Bhool Episode 29 | 25th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Look uncle, I’ll tell you a truth My poor phuppo (paternal aunty) She is a divorce That I know, so… Yes….let me tell you one more truth The second truth is…. My phuppo ran away and married
and her marriage couldn’t last for more than a week And Ayesha’s father….
Sidra… Mr. Ahmad we’ll talk about this thing later on… in detail Father we’ll meet aunty
No I don’t think so, she needs rest now Let’s go and sit in canteen Mr. Awais these are your family matters We’ll meet some other time Look Mr. Ahmad, the kids nowadays get too emotional
you know it very well I understand Good bye. Let’s go
Good bye Sidra… What…. you have done is You will pay for this Let’s see The reason uncle came back is that
aunty didn’t tell him anything Daughter…you don’t have to think about it, I…. Will straighten it out I’ll handle everything at once I…. promise you I’ll put it right Seema you knew it And you went ahead with engagement What was the need to establish relationship with a family
which had so many problems It’s Imran choice. I really liked that girl I didn’t think there was anything wrong, so I went ahead with the engagement Father….everybody has problems Yes there are, but not such kind of problems Just think, when people would come to know about it…. That what was the past of her mother The world will laugh at us What is this father Now you’ll judge the character of Ayesha My son… We didn’t pick you up from the cradle of Edhi (Charity organisation) Both of us husband and wife have (respectable) family We belong to respectable families Ahmad you….
Enough I’m sorry son You’ll have to think very hard….. about all this matter Why….you are after Ayesha and aunty Would their generations receive the punishment of……one mistake Have they received less punishment
Why should we be blamed for this Why should we share this punishment, why…. Just leave it, why you both are arguing like this
I really feel sorry for both of you When you people knew about the background of her mother
you should have atleast told me Background…. meaning Father for God sake Anybody can suffer from deceit and misunderstanding Don’t make it…. a stain of somebody’s life Fine What…is the name of Ayesha’s cousin Sidra Yes…I would like to meet the family of Sidra Why!!…why are we meeting with those people Yes….you people want that we just jump into a deep well, with closed eyes I can’t think about anybody other than Ayesha Nor will I think Do whatever you want to do Yes…it’s we, who will do Because we just …don’t know, how to write the word Honor
infact we know the meaning of this word very well That what is honor Everything will be fine Mother…you should also have been there I have done such a thing that, nothing at all…. will be left This would have reached phuppo by now You had nothing to do with it
she is suffering for her misdeeds Just see what happens to both of them Do you know that they haven’t told anything to the (Imran’s) father These were her old misdeeds
because of which her parents died Can one settle and prosper in this world I can hear them wailing, mother Just see it Leave it… She has survived… she will find some other She has found the lost father now She was trying to snatch Imran from me What will happen to you…. Imran… I was just thinking about you
and see….you called There should be telepathy Rest of it takes it’s own course Shut up….just shut up Just take out even my thought, from your heart And today…you have even fallen from my eyes forever Why…I just told the reality Reality….shall I call it reality or your jealousy I can make out from your anger that
your father didn’t like the reality of Ayesha much What do you think of yourself Do you think that by doing such lowly acts I will get closer to you You are very wrong Sidra What to talk of love…..
I consider even hating you as my insult Hatred… Look ….I can accept your hatred But….to let you closer to somebody else That I can’t accept at any cost Fear that day Sidra….fear that day When the God will hold you accountable
for every slander you put on Ayesha Look Imran…only those people are held accountable
who themselves have a stained character But…I don’t have any such stain in my character Sidra!! I’m giving you last warning Get out of the life of me and Ayesha Otherwise it will be really bad for you Look….unfortunately I can’t get far from the life of both of you See…Ayesha is my cousin And you… Are my first and last love Ahmad….whatever decision you have to make, make it I have to meet that girl and bhabi of Aymen They have lived together the whole life, isn’t it You are talking strange I have been meeting with her family for so many days
I have been going to their house I have done the engagement Can’t you trust me at all Then what was the need to rush things And if you wanted to do it quickly then you should have been careful How can I marry (my son) in that family Ahmad Ahmad…..Aymen and Ayesha are not bad people It’s just that Aymen got divorced
rest of the matter is all rubbish Seema, image is considered more than reality nowadays
do you understand You are right, but Imran is very disturbed Rest is upto you, do whatever you want I did whatever I had to
I am myself very confused I am double minded Whatever you have to say, don’t say it in front of Aymen
She is already struggling for life Are you their advocate or you are advocating for Imran I am not advocating for anyone I have already told him the way you have reacted But he was saying that, “No” the dad is not like that He can’t think so lowly about anyone How is aunty By the way….Sidra did a very bad thing But this is not your problem But it concerns our family That’s why Uncle went without meeting and aunty also didn’t talk Ayesha You know it No matter what happens I can’t be separated from you We may or may not want but this society and it’s values will separate us Shall I make a confession to you Whenever I see aunty I look at her with great envy You know why? She didn’t listen to society She didn’t listen to anyone She just…upheld the values of love She left everything….she left everybody But she never made compromise on love People don’t think these things In this case…
