Bhool Episode 24 | 4th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

*Greetings* Ayesha…*Greetings* How are you daughter? I’m fine
Come, sit What’s the matter my daughter? Everything alright? I need some money Money…be seated, I’ll bring it Ayesha my daughter, why are you standing? Haven’t you sit down? No….it’s fine This is cash….. And this is card, it has a limit of Rs. 200,000 Keep it
This is too much I only need five thousand and that too for the reason….
Don’t tell me the reason You have asked me for the first time Keep it…
But I What will I do of so much money? Spend it. That is the purpose of the money Okay…. I’ll keep the cash, but Keep the card with you, I don’t need it Okay….If you are not getting late, I’ll get the food prepared for you? Actually we have to go to Imran’s house
He’ll come himself to take us Okay Daughter if you have little time tomorrow then call me I have to get your account opened Hmm! And this card…. Will now be with you I’ll message it’s PIN to you Thank you Come… Mother….why are you strolling like this? Where had you gone Ayesha? You cause me so much tension I…had gone to take money from father It’s better than asking from somebody else I have asked for my right Imran called Are you angry with me? No… Whatever you did …was right I have called them and excused I have said that I’m not feeling well. We’ll come some other day Mother what was the need of saying No to them Now we have the money also. We can now go, and… We can manage it easily Ayesha, this….. This is your money Only you have the right on them My conscience doesn’t allow me to use Awais’s money When I will get the salary….. We’ll take the gift to their house Imran…. Son we have to go to Sidra’s house Why? Why do we have to go? Your mother in law has suddenly canceled the program
Now I’ll have to utilize the time somewhere It was evident from her voice that she is not well Yes it’s fine. I understand We’ll meet these people. I had given them time also You can also call Sidra’s mother We can close this chapter on phone also What’s the need of going there? I agreed what you said I have given Ayesha to you Now leave all this to me, that… How to manage these relationship matters After all she is bhabi of Aymen I’m not going because of Sidra. I’m going there because of Aymen I do have this right at least that… That with what kind of people our generation will move on Okay mother, you may go if you want to go I’ll not be a part of this meeting I know very well aunty Imran didn’t come intentionally with you What shall I tell you daughter? You don’t know about the children nowadays Yes sister…don’t ask how the times have changed Sometimes I feel that we people belong to a very old period I think nowadays a truly good person can be found only in dictionary You are absolutely right I believe in this thing….that Children must be asked about their liking The person who has to spend the life, it’s up to him that with whom he spends it It’s his life after all Yes…but they meet everyday They must be knowing each other….isn’t it I have come to discuss a very important matter with you Actually I am not one of those mothers who…. Enforce their will on their children Yes… I have an idea about that Ayesha is my son’s choice What do you mean by that? You have come here to insult my daughter Not at all No sister….I treat all of Imran’s friend equally I just want to tell that…. The relationships of life can’t be “joined” forcefully Imran likes Ayesha That’s why I have done their engagement But….Aymen had refused I think she didn’t tell you because of your reaction
She concealed it from you I don’t want that… Sidra get’s hurt further That’s why sister I thought, that I share it with you Please sister don’t mind Maybe God has something better in it Leave it sister You were playing with us Absolutely not Whatever has happened….. was really without much thought Believe my I’m really ashamed Look a new relationship is about to be established
and we are to become one family So forget all the things of the past Leave it. Relationship….and with these mother and daughter (says sarcastically) Never I should have cried out loud about the
misdeeds of these mother and daughter to all the world So that they don’t rob the right of my daughter What are you talking? The whole world knows, sister That Aymen ran away with a boy twenty years ago What!… Hunhh!