Big korean drama E03

Subtitles brought to you by The Big Team Yoon Jae! Hello. I was so worried If something like that happened, you should have let me know first. Hey, what are trying to do?! Yoon Jae, I love you. Yoon Jae! Seo Yoon Jae, you son of a bitch. Da Ran, you are also together with him. Thank you for bringing his stuff. Well, we are friends. Friends? Thank you! if you are thankful, then make me a cup of tea. I want to drink the tea you brew. Oh, is that so? Do you want a cup of coffee? Not coffee. Yoon Jae, you still have the Darjeeling tea you bought from England, the one you shared half with me, right? Let’s drink that. Darjeeling Black Tea? It is good. Let’s go inside. We want to be alone. Can’t you tell her to go home? Da Ran. Yes? The cookies from the nearby store were delicious. Could you get some so we can have them with our tea? Cookies? Okay, I’ll buy them and be right back. She is dense and has no sense. Gil Da Ran. We want to be alone. So leave! Yoon Jae, your friend came all the way here. She should at least have a cup of tea. You still have half of the Darjeeling that Seo Yoon Jae shared, right? You drink all of it by yourself. You’re all worked up about something I gave half of. And if you want to eat cookies, go home and buy them.
Ah regardless of how delicious they are, you eat them all. There is no need to give me half. Yoon Jae! Yoon Jae, why are you behaving this way to a friend? Se Young, go up and drink tea. I will go buy them quickly. Don’t go buy it. I’m only going to buy cookies. I won’t eat it. I said I won’t eat it. Don’t go buy it. A friend wants to eat a cookie! Why not buy her some so she can eat! Let go! We are not eating any cookies! So just leave. You aren’t going? You really have no sense and are completely dense. I want to be with be alone with my fiancée! So, ”friend”.
Go! Yoon Jae, what is wrong with you? Are you crazy? ….Are you crazy???
Be quiet! Hey! Ugh, what did I eat? What’s your problem?! What did you just do to Yoon Jae’s friend? Ugh! Don’t go! Are you a dog? Why did you bite me? Are you crazy?! The crazy one is you. What was all of that? I rescued this bastard from that horrible situation! You don’t know anything! Do you think she’s just a friend who wants to eat cookies with Yoon Jae? Hah, you’ve got to be joking. Your name means long but why is your thinking sense so short! DId you just call my Yoon Jae a bastard?! Yes yes I did! This person is a bad person! He cheated on you and double played you with that woman! What? Ugh. Did you know what that lady did to me? What did she do? Well right when she saw me she said, “Did you know how much I was worried!” and hugged me right there! So what? So I was so surprised so I pushed her away! And then she said she loves Yoon Jae! I was so pissed and astounded
that I sent her home! Oh, okay. So that’s what happened. It’s okay?! This is not a situation where you can just pass along and just assume everything is alright. You’ve worried so much for your teacher, huh? That’s why you told that girl not to buy the cookies? So you did all of that in thought of your teacher? What is this? Don’t worry. My fiance isn’t that kind of person. That girl and my fiance are long time friends. Love and skinship between a girl and a guy is not as weird as you think! You are so kind for caring about your teacher. Aww. Did you just treat me like a little kid?! Calm down Gil Teacher. It seems like your mental process isn’t doing so well because you love him so much but this person isn’t as good as you think! Yes, Kyung Joon. I really like this person. And as much as I like Yoon Jae, he’s that much of a good person as well. Awww it must’ve hurt. What am I going to do if a scar left behind from this? Do you only worry about the outside? I’m the one that got bit and got the feeling. Did it hurt? Then you should’ve moved away, why were you just standing there getting bit?!