by people….. you mean Sidra And your mother Now shall we stop everything because of two people The thinking of just two people….has become so important… That one shall abandon the love You should now…..stand with me I don’t know Imran At this time, I am not in a condition to face more trials I don’t have much courage left in me I just want my mother’s health now Nothing else is more important to me than that I know Ayesha Have faith…everything will be alright Look Imran You are a very good boy And you deserve a girl much better than me By the way look…. I know that this is the truth Not exactly…. Well! look…. I really love you very much Have faith You just take care of yourself and aunty We’ll handle the rest Mother….you didn’t even call Ayesha You are talking about phone… On the other hand, your father is after finishing this engagement Mother The relationship with Ayesha would end only with my breathe You knew everything You accepted even then And the way Sidra spoke, father should have understood it I tried to explain it to him, my son He wants to meet the family of Sidra He must meet them because when he will meet them
he’ll come to know that how shallow those people are Anyway, where is father He went to meet Ayesha’s father Mother!!…why father is escalating this matter so much Look Imran the matter will get solve only when it is discussed in detail This time neither you told him much nor I Whatever he came to know was through Sidra And the way she has told That would have put anyone in suspicion I have become the escape goat here Since then I am receiving the taunts…that I have concealed things from him That was a really petty thing, Sidra has done She may have done the petty thing… Do you how stressed is Ayesha Aren’t we all in stress Mother please tell father not to escalate this matter I explained it to him, but he is right in his own way Even then I am supporting you Even though he is saying to end this relationship Mother….has father gone to see the uncle for this purpose Please call him now
He won’t do any such thing now Mother plaese call him. You never know about him
Just call him and tell him not to to do this Call him now
Gather yourself son He is your father. He knows very well that you really like Ayesha Let him do whatever he wants to do. Leave him alone Hmmm So this is the story
Yes I don’t think Mr. Ahmad that Anyone can speak so truthfully about himself I appreciate But I’m sorry It’s a normal thing that when you go to buy even a shirt
You check it’s material You check it’s size, brand etc. This is the matter of whole life Yes….I can understand Actually Mr. Ahmad honestly We didn’t have the courage Rather I should go and thank them Hmm!! I liked your truthfulness But Mr. Awais It is very difficult to digest this truth I…. Didn’t understand you Look I know that Imran really loves Ayesha But one has family….and one has to answer so many questions I hope you understand What do you mean I need some time So that I can consult my family But… Mr. Ahmad, bhabi (wife of brother) Bhabi has done the engagement and according to her She had told you Fine…I agree This happens I knew about the divorce, but I didn’t know about other things I beg your pardon Mr. Awais, the rest of the package…. That is much more than our capacity What are you talking Mr. Ahmad How can you consider somebody’s allegation as sin of other God forbid if somebody castes allegation on Imran tomorrow, then we… Will not consider it as baggage of Imran No…I am not alleging. Whatever you have told me…..
I am to be blamed for this But Aymen got the punishment And it’s such a punishment that people are not ready to talk to us Anyway it’s upto you. Whatever decision you want to make, it’s your call But I can promise… On the purity and nobility of Aymen And as far as my daughter Ayesha is concerned I am proud of my daughter The way Aymen has brought up Ayesha I would say that all the mothers in the world
should bring up their children like that Yes…I’m sure No father gives clarification of the allegations cast on his children People just keep quiet about such things I didn’t ask for your explanation Then what else you call explanation Mr. Ahmad Anyway…. I have a request from you Aymen is fighting for her life now And we are trying our best that
we protect her from every kind of bad news It’s upto you that… Whatever decision you make I have this request that… This news should not reach Aymen She is very happy on the engagement of Imran and Ayesha I want that Her illusion remains…. That is the only request…. I have from you Thank you Aren’t you feeling pain in your legs now She was trying to get up and run away The doctors have stopped her with great difficulty Mother Aunty….you should get better soon, now Assalam o alaikum
Walaikum assalam how are you After so much love… Even the death would have mercy Mother….you have again started talking like that, isn’t it Talk about good things In sha Allah everything will be alright You just get well soon And take rest Imran my son Your parents didn’t come His father came He didn’t meet you since you were sleeping He met me also He didn’t want to disturb you You just sit….I’ll come back after meeting the doctor What did you think Ayesha That you…. mother and daughter, by colluding
will succeed in your mission of distancing me from Imran You don’t know me I can go to any extent to get my love By the way….you’ll have to appreciate What a game…. I have played! I have killed two birds with one stone Now I’ll see Ayesha How do you marry Imran now Ahmad you haven’t told me that what did you talk to Ayesha’s father Just… I just…. met him Atleast tell me something