….she went with me to parlor on her wedding day She ran away from there Then she came back home shamelessly And Ayesha was born after nine months Don’t know whether the nikah was performed with that boy or not Her daughter is legal or illegal The whole neighborhood is witness of that day We used to sit inside the house with our gate locked The poor father died of shock And the mother also died slowly, of this humiliation Didn’t you know of this thing before? It’s surprising….everybody knows this thing That’s why these mother and daughter left this house So that nobody knows about their reality Okay I’ll leave. I will talk later with you Just leave it…..what’s there now to talk You have broken the heart of my daughter You should have thought about it But even now I’ll talk for your good You give it another thought I can assure you That you will not find any girl better than my Sidra for your son My daughter is very noble You think about it Sister Shabana, I’ll talk to you later on phone l will not spare you Aymen You have done to me what you could But I’ll not let the happiness of my daughter get ruined Mother Imran has come to meet you Mother I’m asking you Imran is outside, I….. May I go to meet him or not Go… If you say so, I’ll not go. It’s not a big deal Imran is waiting outside By the way….. I couldn’t understand the reason of sudden refusal of aunty I also couldn’t understand the reason My mother is very upset on this thing What can I do Imran? I told you earlier that The problems of my house are bit different Ayesha I am just telling Because I don’t want to hide anything from you These matters have never come between us …. Nor they will come in future It seems to me that My mother is upset because of me getting near to my father Perhaps…she wants that you Remain at a distance with him forever Don’t know if it’s so then…. Why does she allows me to meet him? Well that is also true Anyway Ayesha Love is very possessive It doesn’t tolerate partnership of anyone Now look….as you have come out with me
My heart wants that Everybody gets blind…. And I just I keep on looking at you And ….. She….she is your mother I’m thinking… That I should stop meeting my father
No Ayesha The way he was asking your forgiveness And how much he loves you Don’t punish him so much for his mistake After all he is your father Anyway…. What was aunty saying about mother’s not coming? She was not saying anything but… Aunty should have at least called her I was also thinking that What shall I do, I am helpless. I can’t do anything Don’t know…. what mother will say to aunty That’s why I said That we shall announce our engagement, but aunty Mother has her own apprehensions These fears haven’t let us live We still have those fears But you shouldn’t worry Nothing can hurt our love You didn’t ask me, what I discussed with Sidra’s mother Mother you know that I am not interested in those people and what they talk But I… What I have come to know today… I don’t think that after that we should go ahead with the marriage What are you talking mother? What did you hear? Sidra’s mother told that… No nikah was performed for Aymen and Awais What!! On the day of her wedding Aymen ran away from her home and…. According to her she came back divorced after 7-days, and… Ayesha was born after that Mother why do you listen to this rubbish talk It’s rubbish, that’s why I am saying that control your “love” Mother… Is it a sin if somebody is divorced Did you ever ask aunty about this? When you were not interested in these details before, then why are you now? What Sidra’s mother has tried to hint at I understand it very well Do you really think that aunty is like that
and she will give birth to such a girl I had no idea that the matter would be such
otherwise I would have got the details much earlier Now…… I will verify this from Aymen myself Mother you will not do such thing Please don’t call her Then shall we believe what other people are saying I know that you love Ayesha very much But in our country Marriage is not only between two people but….. It’s between two families When everybody in our family will come to know about it, then…. Do you know what people will talk? Mother… Who is Ayesha and whatever she is…. I accept her I don’t know the allegations Sidra’s mother has caste on her.. Are true or not I know one thing very well A girl who is as noble, honorable and ….. modest like Ayesha I haven’t seen Now I can understand that…. Aunty was always shy of them…. to protect her honor Anyway, if you want to meet aunty….please go ahead But mother remember one thing In my life….I’ll never accept anyone except Ayesha Sister Shabana hasn’t come as yet? Bhabi normally she doesn’t go outside,. She is at home usually But don’t know, suddenly she has gone out with Sidra No problem Rashid bhai…atleast you are at home Thank you…. You people know our family since a long time We have led a very simple life. Now I want that… My daughter’s marriage should also be held in a simple family Rashid bhai you know us. We are also simple like you people She told me about you. I was really pleased… Ahh….if you….had told me bhabi, before coming
I would have asked Shabana to stay back and not go anywhere No problem Rashid bhai. We don’t live very far We live in the same neighborhood But consider this as our proposal for Sidra Ok Rashid bhai, I’ll take your leave We are leaving. (if the God wills) we’ll meet again.. Definitely. *Greetings* Bhabi *Greetings* Masha Allah (with the will of God), you have a long life.