Ah, it looks like it’s going to leave a bruise! Do you really like this personthatmuch? Do you think this person thinks of you like that too? Tell me what you said earlier. Like what you said that Yoon Jae might say to me. The thing earlier? Yeah. Hearing it from Yoon Jae’s face made me happier! Gil Da Ran… I don’t love you. Well he could’ve said that too. How would I know what Seo Yoon Jae was going to say? You’re not really sure of it either. And since I’m still a kid… I don’t really know any adult stuff. If I get stuck in the middle and get bit like this, it’smypain. I hate getting hurt, so I won’t butt in anymore. Good person? You’re kidding, right?Do you love me?When we meet… I’ll… I’ll tell you. What’s your answer, Yoon Jae? Uh oh… I was waiting for you. Let’s talk. Talk about what? Yoon Jae, are you mad? But I was surprised earlier as well. I didn’t know you were with Da Ran. What were you going to do if Gil Da Ran wasn’t there? I guess you were surprised because I told you that I loved you out of the blue… The reason I said that was because… I felt like you were hesitating about your marriage because of me. Because you were hesitating… You didn’t return the thing that I gave you. What you gave me? What did you give me? You said that you had it. You still have what I gave you before, right? Oh…oh..that… The thing that you gave me… Was that something all that special? Isn’t that obvious? Then we would have to talk more about it… Get in. Lets go where we usually go. Ah! Why would you grab right there? Okay, lets go. Here. This is what you guys drank last time. I am home. Oh, you are late. Were you with Son-in-law til now? What did you do that late? We were on a night stroll! What are you guys doing? We’re sealing the wedding invitations! Tell brother in law to give me some money. Choong Shik. Go get me the envelope
with your report card in it! Mom, it looks like we’re running out of envelopes. Oh, you’re right. Lets order some more. Didn’t Yoon Jae say that he
had some invitations left over? If he doesn’t, then lets order more, while we are too. I…. can’t send out the invitations right now.. Why ? That….Subtitles brought to you by Big Team Now is the night time. We’d have to send it out in the morning since the post office is closed right now. Is that a joke? That is why your classes are so boring. I will do that later so leave that to me. It is okay. You take care of your own invitations
for your friends. So, now just go study. Yes. – Da-ran.
– Oh, mom. The marriage gifts… We can just send it to your new house, right? You said that you were going to settle the funds to your new house this week. Oh, you are right. House. I forgot about it. Even though your memory isn’t good how can you forget something like that? Does Yoon Jae call you Gil Teacher? Gil Teacher? Earlier I kind of heard what you guys were saying… When you two were alone, he called you Gil Teacher. Is Gil Teacher your nickname? Is it Gil Teacher because you taught him love?! Yeah, yeah. It’s my nickname. Today, you two look good. Both fighting but still caring for each other. It made me think you guys are finally a married couple. Really? Then before, I and Yoon Jae didn’t look good? To tell you the truth, you guys were boring. You looked very anxious like you were a rookie in the army. And Yoon Jae was very awkward like he has been to the dumpling house for the first time. Did we seem that boring to you? Well, you guys were both very mannered to each other but… There was no feel that you guys were like those couples that like… love each other. Then, Yoon Jae and I didn’t look like we loved each other then… I said itwaslike that. Now, I can tell you guys do! Da-ran, Let’s go buy under garments for your honeymoon this weekend! To a Tingling, tingling and wiggling, wiggling one! Tingling, Tingling, Wiggling, wiggling… I want to do that too…. Seo Yoon Jae will marry Gil Da Ran. He can’t go to another girl. You know what I’m saying? Yoon Jae! Jesus! Why did I come to this place?!I will go to work first. See you at the hospital. I was with that woman. No! He isn’t home? How did that happen? Stupid. Kang Kyung Joon, where did you go in the morning? Oh . . . Oh this.. I came out to throw away the trash. When did you come out? I was waiting for you in front of your house. I was jogging around the area. I just came back. In that? I worked out. Like this. American style. If people see you, they will think you spent a night out. What do you mean by sleeping outside? I’m still under age! What does “sleeping outside” mean? You smell like alcohol. By any chance, did you drink? Oh, is that so? it smells a lot, right? It smells a lot. Your father gave me a drink yesterday, right? I shouldn’t have drank that.
