Bhool Episode 27 | 18th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Do you know Awais When…Ayesha was born It seemed to me that You will come back You will try to talk to me In my heart I was waiting for you Somebody just said that When the woman is about to become mother She can’t be divorced For God sake stop it I don’t have words to apologise, I…. I don’t know how can I compensate for it Don’t look at me, I am not worthy of it Just look at Ayesha’s happiness. You have to live for her And as far as Imran is concerned Imran and his mother have also apologised to me The day our nikah was performed I still curse that day O God!… why you have kept me alive Why you have kept me alive Aymen please forgive me I don’t know what shall I do I can’t live now If you talk further my heart will split Aymen
I want to live till Ayesha’s happiness (marriage) for God sake Forgive me…..I am your culprit Forgive me Forgive me Did you happen to speak to Rania some time She got married After that…. I have no idea about her whereabouts She was a very nice woman Only I am the unfortunate one, Aymen I couldn’t even recognize you…then who else I could have Have you told my daughter about my sickness Yes I have told her It seems to me That she is your medicine Don’t know what torture my daughter would be going through Aymen You…. Now….you should get better
I don’t need anything else If I don’t get well If I’m not able to live
No Aymen Don’t talk like that I have full confidence….. That God will not take away the happiness from you and Ayesha HE will not take away you happiness, you just… You just, have this faith that nothing will happen to you… You will be absolutely alright in sha Allah (if the God wills) You’ll be absolutely fine I ….will leave this place early in the morning Aymen I’ll not let that happen….at any cost Never You’ll not go anywhere I have to meet brother I want that I tell everything to brother myself I don’t want that, he comes to know about my sickness from some other source Perhaps if I tell him then He’ll feel less pain And if….bhabi comes to know that I….am here Staying with you then… She will talk a lot
Let her talk Let people say whatever they want
I don’t care for anyone And now… You should also not care about it, and…. If somebody talks, then I’ll see Don’t worry I’ll handle everything myself I don’t know how much life is left for me I want to ask for bhabi’s forgiveness Because of me, she tolerated a lot through out her whole life She heard a lot Indeed she taunted me and cursed me the whole life…. But I…. Don’t want to repay badness by badness Well That’s fine You….go with the driver But listen to me You will not go back to your house Awais…that is my house This house can never be mine You make a promise to me You promise me that…. If any thing happens to me Then nobody will raise finger….on my daughter Give her all those joys, which I could never give to her Till the time I…. Am alive Aymen I’ll not let that happen This is my promise to you May God…keep you alive ever to protect my daughter O God…. Give my life also to Aymen… O God keep Aymen alive Mother…. Aunty has cancer What!! Really
Yes Ayesha told me Which cancer She has stage two breast cancer Turn back the car son Drop me at her place Mother….aunty hasn’t told it to anyone, rather Even Ayesha and uncle came to know about it today O God What this woman has done Even then Imran my son, leave me with her
I’ll speak to her and cheer her up I’ll make her laugh… Mother….let her spend some family time All of them have gathered like this….for the first time You go tomorrow morning She is very courageous Ayesha would be very disturbed
what was she saying Obviously mother Her biggest test is that she…. Doesn’t have to tell it to aunty that she knows about it Rather she has to face her smiling…. every time She is a victim of evil eye… Her own life….is slipping away from hands Is she getting the treatment I think that….surgery is planned in three to four days O God Have mercy on her O’ life Give happiness to the poor soul What news you have told me son My heart has sunk You leave me with her in the morning
I’ll take breakfast for her Mother Don’t you think that more than breakfast we ….. Should try and restore her confidence in herself O Allah….I have no one with me except my mother YOU make her well I can’t live without her, YOU know everything YOU can do any thing Don’t let her leave like this Make her well Get her well…. She has borne so much pain due to me She bore so much pain her whole life Don’t put her to any further test Allah….(sobs) Ayesha…. Hello
Hello mamoon (maternal uncle) This is Ayesha speaking Yes my daughter Ayesha Is everything alright, you called at this time Nothing is alright Mother is seriously ill What happened to Aymen Mother concealed from all of us She alone kept fighting with this illness Mamoon (maternal uncle),…..mother has cancer Ayesha… What are you saying My Aymen has …….cancer O God Listen Ayesha…..don’t worry Allah is the Greatest HE will have mercy I will come early in the morning Good bye
Good bye My Aymen has cancer My sister was in so much pain and I couldn’t do anything for her How will I face my parents Allah What a test…. it is I will not be able to pass this test of YOURS Have mercy Have mercy….my God Shabana Shabana Yes That…. I…. Am going to see Aymen Why…what is the problem with your sister now
that you are going there so early in the morning Call Rahim….to go with me Aymen is not well She was never well And if you have to go and serve your sister then you go ahead My son will not go anywhere You should atleast take care of your own family, sometimes Aymen…Aymen you are always worrying about her What happened Rashid….Rashid What happened Rashid….Rashid Rashid….. Rashid….Rashid Rashid….Rahim…Rahim Rahim look waht happened to your father…..Rashid Rashid….father
Look….(chaotic nosies) Sorry…whatever God’s wills Ayesha Assalam o alaikum father
Walaikum assalam daughter Why have you come in kitchen
you should have asked Aslam if you needed something Master I told the lady but she didn’t listen to me Since long, I am used to working It will go slowly Okay daughter….come with me Father….
