Bhool Episode 25 | 11th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

No such thing will happen in this house …..till I am alive I’ll go myself and apologise to Imran’s mother And you… Listen to me carefully No one in this house has got the permission to love
and neither you…will get it And from now on, both of you mother and daughter
will not go outside this house Don’t you worry, nothing will happen Can he stop us from going outside, we’ll see him.
Go and make tea for me Sit down See mother, I was telling you
these people have left this house because of this reason Seema did not tell me. I’m surprised at that Who would have told her. These people would have forbidden her Did you hear what father said? No matter what happens mother,
I will not let Imran and Ayesha unite No need to get so emotional I’ll also not let that happen. Why do you worry? Let the university open, I’ll really make the madam notorious She won’t find a place to hide her face Alright, do whatever you want. You have a free hand
These people deserve it Mother, may father…. did not reach there Leave it, he can’t even get himself a glass of water
Your father won’t go outside the house Don’t pay any heed to him. He hasn’t done anything till now They must have broken the engagement that’s why she has come crying like that Mother, jut control father. He must not go there I’ll see Ayesha myself Don’t worry about your father. I’ll see him Do whatever you want to. Now listen to me…. Now you don’t have to talk to your father. I’ll also not talk When we will not talk to him for 4-5 days
the he’ll come himself to us inaudible……
Okay Where were you? I was calling you since long, your phone is switched off Bhabi….bhabi has told everything to sister Seema about my past She has told such dirty things That I can’t even repeat them Who told you this? Aunty? I met her She was worried Has she believed them to be true
Hunhh I don’t know There were many questions on her face I’ll have to answer all the questions Don’t worry Ayesha You have already borne too much because of me You have borne even my share of punishment But now, your mother will not allow any harm to you Nobody….nobody will raise finger on your joys If you want… You can return this ring to her I don’t want to go in such house Who don’t have respect for you No Ayesha…no
don’t think like that She has only informed me And ….it’s God who gives you honor and respect. Human beings are nothing The truth will come out But…you should not cry Don’t cry. I…your mother promises you…. Nothing will harm you Does father knows about this? For this reason only…..I hid this fact from you For this day only, I had told you that your father is dead I gave you full freedom Ayesha I let you meet your father I allowed you to go near to him, mix around with him But…. But see it now What is happening after his return What are you talking mother
I’m absolutely right I’m absolutely right That person did to me, whatever he could
he destroyed my life Because of his return, my daughter My daughter’s happiness is at risk And I’ll never tolerate this at all He should thank…that I allowed you to go near him Mother If you get hurt by my meeting and talking to him
I’ll never meet him, mother That’s just a small thing, not a big thing at all Does it pains me? Do you mean I am getting insecure? Do you think that you are getting near to your father And I will have insecurity due to that
are you in your senses I have not forgotten, what this person has done to me I remember everything, but I have spent my life Few days are left I….am just alive to see you happy, nothing else I want that…. My daughter’s life shall get fragrant…… by flowers That’s the only dream Don’t you worry, I’ll talk to sister Seema, but I’ll answer all the questions….she has in her heart My daughters honor will remain unscathed I’ll not compromise on my daughter’s happiness Don’t worry Ayesha Who is calling Ayesha? It’s Imran call So….why are you not talking? There is nothing left to talk *Greetings* aunty *Greetings* son Aunty….can I meet Ayesha? I have been calling her continuously
she is not picking up the pone Come….come inside Sit down son
Yes Why have you come? Didn’t your mother tell? We are not good people Mine….. and my mother’s character is not good Ayesha
Please mother It’s enough Nowadays your mother and my aunty together…. Are investigating about our past If we come out to be honorable…. Then you’ll start loving again And then…..we’ll play “respect-respect” And if not…. Then this relationship is finished Isn’t it? Ayesha… Have I said any such thing to you? Whatever mother did is wrong, but… Return this “amanat” (safe custody) to aunty I don’t want the relationships in charity…
verified and attested Trust and confidence…… Both of them don’t need approval I break this engagement…..myself When your mother gets…..the clean chit of our character Which she might never get We’ll see then Aunty For what Ayesha is punishing me….what? Your mother has formally called my mother and caste allegation on her And repeating allegation is equivalent to casting allegation Do one thing… You people first….see our sins Maybe we are not worthy of…. Living with respectable people like you We may not have….. disturbed you people, son You are very good. Your mother is a beautiful lady But unfortunately….. Our past is walking with us Perhaps you may not be able to afford these matters later on It’s better that…. All this… ends here Hello… How are you Mr. unfaithful Listen to me Sidra
You listen to me What have you done….haan! You got engaged with Ayesha, secretively? This is not your concern And neither I nor Ayesha are your slaves Whatever we had to do… We have done that I haven’t done anything so far
Your love doesn’t allows me to do anything Yaar (friend)….what do you think You’ll say anything to mother and our relationship will finish It should have been like that principally Because the respectable people…. They will never …….the illegal child of a runaway woman
If you utter any word after that I’ll come down to your house and create such a big scene
that you’ll remember it Imran lower your voice…. And I didn’t say anything to your mother My mother said that.