I shouldn’t have drank that. I shouldn’t have drank that. My head hurts and I feel nauseous. Teacher, I think I can never drink alcohol. That wouldn’t have happened. My Yoon Jae is not weak when it comes to drinking. My mentality is under age. Anyways, if you do anything weird with Yoon Jae’s body… I’ll kill you. What do you mean weird things…. Never mind. You worry and think a lot about your teacher, right? Your teacher believes in you. I believe you. Yes… Don’t eat what you have at home and eat what I made for you. I’ll come back after classes. You didn’t get a bruise where I
bit you before. That’s a relief. We can’t have any scars marking his body. Teacher Gil, That… if…. Something happened to Doctor Seo’s body… it seems that you’ll get very angry. Why? Are you hurt anywhere? No no, not hurt. It isn’t like hurting… that something got dirty.. or worn out..something like that? Got dirty or worn out? From doing what? Exercise. When you exercise your body… Gets dirty and worn out, right? So I was wondering how hard I could work out and to what limit I have. I am just asking. Just asking. Just hold it to that limit. Even though it is hard, Kyung Joon, please take care of Yoon Jae’s body. Okay, okay. I am picky but I’ll take care of it. Don’t go anywhere and stay home. Later, lets go to the hospital together. I’m going to be late. I’ll go now. You’re going this way? -Go in!
-Don’t run, it’s hot! Go inside. Good bye. Have a good day! If I go to the hospital that woman’s going to be there… I’m going crazy! Since the hospital says Kyung Joon’s condition isn’t a problem he will probably come back to school soon. For now we can count it as an absence, but if it gets longer then he might have to retake the year. It won’t get long. I’ll go to the hospital soon too. Thank you. Okay, okay.We were going to buy some drinks and come but…I heard you didn’t like them. I only thought of Yoon Jae needing to take off work… I didn’t even think about Kyung Joon missing school…. From today, get all of your class assignments and give it to me everyday. Alright. Lucky Kyung Joon. It’s almost finals week and he doesn’t have to take it! Oh he must be so happy! So happy! You think this makes sense?
Get back to your senses. Stop it! I’m going to tell mom that you always hit me at school! And don’t get me your notes! Get me notes from a guy that’s good at studying! This kid. Kyung Joon is a kid just like Choong Shik…. This, It’s all that man’s fault! It’s because of this man’s physical urges
that I went over there! I am so innocent! I am only 18! Ugh.Subtitles brought to you by Big Team Hopefully Gil Teacher doesn’t find out about this. I need to find evidence. I need to find fool-proof evidence to prove how evil this man is and not let him get out of trouble.You had doubts so you didn’t return what I gave you.What is that. Where is it? I need to find it.I gave that to you so you could use it in a time like this. It’s close by so don’t feel burdened by it.Do as I say.What is that I could use without burden? UGH! How am I supposed to know! I should just run away! Where should I go? Should I go to L.A.? Oh Mari there…isn’t she. Oh no no. One ticket for coming back. For the fastest flight, please. It’s fully charged.
Yes. Wow there’s a lot. All from Jang Mari! The caller you have reached is not available. I will connect you to voicemail. Kyung Joon, why aren’t you picking up your phone? Call me at any time. Kyung Joon, is there anything going on? You told me you would pick up my calls at least once everyday! Pick up your phone! PICK UP YOUR PHONE!! AHHH! Jang Mari is really mad… When she’s mad she goes crazy. I am going to follow you to Korea. Come here come here. Psh.
00:25:56,780 –>00:25:56,770
I am at the L.A. airport.I am at the L.A. airport.