What did you say and what did he say I think… We should give some time to them What time!! Ahmed you are not telling me the whole thing Seema when I think about the happiness of Imran I think that I should remain quiet But…when I think about people….I get worried Ahmad everyone has the problems Yes…but there is a strange feeling of apprehension in my heart I don’t think that her relatives Will spare them so easily Let them speak. We are not listening We should just consider the happiness of our son He really loves Ayesha very much And I think that she is is worthy of that also That’s fine, but Seema people look and see And God forbid if our family people come to know about all these things Do you know, what would be their first question What was the need of establishing the relationship in such place Ahmad please…don’t look back Everything….everything will be fine May Allah wills it so But I am really worried …..and disturbed Don’t know what to do You just go ahead…. with the name of Allah Seema I…. I want to meet Aymen’s bhabi and their family Ahmad how many time I have forbidden you Seema….anyway her husband has also died recently This is the best time to meet them You are further complicating the things I swear I will not speak to them on this issue. I won’t ask anything Just…. I just want that…I shall know the inside story What work you have given to me… Sidra press my clothes, I have to go to hospital to see aunty Do it yourself. You are longing to see Ayesha Don’t talk rubbish and
do what I have told you I’m not your servant And …tell me one thing Why you feel so much sympathy for aunty She is like my mother and I respect her a lot
And I will keep on doing that I also advise you that before the time slips away from your hands And you are left with nothing but regret… Go and ask for her forgiveness No need to lecture me
Do whatever you want to do I want it to be done….. as I said What kind of brother he is He is ordering me to press his clothes
I am not yet finished with one task Would you drink water…. Greetings phuppo (paternal aunty) Greetings Come …Rahim How are you I have to live….. till I am breathing How did all this happen aunty
Suddenly this operation Mother will get better I actually came for the reason aunty, that…. After father…we should forget all those things There has been enough quarrels Have you come to see mother or tell your plan Don’t be rude Ayesha He is your brother Just take care of yourself May God give you health Give my salam to your mother And tell her that I have really forgotten everything Yes Take care of yourself I’ll come again Good bye Rahim Sidra has already created a scene here And you have seen mother’s condition I don’t want that, she (mother) gets hurt by any thing That’s why Please stop following us What has Sidra done You better ask her These people don’t meet anyone without plan Ayesha…was it necessary for you to say all this How are you feeling Aymen I’m feeling better What is this Ayesha’s new car’s keys Why are you doing so much Awais Why are you asking all this from me Mother You shall not object in everything It’s all yours I’m just trying to…return all of this, hesitantly to you Give the key with your hands, Ayesha Please I’m not used to all such happiness When all the joys come together, then… I don’t know what to do There is a restriction on getting sad for you Do you understand…. Go ahead….give me the keys with your own hands Now I’ll take you myself Thank you
Welcome daughter My head is aching after thinking so much Sidra…what rubbish you said in hospital Why? Why are you sympathizing with them Mother for God sake, what was the need for that Why do you bug others If you don’t want to meet then don’t meet What’s the use of maligning others Your father died because of them No need to support them Jut tell me one thing They keep on hurting us and we remain silent Aunty is sick It’s not appropriate to bother them now Have some fear of God
You better keep quiet They have used you as tissue paper and thrown away Sidra keep quiet…. otherwise I’ll see you Enough…behave your self while talking to sister Mother, it would be better that leave aunty on her own I’ll not let them be happy ….so easily She already has cancer What happiness she has got now I can bet, this cancer is nothing but drama So that they can gain sympathy from Imran’s mother and
Imran’s family don’t break the engagement Even if the engagement breaks, he’ll not have engagement with you
Keep quiet Enough….what has happened to you both Just look at them, mother (Aymen) is on bed by doing the drama of cancer And the daughter is flirting around Mother…this is their life Let them do what they want I can’t understand Seema I told her everything, even then she embraced the dirt I really thank that….. the eyes of Imran’s father are open It’s useless to make you understand anything You just go away…did we invite you to come and lecture us I’m already upset…. and he keeps on with his rubbish talk Mother… Give it to me, I’ll talk. You just stay quiet Yes…Assalamo alaikum Yes sister Seema What can we say, it’s the will of God Yes… Yes…yes you are most welcome, this is your own house Yes…yes…sure Good bye Imran’s mother and father are coming What to do….it’s God’s will Yes brother….what can humans do Yes….sister Aymen also is very sad and disturbed She also lost her brother Just leave it brother What loss Aymen has suffered
It was our loss It was her tension which caused Rashid to die You people are noble and respectable The only purpose to tell you all of this was…. That the dirt you people are picking, to take it to your home People throw that dirt not only out of their house, but far away Let’s go Ahmad Aunty….you have just come Sister….you don’t come to our house frequently No…in sha Allah we will meet soon Anyway…..I experienced a strange happiness after meeting you You told everything about Aymen and Ayesha And….you told about yourself also Well…. By the way….slandering anybody Is such a big sin; do you know that Sister this is not mere slander I’m a witness to all these things For God sake….please stop talking like that Uncle, all of this is mere slander


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