And it was not false, it was the truth You should be thankful to me I saved you from the life time embarrassment
Thanks? Life time embarrassment? It’s not life time embarrassment, but…. I’ll leave you with life time pain l love Ayesha Are you listening? I love Ayesha And I’ll always be hers Imran The matter has just started You just see….what I’ll do Mother
Hunhh! what? What have you spoken to aunty? Why you have brought them in …..a position to give clarification of themselves What has happened ?
What? Ayesha has returned the ring
Why!! Because we said it very respectfully that you are just like… The way, some people are talking rubbish about you I never said any such thing They are overreacting, I just…
What else did you say mother? They are absolutely right They are respectable people And we have doubted their honor
the legitimacy of Ayesha Mother how could you have heard such shallow talk… Mother…..I can’t live without Ayesha Look Imran, love is another thing but when…. You establish a relationship, you have to see lot of things All these things were to be done before engagement Did we close our eyes then? This is like saying to the girl’s family that bring us your character certificate
how would it look? If I had an idea I would have definitely asked question Mother if all this turn out to be false, then…. And if all turns out to be true, then
Then… Do the divorced women’s children don’t get married? Is divorce such a big stain that it can’t be removed? I have not said any such thing No mother. You want that Ayesha should……
get her DNA test done in city government hospital So that her honor can be restored….isn’t it? Look Imran, you are confusing things I never said any such thing that she
breaks the engagement and ends the relationship Whatever they are doing, they are doing it….of their own will Mother remember one thing Ayesha was mine And Ayesha will remain mine You have made… “the oppression which was done to them”…. their own punishment I could not expect this thing from you at least In this difficult time, you should have been standing with them mother You can’t even think the difficulty with which
I have obtained this from the record Wakeel sb. (lawyer), I am really indebted to you You can’t imagine how badly I needed this nikah deed
thank you very much I’m happy that a big problem of yours is solved I think I’ll leave Thank you very much Wakeel sb. (lawyer)…..thanks a lot Good bye Father Ayesha my daughter I met Imran I have broken the engagement I wore this ring in your house Please return it No….what are you saying Ayesha? I…..will not let this happen. Why did it happen? tell me This….this has already happened This has happened Nobody accepts me as your daughter Nobody Till today, mother is called a woman who ran away from her home All this because of you All of this is because of you Why did you do this? Why did you do this? See it….see it, at what price all the joys have been ruined
Just because of one thing, I am getting the punishment No my daughter Ayesha Ayesha don’t say like this, I…. I’ll get your respect, your dignity and your name at every cost, my daughter How….hunhh……how? You can’t get back…. You can never get it back We have become a spectacle…..spectacle How the luck has been playing with us… don’t know I don’t need your things You take back your credit card and everything Honor can’t be purchased This is given And in inheritance from you….. I only got bad name and loneliness I’ll only keep that with me I’ll keep only that
Ayesha…Ayesha my daughter, listen to me Ayesha my daughter listen to me. I…. Ayesha my daughter Ayesha listen to me Ayesha….Ayesha listen Rasheed…..Rasheed give me the car keys This is the attested copy of my and Aymen’s nikah You can see it Brother you are embarrassing us And this is my blood sample
if you people want my DNA…. Brother you…. By doing this you are making us ashamed The pain my daughter has felt by your questions Both of you together can’t compensate for that She has lost trust from relationships She has lost the confidence in life and it’s joys Brother I just….told Aymen what I came to hear That’s why I have brought these proofs to you. See it yourself I was unfortunate, who couldn’t value Aymen One can swear on her purity and nobility And as far as as Ayesha is concerned She is my daughter And if someone even thinks slightly bad about her I will not tolerate it You ask questions, where you establish relationships I don’t think that you should mind it so much Uncle….I don’t need any proof Ayesha was my honor, and….. She will remain forever Our marriage lasted eight days What more disclosures you want to hear? Uncle we feel ashamed and if… Not…then we should be I promise you that I will definitely compensate for this mistake Exactly….like this mistake should be compensated Have a look at these This is the proof of the relationship…. Now…. Don’t ask for the proof of love, because That, even I won’t be having…. O’ God…. God….for what I am getting the punishment? Why I am getting the punishment. What have I done?