00:25:58,280 –>00:25:58,270
I am really going to ride an airplane.I am really going to ride an airplane. Mari is coming..?I arrived to Korea!Since you didn’t tell me your school or your home address,do you seriously think I can’t find you?Let’s see if I can find you. It can’t be…It must be a lie.Kyun Joon, we will soon meet.Kyung Joon I am on my way to your school,Jaeil High School.There I will meet a Korean teacher named, Gil Teacher.Do you want to know how I found that out?By your elementary school student friend, David, who you uploaded this picture to.I came all the way here to Korea.I am not leaving here without you.Either we leave togetheror live together,let’s always be together. But, unnecessary stress…. He always talks about that. Is your brother in law going to stop by again? It was really fun last time. Ha come again? My brother in law a teacher? No he is a doctor. Teachers are in school. Doctors are in a hostess. It’s not a hostess it’s a hospital. I meant hospital. I just got the words mixed up you idiot. Hey! By any chance is it for you again? It’s a girl! It’s not for me. Wow she is so pretty. Give me some money. The taxi doesn’t accepted card or U.S. money. Why are you asking me? Hurry and give it to me. Gil Teacher! I don’t know her! I really don’t know her! For a person who doesn’t know you why is she asking you for taxi money? Right?! Why would she do that? Why would she ask me for taxi money? If you don’t know her why did you give her money? She kept asking for it! I gave it to her out of shock. Before you ruin another meeting, leave! Even though I don’t know this girl, I will take take of this matter. That pretty girl seems to know my sister well. Excuse me! What are you doing here at a school you don’t go to and making a commotion? And why are you asking me for taxi money when you don’t even know me? You are Gil Teacher right? I haven’t heard from Kyung Joon after he uploaded this picture. Where is Kyung Joon? Is he over there? Wah wait wait! Wait a moment. We need to talk. Let’s talk over there. A taxi is coming. Brother-in-law? You came to see Kyung Joon all the way from America? Just tell me where Kyung Joon is. Kyung Joon is not here at school. The truth is, Kyung Joon.. Gil Da Ran! Who is that man? Kyung Joon…Someone that knows him! Hold on. She came from America to see you. Do you know her? Teacher leave. I’ll handle this from here. What are you going to do? Are you going to tell her everthing?! This talk is for teens! Leave us alone! Get out of here! Go! Look here! Where are you going?! What are you? He said he had no friends but he had a girl friend? That’s Yoon Jae’s…. Oh I think it really is his…. You really did come… Jang Ma Ri. Ajusshi, how do you know me? Because I know Kyung Joon. You’re not the type of person Kyung Joon would be close with. You’re right. I’m definetly not the type of person Kyung Joon would like. He’s nice and kind and looks weird so I’m the type that he would really not like. I don’t like your dad because he looks like– Kyung Joon didn’t like him, right? Kyung Joon even told you about my dad? Uh Huh. Kang Kyung Joon and this body somehow have a great connection even from the mental side…. In any case, where is Kyung Joon? Talk with me. Are you Kyung Joon? I came here to meet Kyung Joon. Nope. Kyung Joon won’t meet you. Never! Kang Kyung Joon said he wouldn’t meet you. Even when he came here from America he told you. He doesn’t want to ever see you and your father again. I’m… a person that is going to get married to Kyung Joon and make a family with him! the marriage, sure,
I was going to do it. Your dad and Kyung Joon’s mom arranged it. Then, it was going tobea family but it didn’t really happen. Because his mom died. Did Kyung Joon say his mom died because of me? So he still doesn’t want to meet me? Subtitles brought to you by The Big Team @ I miss Kyung Joon very much. I am also worried about him. Kyung Joon is doing well. You don’t need to worry. So go back. But since you came all the way here because you worried about him, he would be grateful and sorry. I’ll tell him to give you a message. Even if he can’t call you, he will text you. Mister, how are you really related to Kyung Joon? that.. it is secret that I can’t tell. Well… All you have to know is that we share… a brain and a body together… somehow… Mister, perhaps… Are you Gyung Joon’s lover? Uh-oh! That’s not how it is! Jang Ma Ri. What are you talking about?! Why would you put that with this?! Jesus! I told you I’m not the type he likes. Mister… You’re like Kyung Joon. Don’t copy Kyung Joon. Uh Oh… don’t do that. Ah, I feel annoyed… What I say… Tell Kyung Joon exactly what I’m going to say. say it. I… must… Marry. You. Jesus… Professor Gil Da Ran, You better pass your test. It seems like getting you contracted again will be hard. