Bhool | Episode 5 | 26th June 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Hello You may not be happy to hear it But I’m expecting It’s our child Oh… So, that’s how you want to earn money What I haven’t seen so insensitive and stone hearted person in my life Atleast now you have income ?? By the way tell me one thing Where did you go after I left you, to have achieved this feat Awais
just shut up After living in gutter, your mentality has also become stinky like that Tell me How much money do you need Till now Awais, I thought that I’ll not give birth to this child But now I’ll definitely give birth to this child So that I can tell the whole world about your reality Oh really… Go on, give birth to the child….go ahead And if you want to sit in a TV show Tell me, I’ll arrange that I’ll do whatever I have to do But you should be beware now, what happens to you You are mistaken I should have erased the mistake, instead of cutting it You have already erased it Awais But perhaps, nature Wants to take the revenge through this child Oh please Listen to me carefully If you try to disturb my life Then I’ll not spare you Aymen, do you get it Tell me one thing Awais Is my honor a plaything Ahh! the same old bloody crap Get lost and don’t call me again I’ll definitely give birth to this child I’ll definitely bring this child to world Nobody can stop it What’s the matter mother Why you are not eating Why mother would eat Mother is eating sorrow How is Aymen now, mother Why What happened to Aymen Nothing, she is absolutely alright What are you talking, mother She has exhausted after vomiting profusely
and you are saying that she is alright I told you she is absolutely alright Aymen, you go inside You are not well Go and have rest Mother… Why she should take rest, she should be active in such condition Look my condition is also same
but I am managing all the household chores Brother I want to talk to you No Aymen…go, go inside Aymen
what’s the matter Nothing, she is not well
Please let me speak Brother Before you come to know about this from somewhere else What is the matter? No….no Brother, I am about to become mother Lo and behold!…..that was the only shortcoming in this house I have not committed a sin Mother, what kind of joke is this I know that you have not committed a sin But mother It will be a sin in the eyes of the world We are about to become famous as a “respectable” family Don’t know she is telling the truth or not, whether the nikah was performed or not
she is about to become mother You better keep quiet
Yes go ahead, just keep me quiet Whole family and the neighborhead will gossip now They will talk openly now
you can’t keep them quiet Now I’ll not live in this house
all sort of “feats” happen in this house I forbade you….I forbade you Why you are putting stamp on our humiliations Aymen give me Give me his phone number and address
now, at once What…what do you want to do Mother it is very important to see their nikah deed I wan to see the deed of nikah By God brother, I am not telling lie….my nikah was performed
I’m not lying The kind of sin you have committed and the lie you have spoken
people either die or kill after that Kill me…kill me surely But, I am not lying Just shut up and give me his address first Give me his address Leave her, I’ll take her to hospital…leave her alone No mother My child will be born Why do you want to humiliate us right at the cross-roads Leave her mother Listen to me carefully, Aymen I have tolerated you enough I have tolerated everything of yours By God, I’ll not tolerate this If you want to do something…
then get out of this house Not only from this house
get out of this city Stop it…speak slowly…keep your voice low Mother I want his address
I want to see the nikah nama Let me see the nikah deed….I have to see the nikah deed My blood can’t be that impure…. Why will she try to save the sin instead of hiding it Mother your blood can’t be impure but somebody else can have impure blood
Ok I’ll speak to Aymen For God’s sake control Shabana
she’ll tell the whole world I’ll handle her But mother This insult… and notoriety can’t be hidden It can’t be hidden It can’t remain hidden Why did you do it Why did you do it
I forbade you this morning Why did you do it I don’t know mother why I did that I just know that I have to give birth to this child Why…have you gone crazy What will you tell to people…what face you’ll show
whose child is this That’s why I am giving it birth So that I can keep the mouth shut, of this world Have you gone crazy We are going to hospital tomorrow morning