Why should I be blamed? YOU can do anything. Everything is in YOUR HANDS All the matters of honor are in YOUR HANDS YOU can do it….YOU can do it….. O Allah YOU will do it Yes YOU will do it….It is in YOUR hands Aymen Do you know that. Today…Ayesha Ayesha was crying so much at home She was crying so much… That perhaps no tears will be left in her eyes, from now on The bad name and the filth given by you…..has reached her The child of 7-8 days wife Is being called illegal Aymen….for God sake stop repeating this thing, please What do you want…..what do you want from me? For what….this revenge is What bad….what bad we have done to you? Sobs…..from your daughter How will you remove this stain of notoriety? How will you make her learn…. to trust these relationships? Aymen Aymen Aymen…Aymen….Aymen Hello….Ayesha Daughter….your mother got sick And she fainted… I am taking her to city hospital Yes you reach there… No…no I’m around. Don’t worry, don’t panic Daughter…just reach there Ayesha my daughter, I’m there…
Just reach there. Okay Okay Mr. Awais… Yes Has she regained consciousness
Yes she is back to consciousness What happened to her? Too much stress Can we meet her now? Yes you can meet her
If you people are not responsible for her shock In our data base we have the record
that she is already under treatment here What kind of treatment….
She is under treatment with our oncologist Dr. Naila, don’t you know that? No
Anyway I think you should meet Dr. Naila immediately She has second stage breast cancer Do you know? Till the time you were unconscious My whole world got dark because of that Don’t know why you get angry I owe every breathe of mine to you Ayesha A person has to live alone in this world sometimes Why are you saying like that…hunhh! Never talk to me like that Do you know that my heart is very weak for you I don’t need anything
I just want you Nothing else All of this is yours Everything I told you….I don’t need anything I need… just you Just you….nothing else Are you angry with your mother? Well!! make a promise to your mother If anything happens to your mother Then you’ll go back to Awais I told you that, don’t talk to me like that I don’t know why…you keep on talking like that Stop it You’ll not go alone anywhere I’ll go with you You’ll not go anywhere I’ll see, how you go Don’t say like this Ayesha You are the support of your mother You can’t weaken You can’t weaken *Greetings*
*Greetings*, yes… please Doctor, you have a patient Aymen
who teaches at school Yes How are you related to her? I am…her ex-husband Where is she then? She is admitted in emergency She got unconscious Your name? Awais Sit down Look Mr. Awais, Aymen came to me in first stage cancer Due to expensive medicines She stopped taking medicines at all But we also did not approach her Till then she had reached the second stage She immediately needs surgery and chemotherapy Doctor What are the chances of Aymen’s recovery? We can tell only after doing the surgery and chemo In some cases women can recover in third stage also You…. Till when you can do the surgery? I told earlier that any delays will cause the chances to reduce You bring her tomorrow After that we will plan immediately Doctor…tell me that Which is the best place in the world for this treatment Look, wherever you take her The procedure is the same, what we are telling you Rest is up to you that where do you want to take her Yes I…. Will talk to you then… Please… *Greetings* We are at hospital right now Aymen got very ill, so… We had to bring her in emergency Yes she is admitted now City hospital


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