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Don’t do that. I’m telling you. Hey…! Hey hey hey. That pretty girl is over there. She is really pretty. What are you saying? She’s leaving? Move! Out of the way! Out of the way! I saw you earlier. You… are really pretty. I know. You’re bleeding. You want to help me? It is dirty. I don’t want to. That is my number. Call me. My bag got dirty. That’s why call me. As much as that bag costs, I’ll buy you pizza. That guy doesn’t know anything… Buy me pizza as much as this bag costs? Hah. So… Did your friend leave? Yeah… I told her well and I sent her away. But… Did you get in trouble with the principle again? She seemed a bit rude. How can she scold you with your contract? An adult shouldn’t do that… Right? Kang Kyung Joon, what is this luggage all about? Did you get take out Yoon Jae’s things from Yoon Jae’s house? Yeah… Why? Well… I went somewhere. Where? The airport.. Why the airport? Were you going to run away? Ah, it wasn’t running away. It was just some sort of escape. Because I’m in some accident. In this situation, I tried to look for a solution to this issue. But as long as my body and my soul is in this situation, I need to teleport. Teleport? Yeah, like you said, if I stayed in Seo Yoon Jae’s body longer then I thought I would create more problems. Did you create trouble? Teleport? Don’t be ridiculous. You just wanted to leave. Usually when kids make an accident they usually leave the situation. You had an accident, right? Yesterday… I drank and… I slept at that woman’s house. What? No, I came out and that doctor friend was waiting for me. I told you she was strange. So I was just trying to be straight to point and tell her it wasn’t that but she took me to a bar to drink! Wait a min, So you drank and slept at Se Young’s house? I didn’t walk there myself! When I opened my eyes I was at that house. So while I was unconcious… I went to that house. Teleport. What are you doing with Yoon Jae’s body?! I’m not really sure but to what I think… I don’t think I did anything… You jerk! Even though you have no thoughts how could you make that big of a mistake?! Oh, you jerk! I was thinking of you and I was trying to handle everything. What are you? What would you know!? You’re only 18! Who are you to butt in?! I told you I trusted him but why did you have to come in between?! Why are you just saying that you trust him?! If you don’t trust him, do you think you won’t be a great doctors mistress?! Doesn’t it not matter what Yoon Jae’s answer is? No matter if he loves you or not you just say ‘It’s fine’ and just pass it along. Is it all if you just marry? Then just marry with this body right now! Since I’m near I guess I’ll do the marriage for you! This kid… All he learned was bad things! Even though I’m younger then you, I’m smarter! Yes, you’re so smart. I’m really looking forward to see what you become. Yeah! Since I grew up so smart I won’t become like you!♫ I dreaded it over and over, ♫♫ because I love you. ♫♫ I cannot go to you… ♫♫ If I did that, ♫♫ I would gradually… ♫♫ fade away. ♫♫ When I think of you, ♫♫ my heart sighs. ♫♫ There’s no meaning anymore, ♫♫ so I just laugh and then cry. ♫♫ Because of you, I’m in pain. ♫♫ Because it’s you… ♫♫ Because it’s you, who I love so much, ♫♫ I can still endure it all. ♫♫ From the beginning, ♫♫ it’s only been you. ♫♫ I didn’t know this would happen. ♫♫ It’s all because of you. ♫Eat slowly~ If you eat quickly and choke, I’ll kill you?!!
♫ I’m missing you so much. ♫♫ Because it’s you. ♫♫ I love you. ♫♫ Although it hurts so much, ♫♫ although it’s so difficult… ♫♫ Because it’s you, ♫♫ I’m okay. ♫What is that? It’s something Yoon Jae left. It looks heavy. Mr. Na, you’re going by the children’s hospital
on your way home, aren’t you? Yes. Since you’re going… Can you give Da Ran a ride too? Gil Da Ran Teacher in my car? I’m fine. So what if it’s on the way there? Could you give her a ride? Sure. I’ll bring out the car, so
wait at the entrance of the school. What’s with Mr. Na today? Aish. Oh… Now that I think of it my thought was short. I was mad and it hurt that I didn’t know what to do. This isn’t it! Ugh! I’m sorry.
I’m really sorry. Let’s go.
