Bhool Episode 26 | 11th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Ayesha my daughter Please go outside, I have to speak to Aymen What matter? Mother’s condition
No Aymen is fine and… if Allah wills, nothing will happen to her, I…. Have to talk something else You go Why did you hide your sickness? Ayesha is yours…. At least…… You should have got the treatment for her sake Who told you? I have just met your doctor She promised me… That she’ll not tell anyone What has happened to you? What are you talking? This is not flu that you can hide it and
nobody will come to know about it Lower your voice Ayesha will hear it She should not know about it Why shouldn’t she know? And how would she not know it Aymen Aymen….your surgery has to be done
she is not a kid Ayesha has borne a lot because of me She has so many deprivations in her life because of you
don’t hurt her further Don’t give more pain to my daughter
Aymen Am I giving the pain? or is it you who is giving the pain? You…. Have caused this illness to reach the second stage Only because of money I want that….I kill myself I am responsible for all of this Please hide this thing Don’t let anybody come to know about it
Why? Shall I let you…let you die? Why should I hide it? Yes let me die Same way as you left me earlier to die…. Aymen You….say whatever you want This is such a wound That I have to go to God…..with it But you….. I will not leave you….alone … and without support, at any price Aymen Beat me… Abuse me…spit on me But for God sake For Ayesha’s sake For Ayesha’s sake, you…. You have to live for Ayesha’s sake Aymen
You have to fight this sickness for Ayesha’s sake Please You have already given me and my daughter so much pain Go away from here Leave immediately You… Are getting shifted to another ward Awais Aymen Stop it By God I don’t need anything from you Aymen Now you’ll see… Those people…..will take our daughter Ayesha to their home in a way…. That the whole world will envy it I have come here after doing this job I have done it… I have already told Ayesha That if anything happens to her mother Then go back to your father But now I don’t have that hope even I don’t have any hope Look Aymen… This is such a sin That obviously I can never get forgiveness for it I know that But now I…. I will be….. at your feet….. like a shadow I’ll cry because…. I have lost the right to stand besides you Aymen look at this You have to fight with this sickness For the life of Ayesha There is only one happiness….and that’s you Don’t deprive me of that Aymen And I…. Will not let this happiness to be snatched away from her Aymen You listen to me carefully This is my promise to you Aymen you just be around Be around I will just shower my daughter with all the happiness in the world You… You…you You… live. I… Aymen you … You have to live for the sake of your daughter You have to live You just say it to your mother that Sidra and those people should not know of hospital No there is no need for that And please you should not change your suspicion into sympathy No Imran, I’ll talk later Father Is mother alright? Yes.. She is fine Thanks…Ill come back after meeting her
Ayesha My daughter, we…. Have to get surgery done on Aymen soon Surgery!! But why….what happened to mother? Nothing my daughter…nothing, she is alright. The doctors were saying that
Tell me the truth Tell me the truth that what has happened to mother Don’t hide anything from me. Tell me everything First….daughter, you You have to promise me that You will not go like this in front of her. You are her strength Please don’t tease me. Tell me, don’t hide from me Aymen… Aymen has breast cancer She has… Hidden it from everyone. She didn’t let anyone know But you should not worry….she can get better How come I didn’t know about it? How it remained hidden from me? How it remained hidden? she was sick since a long time She was sick since a long time. How it remained hidden from me? How I didn’t….
