Bhool | Episode 3 | 19th June 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Has aunty fixed the date When 20th This coming 20th
yes friend Then do a second marriage Why are you kidding I really don’t know what to do Do one thing Take Aymen in front of your mother So many days have passed….it doesn’t look good in guest house anyway Yes friend! You know that mother will not accept it Obviously this is your job….you’ll have to do it You don’t give much time to your wife, you are at home most of the time These are your honeymoon days I go there everyday What shall I do Mother monitors me very strictly Before aunty does shopping for your next marriage You should better tell her The more you delay now, your problems will compound further You know what I’m thinking I was thinking that I get another house and get Aymen settled there And do a second marriage yourself Do you think she will accept this She has left everybody for you Take good care of her She keeps on crying all the time I am really worried now….I don’t know what I have done to myself Soft people cry Be a man….it’s time for you to decide She will scold you a bit, then everything will be alright Let’s see
don’t see, do it The daughter ate away father Respectable people can’t live after that And suicide on the day of marriage
it does not happen that way What else one can say There is definitely something That is clearly evident If your mother has fixed the date, Awais Then what are you waiting for There is no time now The more you delay it Your mother’s reaction would be even harsher I know You don’t know my mother more than me That’s why I have delayed it a bit If I had been afraid, we wouldn’t have been here today But you are a man Alright We are going to my house Both of us We’ll not only go to your house but our house also
Ok (says irritatingly) Let’s handle one house first What has happened to your behaviour, Awais Earlier, you couldn’t see anyone except me And now, you care for every one except me It has been one week to our marriage We meet like thieves What do you want You want a spectacle in the whole bazar I can do that for you, shall I go ahead It’s nothing I am getting used to it Awais Because I have runaway from home Perhaps I deserve that Awais You are going alone or can I go with you Come Rashid
yes Go and see your mother….feed her something She hasn’t eaten properly since many days God forbid…she may not fall ill I’m going to hospital as I am not feeling well Take care of Rahim Mother you’ll have to eat a little bit From where shall I bring so much tears
that they can wash away my sorrows My eyes have dried up Mother now I am….waiting for just one moment When Aymen comes in front of me and…. And I prove what I have said about her death How can she return now She brought infamy to her mother She killed her father How can she be happy Mother She must have told you something about that boy Some class fellow of her, Awais Which university it was
Leave it to God I don’t know when I’ll breathe my last No mother Please don’t talk like that Look, you atleast…..have one bite please How can I eat I don’t know how I am breathing… Just pray for me Either God gives me the patience Or give me death I can’t live like this No…no you’ll not say such thing, you’ll have to eat something for my sake
I’ll not listen to you Please Awais Awais Where has he gone so early in the morning Awais, I really fear your mother You should be brave infact Why!….won’t she say anything to me Aymen….you are my wife now Who can say anything to you Now the people should be afraid I don’t want to frighten anybody I just want to live with you Yes mother Yes…I am very near to home I’m coming Mother…..mother this is Aymen Awais I told you Mother, I….. We have married I am sorry Actually in our household, we don’t slap men No matter how big a mistake they make Mother….I told you earlier I also told you That give her some money and kick her out Mother…she is….she is now the honor of this house She is the prestige of this house Three or four of these type of “prestiges” come to my house to do household chores Mother I really plead you to accept her….please I plead Awais Before I shoot her dead You give her divorce and expell her out of the house, alive You can’t do such a thing, I have left everyone for Awais
Haan That’s what the lowly, cheap girls like you do Mother what are you talking, I… Have done nikah…..nikah with her Then divorce her Did I say something to you Awais Give her divorce Kick her out of the house Awais why ain’t you speaking up I don’t have any option to turn back, Awais I have left my parents, my home for you Oh!…I see So the “prestige” of my house Has runaway from her house You did a good thing by telling me Where is your house Haan Mother…mother what are you doing
I’m doing what I told you Awais these type of girls are business oriented Their parents….take out their girls like that for 3-4 months And then these girls get hold of the sons of rich persons, like you And after squeezing money from them, they get back to their homes Don’t utter a word against my parents I can’t tolerate that
shut up Shut up Why are you quiet Awais Why don’t you tell the truth to your mother You forced me to runaway Your mother says that….I am a business women I ‘m not business oriented, it’s you
stop it Quiet Don’t utter a single word, do you get it Awais
mother Mother look….please listen to me If you don’t divorce her even now, then I…. Ok…mother Give me….. give me sometime Now…and at this very moment You are asking for time to divorce me
keep quiet for a while, for God’s sake I’m giving you three minutes Awais If you don’t kick her out of the house after giving divorce…. Then I’ll call police and whatever happens after that That will be out of control for both of us Please drop me at the guest house Look, I have left everyone behind me, I don’t have any way to turn back And you….you love me isn’t it
love, love, love…. Stop this drama of love I have made a mistake of loving you What… I wish I could know your mediocrity earlier You have used me
shut up and get out of here Oh God!…
I’ll tell the whole world after going out That what have you done to me
Well What will you tell….tell me what will you say Whatever you have to tell the world….just go and tell Rather that is your treatment… I understand everything I’m telling you to get out of here You…if you say, then… I am ready to apologise to your mother for your sake I have left my house, I have nowhere to go I love you There is just one treatment for you You will not live here….you know what is your treatment That I kick you out after divorcing you
don’t do it I pronounce talaq to you… I….pronounce talaq to you I pronounce talaq to you How much is her dowry Ten thousand For girls like you, even ten thousand is too much Awais doesn’t know the worth of things he purchases Take this Get out of here Get lost
mother Shut up Don’t dare calling me mother from your dirty tongue
you, insect of the gutter I left everything for Awais I left everything on his insistence, I can’t go back I said, get out Otherwise I’ll call guards and expell you from the house I’ll stay here, I won’t go
don’t talk rubbish Get out of here and look for a new prey Get lost I’ll not go Aslam Yes
come here Kick her out, if she resist then throw her outside Sobs Go away…get lost Go away..hurry Title song Rashid… What happened How shall I say it to you Is everything alright I have seen Aymen here alone What!..