We were just discussing you Is everything fine. What makes you come Nadra, are you alright Yes…We came to ask you something.
What shall we tell you…. standing like this Ahh!…. these people Have come with a proposal for Sidra We have…not really thought about Sidra’s marriage as yet And whenever we’ll do… We have intentions of doing it somewhere else Well…brother didn’t say any such thing Rather, we had come here on his wish This brother of yours….doesn’t know much about family matters He is more focused on his sister’s family
They have certain issues going on Ahh!……brother Rashid, do tell us when your family matters are settled Allow us to leave. Good bye Good bye Don’t you feel ashamed…. Yes I do feel shame. and I have started speaking the truth… so that others should also be shameful Remember one thing Sidra’s proposal…would be decided as per my will Why it would be as per your will? You just focus on your sister’s house Don’t worry about your children… You haven’t done it before nor there is a need to do it now No need to talk rubbish I am talking rubbish, I indulge in senseless talk….hunhh! And your so called pious sister, has she told you what she has done.. where has she finalized the proposal of her daughter? She has robbed my daughter’s right And I’m telling you that I will not allow
my daughter’s happiness to be snatched Neither you will come in between nor your sister And I am also telling you one thing It’s not a good thing to always talk rubbish You should note down this thing now
This rubbish will go on now Do whatever you and your sister want to do Bhabi is everything alright?
You called me suddenly like that Aymen, don’t get me wrong But being a mother it’s my obligation that… I let my son know the difference between right and wrong What do you want to say? Aymen you…. You told everything about your past…. to me and Imran But you didn’t tell us the most important thing Why… Bhabi please…. don’t ask riddles Ask clearly…whatever you want to ask I met your bhabi, Shabana Yes Aymen… What she has told me…..about you and Ayesha I don’t know whether it’s true or not But If I had an idea earlier I may not have acted in haste I don’t want to repeat what she said, but But at least I want to tell you…..and ask you about that The whole family is involved….. in the marriage If this thing comes out, then….. Yes I….understand that You don’t worry at all You’ll get the answer of every thing Aymen I didn’t ask any question to you even before I didn’t ask you anything before, nor I’m asking it now Rather….I did the engagement without any verification Only for the sake of my son’s happiness But whatever I have come to know,….that.. Is very shocking You are right……what you are saying is absolutely right Those matters are really shocking That single mistake has ruined all my life, and now…. The same mistake is about to ruin my daughter’s life Aymen every mother wants that….. Her offspring gets a good family I know that You will……get the whole truth I and Awais loved each other We were class fellows in university and…. Awais couldn’t talk to her mother…..about our marriage I was young and foolish And perhaps…..very deeply loved him On the day of ….. my marriage I ran away. You must have been told that…. And….the same had happened I ran away with Awais….(sobs) But I swear on God… Awais married me the same day Nikah was performed Ayesha is the daughter of Awais Awais himself would endorse….. the truth of this matter I tried many times….to tell you everything clearly But… At that time our nobility was everything for you Now that nobility ….is no more to be accounted for Aymen… I give you talaq… Don’t know she is saying the truth or she is lying
Whether nikah was performed or not, she has come back pregnant You better shut up Even if the child is legal
It will remain illegal in the eyes of the world. Illegal….. My past has come in front of my daughter It’s the first time that somebody has given honor to my daughter And that is….. snatched away because of me What shall I do my God? What shall I do…. Help me God Master
Hunhh Ms. Aymen has come Where is she ?
outside Aymen What’s the matter….what happened? Do you have our nikah’s deed First tell me, why are you crying.?
What has happened. Is everything alright? If you have not burnt that nikah deed Then go and show it to Imran’s mother Allegation has been put on my daughter, that she…. That she is illegal Congratulation to you Awais


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