Daughter….calm down Not like this daughter Don’t face it …..crying like this Don’t go in front of her like this, my daughter She had already cried as much….. as she could Now you have to be her ……source of strength and courage Do you understand? If you go like this in front of her Then she’ll get weaker from inside Daughter don’t complain in front of her Don’t say anything Just give her this confidence that…. She can live And she’ll have to live….for our sake For your sake And we together can make her better My daughter…they are planning her surgery in one or two days My daughter….don’t lose your courage I am… with you We’ll make her recover fully, just…. Just remain calm in front of her Do you understand my daughter? Have courage Bravo! Look here….but not crying like this Bravo…. You are really fond of…..scaring Have you eaten something since morning or…. are you still hungry? Because we have a plan that….. we’ll have a good dinner together Why you people are not taking me out from here? I have regained consciousness. I am fine now After shocking every one Okay let’s go Mother let’s ask doctor first How can we go like this? There is no need to ask the doctor If we ask the doctor, she will tell us all sort of diseases Okay then. This time, I accept what you are saying Take this… Have you met your father? Yes I did. He is talking to doctor right now Let’s go then Sometimes you really look like a stubborn child Easy… Aren’t you feeling dizzy? You worry unnecessarily And you…you are so stubborn. Yo had your way….at last Okay…. Father Where you two are going? Home Have you asked the doctor? I am the biggest doctor of mother I have given her the permission of going to home *Greetings* How are you feeling? Better. I’ll get even better…. when I go home Okay fine. Come tomorrow and have few tests Let me complete your file, then you can go Doctor Shireen please come Fine… Shall we… We are outside in the waiting area
You go, I am just coming Ayesha my daughter, we’ll take taxi
Mother… what’s the matter? Father will not let us go this time And I don’t want to create an emotional scene. We’ll just take a drop from him You know very well Ayesha that I…..
What mother, I have already accepted one thing of yours Ayesha…
Mother it’s enough, please Aymen
Yes Put your head in Ayesha’s lap and lie down I’m fine Awais Hello! Yes we have reached home We are on way. We will reach soon I told you not to come I request you that, please don’t come to the house as mother wants to rest I’ll Whatsapp you the mother’s report so that you believe me And please….don’t try to confirm from my aunty Ayesha my daughter Imran is a good boy You shouldn’t talk to him like that Yes He maybe Hello! Mother, they have taken aunty from hospital It would have been …..little anxiety Anyway, Aymen is quiet weak What do you mean mother, aren’t we going to ask about her well being? But you are already there I need you with me Imran why they are trying to tell us that
she went to hospital because of us Mother, nobody has said such thing And anyway, we should consider it ourselves And your misunderstanding has also been cleared now It was not I who misunderstood, it was them Mother please, this is not the time for these things Finish this talk….I am coming down to take you Son I’ll go tomorrow I am not well myself now Okay Okay mother I’ll come, then we will talk Hmm!…Ok Anyway tell me that what’s wrong in learning to drive What do you mean? Are you running away from your duty What do you mean that I’m running away from my duty.?
Are you crazy? It will be my loss after all God forbid if some accident happens then it would be disaster
and if you kill some one then it would be ???? Well!!… then don’t get me out. Let me remain inside I’ll be inside the jail and…. You’ll be outside with somebody else It seems that….. the whole life I’ll have to convince you that……I really love you You need this belief everyday Okay….it means that you women turn the suspicion into belief very conveniently This is not called suspicion Awais This is called fear It’s one and the same thing, obviously fear comes….where the suspicion is A person is always….. apprehensive and anxious in love That… one may not lose the love O hello!! easy ….. Okay
I’m not going anywhere, leaving you. Don’t worry You just try leaving me…. Okay anyway….just like that. Tell me what punishment you’ll give to me So that after hearing about the punishment
I keep on loving you for the rest of life I’ll not do anything I’ll just keep quiet And then I’ll file a little complaint against you, with God Nothing more
Okay Take it easy now, where will I go after leaving you
The thing which is not possible Aymen… Why think about that
Don’t waste your brain cells Isn’t she saying about going from here anymore
No she has come here with great difficulty This is good thing… This is also her house She’ll be taken care off in a better way here Anyway, her surgery would be after three to four days And I want that she spend these days peacefully Nothing would happen, isn’t it If anything happens to her… ????? She will be absolutely fine Have courage my daughter Anyway….now she is getting the best treatment And now…. I’ll do her treatment in my supervision Don’t worry she will recover if Allah wills If anything happens to her Then I’ll die Ayesha my daughter if you lose the courage Then who will bring back Aymen towards life Be brave if Allah wills she will be absolutely alright
