Bigil – Official Trailer | Thalapathy Vijay, Nayanthara | A.R Rahman | Atlee | AGS

Good morning, coach – Good morning, coach
– I can’t hear – Good morning, coach
– Not loud enough LOUDER! GOOD MORNING, COACH! What are the Federation members thinking? Bringing in a rowdy and
claiming he’s our coach! Bigil He is the pride of our nation! Hey! A top cat is caught all by himself Shall we close his chapter? Easy-breezy! You’re 101% action hero, Michael Forgotten love stories
like ‘Kadhalukku Mariyadhai’ – Bro
– What? Only because of your game
our identity will change completely What is the connection, sir,
between a rowdy and a sportsman? Do you know anything
even vaguely about football? Selectors of this State
have some hidden agenda ‘We don’t come from
affluent families, sir’ Both my parents are fat How will I be then? Let the girls play in the ground Shall we begin our game
outside, my dear man? I don’t know to play football But the game I play …will be fan-atical! What do we owe this change to? Thanks to me Rayappan? Or Michael? One and only BIGIL! ‘Whistle’ “1-2-3, 4-5-6-seven
8-9-TEN…!” subtitled by rekhs


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