We have to go to the hospital. We should leave this at Yoon Jae’s house. I’ll carry it, teacher. Are you leaving already? I said I was going to leave early. You can’t keep making the head master angry at you. What if you really get fired? Well according to someone, I’m going to the doctor’s wife so why are you worrying? You shouldn’t get so upset over what a young kid told you. If you put it up to the kids thoughts then you aren’t an adult. You would be just a kid. In a tough situation, you’re a kid. And when you’re doing well, you’re confident. That’s why I’m a kid. If I was serious all the time then I wouldn’t be a kid. I would be an adult. You are so smart. You talk so well. I want to be a nice adult when I grow up. Just like you. Gil Teacher. That lunch you made me wasREALLYgood! Even though the kimchi was hot, I ate all of the little hot peppers till the last piece! Look at my stomach. There’s nothing teacher can’t do. You are so good at cooking! Since I thought it was inconvienent for you I thought to leave on my own. Thank you anyway. Because of the trauma from the car accident was big, I think I have to take a rest from working. And since we’re going to be married soon, I was just going to rest till then. Then what about the sick children cancer event? Oh there was that. You are going to come out for that right? Yes, I’ll be back for that. What’s with the charity event? I knew Yoon Jae was helping the children but I didn’t know there was an event for it. Is there anything you know about him? You get to have fun knowing about him as you guys are living together. Before that, he will have to come back. He better. By then I would have to take the finals for school. Seo Yoon Jae! I heard that you are going to take a rest. Are you feeling very unwell? I’m just going to take a break. Yoon Jae, are you okay? Last night, you suffered a lot because of Yoon Jae, right? If he was drunk, why didn’t you contact me? Oh, I should have done that. You drank by yourselves? You should have called me up. How about today? How about next time? You guys both met because of that wedding. It’s about time you owe me a drink. Where should we go? Where should we go? Is Minji doing well? I heard she’s going to have a kid soon. At the wedding she was pregnant and she got so surprised by you so it was almost in danger!
00:49:44,860 –>00:49:44,850
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Now that we think about it, you guys met by accident that time, right? Because of Min Jae, Da Ran got hurt. The ambulance came to the wedding reception. So your first impression of Gil Da Ran was when she fell so she probably looked disastrous. So then I guess we can clearly say that it wasn’t love at first sight. I guess you could say that. No, I fell in love at first sight. Our Da Ran fell really adorably. The image of her passed out was so lovable. I totally fell for her at first sight. That’s not it! I know all of it but you’re still lying to Da Ran? Lie? What lie? The first time that Yoon Jae saw Da Ran wasn’t when she got into that accident. The first time he saw her was when Da Ran ran into him with flowers in hand. Could you press the 4th floor please?Hey my wife’s friends are all teachers. You want me to introduce you to one? Teachers are good! Hey!
Hold on. Oh, you came. Ah, so embarrassing! Give me a meal ticket please. It is not worth my 30,000 won. Oh, needs more salt! She got really lucky and got into a good school. Umm, that’s better. You’re saying, during the wedding, that Yoon Jae-sshi had kept following me? That’s what I said.
Isn’t that right? Also you said you wanted to be introduced to a certain someone from the bride’s side. Which friend of the bride? Gil Da Ran. The bouquet delivery friend. Why? I kept looking at her and she was pretty.So the stairs wasn’t the first time he saw you. He had already been admiring you from before. Oh, so Yoon Jae did that… Is she still that pretty?It’s written all over his face.Hey Yoon!