if you utter a single word I’ll bury you alive right here Mother I promise you You won’t face any problem No question will be asked from brother Why You have some new trick up your sleeve Why there will be no questions and answers Listen to me, consider yourself deaf and dumb You’ll listen and do whatever we tell you Give me the number of that rascal…give me his number Now that Shabana knows it she will tell everybody in the neighborhood Atleast we can give some proof that you have not sinned Come…come Rashid… I want to talk to you Perhaps you will not like it and you may get angry Every self respecting brother may experience it Quiet….just keep quiet And bury this matter right here Bury it as if a dead man is buried in grave Rashid Even if we close our eyes, this thing can’t remain a secret Aymen has told us the she got married How do we know whether the marriage has taken place or not She said it and all of you just believed it Do one thing Rashid,….send me to my home for few days So that You get the time to tell this matter to whole world, isn’t it You’ll have to make the decision now, Rashid If not today, then tomorrow this matter will be known to everybody Such a gross sin can’t remain hidden Do one thing, arrange a small and humble dwelling for me I’ll live there with my child But I can’t live in this house with such type of woman You can tolerate it, because she is your sister I have come from a respectable family I’ll not tolerate it I’ll not let the shadow of such type of girl to be caste on my children I have told you Shabana Why you are calling me Shabana, Shabana
and are always angry at me You should be angry with Aymen Who was telling you her story of debauchery
why were you not angry with Aymen Aymen Get up…get up Come…come with me to see that rascal Now….at once For God’s sake brother…For God’s sake Why….are you frightened. You are afraid That the truth may not come out For God’s sake brother, I beg you Mother please tell brother What’s the matter Aymen Now…. you care for the prestige for that rascal You are least bothered about our respect Rashid is right If this is the truth…then we need the proof for that Not for us but for the world Speak up Aymen You better come with me….come They are very dangerous people brother They can do anything….they can go to any extent What will they do…. The maximum they can do is kill me It’s better to die than living a life of humiliation I am willing to take the oath on whatever you say I can swear by God for you…. No….come with me…..come Ok brother, we’ll go tomorrow morning I can’t go with you in daylight I haven’t sold my respect as yet Did you hear that You did nikah with him….hunhh I will ask the same thing I want to see the nikah deed, Aymen Nikah deed There is no witness in it For God’s sake brother, you can take my life
???? We did whatever we could in concealing your shortcomings We can’t hide them anymore, this matter can’t be concealed If you don’t want to go,…..then don’t go Tell us, we will go Why….why mother, why Why wouldn’t she go She can runaway with that rascal….. This slap is not from me, this is from Murad He would have done the same, had he been alive Whatever she has done, she’ll bear the punishment for it for the rest of her life Mother You are even now… Supporting her…. The taunts you are giving were supposed to be given by the world
you have started throwing these stones within the house Was she not sufficient that you have started speaking her language Mother till now I have just tolerated it
purely tolerated it Ok then….go and listen to your wife’s talk You people have lot of respect…isn’t it
go and save your respects I’ll see Aymen myself…..go All the people of this family have gone crazy ????? That’s it We are going to hospital tomorrow morning This is the last night What happened……why are you so worried Me….why Whose phone was that Which phone The same phone after which, you have gone totally blank I don’t know what you are talking about Rania….I I don’t even remember which phone you are talking about You are telling me lie Of course not Are you sure As they say… You shouldn’t hide anything from wife, because eventually Rest assure…..I am not hiding anything from you Or may be you…. Are hiding it from me because you know that eventually I’ll find out ?????? Ok…I believe you Shall we sit… Aymen Aymen Mother this time, I’m informing you before I leave I don’t want to cause further problems for you and brother I’m really a cause of notoriety for you Please forgive me I want to give life to this child Perhaps this is the last chance I have I can’t let it go waste I know that my punishment will never cease Please forgive me like father did Your unfortunate daughter Rashid Rashid Assalam o alikum Walaikum assalam I’m so sorry….did you have to wait much Wait is over for me Why did you leave the house Didn’t the family accept you I’m expecting I’m an unmarried mother in front of the world Nobody knows the truth about it Neither anybody has been told Why….did your mother and brother reacted very strongly My mother and my brother Are respectable people They have nothing except the respect My love Has become my sin To whom, my parents will keep on answering that… Whose child is this And you want to give birth to this child That’s it….mother it’s enough Now I’ll not go in search of her
neither Aymen will come back in this house What will we do
I am shattered and destroyed Let me tell the truth….I had the idea that she will run again Why are you staring at me
I have not given it to you, your sister has given it to you You should be happy now Be happy now We have been humiliated once again
go and distribute sweets in neighborhood…go Look! the people who keep the secrets of this house are being abused Shut up She has left the house because of us Her innocence became the blame for her Innocent May God save from such kind of innocence
shut up You were the reason of her leaving the house Now, hear a new thing Whatever your daughter does, nobody asks her She has runaway from house….and she is innocent She became a mother without marriage….
