stood in front of me It’s not that I am not happy But…. The feeling hasn’t awakened in me Ayesha….Imran is a very good boy and he belongs to a good family Don’t waste your time by thinking all that Rather you shall try to come out by breaking the shackles inside you It looks as if ….this moment… I’m being unjust to these emotions Imran has sent me so many messages and I haven’t replied to him even once You should reply each message of him A person opens up by talking When you’ll talk to him you will come to know more about him This is important for this relationship From now on you’ll reply each message of him. Okay Don’t worry about such small things Good bye.. *Greetings* The tests says that…. Aymen I think ….we have to go for surgery Why are you saying like that? Is the cancer spreading? The results are indicating that it’s not right In addition to that we’ll have to do chemotherapy also Surgery….would be very expensive There are many such institutions which supports us You don’t have to think about that Would there be chances of survival…after surgery? There are 90 percent chances after surgery In addition we’ll control it further through chemotherapy I searched it on internet. I found that…. If the cancer spreads
I’m sorry Aymen, you are sitting in front of a doctor And you are telling me the research of internet Even the illiterate have the sense to fight for survival and you are a teacher Till when I’ll keep on explaining it to you? And yes…one thing you should understand very well The more you are delaying it, the closer you are getting towards death Awais.. Hmm I sometimes feel that I won’t be able to live longer I also feel the same ..
Obviously eighty to ninety years is little You think I am joking
No.. By the way I know a doctor
but I don’t know whether he is here or not No doctor can cure death But he has Because he is a psychologist You think I’m mad Well!!…..Obviously, I can’t say yes You are very rude now
Anyway Aymen, think about some good disease Because the people suffering from mental disorder!….. They don’t know what is happening and why is it so
that’s why there health is good Awais, how would be cancer Person doesn’t survive Aymen….listen to me *Greetings* son Imran
*Greetings* I am Imran I have your number *Greetings*. How are you? I am fine aunty, thank you. How are you? Absolutely fine How is your mother, Imran? Mother….aunty you know mother.
( with the will of God ) she is always cheerful, thanks God That’s a very good thing That’s why the life is continuously with her
Yes Aunty there is a request from you Yes, my son Aunty if you allow, I want to take Ayesha with me to a store It’s a….it’s a furniture store aunty Yes, why not. Did you talk to Ayesha about it? No aunty, if I had spoken to Ayesha….. she may have agreed,but I don’t want to do anything without your permission It’s good to hear that Otherwise the boys nowadays look for excuse No aunty, Ayesha is my honor from the very first day And now it’s another matter altogether Actually aunty I wanted to change my office furniture Therefore I wanted that Ayesha selects the furniture of her choice Alright son When do you want to go Whenever you permit aunty Fine…I’m at home. You may come in the evening after calling Alright aunty, that’s fine. Thank you so much….thank you so much Good bye
Good bye It seems that today you’ll make me a bride. This is looking too much, I’m taking it off
No…don’t take it off If I can have my way, I’ll make the whole world bride Mother it’s a bit too much. By God this is looking strange It’s not looking good at all Why you are talking like that? If I can have my way, I’ll celebrate even smallest of your joy Imran is very smart, he knew that I’ll say no That’s why he called you, because you won’t say no That’s a good thing about him Mother it’s enough
No…apply more I don’t know why he wants to take me for selecting everything Ayesha….this love, finds excuses…. And this is just an excuse to meet you, nothing else… *Greetings* Yes… I’m sending her Good bye… Get up quickly….Imran has come You are looking very pretty
Thank you Mother I’m leaving Go smiling And come back with full confidence I firmly believe that Imran loves you very much And he will never deceive you You are making me emotional for nothing I’m going. Ok bye I…. What happened? Someone…. How someone can be so beautiful What do you mean? I also don’t know that You… Are looking very pretty Okay enough. I’m getting embarrassed And you have stunned me Ok fine. Can we talk about something else now Madam this is not your library That whenever you want….you get up and leave You take me directly to furniture shop and drop me back No question of dropping you And I have closed all the routes of going back I….
