Bhootham Bhaavi Varthamanam – Malayalam Short Film On National Anthem Controversy ( With Subtitles )

THE PRESENT ! Aahaaa! Look at the new law… now it is mandatory to play National Anthem in cinemas before every show. Didn’t I tell you earlier,
that we will set everything “RIGHT”? Huh? What did you guys do?
Isn’t this the court order? Didn’t you understand? “Even though prima facie these guys were apart…. the undercurrent between them was very much alive” Cut it Dude!! now it’s just in cinema,
then drama, TV serials, stage shows… eventually to build a nation,
brimming with patriotism in sleep and supper. That! is our vision. Here it goes… what nonsense! Can’t even imagine rising up for the anthem
before screening an adult movie. Our National Anthem has a dignity right? Yeaaaaa….. Huuuuh? What’s so wrong in it. If you are a patriot by heart,
the first note of the anthem would make you rise up! Yea right! Says the fellow who can’t even go by himself to pee at night! By the way! Weren’t you the one who said that… that this isn’t our National Anthem
and you don’t accept it. A DAY IN THE PAST ! Dude, check this out Our National Anthem has got selected as the
best national anthem in the world by UNESCO….i>Is this true? Very much….. (sarcastic) As if, UNESCO’s only job is to listen to
the national anthems and give a score!! What’s wrong in asking…
Please don’t mock my ignorance. After all, how come this our National Anthem?
Patriots like me will never accept it. Dude…. that’s it! This fellow reads newspapers….
And is apparently arrogant about it. So… a patriot who doesn’t accept the national anthem?
What’s the funda in it? Curious! There’s no funda. Tagore wrote it in praise of the British King. It was written for either King George V or Vl
I don’t remember… during his visit to India… He is referred to as ‘Adhinayakan’ & ‘Bhagyavidatha’ in it! Whatever you just said, so be it…
never say this to anyone else… You know… Tagore is someone who returned the
knighthood conferred by the British! And you say that he wrote a song to please the King?!! Besides, Tagore himself have said that
he meant God by Adhinayakan. When was thaaaat?! (..thinking) All these are force fed by the
mainstream media and westernised education system… According to our proud Culture & Heritage,
Vande Maatarom should be our National Anthem Hmmm…. We will set all of these “right” soon! Yea right!! National Anthem Vande Maatarom!!
National Animal Cow !! and National Festival Vamana Jayanthi!! Don’t care too much enough to spoil it!! This is just a difference in opinion my friend.
Don’t try to mess around that. Our country is our top priority,
we will forget any ideological struggle for that. You forget or don’t forget ,its up to you.
But I feel it’s inappropriate to
play National Anthem in a place like a theater… I doubt if people will loose respect towards the anthem. Oh! So you have no issues standing in a long queue
at Beverages or at some adult movie theater, At Banks and ATMs too… (sarcastic) “Mere Pyaaare Deshvaasi…” don’t mock…! so.. you can stand in Q in all these places
but can’t, just 52 seconds for our Country! Dude! Only because of our armymen standing watch in our borders…
You can sit here and say all these aloud Learn to respect Our Country, rather than being a traitor! Sit down man! So respect is your problem!! Dude think about this… Take Our Company, for instance… Though we have quite lot of work we still have no dislike towards it. True that!! Imagine, one fine day we get an email…. Now you tell me, after first few meetings, you stood up due respect or fear? Hmm… Due to fear… So…. by doing all this will your love for the country multiply ? Hmmmm…. No! So in simple terms, patriotism is not what you are measuring like this… and no one has entrusted you to measure it too… It’s all right in here!! Isn’t it Dude? Hell, Yeah!! The Future! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Did the movie start? No, National Anthem just got over, now there is smoking awareness,
swachch Bharath, NREGA, Gas Subsidy and what not! Go in!!


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