Shabana Don’t dare to say even a single word Why….why can’t I say anything I don’t belong to a low family I have made my decision, my parents will come and decide about me
I will not stay in this house Keep quiet Shabana, otherwise, by God I….. You keep quiet…stop it
only you have respect We people are low, our blood is impure and dirty And you,….you remain in house with peace
handle your wife I’ll go myself to find my daughter If you go outside than people will talk You don’t have a mother’s heart If the daughter is outside the home
mother can’t stay at home, let me go Mother Why don’t you understand, if… You go outside it will become a spectacle The spectacle has finished You remain at home with peace
because the danger is not from outside but from inside the house Let me go Ok…Ok…Ok I’m going with you
No I will go alone You can’t do this
Rashid… You just handle your wife Let me go Mother Look!…I can understand your situation We have a way out We’ll contact the father of this child I did that Then, what did he say What he should say That I am wrongly blaming him for somebody else’s sin Disgusting You….please send me to a place Where I can continue with the work and…. And I get the refuge There are hundreds of such places Aymen But I’ll say again The abuses of home are better than the outside respect My home My home is in agony because of me My father died because of me My mother Keeps on crying the whole day My brother My brother….that poor person is conscious of his respect He doesn’t faces anybody And my bhabi Taunts me the whole day Hunhh!….
they want the proof That I really got married Mother Let me go alone Don’t be angry….come and sit Sit…everybody is looking, please understand and sit Come, sit….. Tell me one thing……what answer will you give to this child That’s why….I want to give birth to this child So that, …… it wants answer If it is a girl I’ll not let this punishment come to my daughter Under the circumstances, her coming into being would be a punishment by itself Look, let’s do one thing You come with me Where Your home No….I can’t go Perhaps they calm down after crying for few days If I go back, then their wounds may become fresh again Anyway, my mother doesn’t want that I give birth to such child Whose legitimacy is only known to me Absolutely not Why do you want to increase your punishment I have selected it myself Whatever it is Please give it a last try If you think that you don’t have any space there for yourself Then I’ll bring you back with myself Please It has taken lot of courage for me to leave the house A girl who has run away twice from the house Who will accept her Why…why you want me to do that Because I know the world I come across such cases every day You can’t imagine Aymen That how do these people trap you I know it very well
No, Aymen The world is more untruthful and cunning than our imagination If you really want to give birth to this child Then there is no place better than home for it But I…
please listen to me I promise you If you don’t feel comfortable there, I’ll bring you back My name is Aasia I got an amanat (thing to be returned) of yours I have come to return that Is Aymen with you Where is my daughter Can I ask a question from you people Have you ever taken wrong decisions in your life Have you come here as advocate of Aymen Yes….advocate of respect Are you Rashid Brother of Aymen Do you know, what is a brother Have you come here to teach us a lesson Where is my daughter Obviously mother, she’ll be alright She has sent her before coming Respect is like seed It is sowed Then it grows up Only then it bears fruits And Rashid…….brothers are like the sheet to cover the sister’s head She went out of the house by removing the same sheet Perhaps you don’t know That what she has done I know everything Aymen has told me everything And I believe her So much that……perhaps you wouldn’t even know it And if you know it….then perhaps you don’t believe it Isn’t it that she got married to Awais Within week to ten days the marriage was broken And that child Is of Awais Where is she…Is she with you…at your home
You…you Please let me talk to her Aymen needs you and this house Don’t close the doors of outside and inside, for her Look lady…. If we had to close the door I wouldn’t have opened the door for her What’s the use of such open doors Which has a wall in front of it Aymen is outside, sitting in my car Outside….I’ll bring her in right away No…no please, you just sit here Rashid, you please go You are her brother Her confidence level will increase seeing you Please Rashid go……bring my daughter Go Yes Go Rashid One last thing…. Aymen wants to give birth to this child Sister please
don’t be frightened The world has many problems of it’s own to be apprehensive You shall support her Don’t know what will happen to us
what will happen to her Don’t you worry, everything will be good Don’t be afraid of the world God will make it better Aymen Brother Come Come to home Come Congratulations, it’s a daughter We’ll call you after we shift the patient to room Cngratulations Many congratulations Many congratulations to you Mother has again become a grandmother Assalam o alaikum Walaikum assalam, Rashid Many congratulations Congratulations to you as well Masha Allah Look I had told you, it will be a girl I have named her Sidra May God make our daughter very respectable She will be respectable …when she will live with respectable people Have some fear, Shabana Atleast don’t talk like that today We have to keep these matters away even from her ears Till when Rashid She’ll see all of this You’ll are also to become an uncle in some time Pray that it’s a son This is from God, mother…what can human beings do If it’s a son, Aymen will become brave Shabana should have come Mother leave her…leave her on her own I have already left Are you related to Aymen
yes Congratulations it’s a daughter


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