yes, it was Aymen 100 percent When I saw her first I got numbed
but then I saw her again it was Aymen Listen to me Rashid, where are you going What are you doing, Rashid… Oh God!…Rashid Rashid where are you going Rashid… Rashid… Rashid….why have you brought this I have to prove this lie, right Tell me which way she has gone But Rashid this….
just leave it Tell me, which way Aymen has gone This way, come here Rashid…Rashid stop Where are you going Rashid hide this, what will people say if they see it Naeem you are sure that you saw Aymen What else then…. would I lie to you Friend, she was covering her face and was trying to look inside the gate I have seen her since her growing up from childhood Wouldn’t I recognise her Naeem I plead you
don’t plead with me Rashid You are a friend….give me order, order Don’t talk about this thing to anyone Not to anyone Why would I talk to anybody, friend But my friend Rashid
I know you have lots of questions I’ll answer these question when the time comes, but.. It would be kind of you my friend What is this Rashid Why you are embarrassing me Just consider that nothing happened Hunhh, let’s go back to home…
your wife is worried Let’s go…let’s go Mother Rashid has gone outside with knife in his hand, come quickly Everything alright? Where did you go Where did you go with the knife, give it to me Aymen came at the door And ….Naeem told me She ran away She got away
what would you have done otherwise, made a spectacle of it on street What has been left in this house now I could imagine, I could imagine that this would happen
she will have to come back here Think about her You’ll kill her, go to jail then what would happen to her and the child And what will happen to the child who is yet to be born
have you given it a thought Leave it mother, he doesn’t think about us He has only one thing on his mind That Aymen comes here and he kills her If you want to snatch the last and whatever remaining support we have Then kill all of us first, slaughter us before
then go and kill her I wish mother…I wish She hasn’t left us worthy of showing our face to anyone I’m afraid of getting outside the house What will I say if somebody asks me What will they ask, let them ask… Everybody has their shortcomings, they need not worry about us Mother don’t say like that Nobody experienced what happened to us Why you are scratching his wounds again and again You think there are less sorrows in this house It doesn’t make any difference to you mother
you stay inside all the time It’s us, who have to go outside the house I have to answer my family and relatives You think they don’t ask me anything Till now I have kept it a secret Only I know that how I have kept this secret My doctor was saying, that don’t take any tension in this condition What shall I tell her, that there is nothing but tension in my house And yes…your daughter has come back after conquering the husband She has turned back from the door today..
but she’ll come back here, tomorrow Listen to me carefully, mother If Aymen comes back to this house again
then I’ll not stay in this house at any cost It will be a big drama that day
don’t you complain to me then If she comes again to this house then……
you’ll not do any such thing what you did today What shall I do then Shall I distribute sweets I knew that she will do this That’s why I told father, that don’t say that she has died What will we say when she comes back again Don’t talk about people I don’t see them anymore
but I see them How do I tell you that when I go outside How I face the people Murad had forgiven her
father may have forgiven I haven’t forgiven her And neither will I ever forgive her Why Has Murad ceased to be your father after death Oh God, give me death Give me death Don’t punish me so much for my mistake
I can’t turn back from here I can’t return back Oh God please save me from these people These people will eat me up These people will kill me, please save me Oh God save me What happened Nothing is left….everything has finished I don’t have anything with me Don’t say like that When we think that everything has finished Then God creates a new way out for us I have closed all my options I…I have no way out Of all the options I have….I have no way to return Are you married Where are you going…. Give us some attention What nonsense it is
Ma’am we will drop you Get away I’ll gather people by shouting We’ll pay you I don’t know you…but you seems to belong to a respectable family Even I don’t know that who am I Return back….however a house is, it’s better than outside These people will tear you apart Come with me I’ll drop you at your home Come, it’s not right to stay here Come…come with me


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