Have faith in God Don’t worry Aymen will return to her house fully recovered and healthy Aymen will be absolutely fine It’s surprising If Imran’s mother told us after so many days… What favor she has done? she knew it much before Mother we don’t have a deep relationship with them
that they are obliged to tell us Both the mother and son knew that And see… they got the engagement done secretively Mother my father is also with them that’s why he is supporting them Don’t mention the name of your father
I have broken all ties with him I don’t want to hear his name Mother, if those people had some honor
the engagement would have been broken by now Why!….have you spoken to Imran? That’s what I am saying. He was looking very emotional His mother has broken the engagement, that’s why he was so angry with me That’s right. How honorable people would like
to establish relationship with these kind of people Mother I would like to go and meet aunty No Sidra, not now If the engagement has broken, it will be a fresh thing Go after few days and don’t go alone Mother who knows,….the engagement may not be broken.. and we are getting happy without reason I should go and confirm it
Why are you worried if it is not broken?… then it will It’s a big thing Uncle… is aunty now? Yes son…you pray for her if Allah wills nothing will happen to her This is a good thing uncle Aunty got your support And you brought her here She will be looked after well in this house Yes Bhabi hasn’t come No uncle sorry, she hasn’t come Actually it was quite late therefore I didn’t think it appropriate that she comes with me Ayesha You are angry with me? My fate is angry with me What’s wrong Ayesha? Why suddenly you have started talking like that? My mother has breast cancer Second stage What!! She will be having surgery in 2-3 days We brought her from hospital because she was getting anxious there Do you know what…. My mother has been brought down, not by cancer
but what you people did to her Ayesha That was a misunderstanding And that has been removed No nothing has been removed nor it has finished Nothing has been finished Ayesha please Look In sha Allah everything will be alright Rather it is the same There is no medicine bigger than love We will give so much love to aunty We will take so much care of her
that she will be absolutely fine And as far as you are concerned There is no power on the face of earth Which can separate you from me Mother doesn’t know That I know about her sickness Don’t say anything to her, if possible You people have come here for sympathizing You…sympathize and Please go away Absolutely….absolutely I will not talk to her Rather It seems to me that Uncle is also disturbed because of that But Ayesha Don’t repeat these things Aunty and Sidra also used to say the same And it’s you…who has repeated Forgive me Forgive me This is the time to focus on aunty’s health…. by being “one” If you want to fight me
Fight with me hundred times Not today Please I have to make tea for father Father I made tea for you Thank you my daughter You…come inside No daughter Aymen….won’t be comfortable with me under one roof And now her rest is more important than mine Would mother be…..alright? Yes daughter She has to recover For your sake if Allah wills, she’ll be fine Is your headache better now
Press a little more mother I have to serve meal to your father I’m not going. I will not talk to him I am also not talking to him
that’s why I am saying this to you Mother I haven’t seen such a father Who oppresses his own children for the happiness of others So far I haven’t been able to understand the logic of your father Don’t know what he wants
when will we get rid of these problems Mother…do one thing We shall sell this house and get another at some good place Yes….is it so easy And….as if this old house….would be sold like diamonds (says sarcastically) Do you know what are the prices of new bungalows? Mother I will go to Imran’s house in a short while Why don’t you understand what I said I have forbidden you….isn’t it We’ll go after few days and I’ll accompany you Get up and give meal to your father Get up Shabana
Yes Where is Rahim? I have to go to doctor
Rahim is not at home Why…what happened to you? Well! Give me the number of sister Seema I have to talk to her By God Rashid I haven’t seen a person in my life
who is more insensitive than you You care for everybody’s children except your daughter I don’t have number of Seema If you need it
then get it from your sister And I am telling you that if you talk anything rubbish with Seema … you will see my dead face Awais… Go inside and sleep Sit down Why didn’t you sleep till now? Just… I was not feeling sleepy Were you uncomfortable or you were not feeling sleepy Nothing of that sort Awais Take care of my daughter Don’t lie to “love” this time Whatever I am…??? Whatever has to be done, you’ll do it You know that I am…..a “lie” That’s why for Ayesha…. I’m coming back to life For Ayesha’s sake No Awais I can never give Ayesha…all of this You have given her life You are her honor your courage You are everything for her You have to fight Aymen against this sickness….for Ayesha’s sake For Ayesha’s sake And for both of you I…. And for the respect of both of you I’ll fight with the world Do you know Awais? When….Ayesha was born I thought that….you will return You’ll try to talk to me In my heart… I was waiting for you Somebody said just like that… When the woman is about to become a mother She can’t be divorced


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