I’ll call Sidra and ask her to come here Okay….let’s go Anyway…I shouldn’t have come and met you What do you mean? Thank you… I mean that…now I can’t wait Who can bear….? So much beauty Don’t talk to me like that Why…? Because a person….can’t always talk like this Talk to me….what we can always talk You…. Love can also last always No Only trust remains forever And I only need trust and confidence from you Rest of all these things I have never been fond of them Ayesha these……are not “things” These are ….the small joys I have….bought the moments of small joys Look….when you’ll wear them tomorrow You’ll remember these moments When you’ll remember these moments
a smile will appear on your face That’s it They have only this much importance It’s quite late now Yes it’s late. I’ll take your leave Take care and say my salam to aunty Imran Yes Today is… of the most beautiful days of my life I felt good spending time with you Then you shouldn’t worry at all Look…from now on everyday of your life will be like that I’ll make sure
Thank you Good bye Good bye Awais listen to me Well…..look at this one. When you’ll wear this one, it’ll really suit you I want to say some thing to you Look at this. I want to name it… Aymen. How is it? Awais why you are not listening to me? This love is….not only blind It is also deaf What will I say to mother when I take so much clothes in front of her Yes…wear it then. How is this? Look at this one You are not listening to me at all You want to expel me from the house You have to get out It will be a good excuse Have some sense….just a little You took all my senses when I first showed up Now don’t talk about sense That means…you’ll not listen to me Hunhh…keep them Well What!!
We’ll take one suit and go back to home. And this is enough Hunhh…..whose phone is ringing. Why don’t you pick up The same “torture” which you have set after me Sidra! Why are you dragging this? Do one thing. Please meet aunty and announce this engagement Oh!…this is their problem not ours And Sidra is after you since the first day I’m engaged now I don’t like it this way. Have we committed theft that we hide it Why don’t you go and talk to Aymen and Ayesha If I could have my way, I would have gone to Sidra’s house with sweets It should be this way I don’t know why Aymen is so frightened Mother, every family has it’s problems But get me out of this torture And anyway, it’s useless to give false hopes to some one I’ll see Solve the problem Because she will burn my blood by calling me again and again Do talk a little with the poor girl Ayesha Ayesha my daughter
Yes mother Yes… What time Imran will come to pick us About 4-5 p.m. I was thinking that I should take something for Imran and his mother
It doesn’t look nice to go empty handed Do you have some money with you? I have just three or four hundred rupees That won’t be sufficient I too have just three or four thousand rupees My salary is also due Mother no need to worry about these things We’ll take some bouquet
No….no Don’t worry I’ll do something. Get ready… How will you manage. Would you borrow? Ayesha… need to worry I’ll manage
I had the idea I guessed it at the same time When Imran was buying me things
that we’ll get under pressure No my dear These are just the ways of the world Even if Imran hadn’t bought you the things Even then I wouldn’t have gone empty handed to their house I’m saying that don’t worry, I’ll manage If I don’t get worried
Go, I’ll do something *Greetings* How are you Nadia? Yes, everything is fine Yes…Nadia sorry I’m bothering you Can I borrow five thousand rupees I’ll return on first day of the month Yes…no…no it’s nothing Thank you *Greetings* Yes Jamshed bhai how are you?. Hope you are fine I just wanted to ask, that can I get advance salary this time Yes….I need it Yes I can imagine….. No…no it’s alright Thank you Nobody will give any money People don’t even give their fever to others nowadays Leave all of this Call Imran and say that we’ll go some other day No need to go today
Don’t worry without any reason I told you that I’ll manage
from where we’ll arrange Do we have trees…. where the money grows I may be a millionaire…. And how much money I have in my purse Just three to four hundred rupees What’s the matter with you Ayesha? Without any reason I’ll do something
From where will you manage….Ayesha


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