Come with me Leave it and come with me…. Aslam first give pomegranate juice to Aymen. Come Bring half boil egg for mother
Ok will do it You didn’t sleep today I have woken up after so many years You want me to sleep again Imran’s mother was sending messages I also received She was apologizing She was trying to explain her situation Lady…your mobile Thank you There are so many missed calls today Didn’t hear the sound of bell
I had (put it on silent) because of mother What’s the matter Ayesha. Everything alright Mamoon (maternal uncle)……has passed away Inna lillahe wa inna illahe rajioon (To Allah we belong and to HIM we have to return) O what trial, YOU (Allah) have put me into How will I tell it to mother I spoke to him yesterday night about mother’s illness She was telling me that she wanted to meet him Sobs…how will we tell her How will I tell mother
She herself is very ill You should not worry, I will think …. how we shall tell it to her But daughter we can’t hide this from her also Assalam o alaikum Assalam o alaikum Assalam o alaikum son
I have brought some fruits What was the need of this formality Is everything fine Mamoon (maternal uncle) has passed away Inna lillahe wa inna illahe rajioon (To Allah we belong and to HIM we have to return) What’s all this I got Sidra’s message, but…. I deleted it without even reading it…. She would be saying the same thing Did you people tell it to Aymen We were just thinking that, how shall we tell her Please don’t bother aunty, I will see it She is quite disturbed Is Aymen awake Yes Perhaps she has just woken up Please come… Ayesha Why are you angry with me….atleast tell me I don’t want to talk to you neither I’ll answer you I don’t need the sympathies of you people You….. you people please go away with your sympathies I can take care of my mother Do you think we have come here for sympathy I don’t know anything Nor I want to know. Please, you people go away Whatever you say, think well before it You know that how much I love you Love My mother also loved What did she get What did she get. The same insult which you are giving to me today What is the difference Imran What’s the difference It’s love Please eat more… Are you still angry It’s not that bhabi Why did you took so much pain Aymen Eat it, then you have to go to hospital after that, with me I have to meet brother first, then I will go to hospital Mother we will go to the hospital first.
It will just take a little time It won’t take a little time in hospital I will just quickly meet brother Don’t know how much time will it take (in hospital) Aymen, let us also come with you No bhabi You know what will happen, when you will go there Aymen I…. Will take you and Ayesha….Come Aymen…. Imran received a message from Sidra Your brother is not well What… What was the message Nothing serious mother. Maybe just wanted to tell that he is a little unwell What…what you people are hiding from me Tel me the truth…what happened to brother We are hiding nothing. It’s really nothing we are hiding, what will we hide…. Yes Aymen, we are hiding We all are amanat (thing to be returned) of Allah Sooner or later we all have to go to HIM What…what…what is bhabi saying What has happened to him… Aymen he…..he died this morning I have to go…. I have to go to see him Have patience This is Allah’s will We all are helpless Ayesha Take your mother there O God from where I can bring him…we are finished Have patience sister
How can I be patient Rashid was eaten up by the problems of others Such problems break even the rocks, he was only a human being Bhabi No need of calling me bhabi The person, due to whom we had this relationship, is gone now You have eaten him up Death is the decision of God Not of a human being Why your mother is sad She has eaten up the whole family First the father passed away because of her, then mother died And now the brother…..