00:53:42,760 –>00:53:42,750
You are in a great place in your life.You are in a great place in your life. Cheers! Cheers. Cheers! Cheers! Choong-sik are you really not going to eat dinner? The soup is delicious! Mmm I might be eating pizza so I have to wait. What do you mean you might be? I need to get a phone call to know. Why is it ringing yet? It should be about time. Oh It came! Yes! I guess he is eating pizza tonight. You can eat Choong Shik’s food. Eh hem. Hello?Hello? It’s you. I knew you would call. The cost of the bag? Okay! As I promised I will buy you pizza tonight. If you want to buy pizza to cover the cost of the bag,
you would need to buy at least 300 pans of pizza. Excuse me waiter! My father sells dumplings. My mother is a housewife and I am a just a regular student. If you give me a chance, I will little by llittle I will pay you back pan by pan the cost. Okay. As I see fit, I will subtract the cost pan by pan
by how well you do. I will do whatever you say! Just say the word! In your school, do you know a student named Kyung Joon? Kyung Joon? The kid from America? So you do know! Okay, I will subtract a pan! You, are you close to Kyung Joon? No. I figured. You are not the type to be friend’s with him. You look a little retarded. Are you offended?! Of course not! I know that too. I’ll subtract another pan. Anyways, get me all the phone numbers of the student’s who are close to Kyung Joon. How come? I need to know everything about Kyung Joon. So I need to know who he is talking to. I don’t think Kyung Joon could talk to anyone at this point. Why! Kyung Joon got hurt and he is at the hospital right now. I am so pretty. I am sexy. Beauty is my strength. I’m a beautiful girl. Teacher, you look really foolish. Could you act all drunk in front of your student? Drunk act? I am just happy! I only had three cups of wine. Three cups? More like a full bottle. Well you wouldn’t really be drunk because of the wine… You are probably drunk from all the pretty compliments. Maybe. When Yoon Jae first saw me he thought I was pretty and it was love at first sight! This man is way too fishy. You have to see the beauty inside of a person to have a long and healthy relationship. If you only like the outside the relationship won’t last. How could this person marry? How immature and shallow… What the? It’s hard to walk when you’re drunk. Your legs give out and your back does too as you age. Wait. I have a favor to ask. Just close your mouth for a second and could you look at me? What? Could you stay still so I can see Yoon Jae’s face. Yoon Jae, was I really that pretty? Then you should’ve told me from the start. We could have been all lovey dovey by now. Like this. I… really like you a lot. From the start, to me, you were also very pretty. Don’t be mistaken, I’m Kang Kyung Joon! Yea!

You’re Kyung Joon. Kyung Joon! Kyung Joon. Kyung Joon. Kang Kyung Joon! Kyung Joon! Kyung Joon! Kang Kyung Joon! Aren’t you going home? Doesn’t Yoon Jae seem a little weird lately? Seo Yoon Jae, who doesn’t even work also goes on vacation… After the accident, he did change a little. I’m going! Yea, he seems like a different person. I don’t think it’s Yoon Jae. How did you manage to hold back from being all “lovey dovey” with our Yoon Jae? I held it all in. But now that I know his feelings, when he returns, I must be pretty for him! Gil Teacher. Stop over reacting. You’re doing too much. In my opinion… I think that doctor was just saying
all that to get some more drinks to drink. I mean, let’s be honest. What guy wouldn’t show his chocolate abs to
the girl he fell in love with at first sight? What do you know!? You’re just a little kid! Adults and kids, that is all the same. A guy’s love grows to the extent of
the progress of what he does. When the progress stops, like this couple, then the love stops as well. All stop. Even though it did get slower, it didn’t stop all the way. Ohh, is that right? How far did you guys go? A kid doesn’t need to know. I think it would be fine for a kid to know. What the! Oh, so this is nothing? You’re in a relationship in which you held hands. Of course! What are you doing? Ohhhh, you’ve done this a few times already. We… are dating.

Are you kidding me? Did you think we were kids like you? Ohhh, oh, oh, what are you nervously expecting? Should I stop here? So that means you guys haven’t gone as far as this little kid. Is this as far as Gil Da Ran goes? You’ve never gone further than this? I have too. This ahjussi. This man is Kyung Joon’s hospital doctor huh?Why did he deceive me? From now on Mari is going to be with me. Morning to night! 24/7 all day every day! A person he likes?
Kyung Joon doesn’t have someone like that. There is!

Here! This doesn’t sem like Kyung Joon’s. In this house, was there someone else who came? Oh my. Is Kyung Joon going to meet his dad?! Are you going to keep my house keys or what?! It was to your house? Who’s house keys are these?
Why does Yoon Jae have them? Honestly this key. Could you give me her apartment address?Subtitles brought to you by Big Team

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