Now go and enjoy yourself, you have full freedom now If we had the power of eating human beings Then you wouldn’t have been sitting here, mourning Get out, get out….get out of my house
Sidra get them out of here We are leaving ourselves, no need to bother
Get up mother Gather your self; they won’t be bothered by it Everybody is watching you Where…where has Rashid gone Where has Rashid gone (sobs) Everything happened because of his tensions Was it the age of father, to die like this She is the cursed one, who has eaten up all the family Sobs….Rashid left us He use to hear everything I said, now who will hear me I used to say to father, don’t take their tension….
don’t take their tension….but he wouldn’t listen Rashid took his sister’s problems to his heart I’ll not forgive him, he left us alone because of his sister
I’ll never forgive your father Gather your self mother, God forbid may something not happen to you How will I get the peace….???? My roof has gone with Rashid Please don’t say anything more Hai Rashid….. He left us alone because of his sister Aymen will get my curse…..she will get my curse Mother is not talking…she is not saying anything Aunty had started talking too much
that’s why I brought mother back Mother is not eating or drinking…. neither she is saying anything She is not saying anything to me Yes…No… Imran came His mother did not come Okay I’ll try Mother…. Just have water You have not eaten or drank anything since morning Please All my relations in that house have now ended Relationships are from hearts People don’t see each other while they are alive And death has separated uncle from us My brother supported me every time and everywhere He stood with me in all circumstances He kept on forgiving all my mistakes And kept on embracing me Mamoon (maternal uncle) was really a very good human being Mother now you have to take care of yourself We have to go to hospital today. You’ll have to go through some tests I wanted to ask for forgiveness I couldn’t seek forgiveness from my parents My brother also passed away like that What fortune I was born with Uncle was not angry with you mother Why you think yourself as the sinner You should take care of yourself.
I’ll prepare something for you with my own hands No…. I don’t want to do anything
I don’t want to eat, don’t want to do anything Mother nobody goes with the people who pass away Just look at aunty She was like, as if she was waiting for this moment You please take care of yourself, for your sake….. for my sake Do you want to eat something, I’ll bring it for you Bhabi (brother’s wife) only feared brother Since he is no more…..don’t know what they will do now Those people can’t do anything now What God had taken from you, HE has returned it to you And whatever they have, it is not theirs even though they have it What is the maximum they can do Those people can only talk and that’s what they will do You just forgive all that. Leave these things behind You know your condition Has Awais told you about my sickness Nothing will happen to you You’ll be absolutely fine Ayesha Prepare yourself for all type of circumstances Why you are talking of despair You will go to the hospital now, get up.. I don’t want the treatment from your father’s money Why are you talking like that Whatever father is doing… He is not doing a favor to you He is trying to compensate for his wrongdoings And he has sought your forgiveness by holding your feet Forgive him Do you know that….he has not entered the house since then So that you may not like it and you leave the house He has sought forgiveness from his heart Please forgive him Look it yourself, how sad you are that you couldn’t ask uncle’s forgiveness The nature is giving you a chance that you forgive and forget everything Just clean your heart from all these things Allah likes the one who forgives I know that You have a big heart Forgive everybody You should not keep anything in heart And….all these things are mine I’m doing it for you Ayesha Imran is a very good boy He loves you And in these times, it’s a big thing if somebody truly loves you Mother
Listen to me Let me say He hasn’t done any such thing And even if he has done anything, he has apologized for that Love…. You have got the love I don’t have any strength left in me that I can tolerate more Maybe whatever I am saying I won’t be able to say it after today Is she ready Let’s go Aymen I don’t want to go anywhere Why you are being stubborn like kids You know that the condition in which you are
any delays could be very dangerous What’s the use of getting healthy I have to die one day What is this Aymen Everybody has to die But this is not a justification to nurture sickness Get up and come with me to hospital Why you are being stubborn with me My brother has died today I want to spend some time with myself
please go away, don’t disturb me Aymen I…. Look Awais I am in this house because of Ayesha Otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed in this house even for a moment
I was very happy in my modest house My treatment. Whenever the treatment has to be done
it will be done, I’ll go myself Just leave me alone for the time being Aymen…say whatever you want to say I’ll not mind at all, but… I’ll not return without you. You’ll have to come with me Ayesha take your father from here Mother please
I told you Ayesha Leave me alone Go away from here


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